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Apex Legends Tips and Tricks for Professionals

Apex Legends Pro Tips & Tricks are for those who have been playing the game for a while now and are pretty familiar with the basics and looking for more tiny and advanced details to become better.

Apex Legends has been free to play on all platforms for almost two years now. The Apex community is thriving, thanks to the addition of cross-play in October 2020.

Despite the fact that the game has been out for two years, players of all skill levels can still increase their chances of success in the game. One of the most effective strategies to develop is to pay attention to the advice of seasoned players and pros who have had experience in Apex.

BR games have managed to be a "love it or hate it" genre, given the harsh one-and-done concept of perishing. Nonetheless, it appears to be gaining a lot of traction pretty quickly.

It can be difficult for a rookie to establish their footing and claw their way to the top of the heap in such a frantic, action-oriented game with a rather huge, often overwhelming scale.

While you are given a basic training session, it falls short of covering some of the nuances you will encounter (and frequently learn the hard way) while playing. You'll need to know what you're doing, no doubt.

Even for experienced, "winning" in Apex can be tough due to the chaos, random variables, and a large number of players. As a result, learning the complexity and finer details is critical if you want to increase your chances of becoming the champion.

The professional techniques and tactics listed here will assist players in getting more kills and winning more matches.

And here you will get to know some of the less-advanced techniques to get started: 

Apex Legends Tips & Tricks for Beginners

Apex Legends Tips and Tricks for Professionals to Win

Apex Legends is a game with a lot of talented players. Here are some recommendations to help you improve if you're serious about winning.

A Pro’s Way of Dropping

So you're jumping out of your dropship with your squad and soaring through the sky in a terrific fashion.

While you may appear to be falling quickly, others around you may be landing faster, which means they're taking all the yummy goodies around before you can!

Thankfully, there is a way to significantly push this vital speed edge in your favor.

Simply aim down to drop and gain speed until you reach around 145 mph, then level off to glide at a shallower angle.

Once you've slowed to around 130 mph, begin to descend sharply again. Rinse and Repeat.

One of the Apex Legends Pro Tips & Tricks is that This method is extremely helpful if you're trying to reach distant drop spots because you'll be able to cover a lot of ground in a short amount of time.

Try to Pick Smaller Legends

The contrast in each Legend's hitbox is a relatively simple, but sometimes an overlooked feature of Apex.

It can mean the difference between being gunned down and just surviving a fraction of health in a raging conflict.

Use the Legends with the tiniest hitboxes if you want to be difficult to hit.

These are Lifeline, Bloodhound (both 37 square cm), and Wraith (32 square cm), the smallest and most evasive of the bunch.

When compared to Gibraltar and Caustic, which are over double the size and hence twice the target, the advantage is obvious, one of the

10 Apex Legends Tips & Tricks.

You'd think that the two larger characters would have more health, but that isn't the case.

Best Weapons

It can be difficult to figure out which weapons carry the greatest punch when there are so many of them dispersed around and so little time to train with them.

The Kraber, R-99, Volt, Prowler, R-301, Longbow, Spitfire, and L-Star are often regarded as the "top tier" of weapons, one of the

Apex Legends tips and tricks 2021.

Additionally, despite the fact that the once overpowering Peacekeeper and Wingman have just been nerfed, they remain excellent picks.

Of course, a lot relies on the attachments you have on each weapon and how close you are to the enemy.

In general, however, these are the weapons you should be looking for.

Pathfinder is Pretty Good

When it comes to support-based Legends, many people prefer Lifeline to Pathfinder because of his large hitbox, but he may be fairly useful if you plan on covering large distances.

Not only does his grapple allow him to quickly cover a huge area, but his passive ability also allows him to hack into survey beacons.

By hacking these, you'll be able to see the impending contained ring (shown in green on the map), one of the less-known details in our Apex Legends Advanced Guide.

This gives your team an advantage over the competition and allows them to establish a safe base in the safe zone with less risk.

While these beacons are difficult to locate, they are generally found on the map's outskirts and perched atop high regions (the tops of roofs, treehouses, etc).

Don’t Forget about Wraith

Wraith is the coolest, most effective Legend in still another way: she can launch a type of super-speed run, at least for a few seconds.

Her Phase tactical move, as many already know, increases her speed by a tiny amount.

However, using your portal ultimate and then immediately triggering Phase results in a tremendously rapid running speed, one of the Apex Legends Pro Tips & Tricks.

You can use this to help squad mates travel long distances using your portal while sprinting long distances yourself with these skills enabled.

No Damage Drop

Apex Legend has no damage drop-off with any of its weapons, which is surprising (aside from the Havoc).

Yes, even a shotgun or a handgun may kill your opponent from several yards out.

This is assuming you can hit them, as accuracy will continue to deteriorate at range.

This means you can use powerful weaponry like the Wingman and the Peacekeeper even while you're far away, yet another one of the 10 Apex Legends Tips & Tricks.

While traditional long-range weapons like snipers will still provide a closer view and a more precise shot, you can still take advantage of the lack of damage drop-off by using other weapons at a distance.

Go for the Blue Circle only when Far away

The blue circle that radiates from a random location of the map holds premium loot, including a guaranteed gold piece of equipment, as most players are aware.

When attempting to land there, many people find themselves being shot down swiftly and frequently.

Because of its attractions, it's a natural hotspot, which means you'll almost always end up in trouble.

As a general rule, stay away from this location as much as possible, especially if it's close to your dropship.

However, if it's unusually far away from the dropship, you might want to give it a shot.

This is because most teams are more likely to lose patience and drop in early, giving you more time to clear the area and seal down the location, one of the Apex Legends tips and tricks 2021.

Don’t Stand Still

Yes, those gold or red downed-played boxes are tempting, but stopping to loot them for an extended amount of time can make you more vulnerable because you'll be still and preoccupied.

As a result, you may want to walk about back and forth when looting to make yourself a harder target to shoot, especially if you're looting in plain sight, one of the tips included in Apex Legends Advanced Guide

For the console versions of Apex, this is a little more difficult to accomplish because you'll have to coordinate scrolling through lists with the right joystick while moving with the Dpad at the same time. Nonetheless, it may be the difference between life and death.

Play Aggressive

On the surface, this may seem self-evident, yet many squads prefer to stay on the fringes of the map and collect all the loot they can rather than engage in combat.

 This could be a viable plan for making it to the final four or five squads with relative ease.

The problem is that by doing so, you'll inevitably make things more difficult for yourself in the long run.

This is because the more aggressive squads who have fought their way to the top will have more weapon experience and will most likely be prepared for you, in short, they would be warmed up, one of the most important

Apex Legends Pro Tips & Tricks.

They'll also most likely be completely equipped, making them difficult to knock down. Simply put, go forward and push whenever you can.

You'll get more experience and have a better chance of catching lesser opponents off by surprise. Also, when you push, try to keep as close to your squad as possible.

Use the Throwables before Getting into Action

Players that know what they're doing will frequently throw various explosives in the approximate direction of enemies.

There's a reason for this: it can quickly disorient, weaken, or fully paralyze an opponent.

You can then whip out your weapon and try to gun them down while they're panicked after you've started things off with a grenade or the ever-imposing Arc Star, one of the 10 Apex Legends Tips & Tricks.

You may also wish to use these explosives if you're in the middle of combat or trying to flee.

You could find that a well-placed grenade can clear a path or perhaps finish out a low-health opponent.

These techniques are especially beneficial when you're stuck inside a building.

Make Sure to Use the Balloons

You may have spotted a few balloons with lengthy ropes dangling from them strewn across the map.

These ropes aren't just for show; you can climb your way up to them quickly and use them to redeploy yourself and your team in the same way you launched out of the dropship.

This can be a useful way to get out of a tight spot, but it also allows you to cover a lot more distance in less time.

You can also use an exploit to cover even more ground at a faster rate with these balloons, which is a nice little bonus.

Simply gaze up into the sky when you launch, hold down the free look button, and watch as your character flies through the air!

Be careful though, players going up the rope are a pretty easy target, one of the Apex Legends tips and tricks 2021.

Dominate the Building with Caustic

Aside from the cool themes and outfits, Caustic is a fairly mediocre character when compared to the other Legends.

In some interior conditions, though, he can be the most deadly. This is especially true near the end of a battle when the action picks up and the ring closes in on you, and you need to secure your territory.

Caustic's handy toxic traps, which can be used to turn buildings into suffocating cages, are accountable for this.

You can hide them and have them set off by other players, or you can shoot them yourself.

These can also be used as a barrier by placing them in front of doors, one of the tricks useful to know in our

Apex Legends Advanced Guide.

This prevents undesirable guests from entering and compels them to kick down the entrance.

Boost up Lifeline Abilities

Although gold equipment can be discovered almost anywhere, it is incredibly rare.

Because this gear has the same stats as purple ones (with the exception of an added perk), you shouldn't stress about it and embark on a wild goose chase to find them all.

Gold helmets, however, are quite important, especially if your squad includes a Lifeline.

If you happen to come across one of these valuables, deliver it to her as soon as possible.

Why? The gold helmet has the added benefit of increasing the charge speed of tactical and ultimate abilities, one of the Apex Legends Pro Tips & Tricks.

Given the usefulness of Lifeline's abilities, you can gain an advantage by producing a large number of healing drones and care packages.

Get up on Highgrounds

This is a fairly general strategy in FPS games, yet it can be particularly beneficial in Apex due to the enormous scale of the area and the availability of buildings.

You'll often be able to find enemies scurrying around beneath you more quickly if you've set up camp on the high ground.

This allows for easier pings and better sniper opportunities.

Of course, you'll have the added benefit of being able to aim down at your opponent at ease compared to your opponents having to uncomfortably aim up at you, one of the Apex Legends Pro Tips & Tricks.

Another Wraith Trick

If you want to set traps but don't want to use Caustic, you could use Wraith to employ a portal exploit, which can make for an amusing elimination trap.

Simply open a door and place your gateway in the exact center of the entryway before closing it.

Place the other portal out of view of the rigged portal, ideally somewhere where the enemy will be enticed to warp through.

After that, you can either lead an opponent into your lethal gateway or simply wait for someone to spring your trap by hanging outside the doorway, another one of the

Apex Legends Pro Tips & Tricks.

Kick it Open

The ability to both blow up and kick down doors is one of the coolest and most unique features of Apex.

These not only look cool, but they also have the potential to severely disrupt a squad hiding in a seemingly safe indoor base.

This will frequently confuse and catch your opponent off guard, as well as expose them to danger outside.

If you time it just right, you can also stun someone on the other side of the door if they're close enough, another one of the Apex Legends Pro Tips & Tricks.

With this feature, you can have true action hero moments!

Use the Ping System

Another interesting feature of Apex is the complex yet user-friendly ping system.

While the majority of players appear to use this feature at least on a basic level, many overlook some of the more advanced functionalities.

You can not only pin locations, enemies, and items, but you can also communicate more detailed information by bringing up a wheel and pointing to different commands.

You can say, for example, that you want to attack or defend a specific area.

Furthermore, you can request specific items in the game, such as ammo, by simply clicking on the empty space in your inventory, one of the Apex Legends Pro Tips & Tricks.

This game takes communication to a whole new level, so make the most of it if you want to improve your team's communication.

Better Settings

This is a more subtle, indirect method of improving your visibility, but it can be beneficial.

It can help you be more effective and keen in a fight by clearing out unnecessary clutter.

This will get some of that annoying text out of your way by shrinking and reducing its size.

Though you'll want to have a good understanding of your loot before doing so, as you'll be offered less information as a result.

To do so, simply change the "interact prompt style" to "compact" in the game's options.

Go for the Head First

Most people who have played FPS games, all are aware of the unwritten rule that you should always aim for the head first.

Apex Legends, on the other hand, takes this nuance a step further by introducing different levels of damage for different body parts.

Headshots deal the most damage, but chest shots are the "next step" down in terms of damage, one of the

Apex Legends Pro Tips & Tricks.

The waist, legs, and feet come next. So, if you're crouching beneath a platform in the swamp and planning on sneaking some potshots at a passerby's exposed legs, you might want to reconsider.

Basically, if you're having trouble with headshots, go for the next best thing: the chest.

Slide Often

Sliding can make a difference in getting from point A to point B faster over time. And in a fast-paced game like Apex, speed and agility are critical to tipping the scales in your favor.

In general, you should include slides into your movement as much as possible. Sliding down slopes is, of course, the most efficient.

Even on flat ground, you'll notice that sliding for a few seconds gives you a small speed increase.

As you run, slide in brief spurts like this, then sprint for a few more seconds to gather momentum before sliding again.

Repeat the process, one of the Apex Legends Pro Tips & Tricks.

Slides make you a more difficult target to hit. Finally, when combined with a rapid wall climb and jump, you may use this slide to sort of propelling yourself off walls for an extra boost.

In the Water and when going uphill are two of the few times you don't want to slide because both will slow you down.

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