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Best FIFA 21 midfielders

Which of the midfielders have the highest FIFA 21 player ratings? Who are the best FIFA 21 players? Follow us below as we take a look at some of the best midfielders you can pick on FIFA 21.

The new edition of FIFA is upon us as we gamers eagerly await the release date. But while many of us want to see how FIFA and eFootball – previously known as PES – are going to turn out, we are still playing FIFA 21 and enjoying most of it. Perhaps those of us who have gotten used to playing the beautiful videogame might already know about some of the best FIFA 21 midfielders.

But there is a lot more to know about a lot more footballers that have been selected for this list. From Real Madrid’s legendary midfield trio to Manchester City’s one-man-army and Barcelona’s nostalgic roster, there are numerous midfielders that we need to get to know better.

FIFA 21 player ratings

will certainly come to good use both in offline and online modes of the game.

FIFA 21 release date was 6 October 2020 and since then gamers and football enthusiasts have been playing the game non-stop, creating their very own Ultimate Team. Building a FIFA Ultimate Team requires having the best midfielders in the game, which is exactly why we are reintroducing these footballing greats. So without further ado, here is everything you need to know about the best FIFA 21 midfielders.

Best FIFA 21 player ratings – Midfield

Read on to find out more about the

best FIFA 21 midfielders


David Silva

  • Overall: 86

  • Position: CAM

We all know David Silva for his legendary career at Manchester City as he helped the English club win the Premier League and earn the respect they have right not. As one of the

best FIFA 21 midfielders

, David Silva has got an overall rating of 86, which is by far one of the best ratings any 35-year-old footballer can get in the game.

The 2010 World Cup winner has got himself quite a full trophy cabinet, which includes two European Championships, four Premier League titles, two FA Cups, five English League Cups, two Copas del Rey and three Community Shields. Having played for Manchester City for a decade, Silva moved back to Spain and joined

Real Sociedad

on a free transfer deal. As one of the best FIFA 21 players, Silva’s stats include an 88 passing, 88 dribbling, 74 shooting and 64 pace, which make him a lethal central attacking midfielder for the Spanish side.

Jordan Henderson

  • Overall: 86

  • Position: CDM

There are few players that could be considered as defining aspects of a certain club and Jordan Henderson is one of those few. He undoubtedly is the soul that defines Liverpool since he has spent more than a decade playing for the Reds. At the age of 31, the Englishman is still one of the best central defensive midfielder out there and always puts everything he has on the table for his club. The fans love their captain and the captain always shows up for his club with his impressive performances.

That is exactly why he is one of the

best FIFA 21 midfielders

and why he will continue to be one of the best for at least a couple of years. The


captain has earned himself an overall rating of 86 in the current edition of FIFA, which is +3 point jump since FIFA 20. While the details about his card in FIFA 22 are still open for debate, we know for sure that his 82 physical, 81 defense and 84 passing in FIFA 21 are the qualities that will continue giving in the new edition as well.

Henderson’s ability to play in almost every single game and run up and down the pitch to help his squad is the reason EA have decided to give the English midfielder a phenomenal stamina rating of 91.

Alejandro Gomez

  • Overall: 86

  • Position: CAM

Alejandro “Papu” Gomez currently plays for


after he joined the La Liga side from


for €5 million. But there was a time not so long ago when he was considered as one of the best midfielders in the Serie A with his overall rating of 86. Gomez spent more than five years at Atalanta and turned into quite an effective attacking midfielder with his lightning-fast pace, which was rated at 90. Few players could have such a massive pace while also having an overall dribbling rating of 88.

These two stats have been enough for FIFA players to enjoy his massive set of skills and cut through opposition defense like hot knife through butter. At the age of 33, the Argentinian is worth around €9 million in the real world, but his high work rate and his 4-star-rated skill moves and weak foot ability certainly make him worth more as one of the best FIFA 21 midfielders.

Marco Verratti

  • Overall: 86

  • Position: CM

Italy have always produced quality midfielders and Marco Verratti is no exception. The 28-year-old Italian is one of the best FIFA 21 midfielders thanks to his impressive overall rating of 86. He has spent almost a decade playing for

Paris Saint-Germain

and honing his skills as one of the world-class midfielders in Europe.

Not only is Verratti one of the best in FIFA 21, he has also managed to upgrade his card in FIFA 22 as well, earning a 1+ increase in the new edition. In the current edition of the videogame, the 2020-21 European champion has an overall rating of 86, which is comprised of a massive 90 overall for dribbling, an impressive 85 passing and an acceptable 79 defense rating.

The PSG midfielder has got himself a 4-star skill moves rating, which gets scarier when combined with his massive work rate. It has been even rumored that Verratti will boast a mind-blowing 5-star-rated skill moves set in FIFA 22.

Paul Pogba

  • Overall: 86

  • Position: CM

We all know how Romelu Lukaku managed to impress


time and time again and finally earn himself a return to London for more than €100 million. But there was a time when Paul Pogba was on the news headlines for the same reason since he had finally returned to

Manchester United

after spending four years at Juventus.

Having left the Premier League club for free to join the Serie A side, people were shocked to find out that the Red Devils had actually paid a whopping €105 million to bring back the midfielder in 2016. Since then, Pogba has been one of the best midfielders at Manchester United and the English top-flight. He went on to win the 2018 World Cup with France and is still going strong. Even though Pogba is one of the best FIFA 21 midfielders, many were not happy with his overall rating of 86 as they thought the Frenchman deserved much more than this.

Of course it seems that Pogba has earned back a point in FIFA 22 with an overall rating of 87, but let us take a closer look at his FIFA 21 card first. If you want a player who is both strong and agile and can shoot from distance while also being able to dribble through loads of opposition defenders with his masterful dribbling and showboating abilities, then Paul Pogba is your guy. The French midfielder is without a doubt one of the most balanced and useful CMs in FIFA series as he is able to deliver in any way the player demands of him.

Thomas Muller

  • Overall: 86

  • Position: CAM

As one of the

best FIFA 21 players

, Thomas Muller has been at the pinnacle of football for quite some time and has got himself a full trophy cabinet over the years. His phenomenal performance at

Bayern Munich

has earned him a place amongst the best FIFA 21 midfielders. His 86 overall rating is made up of a massive 94 positioning, 85 finishing and 86 stamina, which helps FIFA players to use him up and down the pitch as they please.

With an impressive high work rate in both offense and defense, the German midfielder is a brilliant footballer as both a midfielder playing deeper in his own half and even as a second striker. While even Lionel Messi went on to change colors and join Paris Saint-Germain, Muller has always been a one-club man and has been with the Bavarians since joining their senior ranks in 2009 after graduating from their youth academy.

The immensely versatile midfielder is able to play in almost every position in the frontlines and has made over 677 appearances for his club, scoring an impressive 259 goals and providing 227 assists in the process. Muller’s Team of the Season card in FIFA 21 boasts an eye-watering 94 overall rating.

Sergio Busquets

  • Overall: 87

  • Position: CDM

There is no doubt that Sergio Busquets is one of the best midfielders in


history and is currently one of the best players of the club as well. At the age of 33, the Spaniard is still going strong in the midfield, carrying out both defensive and offensive duties throughout the 90 minutes thanks to his impressive stamina. Busquets has only played for Barcelona ever since moving to the senior side in 2008 after graduating from La Masia in the same year.

The defensive midfielder’s overall rating in FIFA 21 is a massive 87, which puts him amongst the top-10 midfielders in the videogame. While his underwhelming pace might disappoint many in the game, his incredible defensive stats combined with his passing abilities can come in handy if the player needs to keep hold of the ball in the middle of the park.

The 2010 World Cup winner is one of the most complete defensive midfielders out there, but his possible FIFA 22 card shows that Busquets might be falling behind from his peers a little due to his age.


  • Overall: 87

  • Position: CDM

Fabio Henrique Tavares, commonly known as Fabinho, has been one of the most consistent players at Liverpool ever since joining the Reds from Monaco for a whopping €45 million in 2018. His consistent performance was one of the main reasons Jurgen Klopp and his men managed to win the Premier League in 2020. As a 27-year-old defensive midfielder, Fabinho has still got many years ahead of himself and can improve upon his overall rating in the coming years.

His impressive 87 overall rating includes a massive 83 physical rating, an 85 defending and a 79 overall passing. Of course perhaps his weakest points lie in his 2-star weak foot and 3-star skill moves abilities, which limit the player to only a handful of certain moves on the pitch.

With a remarkable 88 stamina, Fabinho can deliver fine and consistent performances week in week out, which is exactly why he is considered to be one of the best defensive midfielders both in FIFA 21 and in real life. This fact alone has increased his real-world transfer market value from €45 million to €60 million.

Bruno Fernandes

  • Overall: 87

  • Position: CAM

No one can deny nor forget the effect Bruno Fernandes had on Manchester United’s overall performance when he joined the English club in the January 2020 transfer window. The Portuguese attacking midfielder moved to Manchester United from Sporting CP for a mammoth €63 million and has since been worth every single penny spent to bring him to the club. His incredible work rate and accuracy in front of goal helped him and his club reach better heights in the Premier League and were even considered as title contenders for a while last season.

Fernandes’ phenomenal and consistent performance at United earned him a massive overall rating of 87 in FIFA 21. His best stats include 91 stamina, 90 vision, 91 short passing and 91 penalties. These stats have created one of the deadliest central attacking midfielders in the videogame, which means that having him on your side could make everything easier for you.

With his incredible long shots stats and shot power, players could easily score from long distances using their ridiculously talented midfielder. Fernandes’ stats have improved even further in FIFA 22 as it is believed that his new card will boast a massive 88 overall rating.

Luka Modric

  • Overall: 87

  • Position: CM

Who would have thought that the same footballer who was once dubbed as the worst signing in

Real Madrid

history for no reason would one day end Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo’s reign over the Ballon d’Or by winning the award for his heroics in the 2018 World Cup?

Luka Modric is undoubtedly one of the best midfielders in history and is still going strong as one of the best in the world at the age of 36. With everything that the Croatian has won with Real Madrid, it is no surprise that Los Blancos owe much of their success to Luka Modric and his pals in the midfield.

The 36-year-old has earned himself an impressive 87 overall rating in FIFA 21 and boasts incredible stats such as 90 vision, 91 agility, 90 ball control and 91 passing. With a high offensive work rate, the Croatia international boast a 4-star rated skill moves and weak foot ability set, which makes him an incredible asset to have in the middle of the park. FIFA players were eager to get their hands on the new Modric card even before the

FIFA 21 release date

as they knew how incredible the midfielder could be amongst all the other midfielders in the videogame.

N’Golo Kante

  • Overall: 88

  • Position: CDM

Only two other midfielders have a higher overall rating than N’Golo Kante in FIFA 21 and that shows the class that the Frenchman has both on and off the pitch. Kante rose to prominence after helping

Leicester City

achieve the impossible by winning the Premier League against all odds. A long time has passed since then and the France international is a long way away from his humble beginnings.

Kante’s overall rating of 88 in FIFA 21 proves everyone what a beast the 30-year-old is and how far he has actually come since his days at Leicester City. He has improved upon his overall rating even further by earning a massive 90 overall rating in FIFA 22. With a 96 stamina and an incredible defensive ability, N’Golo Kante is the optimal central defensive midfielder for anyone who makes use of such strong and hardworking footballers.

Toni Kroos

  • Overall: 88

  • Position: CM

Class, consinstency, creativity and composure – these are some of the qualities that make a perfect midfielder and Toni Kroos has them all. No one would argue against the fact that Kroos is one of the greatest midfielders of all time. He managed to drop everyone’s jaw with his passing accuracy and efficiency since the very first day he made an appearance for Los Blancos.

Bayern Munich will be kicking themselves for years to come as they let go of such a quality player back in 2014 when the German midfielder joined Real Madrid for quite a low price of €25 million. As the very best central midfielder in FIFA 21, Kroos boasts an overall rating of 88 and has the ability to deliver the ball to anywhere the player desires.

Even though his 3-star rated skill moves set might limit his dribbling abilities in the middle of the park, Kroos’ deeper positioning enables him to make his team perform like clockwork. That is why everyone has been after getting his card since the FIFA 21 release date.

Joshua Kimmich

  • Overall: 88

  • Position: CDM

Joshua Kimmich started out as a world-class full-back in the early stages of his career and now he is one of the best defensive midfielders in the world. With such an immense versatility, Kimmich is destined for greatness at Bayern Munich and that is the reason why EA decided to give him a massive overall rating of 88 in FIFA 21.

With brilliant dribbling, defending and passing abilities, the German midfielder is considered to be the complete package in the middle of the park as he is able to both cut the passing lines and get back the ball from the opposition, while also dribbling through the opposition defenders and sending the ball forward to the likes of Leroy Sane and Robert Lewandowski.

The incredibly talented midfielder also boasts a high offensive and a medium defensive work rates, which make him quite an optimal choice for almost any formation that the player uses in FIFA 21. He has also managed to earn a +1 upgrade and become an 89-rated player in FIFA 22.


  • Rating: 89

  • Position: CDM

You want your player to be strong, smart and agile and also have the ability to terrorize the opposition goalkeepers from distance? Then look no more as Casemiro is the choice for you. The central defensive midfielder is by far the best in his position and is able act like the tank that you team needs in the midfield.

He can win almost any aerial battle for you while also enabling you to have a go from distance and accurately find the back of the net from even 30-yards out. The Brazilian is an absolute beast if you take a look at his incredible physical stats. That is why EA have given him a phenomenal 89 overall rating in FIFA 21.

Casemiro, alongside his two pals Luka Modric and Toni Kroos, are the reason behind Real Madrid’s recent success in both Europe and Spain. The 29-year-old is clearly at the peak of his career and can only get better from this point. We will have to wait and see how his FIFA 22 card turns out in the end.

Kevin De Bruyne

  • Overall: 91

  • Position: CAM

Kevin De Bruyne is not only the best midfielder in FIFA 21, but one of the best players in the whole videogame with his gargantuan 91 overall rating. Only the likes of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo boast a higher overall rating the game and that shows how far the Belgian midfielder has come since leaving Chelsea as a flop.

As an attacking midfielder, only the likes of Toni Kroos and Luka Modric can compete with De Bruyne when it comes to passing accuracy as the Belgian midfielder boasts an incredible 94 crossing and short passing stats. His laser-guided passes are combined with his silky-smooth dribbling ability, with his 4-star skill moves set being the cherry on top.




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