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In this article, we are going to go through top facts about Fernandinho, the Brazilian defensive midfielder, and everything related to his salary, net worth, statistics, and personal life.

Fernando Luiz Roza, also known as Fernandinho which in Brazilian Portuguese means “little Fernando”, was born on May 4, 1985. He got many caps for his clubs and country. As a defensive midfielder, he has a surprising scoring rate.

He has been a crucial player for his team,

Manchester City

. To the point that when he got injured Manchester City had no players that could take Fernandinhos responsibility regarding his position.

Pep Guardiola

has praised his intelligence and style of play many times and he once told the press that if a team has 3 Fernandinho’s they would win every single cup in the world.

He has lifted many league titles both with Shakhtar and Manchester City. Manchester City is concerned about

Fernandinho's age

and has been trying to look for some substitutions but Fernandinho’s performance just can’t be replaced.

Now enough introductions, we already explained all of these in Fernandinho Biography.

Let us get to the top facts about Fernandinho.

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Top facts about Fernandinho that might be good to know

In this part of the Top facts about Fernandinho  comes a detailed piece of Fernandinhos general statistics (yes, even his shoe size). Starting with

Fernandinho Stats

and physical information.

Fernandinho personal information

  • Full name

    : Fernando Luiz Roza

  • Fernandinho Date of birth

    : 4 May 1985

  • Fernandinho Star sign

    : Taurus

  • Fernandinho Age

    : 35

  • Fernandinho Place of birth:

    Londrina, Brazil

  • Fernandinho Marital statu

    s: married

  • Fernandinho Religion

    : Christian

Fernandinho football information

  • Fernandinho Current team

    : Manchester city

  • Fernandinho Number

    : 25

  • Fernandinho Position:

    Defensive midfielder or center-back

Fernandinho body measurement and appearance

  • Fernandinho Hair Color:


  • Fernandinho Eye Color

    : Dark brown

  • Fernandinho Ethnicity

    : Black

  • Fernandinho Height

    : 1.79m

  • Fernandinho Weight

    : 96kg

  • Fernandinho Shoe size

    : 25.25 cm

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Fernandinho characteristics and behavior

Let us talk about his behavior and characteristics in this part of top facts about Fernandinho.

Most of the people who played with Fernandinho or even against him say that Fernandinho has a Kind heart and a soft soul. He is a family man, preferring to spend his free time with his family, mostly with his son watching television or playing some games.

He has been a good father for his children and an amazing husband for his humble wife. He is also a good leader for his team, conducting them towards victory. His opponents admit that he is friendly and respectful and would behave as if they knew each other for a thousand years.

Fernandinho personal life and starting point

In this part of the Top facts about Fernandinho, we are going to talk about his starting point and personal life.

Fernandinho Childhood

has been hard for him, imagine working to assist your family financially while you are trying to pursue your dreams.  Born to a poor family, Fernandinho never got the chance to start his professional career at an academy.

He preferred to work to help his family financially than to spend time playing football but anyway he spent little time on the streets playing soccer with his friends.

He was doing menial jobs, meaning that he was ready to do anything just to get paid.

He managed to save enough money to get professional training. And he finally started his wonderful career from

Atletico Paranaense


Fernandinho parents and siblings

Fernandinho Parents are Cristiane machado de Oliverira and Luiz Carlos Roza. Her sister is Thais Fernando Roza, who is active on social media by the name of Tha_Roza.

His parents couldn’t support him so he had to not only work for his dream but also support his family.

Fernandinho children and relationships

This Afro-Brazilian superstar is married to Glaucia Roza. Their wedding ceremony was in


and after that Fernandinho took his wife to Europe with him, where he was playing for Shakhtar. Currently, they are living in England.

Fernandinho has tattooed his wife's name on his left wrist to show the world that unlike other players and celebrities his love and devotion to his wife is never going to end. There is no rumor about their divorce.

His wife has been active on Instagram by the name of rosaglau. She has been posting pictures of his meditations and family gatherings. However, there's this one picture that was meant to be as a kind of protest towards today’s society. Where drugs and alcohol are the only entertainment and as she wrote in the caption “losing your phone is worse than losing your values”. This indicates that she is currently unhappy with the society that she is living in.

Fernandinho Children are Davi Roza and Mariana Roza. Fernandinho likes to play football with his son in their backyard.

Regarding his religion, Fernandinho is a faithful Christian, and he is believed that Jesus is the biggest inspiration of his life.

Rumors about Fernando and Fernandinho

Fernando Francisco Reges was once playing for Manchester City as a Defensive midfielder. In an interview with SoccerSunday Fernandinhos mother told the reporters that Fernando and Fernandinho are both her biological Children. This news came as a shock to the fans.

According to Sao Paulo Hospital Fernando and Fernandinho were switched at birth. In a report of hospital inquiry in the 80s, it was mentioned that these two players were amongst 18 babies that were sent home to the wrong families. This probably explains why these two players are apparently the same.

Fernandinho's dispute with Fabregas

Lets get to the dark side of the

Top facts about Fernandinho

On December 3, 2016, in a match against


, Fernandinho and Fabregas got into an argument over Sergio Aguero's tackle on David Luiz which resulted in David's injury.

Fernandinho rushes to end the problem but Fabregas slaps him and this slap infuriated Fernandinho causing him to push Fabregas over the advertising hoardings. Not knowing that Fabregas slapped Fernandinho, many Chelsea fans criticized Fernandiniho's aggressive behavior. Fernandiho got a red card but Fabregas managed to escape FIFAs punishment.

Fernandinho social media

Fernandino has been active on Instagram by the name of Fernandinho with a blue mark indicating that this is his official page. He has posted a lot of pictures of his family and his training and matches in Manchester City. He has recently posted a picture of him and his family near the Christmas tree.

Just to mention, he also posted the beautiful thing that Manchester city did for a boy Called Adam.

Adam was informed that he needs to undergo a surgery because of the disease. Fernandinho set an online meeting with Adam, representing his clubs support and sent some gifts for Adam, encouraging him and letting him know that he is not alone. Furthermore, he promised that he will invite Adam to the Etihad Stadium to watch their training and that he would visit Adam himself to play football with him in the backyard.

He has also been active on Twitter but mostly reposted his Instagram pictures on this platform.

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Fernandinho net worth and salary

By the contract that he signed with Manchester City on January 19, 2018, Manchester has promised to pay him 8,2 million euros per year. In other words, he is getting 934 euros every hour that he plays for Manchester City. To put this into a basic scale and average UK citizen has to work 20 years just to make the money that Fernandinho is getting in 1 month.

He is currently the 4th player on Manchester City players’ salary of 2020-21.

Now, considering this information you may have guessed that his net worth is beyond 30 million euros. Currently, His net worth is something near 35 million pounds. Considering that he is still playing for this world-class club, it is obvious that his net worth is going to grow much further.

Fernandinho transfermarket

value is marked at 15 million euros. Now tell me, considering the fact that he is getting old doesn’t have the same effectiveness or impact on football is it too much for him to be evaluated at 15 million euros?

Fernandinho Career and Style of Play 

Started his career from Atletico Paranaense and then by his amazing performance and skills he succeeded to earn his stay at a world class Club Called Manchester City.

In his first year playing for Shakhtar in 2005, he played 34 games and score 4 goals for his team. The manager didn’t put his name in the list for Super Cup. But in the same year, he got to play a league title deciding match between Shakhtar and Dynamo Kyiv. He won his first league title trophy of the Ukrainian premier league after Shakhtar beat Dynamo in the mentioned match.

Manchester City was happy to announce that Fernandiniho would be joining them on June 6, 2013, and he would be given a new number due to the occupation of number 7 jersey by Milner. He had his best moments in Manchester City and still is playing an important part in the team.

Fernandinho is Brazilian, thus his name was among other good players' names for his national team. He got 53 caps for the Senior team and 14 for under 20. August 11, 2011, was his first debut for the Brazilian national team but his first goal for the team was on March 5, 2014, against South Africa.

Fifa World cup of 2014, the worst event for Brazil, in which the host which was Brazil itself lost against Germany by a shocking result of 1-7. Fernandinho, unfortunately, was a part of the team when this happened, and sadly it was his first World Cup experience.

Stay tuned to read more of top facts about Fernandinho.

Fernandinho plays as a defensive midfielder. No other position has that much territory to cover so it’s a good opportunity for a good player like Fernandinho to show off his skills and defend his part of the field. His precise volleys and passes are what gets praised the most by pundits.

He is like a double-edged knife, both effective in defense and offense. He is that defensive player that every manager needs to trust and believe in for a sense of comfort, and believe me, he is what keeps Manchester City at one piece nowadays.

His managers and teammates gave him the nickname “surger” for his explosive acceleration and speed during attacks and his perfect ability to dribble enemy defenses out of his way. But his physical strength isn’t that worth mentioning and he needs to work on it a little more.

He is irreplaceable in his team. That became apparent when he got injured in December 2018 and after that, his team suffered 3 consecutive losses. That’s what makes him precious and valuable.

Fernandinho’s new role of the 2018-2019 season

Manchester City started the season with his crucial players being injured. Aymeric Laporte and John Stones suffered injuries that prevented them from playing for quite some time.

Thus, Pep Guardiola solved the issue by replacing Fernandinho with


and placing Fernandinho in much more aggressive positions. In his opinion, he felt much better in his previous position but he said to the reporters that he feels like he needs to adapt and improves and that’s when football gets beautiful.

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Fernandinho’s new contract and future plans

Let us talk about his future plans in this part of the top facts about Fernandinho.

Fernandinho signed a contract extension with Manchester City, which will keep him one more year at the Etihad stadium.

However, it seems that he is willing to go back to his roots, where it all began, Atletico Paranaense. According to what he said to the interviewers, it’s hard for him to decide what to do in the future and he will have to sit and talk with his family about his possible move to the Brazilian team. If this happens, his family will have to adapt to the changes and new lifestyle.

Fernandinho top quotes

This article is not going to be all about Fernandinho stats, because we already did prepare a full article on that in Fernandinho Biography. We are now going to talk about his top quotes in

Top facts about Fernandinho


“When you're a child, you watch Brazil on TV and feel that desire to be a national team player, so when you get here, you make a dream come true, and it's a huge honor to me and to every player who wears the Brazil shirt.” In this quote, you can clearly see he had the desire to play for his country and to bring glory to its name and he succeeded.

“Football doesn't depend just on your brain. It's not like on a computer. It depends on your body, too, and sometimes you are tired. Sometimes the opponent closes the space very well and marks you very well.

Football depends on many things, not just on you.” He knew the art of football pretty well and he was humble enough to admit that there are opponents that can easily defeat him or his team just by closing the pace or marking him.

“That is what it is like with Pep. At first, you don't understand. But then you grow up, you work, and now we understand the things he wants much better. It's not like the first season when it took him more time to make us understand his ideas.

Some players didn't understand immediately what he wanted.” Pep isn’t afraid to compliment Fernandinho in public or on news. Fernandinho admits that at first he couldn’t get what Pep wanted from him but now it’s much easier to understand his manager. He grew in football with Pep as if Pep was always there for him.

“The important thing to understand, from my point of view, is if the opponents break our lines and they are attacking our box, something has gone wrong, and it is me who has to fix it. But fouls in football are normal. You have to do it sometimes.”

What you can get from this quote is that Fernandinho was ready to do anything to defend his position even if it meant to make a foul. He was fully aware that he is responsible for his part of the field and if anything goes wrong it is his job to fix the problem at any cost. This is what made him one of the best defensive players in the world.

Stay tuned to read about his honors in the next part of top facts about Fernandinho.

Fernandinho honors and achievements

Now for the last part of

Top facts about Fernandinho

, we are going to take a look at the trophies or accomplishments that this player has achieved.

Starting off with his team trophies. 6 league titles in his early years with


, and 3 with Manchester City. Shakhtar won 4 Ukrainian cups and 2 Ukrainian Super Cups.

As for his international accomplishments, he just managed to lead his team to victory in Copa America in 2019.

Now for the individual ones, due to high competition in Premier league, he hasn’t succeeded to win any trophies or awards but he got Top player Of Ukrainian Premier league for the 2007-08 season award.

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