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Best and worst home kits unveiled for the 2021-22 season

Who’s wearing the classiest and most beautiful home kit this campaign? Which teams have disappointed their supporters with their new home kits? Follow us below as we bring you the best and worst new football kits for the 2021/22 season.

The new season of football is already underway and we have gotten to witness the best teams in the world battle it out for a place in the top three positions of their respective leagues. While it is too early to judge each club based on their league performance so far, we can at least freely judge them based on their new home kits and the designs that they have unveiled for the new campaign.

Obviously, all big clubs have already unveiled their home and away kits and only a handful of them are yet to unveil their third kits for the 2021-22 season. We have had many controversial designs so far, including the horrendous copy-pasted third kit design by Puma, which blew the minds of everyone for how horrific it is. Of course we are here to talk about the

best and worst home kits unveiled for the 2021-22 season

and will get to cover the away and third kits in different articles.

Have you had the chance to take a look at all the home kits unveiled for the new season? What was your take on the new designs? Read on as we provide you with all the details you might need to know about all the new football kits for the 2021/22 season that belong to either of the categories.

Best and worst new kits in European soccer

Here are all the

best and worst home kits unveiled for the 2021-22 season


Worst home kits

From Arsenal to Barcelona and AC Milan, we have had some terrible designs this season. Let us have a look at these bad design choices before getting to the good stuff.


If you take a look at the best and worst home kits unveiled for the 2021-22 season,


’s new home kit is not one of the worst in history per se, but the shirt has been mocked on several occasions for being too similar to Ajax’s home kit. Of course it is only natural that there would be a comparison conducted between the two as they both used almost the same colors and styles each season.

However, there is, or there used to be, one particular difference between the two kits that made both of them distinctive and iconic enough for years. That difference is obviously the side stripes on Ajax’s home kit and the lack of it in Arsenal’s kits. For most part of the Dutch club’s history, the sides of their shirts have been white, with the middle part of their kits featuring the color red. Arsenal’s kits, on the other hand, usually used to have an all-red base as only the sleeves used to be featured in white.

For some reason, Adidas have copied Ajax’s style for the Gunners this season and the design is not even that good. Done in a poor taste, according to some Arsenal fans, the new home kit features blue shoulder stripes, which are only complemented by thin blue hoops on the cuffs. The all-red style of the base has now turned into a red rectangle that covers almost the whole area and leaves some space for the white sides that make the middle part too distinctive for Arsenal fans’ taste.


The champions of Europe return to action with pockets full of money and thoughts full of motivation, aiming to repeat their success and retain their position as Champions League winners.


were the surprise package of last season thanks to Thomas Tuchel and now they are ready to get back at it again with their new home kit. Unfortunately, people are torn into two sides thanks to the new design by Nike.

In a step towards modern arts and avant-garde ideas, Nike have squeezed together several unrelated and distinct patterns and have embossed them onto the club’s home kit. Surely the club’s supporters would have different ideas on where to put Chelsea’s home kit on the list of best and worst home kits unveiled for the 2021-22 season.

But many have voiced their concerns over the new design as the patterns are just too unrelated. The shirt uses two shades of blue for its patterns and boasts a rather cool-looking yellow Swoosh that gives it a better look. However, the patterns are just too confusing for some viewers. One-third of the home kit features a chequered pattern of light and navy blue colors, while the rest of the shirt features a zigzag paatern with the same two shades of blue. 

AC Milan

Even though

AC Milan

put up a good fight in the race for the Serie A title last season, they eventually fell short after going through a rough patch near the end of the campaign. However, it seems that the same rough patch might have affected the Puma designers as well. Puma certainly dropped the ball with their horrendous copy-pasted third kits that they have designed for several world-class clubs including AC Milan as well.

But it seems that the Italian club have been unlucky enough to receive a relatively bad design for their home kit as well. If you take a look at the best and worst home kits unveiled for the 2021-22 season, you would see that not many of the designs even come close to how simple, unimaginative and uninspired AC Milan’s new home kit is.

Sure, they have kept the club’s iconic stripes, but even the stripes have gone through several tweaks and are not even the same size. The whole shirt is just a simple red T-shirt with five black stripes on the front. Milan’s supporters will definitely hope that their club could perform much better than what their kit manufacturer has delivered this season.


It seems that Nike might have dropped the ball too hard with their new design for


’s home kit as they have been the talk of the town for quite some time. Barcelona unveiled their home kit for the 2021-22 season a few weeks ago and went on to face the heavy backlash that was caused by the rather peculiar design. It seems that Nike have somehow forgotten what the Catalonia-based club’s main colors are, as they have used two very distinct shades of blue and red that are too different from what Barcelona are known for.

One can easily see Barcelona’s main colors on the club’s badge, which clearly shows how different the two sets are. Aside from the usual vertical stripes that appear on Barcelona’s home kit, there is a rather interesting and not-so-good design on the right side of the chest area. The new area features several smaller stripes of blue and red that cover a replica of Saint George’s cross instead of the usual iconic white background.



’s new home kit for the 2021-22 season is not one of the worst of all time per se, but there is simply not much to tell about the new shirt. There are no unique or interesting details that could give the new kit a distinct look and differentiate it from any other simple white t-shirts. It is what it is, a simple white t-shirt with some logos and crests imprinted onto it for a more “authentic” look. The new shirt is completely white and features a blue Nike Swoosh that complements the club’s badge with the same color. While Nike have used the color blue for the sleeve sponsor logo, they have opted to use the color red for the main sponsor on the front of the shirt.

Best home kits

It was quite difficult to choose the top five from amongst the home kits that were designed for the top clubs in Europe, especially since some of the kits in the previous category were not the worst designs ever and had some interesting ideas. However, these clubs got what they paid for as their respective manufacturers have designed something special for the new season.

Real Madrid

Los Blancos have lost many of their stars during the current summer transfer window, including their legendary center-backs Sergio Ramos and Raphael Varane, who left

Real Madrid

to join Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester United respectively. That is why Madridistas might need all the good energy they can get, especially from their home, away and third kits for the 2021-22 season. That is why Adidas have given the Spanish club something to enjoy for the rest of the season. While the design itself is not particularly unique, the vibrant and bright colors are surely a sight for sore eyes.

While the base of the shirt is obviously all white, the manufacturing giants have added the colors blue and orange to mix to give the new home kit a memorable look. The iconic shoulder stripes come in blue, alongside with the sponsor logo on the front of the shirt. The collar and the cuffs come in both orange and blue, with both starting with a thin line of orange and then moving on to a thicker line of blue.

The iconic Adidas logo itself comes in orange, which further highlights its presence on the right side of the chest area. Real Madrid’s crest is embossed onto the shirt in its original style and no tweaks have been made this season. Aside from the obvious details on the club’s home kit, the shirt also features subtle spiral patterns that are featured all over, which give the new home kit a more modern look as well. Thankfully, the new pattern design is quite subtle and does not get much of the attention from far away.


It seems that Real Madrid are not the only club to have incorporated a shade of orange in their home kits. Amongst all the

best and worst home kits unveiled for the 2021-22 season



’s new home kit features a lighter shade of orange alongside their traditional and quite iconic red color. The orange is surely reminiscent of the Netherlands national team for players such as Virgil van Dijk as it resembles their main colors.

Of course that is not the only detail on the club’s home kit and there is certainly much more to it. The base of the shirt is obviously red, but the beauty lies in the details. While some might argue that diagonal stripes or lines might not be the new look they wanted to see for Liverpool, Nike’s choice for the new home kit has given it a much rejuvenated look than before.

The diagonal lines also feature minor zigzag-style details at some points, which break the loop and give the design a bit more diversity. The back of the collar comes in dark teal, but the front features a bright orange color, which matches the scuffs. The inside of the collar is also orange, which helps highlight the thin orange line on top of the dark teal patch. Contrary to Real Madrid’s crest, Liverpool’s badge comes in a rather minimalistic design, which shows the main logo in white and matches in color with the Nike Swoosh and the sponsors’ logos.

While some might put Liverpool’s kit amongst the lower-tier home kits of the season, many others would agree that where the club’s new home kit belongs in the best and worst new kits in European soccer category.

Bayern Munich

Certainly when there is a competition for a place amongst the best and worst home kits unveiled for the 2021-22 season, archrivals will be having their traditional rivalry, whether it is on the pitch or on social media while unveiling their new kits. That is why many Bundesliga fans were excited to see what new designs Adidas and Puma were going to have for

Bayern Munich

and Borussia Dortmund.

While Dortmund’s new home kit is definitely not one of the worst

new football kits for the 2021/22 season

, Bayern’s new home kit has taken everything up a notch with its new daring design. The Bavarians have come to sweep up everything in Germany while wearing a shirt with two distinct shades of red that are combined with the color white to create a rather unique-looking design.

The shoulder stripes and the sponsor logos are all in white and there is not much left to talk about. What makes the club’s new home kit special, however, is the new V-shaped stripes or diagonal lines that intersect in the middle. Whatever way you look at the new pattern, it still manages to catch the viewer’s eyes with its different shades of red and its peculiar positioning.

The new pattern starts from the bottom of the shirt and takes up what seems to be about four-fifth of the whole front area. The lines come in two different shades of red, with the darker tone matching the same color that is visible on the top part of the shirt. The back of the shirt does not feature the same pattern as it come in a simple and plain red color instead.


Amongst the

best and worst new kits in European soccer


Paris Saint-Germain

’s new home kit shines with all its simplicity. Even though compared to some of the other designs on this list, PSG’s new home kit falls a bit short in offering any particularly modern designs, it has managed to have a rather mature style by using sophisticated colors and combining them only in certain areas. The base of the club’s shirt is of course dark blue, just like PSG’s badge, and the details lie in the shirt’s collar and cuffs.

The only details worth mentioning are the colors white and red that are combined in a triple-hoop style on the collar and on the cuffs. The design features a red hoop being sandwiched between two white hoops that share a blue border with the red side. The Jordan logo and the sponsor logos all come in white, which further highlight the white hoops on the cuffs and the collar. The club’s badge comes in its original style, unlike Liverpool’s minimalistic design.

There is also a subtle circular pattern embossed to the two-thirds of the shirt, which symmetrically covers the two sides. The middle part of the shirt is left with a plain design and does not follow the same subtle pattern. Certainly there are more eye-catching designs amongst the best and worst home kits unveiled for the 2021-22 season, but PSG’s new home kit stays true to its roots with a simple, yet elegant design.


Winning the Scudetto and ending Juventus’ reign over Serie A must have been pretty thrilling for both


and their fans. It was certainly thrilling to watch for the neutrals as well as we got to see the two Milan clubs get back on their feet and return to greatness once again. Inter have had to let go of several key players in the summer transfer window due to financial reasons, but the club’s supporters are eager to see more of the same action they saw last campaign.

While many of them might be upset to see Romelu Lukaku go, they might still be excited to see their team don the new home kit this season. We have had some interesting designs amongst the best and worst home kits unveiled for the 2021-22 season, but few come close to how modern and even futuristic Inter’s new home kit looks.

Nike have indeed moved past the club’s traditions by introducing a completely new design for the iconic vertical stripes that we are used to. While are used to seeing Inter don quite obvious and simple blue shirts with black stripes, this time Nike have created something a little bit different from the previous styles.

Even though there is a subtle striped design on, it is not as clear as the previous styles. The manufacturer has also used two different shades of blue instead of black and blue for the base of the shirt, opting to use the color black on the cuffs and the collar instead. The Nike Swoosh and the club’s crest come in gold and a combination of black and gold respectively, whereas the front sponsor logo is featured in white.




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