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Everything about Dota 2, Steam's most popular game

What do you know about the Steams most popular game? Have you ever heard about Dota 2? If you have not or maybe you are here to learn more about it, this is the best place you can be, thus, we welcome you to everything about Dota 2, Steam's most popular game.

Have you ever searched for a game to play with your friends for long hours and never get tired of? Or have you been on the search for a competitive game that will reward their players the most in the international tournaments?

Dota 2 is one of the best games that will reward you the most if you get good enough to reach the global tournament. This game is genuinely fun and has a massive hero pool which consists of over 100 heroes, each with their own unique abilities.

It is no joke that this game is the most played game on Steam. But we should warn you that in order to get good at the game you need to grind for endless hours, perfecting your hand movements speed, cast timing, and teamwork.

Despite some criticism for its steep learning curve and general complexity, Dota 2 was acclaimed for its rewarding gameplay, production quality, and fidelity to its predecessor, with many people believing it to be one of the best video games ever made. Since its debut, it has been one of the most popular games on Steam, with over a million concurrent players at its peak.

Because of the game's success, it has spawned official products and media adaptations, including comic books and an anime series, as well as promotional tie-ins with other games and media.

It is certain that we are going to dive deep into the detail of the game's every aspect, so if the introduction made you curious about what kind of game this is or what kind of heroes it has, stay with us.

Total coverage of everything about Dota 2, Steam's most popular game

In this article, we are going explore the basic idea behind the game, that it has, Dota 2 items which the players can use to defeat their opponents, and finally the Esport tournaments related to the game and its reception. It might get lengthy, but your presence and attendance gave us the energy to uncover every corner of the game.

We should also mention that this is not a

Dota 2 guide 2021

in any way and it is only a description of the game.

Now, let us hop into the article and see what's there to read.

Dota 2 premise

What's the game's premise and end goal? Let us explain.

In Dota 2 two teams of five players fight by their chosen Dota 2 characters to collectively destroy an enemy team's "Ancient" while protecting their own.

The game, like Defense of the Ancients, is played with typical real-time strategy controls and is presented in a three-dimensional isometric viewpoint on a single map.

Each of the game's 121 playable characters, called "heroes," has its unique design, abilities, and weaknesses, and is controlled by ten players. The core and support roles are the two major roles that heroes play.

Cores, often known as carriers, start each battle as weak and vulnerable, but get stronger as the game progresses, allowing them to "carry" their side to victory. Supports don't usually have abilities that cause a lot of damage; instead, they have skills that provide greater functionality and usefulness for their cores, like healing and buffs.

A magic system is included in the game to prevent abilities from being utilized without consequence. Using an ability depletes a hero's "mana points," which gradually recover over time. When you use an ability, it goes into a cooldown phase where it can't be used again until the duration runs out.

Strength, intelligence, and agility are three traits that impact health, mana, and attack speed, respectively, for all heroes. Each hero has one major attribute out of the three that, when boosted, increases their non-ability basic damage output while also providing small benefits.

Map, mobs, and structures

The two teams and their

Dota 2 characters

are stationed in fortified bases at opposing corners of the map, which is divided in half by a passable river and connected by three "lanes." Defensive towers protect the lanes, attacking any opponent unit that comes inside their line of sight.

Aside from the heroes or Dota 2 characters, A small number of weak computer-controlled creatures known as "creeps" move along the lanes on predetermined pathways, attempting to assault any enemy heroes, creeps, or structures in their path.

Creeps spawn in groups from two buildings called "barracks" that exist in each lane and are placed within the team's bases at various moments throughout the game.

Game modes

Like any other popular game out there, Dota 2 also has various game modes, which we are going to explore in this part of the article.

There are several game types in the game, all of which affect how heroes are chosen; examples include "All Pick," which allows players to choose any hero they want, "All Random," which assigns a hero to each player at random.

The other two modes are "Captain's Mode," which allows a single player on each team to choose heroes for their entire team and is primarily used for professional play, and "Turbo," which is an accelerated version of All Pick with increased gold and experience gain, weaker towers. 

Matches typically take 30 minutes to an hour, although they can go on indefinitely if both Ancients stay standing. In conclusion, if you are looking for a game that would not take your time that much, you should put Dota 2 out of your list.

Limited-time events in Dota 2 periodically provide players with alternate game modes that do not follow the game's normal rules. The Halloween-themed Diretide event, the Christmas-themed Frostivus event, and the New Bloom Festival, which marked the arrival of spring, were just a few of them.

Valve has also designed a ten-versus-ten mode, a Halloween-themed capture point mode called "Colosseum," a combat arena mode called "Overthrow," a story-driven cooperative campaign mode called "Siltbreaker," and a battle royale mode called "The Underhollow."

Dota 2 heroes

As said before Dota 2 characters are either mobs or heroes who are controlled by the player. In this section, we are going to focus on those heroes and explore the lore and kinds of these unique

Dota 2 characters


Like we mentioned before there are three main attributes in the game, strength, agility, and intelligence. Thus, heroes get divided into 3 categories based on their main attributes. Now let us get into the hero pool and see who's there to meet.


As the name suggests strength

Dota 2 characters

are tough and rough and gamers usually refer to them as "tanks" which means that they can absorb a lot of damage before dying.

Not all the strength heroes are tanks though. Some of them are supports but as expected are tougher than the rest of the heroes which get into the support category.

Like the legendary Phoenix, one of the Dota 2 characters has strength as its main attribute and is not necessarily support but it's better to play these heroes as one. With its supernova ability, phoenix can be reborn and gain all of its health back, if it doesn't die while being reborn which takes a few seconds.

Some strength heroes, like Timbersaw and Huskar, boost their health regeneration or armor as they take damage, which makes them progressively harder to kill the closer they get to death.

Some others retaliate as you damage them, which means that you take damage from dealing damage, and sometimes it gets really frustrating.

Imagine you are trying to kill a hero, such as Axe or Centaur War runner, and you die in the process not because you took damage from other heroes but by the damage that you dealt with the enemy hero.

All in all, strength heroes are made to be tough, and you should really watch out how you attack and deal with them, because your actions may have terrible consequences.


The main damage dealers of the game are the Dota 2 characters who have agility as their main attribute. Because not only will agility increase boost the attack speed and the attach damage of these heroes but also it will increase their armor, making them durable in the fights.

Heroes such as Phantom Assassin or Riki have high damage and a relatively high critical attack chance which triples or quadruples their damage.

There are fewer support heroes in this category as they are not supposed to deal high damage.

This category also includes some of the hardest heroes to play like Meepo, the hero that gets up to 4 clones in the game and the player has to control each of them individually or in a group, and morphing, the only one of Dota 2 characters with the ability to change attributes from agility to strength and vise versa based on the situation.

To sum this section up, you should really watch out for your every step while there is an agility hero in the game because chances of you dying skyrockets as the game goes on.


Who are the intelligence Dota 2 characters? These Heroes are the ones with the highest magic damage and strong spells. Most supports are part of this category as intelligence heroes have massive mana pools and abilities to support their carries.

These types of heroes typically stun abilities and speed slow debuffs which would help their carry to catch up with the enemy unit and get kills to gain an edge.

There are also carry units in this section who deal massive magic damage and are good against units with high armor because armor only blocks physical damage and is not magical.

It all depends on the enemy's team and their picks but playing as a support hero usually has fewer responsibilities thus this category is one that we recommend.

Dota 2 items

Let’s learn about

Dota 2 items

. Items are gears that you can equip your hero with, to give it a certain kind of buff or an attribute boost.

There are 2 main categories of items, basic ones and combined ones which are made of 2 or more basic items and usually give a stronger stat boost or effect. There is also a new category of items known as neutral items which can be obtained by killing jungle creeps and can not be bought.

Basic items also get divided into groups such as consumables which are health regen booster and mana regeneration potions, Attributes, which give the hero a minor specific stat boost, and finally equipment such as regeneration rings, bracelets, and so on.

Upgraded items on the other hand have a passive ability and an active one, well most of them do. Items such as Glimmer cape or silver edge give the player the ability to go invisible. Heart of Tarrassque has a massive passive ability which is its amazing regeneration that gives 1.6 percent of the heroes max health per second.

To put that in scale the hero will be back to full health in one minute or so. With that being said, you get the idea that combined or upgraded items are much more powerful than the basic ones, thus players try to save gold to buy the expensive items in the late game phase.

Dota 2 tournaments

We have already talked about Dota 2 in our

article related to the games with the most prize money

. Dota 2 is on the top of the list when it comes to the games with the biggest tournaments and prize money, thus if you are looking for a game that will pay you the most be sure to check out Dota 2 guide 2021 first and then jump into the game.

Let us talk about the first tournament for the game.

Valve invited sixteen accomplished Defense of the Ancients esports teams to compete in a Dota 2-specific tournament at Gamescom in August 2011, which later became an annually held event known as The International, to ensure that enough Defense of the Ancients players would take up Dota 2 and to promote the game to a new audience.

Several additional esports events, such as the Electronic Sports World Cup, DreamHack, World Cyber Games, and ESL, began organizing Dota 2 events during its beta period in the early 2010s. Dota 2 was already one of the highest-paying esports games by the end of 2011, second only to StarCraft II.

By June 2017, professional Dota 2 events had generated over $100 million for teams and individuals, with over half of that going to Internationals, making it the highest-earning Esport game by almost $60 million.

Dota 2 reception

How did the critiques see the game and what score did it receive? According to review aggregator Metacritic, Dota 2 has garnered "universal acclaim" and has been hailed as one of the best video games of all time.

While the majority of reviewers awarded Dota 2 good marks, one prevalent complaint was that the game has a steep learning curve that needs a lot of dedication to conquering.

While giving Valve's product stability a relatively favorable rating, Fredrik Slund of Gamereactor's Swedish division described his first Dota 2 battle as one of the most embarrassing and inhospitable experiences of his gaming career, noting the learning curve and players' attitudes as unwelcoming.

This is why we highly recommend you to read Dota 2 guide 2021 and then hop into the article to avoid any kind of unwelcoming attitude from other players. Dota 2 is fun but like any other game, you need to learn the game first.

Thank you for reading our article. We will also appreciate it if you share this article with friends or family members so they can learn more about this amazing game and its features.

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