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FIFA 22 top ratings

Who are the highest-rated players in FIFA 22? When will the long-awaited videogame be released? Follow us below as we provide every detail you need to know about the recently unveiled FIFA 22 ratings.

We are once again nearing the time that every football fan who is a gamer locks themselves inside to play the new edition of the much-hyped and much-loved FIFA series. But while there is quite a lot of hype during the videogame’s release, FIFA fans eagerly await to see the new ratings that EA have given to each player that appears in the game. That is why news broadcasters and practically the whole internet talks about these ratings every year and this year is no exception either.


FIFA 22 top ratings

are the hot topic of the week and even the whole month as EA finally decided to unveil the new details. There have been quite a lot of surprises in the recent edition as there is now a 2-point difference between Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo’s ratings. The two are considered to be the greatest footballers of all time by their respective fans and the whole world, which is why they have been dominating the ratings chart for more than a decade.

Surely you are all eager to know more about the best players in FIFA 22. So without further ado, here are the players you should watch out for carefully if your opponent has them in their roster.

Top-rated players in FIFA 22

From Lionel Messi, Robert Lewandowski and Cristiano Ronaldo, to Kylian Mbappe, Kevin De Bruyne and Neymar Jr., we will be having some amazing upgrades and some surprising downgrades in amongst

FIFA 22 top ratings

. Read on to find out more about the best players in FIFA 22.

Son Heung-Min

  • Rating: 89

  • Team: Tottenham


might not be one of the favorites to win the Premier League this season, but the English club are certainly lucky to have many quality players in their roster. Amongst FIFA 22 top ratings are two Tottenham players that we are quite used to seeing: Son Heung-Min and Harry Kane. The Korean superstar has been phenomenal over the year for both club and country, which is why he has been given an update from an 87 overall rating to an 89 overall rating.

It is not quite official yet, but speculations suggest that the South Korean winger might also possess a massive 5-star skill rating and a five-star weaker foot stats, which will instantly make him a fan favorite amongst FIFA players. The 29-year-old’s performance at Tottenham proves why EA were right to give him an 89-rating as Son has managed to score a total of 109 goals in 284 appearances since he made his debut for the London-based club in the 2015-16 season.

Of course some believe that being one of the

best players in FIFA 22

is not enough for Heung-Min Son, instead claiming that he should have boasted a 90+ overall rating in the new edition of the videogame.

Karim Benzema

  • Rating: 89

  • Team: Real Madrid

Perhaps Cristiano Ronaldo leaving

Real Madrid

might not have been what Madridistas wanted initially, but his departure from the Spanish capital surely helped Karim Benzema bounce back and become the most effective and lethal player at Real Madrid. The Frenchman has managed to earn back his lost rating points and get an impressive upgrade considering his initial 84 overall rating in FIFA 19.

As one of the top-rated players in FIFA 22, Karim Benzema is surely going to be a fan-favorite amongst FIFA players as his lethality in front of goal, combined with his pace and dribbling skills, will certainly create a complete striker. The 33-year-old Frenchman has been absolutely phenomenal over the years and is still a top contender for the top scorer award in both La Liga and the Champions League.

He has already scored five goals and has provided four assists in four La Liga appearances, which shows how effective and crucial he is for Carlo Ancelotti’s plans. As one of the

FIFA 22 top ratings

, Karim Benzema is sure to get several upgrades throughout the season and we might get to see a 90+ overall rating card for the Real Madrid center-forward in the near future.

Gianluigi Donnarumma

  • Rating: 89

  • Team: Paris Saint-Germain

We always see the headlines mention some wonderkid who is allegedly destine to replace Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo and become the next Maradona or something. But we rarely get to see a goalkeeper earn so much well-earned hype and respect in the media and from the fans. The only person who could one day be considered as one of the best goalkeepers in history amongst the likes of Guanlguigi Buffon, Iker Casillas and Manuel Neuer, is definitely Gianluigi Donnarumma.

The Italian goalkeeper is already one of the

top-rated players in FIFA 22

at the age of 22 years old. He has already helped his nation become the champions of Europe and is now on his way towards greatness after joining

Paris Saint-Germain

on a free transfer deal. Donnarumma became the man he is today by proving his talents as an invulnerable wall in the goal at

AC Milan


He made a total of 251 appearances for the Serie A side and earned himself 88 clean sheets in the process, which helped his former club bounce back from their dark ages to once again appear in the Champions League this season. Milan will surely miss their wonderkid, but Donnarumma has got his own plans of becoming an even more powerful goalkeeper, both in real life and as one of the FIFA 22 top ratings.

Mohamed Salah

  • Rating: 89

  • Team: Liverpool

Once dubbed the “Egyptian Messi”, Mohamed Salah has been the savior of Liverpool as his contributions led to the Reds finally breaking their Premier League duck and becoming the champions of the English top-flight. We had no need for any FIFA 22 rating prediction to know that Salah was going to be amongst the top-rated players in the videogame. Even though Jurgen Klopp and his men did not manage to win the league title last season, Salah was quite amazing almost all the time.

The 29-year-old Egyptian single-handedly scored 31 goals and provided 6 assists in 51 appearances, which helped


bounce back and finish the league as runners-up behind Manchester City. The versatile winger’s overall rating is 89, which is considered to be one of the

best unveiled FIFA 22 ratings.

We will have to wait and see if Salah can prove his worth once again in the new season. Of course he has already helped the club in the Champions League by scoring the winning goal in an intense match against AC Milan.

Manuel Neuer

  • Rating: 90

  • Team: Bayern Munich

Who would have thought that 35-year-old Manuel Neuer could actually manage to earn back his lost points in FIFA and become one of the FIFA 22 top ratings? While suffering several injuries led to his decline a couple of seasons ago, the German maestro has managed to show everyone that he is still one of the best goalkeepers in the world. The 2014 World Cup winner has been a key part of

Bayern Munich

for more than a decade, winning two historic sextuples with the Bavarians.

While some of the stats in FIFA 22 top ratings might be questionable, few could argue against the fact that Neuer deserves to be amongst the best even at the age of 35. Neuer’s best stats are shown on his 89-rated card in FIFA 21, which features 91 kicking, 87 handling and 87 diving. It seems that the German shot-stopper’s reflexes and handling have seen an upgrade in the new edition of FIFA. We are eager to see how long Neuer can keep up with the rest of the world-class players and how far he can go in the future.

Marc-Andre ter Stegen

  • Rating: 90

  • Team: Barcelona

Some say that if it weren’t for Lionel Messi’s contributions, Barcelona would never have managed to succeed in recent years. But there are certainly many people who would agree that if it weren’t for Mac-Andre ter Stegen’s brilliance between the posts, Barcelona would surely have fallen deep. The German goalkeeper is a fine example of the way Germany raise and train their goalkeepers. Even though ter Stegen has not managed to replace Neuer as Germany’s number one goalkeeper, he is by far one of the best goalkeepers in both La Liga and the whole world.

The 29-year-old is worth a massive €60 million right now, which is five times more than his market value in 2014, when Barcelona signed him from Borussia Monchengladbach for €12 million. Perhaps our

FIFA 22 rating prediction

might have suggested that ter Stegen could receive a 91-rated card, but he is still one of the best players in the game with a 90 overall rating, which boasts an stats of 88 kicking, 88 diving, 85 handling, 88 positioning and a massive four-star weak-foot ability.

Harry Kane

  • Rating: 90

  • Team: Tottenham

When we say Tottenham are lucky to have players amongst FIFA 22 top ratings, we don’t mean someone who has only had a single fine season and is now considered a great player. The player that we have in mind is none other than Harry Kane, who has by far been one of the best strikers in the Premier League and the whole world, having earned several individual awards in for his goal scoring ability in recent seasons.

The 28-year-old Englishman might not have gotten his wish for joining a stronger club such as Manchester City this season, but he will surely be ecstatic to find out that he is one of the few players to have a 90 overall rating in FIFA 22. Kane is currently worth an eye-watering €120 million, which also puts him amongst the most expensive footballers in the world.

Initially rated 88 in FIFA 21, Kane has gotten himself a +2 upgrade in the new edition, boasting a stats of 83 dribbling, 91 shooting and 83 passing. His work rate in both defensive and offensive fronts are set to “High”, which will certainly turn him into one of the most sought-after players in FIFA 22.

N’Golo Kante

  • Rating: 90

  • Team: Chelsea

N’Golo Kante rose to prominence after completing the impossible and actually winning the Premier League with

Leicester City

. It is still quite unbelievable that N’Golo Kante and his teammates managed to win the English top-flight all those years ago. But the past is now history and Kante will surely be ecstatic to know that he is one of the highest-rated players in FIFA 22. The French midfielder is loved and adored by almost everyone, even the neutrals and the fans of the opposition, which is why Kante wins both on and off the pitch. The 30-year-old joined


from Leicester City for €35 million in 2016 and has now become the captain of the Blues, which shows how much he actually means for both the club and their supporters. Just like Harry Kane, Kante too has earned himself a +2 upgrade on his FIFA 21 car, which gives him a 90 overall rating in FIFA 22.

Neymar Jr.

  • Rating: 91

  • Team: Paris Saint-Germain

It will take quite a while before anyone can even get close to Neymar Jr. and break his record as the most expensive signing of all time. The Brazilian is without a doubt one of the wingers out there, which is exactly why the Parisians paid a whopping €222 million to activate his release clause at


. If you want to cut through the opposition defense like hot knife on butter, then you’re going to need Neymar, who is easily skilled enough to make the day a nightmare for your rivals.

His 5-star skill moves set and his 5-star weak foot ability make him capable of wreaking havoc anywhere he plays on the pitch. Of course even though Neymar is amongst FIFA 22 top ratings, the Brazilian has not seen much observable change since last season since he used to have the same overall rating in FIFA 21 as well.

Kevin De Bruyne

  • Rating: 91

  • Team: Manchester City

The unveiled FIFA 22 ratings are out and one can clearly see who the best midfielder is in the whole game. Kevin De Bruyne has been absolutely phenomenal over the past few seasons, having helped Pep Guardiola and his men win the Premier League and reach last season’s Champions League final.

With a 5-star weak foot ability and a 4-star skill move rating, the Belgian is without a doubt the midfielder that everyone will be looking for in FIFA 22. His high defensive and offensive work rates can definitely help players make their teams work like clockwork. The 30-year-old is currently worth a massive €100 million in the transfer market and is versatile enough to play in a multitude of positions on the pitch.

Jan Oblak

  • Rating: 91

  • Team: Atletico Madrid

Everyone’s FIFA 22 rating prediction was confirmed to be true when Jan Oblak’s overall rating was unveiled by EA Games. The

Atletico Madrid

goalkeeper is a true wonder of his own and has managed to single-handedly lead Diego Simeone’s defense towards success in recent years. He has already managed to get his hands on the La Liga title with the Rojiblancos, topping both Real Madrid and Barcelona’s goalkeepers.

Even though it was Thibaut Courtois who won the Zamora trophy last season for his heroic displays at Real Madrid, Jan Oblak’s performance did not go unnoticed, which is why he is going to be the only 91-rated goalkeeper in the whole game.

Cristiano Ronaldo

  • Rating: 91

  • Team: Manchester United

As if the summer 2021 transfer window was not mind-blowing enough with all the free transfers that were completed, Cristiano Ronaldo suddenly decided that it was time he moved on from


and returned home to

Manchester United

in the same transfer window that saw Lionel Messi depart from his home of 21 years to join Paris Saint-Germain. Even though Ronaldo was still absolutely phenomenal at Juventus, he did not manage to help the Serie A giants win the Champions League as he lacked the support he needed from the midfield.

Perhaps that is why EA have decided to give the Portuguese forward an overall rating of 91. The former Real Madrid striker has been at the pinnacle of football for more than a decade and has always contended with Lionel Messi for the top spot of FIFA ratings. While Lionel Messi has usually gotten the upper hand in the football simulation videogame, we all know that both are legends to be remembered for eternity.

Kylian Mbappe

  • Rating: 91

  • Team: Paris Saint-Germain

Kylian Mbappe has turned from an aspiring teenager in love with Real Madrid and Cristiano Ronaldo, to a true wonder of the world and a superstar in only a couple of years, which shows how magnificent and phenomenal the Frenchman is going to be in the future.

EA and practically everyone else on earth recognize his sheer talent and know his quality, which is why few might argue with his massive 91 overall rating. While some might say that Mbappe is still a long way away from reaching Ronald and Messi’s level, EA simply could not give the 2018 World Cup winner a lower rating as he is, after all, the cover star for FIFA 22.

With an 89 overall rating in FIFA 20 and a 90 overall rating in FIFA 21, we can clearly see that the Frenchman is gradually reaching the top of the world and is aiming to become the best-rated player both in real life and in FIFA.

Robert Lewandowski

  • Rating: 92

  • Team: Bayern Munich

Almost everyone would agree that Rober Lewandowski was robbed of his Ballon d’Or when the award ceremonies were cancelled due to the pandemic. Perhaps that is exactly why the Polish striker pushed himself even further and somehow managed to take over Cristiano Ronaldo’s spot and be one of the best-rated players in the world and in FIFA. Bayern Munich might never have won the sextuple if it weren’t for Lewandowski’s brilliance as their main striker.

The 33-year-old is certainly at the peak of his career as he managed to amazingly score 48 goals and provide 9 assists in 40 appearances last season. With an impressive 41 goals in Bundesliga, Lewa is on his way towards winning his first and much-deserved Ballon d’Or.

The Poland international’s overall rating in FIFA 20 was 89, which was way below what people expected. That is why he suddenly decided to enter his “beast mode” and get an upgrade in FIFA 21 by becoming one of the best in the game. His overall rating has stayed the same since last season, but an overall rating of 92 is something that even Cristiano Ronaldo was not able to reach in FIFA 22.

Lionel Messi

  • Rating: 93

  • Team: Paris Saint-Germain

While there have been complaints over the fact that Cristiano Ronaldo is no longer going to be amongst the top-2, we can’t possibly deny the fact that Lionel Messi was the reason Barcelona were kept alive as long as they were. The Argentinian has simply been amazing with his sheer talent and hard work.

Both he and his Portuguese counterpart have been ruling the world of football as the best players in the world for more than a decade, which is exactly why EA chose to give Messi a 93 overall rating. As the highest-rated player in FIFA 22, all FIFA players will surely give Paris Saint-Germain a try in the new edition when it hits the shelves.

Who would have thought that Messi would one day join PSG on a free transfer deal after spending 21 years at Barcelona? Even though Messi’s overall rating saw drop in FIFA 21 and dropped from 94 to 93, the Argentine has managed to hold his 93 overall rating for the new edition of FIFA. Of course surprisingly, Leo Messi does not have the highest skill moves ability nor the highest weak foot ability as both of these skills are rated with 4 stars instead of 5.




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