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Greatest Pep Guardiola Quotes, a complete collection

A look back at the Greatest Pep Guardiola Quotes including his comments on the biggest players of the world to his revolutionary football system.

No one can deny the fact that Pep Guardiola is among the most successful football managers of all time. As a player, Guardiola was a key part of Johan Cruyff's Barcelona Dream Team in the 90S. As a coach, he revolutionized his mentor's philosophy of the game into a new system of total football.

Guardiola led Barcelona to the only sextuple in the history of football in his first experience as a coach.  His almost unbeatable


team won a 14 trophies in the 4 seasons Guardiola was the coach.

Guardiola joined Bayern Munich at the beginning of 2013-14 season and won many trophies in his three years spell with the Bavarians. However, He failed to win the Champions League, which was the one trophy Bayern were aiming for.

Next stop for Guardiola was

Manchester City

, where he continued to make history by winning all the four domestic titles in the 2018-19 season. Although Guardiola has not been able to reach the same heights with his next two teams after leaving Barcelona, He has been collecting trophies in both of them.

In total Guardiola has managed three teams in around 700 games with a win percentage of 72.53.

Many football fans admire Guardiola for his exciting version of attacking football and many managers around the world have tried to imitate his vision and tactics. He is considered by many of his players as one of the best managers of all time. In the following article we present you with a complete collection of greatest Pep Guardiola quotes.

A collection of Greatest Pep Guardiola Quotes

A complete collection of best phrases from Pep Guardiola including his controversial political views and his footballing philosophy as well as his comments on







Best Pep Guardiola Quotes on his Footballing philosophy

Pep Guardiola is famous for introducing a new version of Total Football, a system based on having possession of the ball and attacking mentality. In total football every player contributes in the attack. The goalkeeper and the defensive line is responsible for starting the attacking move, while the strikers are the first line of defense when the team loses the ball.

Guardiola upgraded Total Football with more speed and aggression. His innovative ideas changed football forever. It took a while for other teams to figure out a way to stop his Barcelona team and by then Barcelona has already conquered the world.

Despite the admiration of many fans, coaches and players of the football world, many others have criticized Guardiola for not having a plan B and for his reluctant to change. In this part of the article we will have a look at the best Pep Guardiola quotes on his football system and his defenses of it against the critics.

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Facts about Pep Guardiola

Explaining his footballing Philosophy

The fundamentals, what I want, which is to take the ball, try to play as offensive as possible and dominate the game through the ball, is the same. I grew up with that; I was a player with that idea, and I am a coach with that idea.

I want the ball for 90 minutes. When I don't have the ball, I go high pressing because I want the ball.

“Tactics are so important because everybody has to know what they have to do on the pitch. The relationships and behaviors off the pitch between team-mates have to be as good as possible.”

I don't like it when a player says, 'I like freedom; I want to play for myself.' Because the player has to understand he is part of a team with 10 other players. If everyone wants to be a jazz musician, it will be chaos. They will not be a team, and nothing will be possible.

If there isn't a sequence of 15 previous passes, a good transition between attack and defence is impossible. Impossible.

“I hate tiki-taka. Tiki-taka means passing the ball for the sake of it, with no clear intention. And it’s pointless.”

Defending his Footballing Philosophy

"I'm sorry, but until my last day as a coach, I will try to play from my goalkeeper."

“The people say I have to change? Well, the people have to tell me what I should do to change.”

“As time goes by, people get to know you better. They pose problems for you, and you have to come up with solutions.”

“We try to play football; don’t forget it, right. My teams always in my career try to play football. I cannot control the other circumstances.”

"In Barcelona, Bayern Munich, in Spain and Germany we were able to do it. But people say, 'You only did it because you were in Barcelona and Bayern Munich. You will not be able to do it in England.' So, let's do it. We are going to try."

"It doesn't mean my footballing ideas are special, different, better than the others. I am not saying it's my football, my ideas, and the other coaches are nothing. It's the way I believe. I'm not special."

"People say, 'Pep won in Barca, but it was boring,' or, 'Pep won in Bayern, but it was boring.' I understand that. But games won, goals scored, goals conceded, titles... sorry, guys, it was good!"

“I won 21 titles in seven years: three titles per year playing in this way. I’m sorry, guys. I’m not going to change.”

Inspirational Pep Guardiola Quotes

Almost all the players who have worked with Pep Guardiola have praised him as one of the most inspirational coaches in world. The Spaniard is famous for getting the best out of his players. Many of the world best stars reached their highest potential under the guidance of Guardiola. so it is very interesting to have a look at Inspirational Pep Guardiola quotes.

"If you train badly, you play badly. If you work like a beast in training, you play the same way."

"I sit down and watch videos. I take notes. That's when that inspiration comes - the moment that makes sense of my profession. The instant I know, for sure, that I've got it. I know how to win. It's the moment that my job becomes truly meaningful."

"I strive to live with passion and not to be desensitized to life. Things matter to me. You’ve got to live like that. Otherwise what’s the point? It’s not possible to please everyone and there is no point in trying to be what other people think you should be. For me, it’s important to be who I am, not just to be different but to be as authentic as I can be."

"That's the beauty of sport. Sometimes you laugh, sometimes you cry"

"The result is an empty thing. The result is I'm happy for the next two days because I get less criticism and more time to improve my team. But what satisfies me the most in my job is to feel emotions, the way we play."

Pep Guardiola motivational quotes

Going through his interviews, it is obvious that motivation and hard work are the two main principles of Pep Guardiola. He is famous for working tirelessly and according to himself, he is always concentrated on football. The followings are some of Pep Guardiola motivational quotes.

“I try to be positive. I speak to my players about how we have to play, respect the rules. What I have done is always be positive.”

“You can win ten times, and then you are not able to win five times. I have to discover the reason why, and I am going to find that.”

“In football, the worst things are excuses. Excuses mean you cannot grow or move forward.”

“It’s impossible to play good football if you don’t [have] sex with your partner,”

Greatest Pep Guardiola Quotes on being a manager

Pep Guardiola is one of the few successful managers in football history who have also had a very successful playing career. Guardiola won all the Spain's domestic titles as well as the Uefa Champions League with Barcelona. His managerial career has been more successful than his playing resume as he has won every possible club title in La Liga, Bundesliga and the Premier League. The followings are the greatest Pep Guardiola quotes on being a manager.

“All the managers in the world, it doesn’t matter how good you are, if your players don’t understand what you are looking for or what you want, it makes no sense.”

“People always think the coach is the strongest person at a club, the boss, but in truth, he’s the weakest link. We’re there, vulnerable, undermined by those who don’t play, by the media, by the fans. They all have the same objective: to undermine the manager.”

"When you're out on the touchline, like a winger, it is easier to play. You see everything: the mess, the crowd, the activity is all inside. When you play inside, you don't see anything in there because so much is happening in such a small space and all around you."

"I am not dealing with footballers, I am dealing with people. They have fears and worry about failing and making fools of themselves in front of 80,000 people. I have to make them see that without each other they are nothing."

“Our job is to convince guys that our way is the best way to cross the road. The tactics and training and facilities are important, but I still have to convince you.”

All-time Pep Guardiola quotes on Messi, Ronaldo and Neymar

In every generation, young football fans argue endlessly about who is the best player of the history of football. In our generation the debate is mostly between Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo fans. Pep Guardiola has managed only one player of the famous trio, Lionel Messi.

Messi experienced the best for of his life under Guardiola and is reportedly keen to reunite with him at Manchester City. Guardiola on the other hand experienced the best years of his managerial career while having Messi on his team. So it is understandable why he considers Messi to be the greatest player in the world.

Guardiola has praised Ronaldo and Neymar in his interviews. He are the best Pep Guardiola quotes on Messi, Neymar and Ronaldo.

On Lionel Messi:

 It has been an honor to be the coach of the best player (Messi) I have ever seen and probably the best I will see.

There is no defense that can stop Messi. It is impossible.

Messi is an irreplaceable player, today if he was here we would have won 5-0 but he was not and we had to play another in his place.

I see Maradona every time he grabs the ball and accelerates.

On Neymar:

“The individual talent that is closest to Messi’s is Neymar’s, especially back then, in terms of his creativity."

On Cristiano Ronaldo:

"Ronaldo, like Messi, is a guy who scores 50 or 60 goals a season,"

"He has all the pressure on his shoulders, he scores three versus Atletico Madrid and they go through. That is the type of guy you face to achieve the next stages."

All-time Pep Guardiola Quotes On famous football figures

The followings are All-time Pep Guardiola Quotes on the famous football figures including his quotes on his mentor, Johan Cruyff and his rival, Jose Mourinho.

On Johan Cruyff

Pep Guardiola has an especial relationship with Dutch legendary player and manager, Johan Cruyff. He was the captain of Cruyff's Barcelona famous Dream Team in many matches. It was Cruyff who suggested to Juan Laporta, the manager of Barcelona to hire Guardiola despite his lack of experience as a coach. An advice which paid off incredibly as Guardiola revolutionized his mentor's tactics and built his own version of Dream Team.

“We all feel that hunger in football. With Cruyff, it was different. He deepened and changed the hunger so you became conscious of why you are getting better.”

"This was how Johan Cruyff worked. He was demanding a lot, but when you got there, and you were in his team, he was an incredible protector. He would push and push you, and then he would protect you. He was a master at handling players. He knew when you needed to be pushed or protected."

"You hear all these people saying, 'Oh, Pep, what a good manager he is.' Forget about it. Cruyff was the best, by far."

"We all feel that hunger in football. With Cruyff, it was different. He deepened and changed the hunger so you became conscious of why you are getting better."

On Jose Mourinho

Before Jurgen Klopp and Hansi Flick dominate the football world with their respective teams, Liverpool and Bayern Munich, Pep Guardiola and Jose Mourinho were considered as the best managers in the football world.

The most heated rivalry between Guardiola and Mourinho was when they managed Real Madrid and Barcelona, respectively. Ronaldo was the main star for Real Madrid and Lionel Messi was Barcelona's best player. The two coach had tense confrontations during some of the most exciting Clasico's of all time.

Guardiola and Mourinho rivalry is still on. The two charismatic coaches have both been active in the Premier League. However, they seem to get calmer with age and rarely speak badly of each other. Here are Guardiola's most famous quotes on Mourinho during their time at La Liga.

“In the press room Mourinho is the f*cking boss. The f*cking master. He can have his own little Champions League for the press room. But I don’t have to compete with him in here.”

“Talk talk talk. I respect him as a coach and a father, but there is nobody I would rather stuff face first into a wood chipper. Not even Hitler."

We wrap up our article on Pep Guardiola quotes with his best comments about some other of the most famous football stars.

On Jurgen Klopp

When Klopp speaks about his football being heavy metal, I understand completely. It is so aggressive. For the fans, it is really good.

Maybe Klopp is the best manager in the world at creating teams who attack the back four with so many players, from almost anywhere on the pitch. They have an intensity with the ball and without the ball, and it is not easy to do that.

On Andres Iniesta

Iniesta doesn't dye his hair, he doesn't wear earrings and he hasn't got any tattoos. Maybe that makes him unattractive to the media but he is the best.

On Philip Lahm

Lahm is a scandal. He is super-intelligent, understands the game brilliantly, and knows when to come inside or to stay wide. The guy is f****** exceptional.

Lahm is the most intelligent player I have ever trained in my career

On Paul Scholes

Out of everyone at

Manchester United

, I would pick out Scholes, he is the best midfielder of his generation. I would had loved to play alongside him.

So here was our article on Pep Guardiola quotes. Which part did you like the most? Any quotes you want to add to the list? Let us know in the comments section.

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