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Best FIFA 21 strikers

Want to know more about FIFA 21 player ratings and the best strikers you can get in the game before switching to the new version that we are all eagerly awaiting? Then follow us below as we go through some of the best FIFA 21 players that play as either strikers of center-forwards.

Videogame publishers Electronic Arts have one of the best money-making machines in their hands and they make sure we get to buy every single version of their games each year. To be honest, with all the flaws that FIFA has had over the years, the football simulation game is one of the most fun games out there and we all know it. That is why millions of people play FIFA on several platforms and enjoy everything it has to offer.

In a game of football, the obvious aim of any team is to score goals and to score goals a team certainly needs a finisher up front. Strikers might not have much to do when the opposition have possession of the ball, but they certainly turn on their beast mode when they have the ball and need to score the winner during the match.

Surely many of you are eager to find out more about

FIFA 21 player ratings

and see who the most clinical finishers are in the videogame series. So without further ado, here are those lethal goal scorers we talked about.

Best FIFA 21 players – Strikers

FIFA 21 release date

was 6 October 2020 and since then everyone has been opening loot boxes to find the best players possible. We all need fine strikers in our roster if we want to win games. So read on if you too want to find more details about the best FIFA 21 strikers.

Memphis Depay

  • Overall: 85

  • Position: CF


might have lost Lionel Messi to Paris Saint-Germain for free, but at least they got Memphis Depay on a free transfer deal as well. The Dutch striker is without a doubt a talented goal scorer and has already managed to prove himself in the couple of games he has played for Blaugrana. As one of the

best FIFA 21 strikers

, Depay has earned himself an overall rating of 85. The center-forward still plays for Olympique Lyon in the current edition of FIFA and has a massive pace of 86, which could come quite handy when running up and down the pitch.

The 27-year-old goal scorer has already played for several world-class clubs around the world and is now set to become his current club’s main scorer in his debut season. The Netherlands international also boasts a phenomenal 5-star rated skill moves set and there is no need for us to tell you how crucial this ability can be for those who are used to cutting through the opposition defense using such brilliantly skilled dribblers.

We already know everything there is to know about FIFA 21 player ratings. So we will have to wait and see how Depay’s overall rating will turn out in the new edition of the football simulation game.

Romelu Lukaku

  • Overall: 85

  • Position: ST

We already know that Romelu Lukaku has turned himself into a beast with an overall rating of 88 in FIFA 22. There are even many fans and neutrals who think the Belgian striker should have gotten a much higher overall rating in the new edition of FIFA. But considering the fact that his overall in FIFA 21 was only 85, we can see that the striker has managed to earn a massive +3 boost this season. Of course his 85 overall rating is enough to make Romelu Lukaku one of the

best FIFA 21 players


Having such a strong and figurative tank in the frontlines comes in handy in every situation, especially if you need someone to rise above the opposition defenders and head the ball into the back of the net or when you need someone to overcome the opposition defenders with their sheer strength and power.

That is exactly what Lukaku is known for as the new


signing is crazy strong in FIFA 21. He might not be the most skilled striker out there, but he is not the least skilled striker in the game either as he boasts a 3-star skill moves set.

Jamie Vardy

  • Overall: 86

  • Position: ST

Jamie Vardy rose to prominence ever since he achieved the impossible with

Leicester City

and won the Premier League against all odds. Since then, he has been rated as one of the best strikers in both real life and in the FIFA series. This year was no exception as the Englishman received an overall rating of 86 when the videogame was published.

Jamie Vardy is one of the

best FIFA 21 strikers

and is quite a useful one at that with his impressive 88 pace and 85 shooting stats. The 34-year-old striker is one of the greatest footballers in Leicester City history and is able to cut through opposition defense with his brilliant 4-star rated skill moves set and weak foot ability. Vardy’s high work rate also makes him the proper choice on the frontlines as he is able to run up and down the pitch with ease.

Roberto Firmino

  • Overall: 87

  • Position: CF


best FIFA 21 strikers

do not necessarily have to be the most lethal goal scorers in front of goal. They can play in a secondary striker role or as a false-9 and drop back into the midfield or rush into the opposition defense from the sides to open spaces for the main striker. That is when the likes of Roberto Firmino thrive as they can play as both a false-9 and as a fox in the box. The Brazilian is without a doubt one of the best in the business and his impressive 87 overall rating proves that fact.

Even though Firmino will be a downgrade in FIFA 22 with an 85 overall rating, FIFA 21 players have certainly been making good use of his pace and dribbling. Brazilian footballers are most of the times fine controllers of the ball and have the ability to dribble through tight defensive lines and that is exactly when Firmino comes in handy as his massive 90 dribbling rating allows him to put his silky-smooth 5-star rated skill moves to good use.

We all know Roberto Firmino for his iconic no-look goals and even though he has been getting some heated criticism over the past few months, the Brazilian is still one of the best center-forwards out there. The 29-year-old has managed to score 88 goals and provide 69 assists in a total of 295 appearances at


. But he will surely have to do more if he ever wants to get an upgrade in the future editions of FIFA.

Antoine Griezmann

  • Overall: 87

  • Position: ST

Just like Roberto Firmino, Antoine Griezmann has one of the best FIFA 21 player ratings, but his poor form at Barcelona has resulted in the Frenchman getting a 2-point downgrade in FIFA 22. Of course we are here to talk about the former version of the game, which millions of people are playing until the new version hits the virtual shelves. The 2018 world champion is quite the classic number 9 as his impressive shooting and dribbling stats can make the day for your opponents a bit more difficult than they might have anticipated.

With a 4-star rated skill moves set, the left-footed striker is the optimal choice for those who like to dribble their way through the opposition defense instead of simply overpowering their opponents using tanks such as Romelu Lukaku. Of course even though Griezmann has got fine shooting and dribbling stats, his 79 pace might be too low for many FIFA players as they might opt for nimbler options who are more agile and acrobatic than the France international.

Luis Suarez

  • Overall: 87

  • Position: ST

Who would have thought that Luis Suarez would one day go on to win La Liga for

Atletico Madrid

instead of Barcelona? Well, while FIFA 22 is going to feature the Uruguayan goal scorer donning the Rojblancos jersey, Suarez was first presented as a Barcelona player when FIFA 21 was announced. The former Liverpool man has come a long way since his days as one of the best strikers in the football simulation game. Even though he still boasts a massive 87 overall rating and is one of the best FIFA 21 strikers, he used to have a 92 overall rating in FIFA 18.

Of course thanks to his phenomenal performance at Atletico Madrid, Suarez has earned a single point upgrade in FIFA 22. However, his stats are still incredible in FIFA 21 as the Uruguay international boast a massive 90 shooting, 83 dribbling and 83 physical overall. Even though he might not be as skilled as the likes of Griezmann or Memphis Depay, Suarez’s high work rate and 4-star rated weak foot ability have proven to be a lot more useful as FIFA players opt to use Suarez more times than not.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

  • Overall: 87

  • Position: ST

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang reached his full potential when he moved to



Borussia Dortmund

for a whopping €63 million back in 2018. Since then, he has been the main striker for the Gunners and has been delivering on his responsibility of scoring goals for the London-based club.

His impressive performance during the 2019-20 season earned him an incredible overall rating of 87, which makes him by far one of the best FIFA 21 strikers. With an unbelievable pace of 93 and a brilliant 91 rated finishing stats, Auba is without a doubt one of the most lethal goal scorers in the game and out there in the real world.

His 4-star rated skill moves set and weak foot ability also add to the striker’s lethality in front of goal as he is able to make the ball stick to his feet as he finds his way through the tight gaps left by the opposition defense. Perhaps the only flaw in Aubameyang’s FIFA 21 card is his low physical stats, which might cause some troubles if the opposition defense includes heavy and tank defenders with enough agility to catch up to the Gabon international.

Ciro Immobile

  • Overall: 87

  • Position: ST


might not be the champions of Italy yet but their fans are quite content since they have one of the best strikers in the world in their roster. Ciro Immobile is usually underappreciated in the media since he does not play for a Premier League club. But at least EA recognize class from afar despite their ratings being silly from time to time.

The former Borussia Dortmund striker is considered to be one of the best FIFA 21 strikers thanks to his 87 overall rating, whose stats clearly show that the Italian is a complete number 9 in the frontlines.

To put Immobile’s phenomenal performance into perspective, 31-year-old scored 25 goals and provided 8 assists in 41 appearances for Lazio last season, but got less attention than Harry Kane who scored 33 goals in 49 appearances for Tottenham. Immobile is quite the balanced striker as he has quite an impressive pace and is strong enough to withstand pressure from all sides. The Italian striker also has a high work rate in FIFA 21, which makes him an optimal choice for those who need an active player at the front.

Paulo Dybala

  • Overall: 88

  • Position: CF

Even though Paulo Dybala started out his career as an attacking midfielder, he has been deployed as a center-forward enough times that EA consider him an all-round striker in FIFA 21. Of course the Argentinian is still deployed as an attacking midfielder from time to time, but his goal scoring prowess has led to him playing a little closer to the goal. Dybala has certainly not disappointed as a center-forward, as his scary 91 dribbling and 85 pace are enough to send shivers down your opponent’s spine any day.

These stats have turned the forward into one of the best FIFA 21 strikers with an overall rating of 88. The left-footed goal scorer is also capable of cutting through opposition defense with his silky 4-star skill moves and even if you were not able to dribble past defenders you can simply shoot laser-guided shots from distance thanks to his impressive 87 long shots rating.

Harry Kane

  • Overall: 88

  • Position: ST

It is safe to say that the 2020-21 Premier League top scorer and Golden Boot winner has earned all the accolades he is receiving from pundits, critics and most importantly football fans all around the world. Harry Kane is not only one of the best FIFA 21 strikers, but he is also one of the best strikers in the real world.

The Englishman has been wonderful at


for quite some time and has managed to rack up incredible numbers as both a lethal goal scorer and an avid assist provider in the Premier League. We now know that Kane is one of the best-rated footballers in FIFA 22, but his FIFA 21 card is not too shabby either as his 88 overall rating has made him an absolute beast in front of goal.

With a massive physical rating and a phenomenal 91 shooting and 94 finishing stats, the England international is the tank you need if you want to overpower your opponents both on the ground and in the air while easily putting the ball into the back of the net with precision and power.

Karim Benzema

  • Overall: 89

  • Position: CF

Perhaps no one has benefited from Cristiano Ronaldo’s departure from

Real Madrid

as much as Karim Benzema. While once he was dubbed as a finished striker and there were many who would criticize his performance, Karim Benzema has turned into the savior Real Madrid needed as he is the main man the squad relies on to get a goal or two in every match. While the Frenchman’s ratings had dropped to as low as 84 in the previous editions of FIFA, he managed to turn the tides in his favor and get a massive upgrade with an 89 overall rating.

His incredible form as Real Madrid’s main goal scorer is only one of the reasons why Benzema is one of the best FIFA 21 strikers. He clearly does more than score tap-ins by waiting inside the box for the midfielders and the wingers to do all the work. His phenomenal dribbling and ball control have turned him into a free-roaming forward who usually swaps positions with either of the wingers to create more support for the whole squad. FIFA players can certainly use him for a frontline pressure defense strategy. 

Sergio Aguero

  • Overall: 89

  • Position: ST

Sergio Aguero is the sole reason Manchester City got to win the Premier League in a historic season as they ended Manchester United’s title hopes as well. The Argentinian spent several trophy-laden years at Manchester City before finally moving to Barcelona on a free transfer deal. The lethal goal scorer still plays for City in FIFA 21 and is one of the greatest strikers players can get their hands on. The former Atletico Madrid striker is quite balanced in every aspect and can be used in a multitude of formations.

His magnificent shooting ability and dribbling stats allow him to get past the opposition defenders with his. Even though the Argentine does not have a considerable pace in FIFA 21, his 4-star-rated skill moves and weak foot ability more than make up for the lack of lightning-fast pace. Aguero’s overall rating has dropped two points in FIFA 22, but it seems that the striker has gotten an upgrade in other departments and is now one of the most skilled players in the game with a remarkable 5-star-rated skill moves set.

Kylian Mbappe

  • Overall: 90

  • Position: ST

Ever since the FIFA 21 release date, we all have been eager to finally get to play with Kylian Mbappe to see how the Frenchman performs in the new series. Mbappe is already one of the best in the world and has proven time and time again that he is the future of football and will one day take over Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo as the reigning monarch in football. Of course the France international is far away from being even close to Messi and Ronaldo’s level, but at least he is in the right path.

Mbappe’s colossal 90 overall rating shows what a beast the 22-year-old is. With a terrifying 5-star-rated skill moves set and a 4-star weak foot ability, the striker boasts an unbelievable 96 pace, 91 dribbling and 91 shooting. These stats are enough to make any defensive wall crumble within seconds. Thanks to Mbappe’s versatility, FIFA players can deploy him either as a main striker or as a supporting forward on the wings.

Robert Lewandowski

  • Overall: 91

  • Position: ST

Robert Lewandowski has turned himself into an absolute beast of a striker in recent seasons and has managed to earn several upgrades even though he is getting older. While the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and Leo Messi are getting downgrades, Lewandowski has managed to keep up with the ever changing world.

Even though the Poland international might not be the paciest striker out there, his extraordinary shooting stats more than make up for his normal pace. The

Bayern Munich

goal scorer also boasts an 82 physical stats and is able to use silky-smooth skill moves thanks to his 4-star-rated skill moves set. Lewandowski is 6’0” feet tall and can easily win aerial battles thanks to his 84 jumping and 86 strength ratings.

Cristiano Ronaldo

  • Overall: 92

  • Position: ST

There was a time not so long ago that we considered Cristiano Ronaldo to be one of the best wingers of all time. But the Portugal international has shifted his play style into becoming one of the greatest strikers of all time. Ronaldo’s shift from the left wing towards the middle has enabled him to score more goals using his lightning-fast pace and impressive jumping. Ronaldo’s shockingly low physical stats has always been a question that EA refuse to answer as to why he would get such a low rating.

Cristiano’s 93 shooting, 89 dribbling and 89 pace are only some of the stats that make him the best striker in FIFA 21 and we have always seen streamers go wild when they hit the jackpot by getting their hands on Ronaldo in FUT.




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