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Robertson thinks they should have plans for the tight schedule

Mon 30 November 2020 | 18:15

Robertson is worried about the injuries due to the packed schedule.

Andy Robertson

says that he will play with all his heart but the team must have some plans to avoid injuries in the next fixtures of the season as the rest between matches gets smaller.

Here is what he said at the press conference ahead of


UCL match against



“You know, when it gets to game day, I always go 100% of course. But certain games you maybe need to adapt.

“For instance, Atalanta away, we adapted a wee bit - me and Trent [Alexander-Arnold] played a wee bit deeper and a wee bit more inside, instead of us being the width, that maybe saved our legs a wee bit or didn’t mean we were sprinting as much. We also got taken off in that game because of how well we had played and the game was finished.

“You maybe do need to adapt as the season goes on but not too much - the reason you are playing is because of the way you play, so you can’t change everything and you can’t change too much.

“The schedule isn’t going to change, we know what games we’ve got coming up, we know what games are around the corner. It’s just about trying to prepare as best as possible for them, trying to keep as fit and healthy, trying to listen to the sports scientists, listen to your body and trying to do everything right leading up to games.

“So far, touch wood, I’ve been OK and I’ve been fit. Hopefully that continues because obviously the schedule is not going to get any easier but hopefully I can stay as fit and healthy as I am just now.”

source: SportMob