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All about Call of Duty Cold War, One of the Best Multiplayer Games

Going over the details and specifics of this game and telling you about how it was made, who was involved, what the gameplay feels like, and so on.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is a first-person shooter video game released by Activision in 2020. It was developed by Treyarch and Raven Software. It was released on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X and S on November 13, 2020.

It is the sixth game in the Black Ops series and the seventeenth overall in the Call of Duty series. Since 2011's Modern Warfare 3, this is the second Call of Duty game to be co-developed by two studios. The game was not intended to be a part of the Black Ops subseries when Raven and Sledgehammer Games created it.

However, due to differences between the two teams, Activision put Treyarch in charge of the game's production in 2019, with Raven serving as a co-developer.

The game's marketing began in August 2020 and took a variety of forms, including slide projectors for specific content creators, puzzles for fans to solve online, and a website presenting historical Cold War events.

In October 2020, a public multiplayer beta for the game went live. At the time of its release, Black Ops Cold War garnered mostly positive reviews from critics. In the United States, it became the best-selling game of 2020.

All about Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, One of the Best Multiplayer Games Right now

Below you will find All about Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, everything that’s happened before the release, and also major events after publishing the game.

Development, Sales, and Reviews

On May 18, 2019, Kotaku claimed that the game was in turmoil due to growing disagreements between producers Sledgehammer Games and Raven Software. The game was labeled as a "mess" by two sources.

Activision responded by appointing Treyarch to lead development with Raven. This resulted in a shorter development period than previous entries, as well as different responsibilities for the two firms, with Raven Software heading the single-player campaign development.

In their Q2 earnings call on August 4, 2020, Activision revealed that a new Call of Duty game would be launched in 2020 and that Treyarch and Raven would be working on it.

It's the first Call of Duty game to be co-developed by two studios since Modern Warfare 3, and it's also the first time Raven Software has been a primary developer, as opposed to assisting on multiplayer and extra features in past titles, one of the facts in All about Call of Duty: Cold War.

During Activision's Q2 earnings call, president Rob Kostich stated that Black Ops Cold War will be "tightly connected" to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019) and Call of Duty: Warzone (2019).

Raven Software's Dan Vondrak said on the idea of multiple endings, "when we started creating the story, we had multiple endings in mind right away.

And that really helped ... But we knew right away that we wanted to do that. I absolutely loved the idea that we could have a little bit of homage to Black Ops 2 by having these multiple endings."

According to the review website Metacritic, users rated Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War "generally favorable."

The game received an 8.75/10 rating from Game Informer, who praised the campaign and said: "If Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War excels at anything, it's options.

This isn't uncommon for a Call of Duty title, but with a vast array of game modes for myriad player profiles and a fun campaign that retains a summer-blockbuster feel while getting weird and wild, the ride is a good one."

Multiple allegations have surfaced about Black Ops Cold War bricking video game consoles. This has had an impact on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X launches.

In its first week on sale in Japan, the PlayStation 4 version sold 84,475 physical copies, making it the country's bestselling retail game of the week.

With 6,045 copies sold during the same week, the PlayStation 5 edition was the nineteenth best-selling retail game in Japan.

The game was confirmed to have sold 5.7 million digital units in December 2020. The game made $678 million in its first six weeks of release, another one of the interesting details included in

All about Call of Duty: Cold War.

It was named the best-selling game of 2020 by the NPD Group, as well as the twentieth-best-selling video game in the United States in terms of lifetime dollar sales.


Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is set in the early 1980s, during the Cold War. Russell Adler, a former Green Beret who became a CIA SAD/SOG operative, is on a mission to stop a USSR extreme group in 1981.

The campaign includes locations such as East Berlin, Vietnam, Turkey, and the Soviet KGB headquarters, and is based on true events. Mason, Woods, and Hudson from Call of Duty: Black Ops are on Adler's side.

Adler's MACV-SOG friend Sims, Mossad fixer Lazar, and MI6 officer Park are among the new characters.

For the campaign, players take on the role of “Bell,” a custom character with the freedom to customize their intelligence agency, skin tone, nationality, and gender; as well as many personality qualities that grant in-game benefits.

The campaign has various endings, which are determined by the player's choices during the game, one of the things to remember in our post of All about Call of Duty: Cold War.

Multiplayer includes both new and old game modes, as well as maps that support both standard 6v6 and larger 12v12 battles.

A new game option called "Fireteam" was also added to the game, which can accommodate up to 40 people.

The Create-a-Class system from Modern Warfare 2 is back, with two main differences: field upgrades are now included in class loadouts, and each class has a wildcard option from 4 alternatives.

Gunfighter (allows up to 8 primary weapon attachments), Perk Greed (allows you to mix and match any weapon/perk type in any slot for a total of 6 usable perks), Danger Close (double grenade equipment), or Lawbreaker (allows you to mix and match any weapon/perk type in any slot).

Cold War, like Modern Warfare, allows cross-platform gameplay and progression.

Another one of the facts in All about Call of Duty: Cold War is that following an upgrade, Call of Duty: Warzone's multiplayer progression system has been integrated, allowing for a uniform level system spanning Cold War, Warzone, and Modern Warfare.

"Dark Aether" is a new narrative in Zombies that builds on the old Aether storyline, which ended in Black Ops 4, while maintaining true to the campaign's primary plot.

Players can play as Operator characters from Multiplayer, who are part of a CIA response squad codenamed "Requiem," instead of predetermined characters.

Players can utilize any weapon to begin a Zombies match, as well as Gunsmith, scorestreaks, and field upgrades, in addition to returning mechanics like wallbuys, the Mystery Box, Pack-a-Punch, and past fan-favorite Perks.

Players can now "exfil" the battlefield for the first time in Zombies, putting them in a challenging wave with increased enemy spawn that they must outlast before they can exit.

Collectible intel is also strewn across the playable levels, allowing players to keep track of the main story and unravel it as they go.

The game has a skill upgrade system that allows players to improve weapons, perks, ammo modifications, and field enhancements with Aetherium Crystals, a currency earned by completing round milestones.

Until November 1, 2021, a new game mode called Onslaught will be available only to PlayStation gamers.

Up to two players defend sections grounded off by the Dark Aether orb, which must be recharged by zombie kills, in this mode, which is played within Multiplayer maps.

If enough players are killed, the orb will be moved to a new location, forcing the players to move or die outside of the orb's protection zone.

The Season Two update adds "Outbreak," a large-scale mode in which players face zombie hordes and achieve objectives in an open-world environment made out of places from the previous Multiplayer matches.

Campaign Storyline

In this section and two others of our article on

All about Call of Duty: Cold War

, we’ll tell you about a part of each mode’s story in the game to help you have an idea of what happens throughout the game.

Russell Adler, Alex Mason, and Frank Woods, CIA SAD/SOG operatives, are dispatched in January 1981 to track down Qasim Javadi and Arash Kadivar for their roles in the Iran hostage crisis.

The squad follows Arash to Turkey using information gleaned through Qasim's interrogation. Before being executed, Arash boasted that Perseus was the one who arranged the hostage situation.

After being briefed about Perseus' threat by Jason Hudson and Adler, US President Ronald Reagan authorizes a black operation team to neutralize him.

Lawrence Sims, a CIA operator, Eleazar "Lazar" Azoulay, an American-born Mossad operative, and MI6 intelligence officer Helen Park make up Adler's team, with Mason and Woods providing tactical assistance. 

The team's final member is an agent known only by the codename "Bell," who served in MACV-SOG alongside Adler and Sims during the Vietnam War.

The crew begins by asking Bell to remember Operation Fracture Jaw in 1968, which Adler claims was the first time he, Bell, and Sims met Perseus.

Following that, the crew travels to East Berlin to apprehend/kill Anton Volkov, a Russian Mafia figure with Perseus ties.

Following Bell and Woods' infiltration into a top-secret Spetsnaz training facility, the team learns that Perseus was involved in Operation Greenlight, a top-secret American program that discreetly planted neutron bombs in every major European city to prevent the Soviets from using them in the event of an invasion.

Mason and Woods were sent to the Ural Mountains' Mount Yamantau, where they breached Nikita Dragovich's wrecked facility in search of his list of sleeper operatives.

The crew discovers, however, that Perseus has erased the data from the Yamantau base's mainframe, leaving them with little choice but to invade KGB Headquarters in order to retrieve the list.

Multiplayer Storyline

During military drill Able Archer 83, two years after the collapse of Operation Greenlight, a Perseus cell infiltrates the Cheyenne Mountain Complex and successfully hijacks a nuclear ICBM.

Operators from NATO and the Warsaw Pact have been deployed to various locations where Perseus activity has been detected.

A Perseus cell led by Vikhor "Stitch" Kuzmin raids a CIA safe house in West Berlin on January 20, 1984, in order to obtain information on Adler.

On Rebirth Island, Stitch, who oversaw Nova-6 manufacturing, vowed vengeance on Adler, who had kidnapped and tortured him during the CIA's attack on the island in 1968. Stitch sends a note for Adler that directs him to a shopping mall in New Jersey.

Adler's crew is ambushed at the mall by Stitch, who has also set up a Nova-6 cache. The group tries to flee, but Adler is apprehended and brought away by Stitch and his men.

Three months later, Woods leads a squad to Laos, the last place Adler was seen, only to discover that he has been relocated to Verdansk.

Two Perseus operatives, Freya "Wraith" Helvig, and Roman "Knight" Gray penetrate the Yamantau covert military base on June 2, 1984, to acquire material pertaining to Dragovich's numbers program, which Stitch intends to use to establish more sleeper agents around the country.

That’s not the whole story as we mentioned, we bring only the beginning part of stories in All about Call of Duty: Cold War.

Zombies Storyline

After the Aether multiverse collapsed, Samantha Maxis and Edward "Eddie" Richtofen moved to a new unique reality, initially free of the old world's effects.

However, elements from the Dark Aether dimension begin to seep into the new reality at some point.

Maxis, now a German ex-BND operative, contacts CIA Special Officer Grigori Weaver in 1983 and gives him secret KGB intelligence.

Weaver learns from Maxis that the Nazis performed an experiment in a hidden bunker in Morasko, Poland, during World War II, in which they were able to reanimate dead troops and turn them into zombies.

The experiment was quickly shut down, only to be discovered lately by Omega Group, a KGB-Spetsnaz joint research organization working in the Soviet Union's favor.

A top-secret task group known as Requiem has been established to battle emerging worldwide undead threats and perform anomaly research for technology advancement.

Requiem sends a strike team to Morasko's Projekt Endstation bunker on November 13, 1983, where they uncover a rift that serves as a portal to the Dark Aether dimension, which is responsible for other massive dimensional breaches.

The strike team discovers a technology dubbed Der Wechsler in the facility that can restore a zombie's brain functions after further study.

The strike team uses it on Orlov, a former Omega Group member who was one of the facility's roaming zombies.

In exchange, he pledges to assist the crew in closing the dimensional rift. Orlov succeeds in sealing the rift, destroying Endstation, and sacrifices himself in the process, allowing the strike team to flee.

That was for our storyline section in All about Call of Duty: Cold War.

Promotion & Marketing

Prior to a Call of Duty game's fall release, announcements and marketing have traditionally occurred in April or May.

In August 2020, Activision started teasing the game via an alternate reality game (ARG). Crates were sent to a number of YouTubers who are well-known in the Call of Duty community.

They were greeted by a slide projector, 10 distinct slides per container, and a manifest once they were authorized to open on August 10, 2020.

After the initial ciphers were cracked on August 14, 2020, the game was promoted by inviting enthusiasts to solve ciphers and riddles on pawntakespawn.com, one of the interesting facts we wanted to mention in All about Call of Duty: Cold War.

Throughout the Cold War, the website allowed fans to watch VHS tapes featuring news pieces and footage from the respective year(s).

Two-digit nixie tube combinations emerged at random intervals throughout the VHS tapes, requiring them to solve puzzles, in addition to one set of coordinates per VHS tape that led to a place in Warzone.

The teaser trailer was released on August 19, 2020, when all ciphers had been decoded.

From a 1984 interview with conspiracy theorist G. Edward Griffin, the teaser trailer included excerpts of a 1984 interview with former Soviet PGU KGB informant and defector Yuri Bezmenov describing active measures. On August 26, 202, a worldwide reveal took place.


One of the facts you should know in

All about Call of Duty: Cold War

is that according to CBR.com, China banned the teaser video owing to a one-second representation of the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests.

Instead, a shortened teaser was released worldwide. PC Gamer's Andy Chalk wrote: "There's also no mistaking the irony of active censorship in a promo trailer for a game whose tagline is, literally, "Know your history"."

When Call of Duty incorporated footage of Bezmenov's interview with Griffin in its August teaser, Ian Walker of Kotaku accused the game of legitimizing Bezmenov's beliefs.

He claimed that Bezmenov's beliefs attracted far-right conspiracy theories and personalities, that Activision presented Bezmenov's interview without context, and that Bezmenov himself held opinions that Walker claimed were far-right.

All of the game's downloadable content (DLC), both multiplayer and zombies, is totally free.

The game, like Modern Warfare, has post-launch marketing in the form of a battle pass system and cosmetic packages sold in the in-game store.

In May 2021, Activision and Treyarch announced a collaborative event titled "'80s Action Heroes," which included the introduction of playable characters John Rambo and John McClane, as well as new limited-time game modes influenced by the Rambo franchise and the Die Hard film series.

The appearances of Rambo and McClane are based on the films Rambo: First Blood Part II and Die Hard, with their voice lines copied directly from the films.

Activision and Treyarch announced The Haunting as part of their sixth season content release in October 2021, which would include game modes and cosmetic items inspired by many horror film titles, another one of the exciting facts in All about Call of Duty: Cold War.

Some of the products, like a Ghostface operator character based on the Scream franchise and a Frank the Bunny suit based on the character from Donnie Darko, were leaked before the event's launch.

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