Fernandinho Biography

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In this article, we are going to go through the biography of a player who was often named carrier or surger. This article is about Fernandinho Biography and the impact he has had on football.

Fernando Luiz Roza

, also known as Fernandinho which in Brazilian Portuguese means “little Fernando”, was born on May 4, 1985. This Brazilian player has played numerous times for his country as well as his football club.

Being a reliable player has allowed the managers to trust him in the field and to giving him hard to fulfill responsibilities, knowing he would accomplish any kind of task that would lead his team to victory and glory.

From his domestic appearances to his international caps, he has been the diamond in the field, the hero that the fans always liked and idolized.

He has been numerous times by pundits and managers for his intelligence and his humble behavior. These factor has been the ones that distinguished him from any other world class player.

He has done various kinds of activities in his professional career and we are going to cover all of them one by one and ultimately offer you a complete

Fernandinho Biography


A detailed article of Fernandinho Biography

This Brazilian player had some ups and downs throughout his career but those difficulties did not hold him back from reaching his dream and becoming a skilled footballer that the whole world knows about. His statistics are proof that he worked super hard to get to the place that he is now.

Not to waste any of your precious time, we are getting right to his life story.

Fernandinho Information

Personal Information

  • Full name

    : Fernando Luiz Roza

  • Fernandinho Date of Birth

    : 4 May 1985

  • Fernandinho Star Sign

    : Taurus

  • Fernandinho Age

    : 35

  • Fernandinho Place of birth

    : Londrina, Brazil

  • Fernandinho Marital Status

    : Married

  • Fernandinho Religion

    : Christian

  • Fernandinho Height

    : 1.79m

  • Fernandinho Ethnicity

    : Black

Football Stats

  • Fernandinho Current Team

    : Manchester City

  • Fernandinho Number

    : 25

  • Fernandinho Position

    : Defensive midfielder or centre back

Let us dig deeper into this biography starting with

Fernandinho Childhood

and the place that this all started from.

Fernandinho Early life

Fernandinho date of birth is May 4, 1985. He was born in Londrina, Brazil.

Fernandinho Life Story

wasn’t as bright as people might think. Born to a poor family, Fernandinho never got the chance to start his professional career from an academy. He preferred to work to help his family financially than to spend time playing football but anyway he spent little time on the streets playing soccer with his friends.

But it seems that his fate was sealed with football. He loved football with his whole heart so football loved him back, giving him a chance to prove himself in a professional environment.

This hard-working player managed to save enough money to join a professional club and get some training and a chance to develop his abilities in a much more comfortable place. He started his football career from

Atletico Paranaense

. Shortly after that, he grabbed the attention of a Ukrainian top-class club called

Shakhtar Donetsk

, he signed a contract with them and joined them in 2005.

Ukrainian football critics called him one of the best foreign of the Ukrainian Premier League. By shining bright in the field, he earned an invitation to join Manchester City in 2013.

Fernadinho Profile

Starting his career from Atletico Paranaese, he played alongside players like Jadson and Carlos. After that Shakhtar offered him a contract of a 7-million-pound fee.

This Brazilian football star hasn’t changed his mind since he joined Manchester City in 2013. After catching the eye of

Manchester City

officials by his stunning play at Shakhtar Donetsk,

Fernandinho Bio

has mostly consisted of his career at this club. Moreover, he has renewed his contract at his current club, ensuring the fans that they are going to witness more of his miraculous plays and performance.

Fernandinho, who Manchester City’s official website calls “the impact” has played an effective role in the team’s overall success.

As for his National side, he has been playing for


since 2011, making his first appearance also called as a debut in the same year. To this day he has 45 caps for his international career.

Style of Play

Fernandinho plays as a defensive midfielder. He has the responsibility to secure the middle part of his team’s side as well as supporting the attackers in times of need. He is widely known for his spot-on, super precise shots and his ability to use his abilities as well as his stamina and energy effectively.

His ability to attack is just as good as his ability to defend. He holds his position with the help of on-time tackles and his ball regaining techniques. But it should be mentioned that he is not so strong so he can’t rush an attacker and rely on his strength to eliminate the danger coming on his way.

He gained his nickname for his intelligent ball control, playmaking, and explosive acceleration leaving the defenders far behind. You can’t ignore his versatility. The managers put him where ever defensive position they want and somehow he manages to pull it off.

His importance comes to the attention when he is absent from the team. In December of 2018, he was absent due to an injury. During that time, Manchester city suffered 3 losses. After considering these statistics, it becomes apparent that this player is a crucial part of Manchester city.


It has been hard for the Brazilians to grow good fame amongst

England’s premier league

. Due to some past events, Brazilians didn’t have much reputation in the football universe of England, especially in Etihad stadium. But Fernandinho changed all of the perspectives.

His recent performance in a match against


put him in the headlines all around the world. He provided an assist and scored a goal for his team-leading his team to a 5-0 victory. Although he doesn’t like to speak with interviewers, fans are believed that he is the piece holding Guardiola’s team together.

He has been like an idol for those who entered The Brazilian national team after him, like

Gabriel Jesus

and Danilo.

Goal Celebration

There hasn’t been a specific kind of celebration for Fernandinho but in a recent match, he has been seen warning his teammates not to hug each other for goal celebration to prevent the spread of covid-19. He said to the press that I aware that celebration is a way to demonstrate your joy but it is important to keep the protocols.

 Fernandinho Outside Football

In this part of Fernandiho Biography, we are going to travel into Fernandinho’s personal life and his activities outside the green pitch.

Like most footballers, he is a family man. Fernandinho likes to spend his spare time with his son in the backyard, teaching his little fella how to play football.

He doesn’t want his son to suffer from the same things that he had to go through when he was a child. He also likes music very much; he often has been seen with headphones on. Regarding his star sign, it is said that he speaks fluent Russian, Italian, Spanish and English and due to his star sign he might love gardening too.

He is very devoted to his religion. What's Fernandinho Religion you might ask. He is Christian and in an interview, he said that his biggest inspiration is Jesus Christ.

Now let us proceed further into

Fernandinho biography


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Fernandinho Personal Life

In this section of

Fernandinho Biography

, we are going to deviate from football-related statics and information.

Let us take a look at Fernandinho’s personal life and what he has done for his family.

Family, Children, and Relationships

Fernandinho was born to Cristiane Machado de Oliviera and Luiz Carlos roza and has a sister named Thais Fernanda Roza.

Now, he is married to Glaucia Roza, his humble and beautiful wife. It seems that they were together way before Fernandinho got rich and famous. Their wedding ceremony was in Brazil and after that Fernandinho took his wife to Europe with him.

Fernandinho religion is Christianity so is his wife’s. Fernandiho tattooed his wife's name on his left wrist to show the world that unlike other players and celebrities his love and devotion to his wife is never going to end.

The result of this marriage was Davi Roza and Mariana Roza, Fernandinhos children. There are numerous pictures of Fernandinho and his family on social media and Fernandinho himself often posts pictures from family gatherings.


Fernandinho has a good and kind heart, even his rivals say that. However, there’s not much information about the good deeds that he has done until now.

But, there has been this one event that caught failed to escape reporters’ eyes. A young Manchester City fan called Adam was informed that he needs to undergo surgery for an unknown reason. Fernandinho set a video call meeting with Adam and his dad and sent some gifts for the youngling, encouraging him and letting him know that he is not alone.

Furthermore, he promised that he will invite Adam to the Etihad Stadium to watch their training and that he would visit Adam himself to play football with him in the backyard.

Legal Issues

Unlike some other players who have been in court once or twice in their life, Fernandinho has been a lawful citizen and football player.

We do not wish any bad accidents for any player but if Fernandinho gets into any problems or cases regarding the Law, you can count on Sportmob to bring you the hottest and newest news regarding this matter.

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Fernandinho Career Statistics

It is obvious that Fernandinho had a lot of appearances both for his club and for his country. In Fernandinho Biography article we are going to read a detailed text of his achievements and accomplishments both on domestic and international levels.


From Atletico Paranaense in 2002 to Manchester City in 2013, this Brazilian star worked his way up the ranks of football and succeeded to enter world-class leagues and competitions.

Fernandinho started to develop his football skills in the Brazilian football team that has won the Brazilian Serie A league in 2001.

In his first year playing for Shakhtar, 2005, he gained 34 caps and managed to score 3 goals. He was left out of the Super Cup in which Shakhtar was victorious. Contrarily he got to play a league title deciding match between Shakhtar and Dynamo Kyiv. This match was the one by which Fernandinho got his first league title with Shakhtar.

Unlike in 2005, Fernandinho got to play in the 2008 Super Cup, and again Shakhtar became victorious against

Dynamo Kyiv

. He played for Shakhtar in UEFA Cup against one of England’s representatives, Tottenham Hotspur.

In the 2009-10 season, Fernandinho scored his first goal of the season on July 29. That was the season in which Shakhtar managed to lift the Premier league trophy. In that season Fernandinho made 39 appearances and managed to score 8 goals.

From 2010 to 2012, he managed to gain a total of 47 caps and managed to score 21 goals for The Ukrainian super team.

On June 6, 2013, he received an offer from Manchester City. They agreed on the contract and shortly after Fernandinho moved to Manchester City. This was the team that played a crucial role in Fernandinho Biography and Profile. He had to choose a new number for his shirt due to the occupation of number 7 by James Milner.

His first debut for Manchester city was on August 19, 2013, in a match against

Newcastle United

. His overwhelming performance got him the man of the match title on December 14, 2013, in a match against



Fernandinho won his first trophy in England on March 2nd. Manchester City went against Sunderland for the League Cup finals.

Pep Guardiola wasn’t afraid to praise Fernandinho. He believed that if a team had 3 Fernandinhos they would’ve won all the trophies. He also considered Fernandinho as one of his best players.

Fernandinho’s role in Manchester city became much more significant in the 2016- 2017 season.

After Yaya Toure left the team, Fernandinho became the only one capable of playing as a defensive midfielder. But sooner than they would’ve thought, their nightmare was upon them. In February of 2018-19 season, the hero of our story got injured. He got replaced by Ilkay Gundogan.

His injury wasn’t the only problem. Fernandinho was growing old and his age was a major concern for the club. Manchester signed Rodri as a replacement for Fernandinho. Aside from all of these problems, City couldn’t let go of Fernandinho. On January 20, 2020, Fernandinho signed an extension contract with City by which he would remain one more year as the captain of Manchester City.



Fernandinho Nationality

, He has played 53 matches for Brazil's senior team and 14 for U20. His first time with Brazil's national team shirt on was on August 11, 2011. He scored his first goal for his country on March 5, 2014, against

South Africa


As for the 2014 FIFA World Cup, his name was on the list for Brazil. He made his tournament appearance against Cameron, replacing Paulinho. The stain in Fernandino Bio is Brazil's loss against Germany. An embarrassing 1-7 loss for the host team.

Fernandinho Honors!

Let us take a look at his honors and accomplishments throughout his football career to this moment.

While playing for Shakhtar, his team won 6 league titles and 4 Ukrainian Cups. It also managed to lift Ukrainian Super Cup for 2008 and 2012. Additionally, they were the winner of the UEFA Cup for 2008-09.

He individually achieved Top Player of the Ukrainian Premier League for the 2007-08 season.

As for Manchester City, the team managed to stand at the top of the league table for 3 years with Fernandinho being on the list of its players.

FA Cup and FA Community Shield were also some of their accomplishments. He had good chances obtaining EFL Cup with Manchester City than with any other team, winning the trophy for 5 years.

He hasn’t won any world class trophies for his country. Just to mention, Brazil managed to win Copa America in 2019.

Fernandinho has been considered an amazing player and an amazing person outside of football. His career continues and he still has time to amass a huge amount of trophies and awards. But it is undeniable that he wouldn’t have the same effectiveness for his team as he had in his younger years.

Perhaps it’s time for him to end his football career and start a managerial one. Perhaps he should let go of the old ways and start new ones. It is all up to him but we would like to see him as a coach, wouldn’t we?

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