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Best FIFA 21 wingers

Who are the best wingers in FIFA 21? How should they be deployed? Follow us below as we provide detailed information about wingers who are amongst the best FIFA 21 players.

We are only days away from FIFA 22 being published and all the hype is around the new edition of Electronic Arts’ football simulation game. But that does not mean that players have already forgotten FIFA 21 as there are millions of gamers who are spending their time and money on the current version of the videogame.

While many are now familiar with almost all the top players, there are still some details that many would like to know about some of the individuals in the game. With wingers being one of the most crucial parts of any formation, we have decided to take a look at some of the wingers with the best

FIFA 21 player ratings

as surely many FIFA players are eager to get their hands on the most effective ones in the game.

Read on as we provide detailed information about the best FIFA 21 wingers and take a look at how you can deploy them on the field to better suit your play style.

Best FIFA 21 players - Wingers

FIFA 21 release date was 6 October 2020 and since then every FIFA player has tried their best to get their hands on these incredible wingers. But getting some of these footballers is based on sheer luck as loot boxes don’t turn out the way they are supposed to most of the times. But we are not here to discuss loot boxes. We are here to go through the

best FIFA 21 wingers

to see how they can be deployed on the pitch by the player.

Leroy Sane

  • Overall: 85

  • Position: LM

Leroy Sane started his career as a professional footballer playing for


in Bundesliga and quickly earned himself a move to Manchester City. But the German winger was not too happy in the Premier League, which is why he decided to move back to Germany and join Bayern Munich.

Even though Sane’s overall rating has dropped a single point in FIFA 21 compared to his overall rating in the previous versions of the game, he is still one of the best FIFA 21 wingers and is the optimal choice for anyone who needs lightning-fast players in their roster. Sane is one of the paciest wingers in the game with an incredible 93 pace. If you combine that with his 84 agility and 85 dribbling, you will get a scary fella who can run up and down the pitch as both a winger and a left-midfielder.

Sane’s relatively tall stature and high work rate also make him the optimal choice for most of the formations that FIFA players use. His attacking prowess as one of the

best FIFA 21 players

is also complemented with a 4-star-rated skill moves set, which makes Sane more effective in the dribbling department.

Marcus Rashford

  • Overall: 85

  • Position: LM

Marcus Rashford is without a doubt one of the brightest stars in the England national team and is versatile enough to be deployed in a multitude of roles on the pitch. The Englishman has an acceptable overall rating of 85 and is one of the

best FIFA 21 wingers

. Of course he could also be one of the best strikers in the game as his versatility allows him to be deployed in the front as well. With a brilliant pace rated at 90 and effective shooting and dribbling stats, Rashford can come in handy in almost any situation.

His height also allows him to rise above the opposition defenders and head the ball into the back of the net with ease. With a high work rate,

Manchester United

are quite lucky to have him in their roster. Perhaps as a winger, the Englishman can work on his passing a bit more as his passing stats are considerably low for a left-midfielder. That may be the reason why some consider deploying him as a main striker instead.

Lorenzo Insigne

  • Overall: 85

  • Position: LW

Lorenzo Insigne has always been the butt of the joke when it comes to matters of height both on and off the pitch. Both his teammates and football fans make fun of his relatively short stature in every chance they get. But all jokes aside, all his teammates and football fans respect the Italian dribbler for his impressive performance both at club and international levels. He was one, after all, one of the main men who helped Italy win Euro 2020.

Being one of the

best FIFA 21 wingers

is not easy so one must have quite incredible stats to be on such a list and Insigne’s stats are incredible indeed. The


winger boasts a mind-blowing 91 dribbling, 88 pace and 83 passing, which combined with a 4-star skill moves set and a 4-star weak foot make him one of the most lethal wingers out there.

Some might consider his 163cm height a disadvantage, but his height is actually the main reason why Insigne is so effective and successful in dribbling his opponents both in real life and in FIFA. Unfortunately, the Italy international’s high work rate could prove to be troublesome at times since EA have decided to give him a 70 stamina, which is insultingly low for world-class players such as him.

Riyad Mahrez

  • Overall: 85

  • Position: RW

Riyad Mahrez rose to prominence after he did the impossible and helped

Leicester City

win the Premier League against all odds. The Algeria international joined

Manchester City

for a whopping €67 million back in 2018 and since then has turned into one of the best wingers in the English top-flight. With an overall rating of 85, Mahrez undoubtedly has one of the highest FIFA 21 player ratings amongst wingers.

He is literally the master of dribbling with a 90 dribbling overall, which includes 92 agility, 91 ball control and 90 dribbling. While the Algerian boasts an 87 acceleration, his sprint speed is lower than expected and gradually slows down the player’s and the whole team’s movement while in offensive mode. His surprisingly low physicals stats is also an issue and can cause trouble from time to time. Nevertheless, Riyad Mahrez can still prove useful as one of the highest-rated wingers in FIFA 21 thanks to his skill moves and dribbling ability.

Serge Gnabry

  • Overall: 85

  • Position: RM

Few players can have a massive 90 acceleration in a game of FIFA and Serge Gnabry is one of those few. He surprised everyone with his incredible pace alongside Alphonso Davies as the duo helped Bayern Munich win the historic sextuple under Hansi Flick. Gnabry is definitely one of the best FIFA 21 wingers and can give your opponents some serious headaches if you can make good use of his pace and skill moves on the right-hand side of the pitch. His high work rate is also effective as he can perform at the highest level possible on your demand.

The Germany international joined

Bayern Munich

from Werder Bremen for only €8 million and is now worth a whopping €70 million in the real world transfer market. The 26-year-old is the optimal choice for those of you who prefer nimble wingers who can slither through opposition defenders with ease and style.

Bernardo Silva

  • Overall: 87

  • Position: RW

Bernardo Silva might not have his very own statue in front of the Etihad stadium yet, but the Portuguese winger is considered to be one of the best players in Manchester City’s star-studded squad. The 27-year-old is deployed as an attacking midfielder by Pep Guardiola from time to time, but we all know that he is mainly deployed as a right-winger, where he thrives thanks to his incredible dribbling ability.

It seems that EA have noticed the new role Bernardo Silva has at Manchester City and have decided to switch his position to a CAM in FIFA 22. But the Portugal international is still a right winger in FIFA 21 and is definitely one of the best in the business. Silva’s impressive high work rate and 4-star-rated skill moves set is the perfect combination for any FIFA player who prefers to send crosses inside the box using fast-paced dribblers on the wings.

Heung-Min Son

  • Overall: 87

  • Position: LM

We all know how lethal of a duo Son Heung-Min and Harry Kane are at


as they managed to top the charts in the Premier League last season. Perhaps one might not have survived without the other, even though both are quite excellent in what they do. Son is immensely versatile and can be deployed almost anywhere on the pitch. The South Korea international is able to play as a midfielder, a winger, a second striker and even as a center-forward, which gives us FIFA players more creative freedom when selecting a proper squad and formation.

The winger has one of the most brutal stats in the game with a 4-star rated skill moves set and a 5-star-rated weak foot. His incredible 89 sprint speed and 86 acceleration mean that you can easily outrun your opponents by simply holding the sprint button. Son has one of the best FIFA 21 player ratings and can be deployed on a multitude of positions thanks to his impressively balanced stats.

These stats are also complemented with brilliantly high work rates in both offense and defense. Don’t worry about the South Korean winger constantly running up and down the pitch as he also boast a massive 87 stamina and is able to play the whole 90 minutes without any trouble.

Jadon Sancho

  • Overall: 87

  • Position: RM

Jadon Sancho’s transfer saga finally came to an end after the Englishman joined Manchester United from

Borussia Dortmund

for an eye-watering €85 million. That alone might have earned him an upgrade in FIFA 22. But his overall stats in FIFA 21 are the reason we are here as Sancho is considered to be one of the best FIFA 21 wingers. The former Dortmund player boasts a massive 91 dribbling and is one of the few players to have a 5-star rated skill moves set in the whole game.

His high work rate also allows Sancho to switch back and forth from the middle of the park to the wings. Perhaps the only reason why Sancho lacks an overall rating higher than 87 in FIFA 21 is the fact his shooting stats are not up to the standards of a world-class player. Even though an 81 finishing is still fine enough for any player, it just simply isn’t what one might expect to see from such an effective winger.

Of course considering the fact that the England international had an overall rating of 78 in FIFA 19, Jadon Sancho is clearly on his way to the very top and certainly does have quite a bright future ahead of himself.

Angel Di Maria

  • Overall: 87

  • Position: RW

You must be someone special to have the chance to play alongside the likes of both Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo throughout your career and Angel Di Maria is that special someone. The Argentinian winger is one of the best in his position without a doubt and has gotten himself quite a full trophy cabinet thanks to his years at

Real Madrid


Paris Saint-Germain

. As one of the best FIFA 21 wingers, Di Maria boasts an 87 overall rating and is one of the better dribblers in the whole game.

Many FIFA players agree that the Argentina international is heavily underrated despite having an incredible 87 overall in FIFA 21. That certainly says something about the former Real Madrid man and his sheer talent both in real life and in the videogame series. With a massive 5-star-rated skill moves set, the 33-year-old is one of the best skillers in the whole game and players can easily use his pace and laser-guided passes to send in high and low crosses inside the box from the wings.

While some might prefer to use Di Maria on the left as the Argentinian possesses the versatility necessary for such a switch, his main role remains to be a right-winger, in which he flourishes with exemplary stats.

Raheem Sterling

  • Overall: 88

  • Position: LW

Raheem Sterling is one of those versatile players who can be deployed anywhere the manager asks of them, which is exactly why he is one of Pep Guardiola’s favorite players at Manchester City. The England international started out his career as a right-winger, but has since switched to the left side, which is where his manager needs him to be. Sterling is by far one of the most versatile, pacey and difficult-to-stop players in FIFA 21 and thanks to his 5-star-rated skill moves set, you can dribble through almost anyone in the game with the right button combos.

Even though Sterling’s physical stats are low and the Englishman does not have a proper strength stats, his low physical stats could sometimes prove useful as you can draw fouls easier while controlling the ball with the talented Englishman. As one of the best FIFA 21 wingers, Sterling boasts an overall rating of 88 and is on his way towards becoming one of the few 90-rated wingers in the future series.

Eden Hazard

  • Overall: 88

  • Position: LW

It is quite shocking to see how deep Eden Hazard has fallen. The Belgian winger was supposed to find his ultimate team and complete his journey by becoming the best of the best after joining Real Madrid from


. But numerous injuries and bad performances later, Eden Hazard is now rated a very low 85 in FIFA 22.

At least he is still one of the best in FIFA 21 thanks to his 88 overall rating. You can still use his incredibly high dribbling stats and his magnificent pace to rush towards your opponent’s box and dribble through their defense with ease.

Even though Hazard does not have much of a great long shots stats in FIFA 21, you can still make good use of his curved shots as he is quite adept at curving the ball into the top-bin from the left wing. The former Chelsea winger has not been the same superstar we came to know and adore since his move to Real Madrid. We will have to wait and see if he can turn the tides in his favor once again or if his career as one of the best wingers in the world is over for good.

Sadio Mane

  • Overall: 90

  • Position: LW

Just like the way Neymar, Luis Suarez and Lionel Messi created the formidable MSN trio at Barcelona and Karim Benzema, Gareth Bale and Cristiano Ronaldo gave life to the memorable BBC trio at Real Madrid, the trio of Sadio Mane, Mohamed Salah and Roberto Firmino was born in


and is still one of the most formidable trios out there whenever they grace the pitch together. Sadio Mane is by far one of the best left-wingers in FIFA 22 as only Neymar tops the charts before Mane on the left side of the pitch.

The Senegal international’s raw pace is simply out of this world as he boasts a 95 acceleration and 93 sprint speed, which are complement with an amazing 90 dribbling. The cherry on this amazing cake is perhaps Mane’s work rate and 4-star-rated skill moves set, which allows the player to easily cut inside and dribble through the opposition defense with ease. Mane also boasts a massive 90 finishing power, which makes him the ultimate goal machine in FIFA 21.

Mohamed Salah

  • Overall: 90

  • Position: RW

With Sadio Mane playing on the left, Liverpool have yet another trick up their sleeves. The have the honor of deploying Mohamed Salah on the right wing, which creates a dynamic duo of Mane/Salah and gives any FIFA player a terrifying power to cut inside and score beautiful goals from the wings. Salah and Mane are somehow similar in all aspects, with the exception being that the Egyptian Messi has a slightly higher finishing power.

Other than that, most of their stats are quite similar and at times even identical. Many claim that Salah is quite underrated in real life as people tend to overlook his achievements at Liverpool, yet there are those who believe that Salah is overrated and needs to get a downgrade in the future editions of FIFA.

Neymar Jr.

  • Overall: 91

  • Position: LW

In such an overinflated market, being the most expensive signing of all time and keeping that record for several years is quite an impressive feat. Perhaps it might take several more years for clubs to catch up to Neymar’s eye-watering and historic €222 million transfer fee. Having moved from


to Paris Saint-Germain in 2017, Neymar has upped his game to become one of the best wingers in the world and in the FIFA series.

Even though he has not managed to make a considerable number of appearances for the Parisians due to injury, he is still considered to be one of the most talented dribblers in the world and his FIFA 21 rating shows exactly that.

Facing Neymar in both the real world and in FIFA is downright scary as he is by far the most skilled player in the game with his 5-star-rated skill moves set and weak foot. The Brazilian boasts an absurdly high 94 dribbling and 91 pace, which combined with his passing and shooting stats can raise hell and chaos in your opponent’s box.

Lionel Messi

  • Overall: 93

  • Position: RW

Who doesn’t know who Leo Messi is? The Argentinian is by far the best winger and the best player overall in FIFA 21 and has been the player with the highest ratings in the series for almost a decade. There are only two players who are currently worthy of being dubbed as the “greatest of all time” and one of them is clearly Messi. The Argentinian’s unbelievable 93 overall rating allows you to strike fear into the hearts of your opponents.

Of course with such an incredibly high overall rating, getting his card in FIFA Ultimate Team is literally the ultimate dream as his cards are extremely rare. However, if you are playing offline alone or with your friends, picking the team that Messi plays for can guarantee at least a goal or two for you. Surprisingly enough, Messi does not have a 5-star-rated skill moves set, yet he is the best dribbler in the whole game thanks to his impressive ball control and agility that complement hi 96-rated dribbling.




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