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The most competitive games, 2021 Edition

The gaming world is always interesting for us cause we are in love with the competition. Today we are going to search for the most competitive of all time.

It's in humans' blood; We love to compete! However, how do we answer that need? It's actually up to us. Either you want to compete in real-life events or the world of gaming. If you are interested in competitive games, you are reading the right thing cause we are going to explore

the most competitive games

in 2021. One by one, we will step into the vast world of these games and see what makes them that different and why they are on our list? So, get ready and keep your gaming device turned on cause we are going to turn it on anyway!

Here we go to find out the most competitive games of all time!

OK! Before starting our journey in the gaming world we need to know where we are going. So, I suggest you check out the list below and prepare yourself to find the

most competitive games of all time.

Now that we know which games are our destinations in this journey, it's time to get into the real deal and start the most competitive games of all time right away!


Developed by Epic Games, Fortnite one of the most comptetive games all time, was initially designed as a third-person, co-op, survival game where teams of players could gather resources and build fortifications to hold off hordes of undead opponents.

That version, now a standalone game called Fortnite Save the World, still exists, but it’s not fantastic. But as the battle royale genre started to gain popularity early in 2017, Epic modified their survival game’s fundamental features into something new: Fortnite Battle Royale, a standalone, free-to-play game that feels like the right home for Save the World’s wayward rules.


Battle Royale’s inventory management is, luckily, straightforward by design. You have just five slots, so you’re forced to balance your armory of firearms with your need for healing or explosives to deal with hostile structures.

It’s a clever restricting element that required me to keep a mental shopping list of exactly what I was on the lookout for as I sprinted around the island and to resist the impulse to pick up anything else. With such particular demands in mind, every chest came with the exhilaration of hoping it might disclose the weapons I desired most.

Fortnite provides you with lots of opportunities to mix and combine weaponry, so even if that chest doesn’t come up with the precise thing you desire, you’ll never feel weak in a fight. The good news is Fortnite is also available for mobiles which of course makes it one of the best

Competitive games mobile


Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Valve's Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is another game in our 

Top esports games

in our list. This game was released in 2012, following in the footsteps of a long line of multiplayer FPS games such as the original Counter-Strike and Counter-Strike: Source.

Six years later, the fast-paced PC game is still mainly competitive with more recent games, thanks in part to its established core gameplay and active community. However, CS: GO's visuals are starting to show their age, and it isn't as conceptually rich as other popular titles like Overwatch. Despite this, many players will like CS: GO's no-frills experience and competitive atmosphere, especially given that games are free to play.

So, how can CS: GO maintain its dominant position in a market that has diversified significantly since 2012? Its large esports following contributes significantly to its success. It's consistently one of the most popular titles on Twitch and Mixer, and it benefits from a well-established competition scene. The game also has a dedicated Watch area where you can follow and watch competitions.


Overwatch is the third game in Sportmob's 

Top 10 esports games 2021

and a masterpiece of multiplayer shooter design. It bobs and weaves nearly flawlessly between being the quick-fix adrenaline spike you would need after a long day at work and the intelligent, strategic multiplayer experience that becomes the focal point of evening-long binges with pals.

The game may not offer the most extensive range of maps and modes, but it delivers practically unlimited options for intense, coordinated play, and it feels like nothing else when you're at the heart of it.

Overwatch has grown into a multiplayer shooter that is still at the pinnacle of its genre. It's a dizzying mix of one-of-a-kind character design, wonderfully realized aesthetic, and engrossingly dynamic action. Minutes evolve into hours as you're engrossed in magically wonderful round after magically exciting round, surrounded by beautifully made maps brimming with detail and charm.

Overwatch's gameplay has stayed almost largely untouched since its release, and it revolves around capturing and holding places on the map or escorting payloads from one end to the other, all at the price of the other team's health bars. It's a basic concept, and it's not entirely unique, but it's the intricacy discovered in how you win each round that makes Overwatch so wonderful.

Each team of six heroes may be assembled from the current pool of 32 characters. Not only do they each play differently and bring their own tricks to the party, but each new arrival has an effect on the other heroes in the ever-expanding roster. Overwatch is a game brimming with personality, which is most evident in the characters themselves. Blizzard has built a universe in which anything may happen and anything thrives.

Dota 2

Let's check out

Dota 2

in this part of our most comptetive games of all time. This masterpiece is a multiplayer game that consists mostly of five-on-five combat to destroy the other team's "Ancient." Before the game begins, each participant must choose a hero from a pool of over a hundred distinct characters, ideally filling roles that MMO gamers may be familiar with.

There are supports, tanky cores, DPS-heavy glass cannon damage dealers, and a plethora of positions in between, and teams who select a line-up that synergizes effectively are more likely to win. Dota 2 has a single map, more akin to a playing field, divided into three lanes and two sides: radiant and dreadful. Teams usually divide their players into certain lanes at the start of the game.

While this is going on, AI-controlled minion monsters known as creeps spawn from each base from a pair of barracks in each lane, with radiant creeps heading toward the dire base and dire creeps heading toward the radiant base.

Each lane features three dreadful towers and three radiant towers that must be destroyed before moving on to the next. Each team's ancient may be found in their base, hidden behind a final, fourth pair of fortifications.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Call of Duty

: Black Ops 3 ushered the series towards our Top esports games in our list. Even without a campaign, Black Ops 4 finds this long-running game in the significantly more fascinating territory.

Blackout, its superb battle royale component, serves as a lovely tribute to everything in the Black Ops franchise. Black Ops 4 is a terrific addition to the franchise, thanks to thoughtful advancements in both Zombies and multiplayer. However, ongoing technical concerns and a handful of already stale multiplayer maps prevent Black Ops 4 from becoming an even better bundle.

Though each mode's concept has changed significantly, the largest change in Black Ops 4 is the absence of a conventional campaign. This will undoubtedly frustrate some, but Black Ops 4 works just fine without it. Zombies have a hefty debut with three good levels and new modes; additionally, Blackout and multiplayer have that appealing gameplay loop that keeps me hooked.

The Specialist HQ provides some narrative direction to the multiplayer, which acts as a suitable training ground for each of the multiplayer characters. Their first missions are interspersed with narrative cutscenes.

The tale Specialist HQ gives is a little difficult to follow because there is no definite sequence for the Specialists, but it's still interesting. Zombies also have two stories, albeit they are far more difficult to follow than a standard campaign because the tale of each map is concealed behind Easter egg obstacles. All this qulities made Call of duty one of the most

competitive games online


League Of Legends

League of Legends was one of the first large-scale free-to-play games, as well as one of the first large-scale multiplayer online battle arenas, or MOBAs. However, five years later, League of Legends remains a shining example of greatness.

The game instantly caught me and refused to let go with its tremendous range of Champions, lucrative growth mechanisms, and rapid yet deeply strategic team play. This addictiveness and competitive spirit, along with a generous free-to-play model and frequent updates from developer Riot Games, has resulted in one of the largest and most active gaming communities around.

League of Legends' major draw, like that of other MOBAs, is its five-on-five matches on its standard three-lane map. Players will drown in the different jungles on each side of the center river. The option of actively confronting the opposing team or assaulting their resources provides for more intriguing strategies and complexity than just battling until one Champion or turret dies.

Each team's base also has an Inhibitor, which, when destroyed, allows the other team's side to begin generating super minions. It's an additional strategic goal to target in the opposing base, and having one more structure to destroy frequently leads to intense and game-ending team fights.

From Ziggs, the bomb-loving little rat, to Jinx, the blue-pigtailed lunatic, coordinating with your squad to mow down your opponents and push lanes with League's characterful and cartoony Champions is exciting and the very reason why this gane is in our

most competitive games of all time

. Each in-game chrachter have an intrinsic passive ability that enables them to become more dynamic without complicating the already difficult management of active powers.


Hearthstone's first impression will amaze you, thanks to its simple basic rules and plenty of free content. something difficult to do for a virtual collectible card game Elaborate, rewarding card animations, well-paced unlockables, and developer Blizzard's usual polish make it all too tempting to tell yourself just one more round.

The genius of Hearthstone is that it does not rely on sophisticated, convoluted rule interactions to generate or maintain the expert play. Card effects, with a few exceptions, are self-explanatory and express their effects in a few words.

Fireball inflicts six damage. Assassinate eliminates a minion. Chillwind Yeti is an excellent mid-game minion with four attacks and five health. Its ease of use is appealing: just play minion and spell cards until your opponent's health is drained. This simple system makes this game one of the

most competitive games of all times


Nonetheless, this is not a game in which you and your opponent blindly bash cards together, with the luckier person emerging victorious. Even a card as simple as Fireball has fascinating situational options.

The fact that the card pool is divided into nine playable classes, each with its own distinctive power, adds to the excitement. Each Hearthstone class is themed after its World of Warcraft equivalent and a TCG archetype: Warlocks may hurt themselves to draw a card, encouraging an aggressive playstyle, Priests can heal and emphasize defense, Mages do direct damage, and so on.

This method intelligently guides inexperienced players toward conventional deck design while still giving enough diversity and freedom for veterans. This also serves as an excellent link to Warcraft lore.

Rocket League

Rocket League appears ludicrous on paper. The PC game sets you in charge of a rocket-powered automobile against other cars in a heated game of fantasy soccer. Fortunately, developer Psyonix masters the premise and creates an addictive sports game that can be played casually or as an esport. Rocket League has you covered if you're searching for an arcade-style sports game or a complicated sim with numerous systems to master.

Rocket League is a deceptively basic game. Accelerating, reversing, leaping, boosting, and power sliding are all ways to manage an automobile. The same simple system makes this game one of The most competitive games of all time. The aim is to outscore the opposition side by bumping a massive soccer ball into a goal in 1 against.

Psyonix developed a four-player, split-screen local multiplayer mode for people who want to mix it up with buddies in the same room, which is a pretty fantastic move.

Much as in billiard games, how perfectly you can line up a shot is determined by your ability and manipulation of the controls. Ramming the ball from above produces a lower shot, whereas striking the ball from below drives the ball skyward.

Controlling your automobile is essential, and playing with different cars and angles is all part of the pleasure of learning and mastering the game. 

In contrast to billiards, which is a turn-based game, Rocket League contains a lot of skirmishes. If you ram other cars while burning over the turf at full speed, you can knock them out of place or destroy them.

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 succeeds where the first failed most: it delivers a story-driven campaign that is excellent enough to match its beautifully calibrated first-person shooter gameplay and stunning visuals. All of which makes the game one of The most competitive games of all time

Gathering treasure and upgrades via missions and activities, and then ultimately performing the climactic Raid together with your friends, is a lot of fun. And just when you think you are done with the game, Destiny adds more to the story and keeps you there!

Destiny 2 introduces Dominus Ghaul, a superb opponent whose wickedness earns our rage by destroying all that had been built up in Destiny and its expansions, including our Guardians' Light. 

The campaign that follows is loaded with beautiful cutscenes that allow the characters to display a wide variety of emotions, and you can hear the anguish and determination in their voices.

Zavala is adamant in his plan to attack Ghaul, whilst Ikora appears despondent and on the verge of giving up. That backstory offers both new and returning players a compelling motivation to ascend the Light-level-based power ladder, whether for the first time or for the hundredth time.

Meanwhile, arousing music supports the action-packed missions before altering gears to induce a sense of melancholy. Overall, the sound design is excellent, with satisfying sprays of sparkle when you open a chest or a dampening of ambient sounds as you shoot down sights.

Every modification is critical to providing you with the acoustic information you require rather than overloading you with everything at once.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends is the only battle royale game in which you may rocket yourself into the air and avoid gunfire while throwing a small black hole at an opponent squad as your buddy showers a hail of mortars down on them.

Apex has continued to expand and adapt in fascinating ways since its release in 2019, offering both additional contents and creating new concepts to a genre that all too often seems generic.

The fast-paced battles will have your pulse pounding as you jump, slide, and avoid bullets while hip-firing a sniper rifle to win a 1v1 fight and revive your comrades.

Mobility, adaptability, and collaboration mix for an exciting and gratifying experience, unlike any previous battle royale.

While the framework is the basic story: drop onto a big battlefield, collect randomly strewn treasure, and fight inside an ever-closing circle to be the last squad remaining; it's the 16 playable characters that keep Apex from feeling like your average battle royale shooter.

Unlike typical battle royales, where you start with a blank slate and your role is determined simply by the gear you get, each character has its own set of special powers and capabilities that you may select from to meet your own playstyle.

It's incredible how different Legends can connect and collaborate as a three-person team to get more out of their skills than they could alone.


PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds did not originate the last-person-standing concept that has made it one of the most enormously popular PC games in history, but it did transform it into something special over the course of a nine-month early access period.

100 players are dropped onto a vast terrain and must battle to the death with any weapons they can find within a diminishing force field. This straightforward, no-frills version of the Battle Royale-style deathmatch foregoes the fluff and lengthy-time commitment of typical tough survival simulators in favor of quick, accessible combat.

The end result is a compact, concentrated, a no-frills experience that is as exhilarating as it is unexpected, with no two games ever being the same.

PUBG puts you right in the heart of the action by airdropping you and up to 99 other players from the back of a huge aircraft onto one of its two 8x8 kilometer battlefields.

The genius of each match's storyline is how strongly it considers every action you make, and it starts with the crucial decision of where to land. Jumping early in the plane's randomized flight path allows you to strike the ground first, giving you an advantage over the competitors, but it also places you farther away from the areas of the arena where combat is likely to concentrate as the limits narrow.

Jumping late may allow you to get some early breathing room and a chance to search for treasure in peace before engaging in the conflict. Depending on the angle of the flight path, diving directly into the center might put you right in the heart of the action with some of the most trigger-happy opponents.

Halo 5: Guardians

Halo 5: Guardians is powered by some of the most daring updates to this iconic franchise ever. Some of these innovations fail, but others succeed, and while Halo 5 occasionally falters, it whisks us through black holes and through war-torn tropical islands at breakneck speed which makes it one of The most competitive games of all time.

With Halo 5, developer 343 Industries gets closer to meeting the numerous expectations that come with the Halo moniker. Although this is only the developer's second original release, several aspects of the franchise's formula shine through here.

Guardians use improved player movement, wide-level design, and a novel new multiplayer option to excellent success. It also introduces a novel campaign structure, with eight playable characters divided between two teams, one chasing the other across the cosmos.

On the one hand, there's Blue Team, which consists of the Chief and three of his oldest Spartan colleagues. On the other hand, there's Team Osiris, four warriors fresh to the Spartan program who are still getting to know each other's quirks. Kelly and Fred of the Blue Team communicate in concise phrases and provide knowledgeable replies.

Osiris is less familiar: Edward Buck's comedy frequently emerges during awkward pauses, and Tanaka exposes more about her background than the others requested. This learning process, however, benefits us since we are also newbies. It's amazing to learn why Vale understands Sangheili, the Covenant Elites' language. It's fascinating to see flashes of Locke's dark history.

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