Best racing games of all time, 2021 Edition

Wed 10 November 2021 | 14:30

Racing games are for speed lovers! Today we are going to find out the best racing games of all time.

Racing games are pure adrenaline! For those of us who played racing games for a decade, there is no more fun than controlling the wheel in a city, mountain road, or anywhere else. Today, we are going to read about some of the best racing games that we can play right now. However, before getting into

the best racing games of all time

, we should check our list to see which games we are going to read about.

Here we go! The best racing games of all time

Here are our selections for the finest racing games to play right now. Of course, we are not going to talk about the heaviest or most advanced racing games but we are going to read about

the best racing games of all time

which will include all genres and graphic setups.

Now that we know which games are on our Best racing games of all time list; it is time to start the real story and

Best street racing games


Forza Horizon 4

This one is one of the 

Best PC racing games of all time

. Forza Horizon began as a spin-off from the Forza Motorsport circuit-racing series, but it has since evolved into the main game itself.  stunning, uplifting series of racing games for all ages set on massive, real world inspired settings.

Horizon 4 takes the Horizon concept to the United Kingdom, where developer Playground Games is based, in a loving package that combines the huge story, knockabout multiplayer, delectable car collection, and festival good vibes that we've come to anticipate from Horizon games.

A completely permanent multiplayer map and a weekly calendar of fresh events are new to this version, and a portent of things to come.

During the four to five-hour introductory phase, you'll get a look at all four seasons, but once the prologue's first "year" is through, seasons will alternate monthly. Autumn was our favorite in this review for the most part, and it may be your favorite season too.

From the range of colors in the trees as their leaves drop off at varying rates to the wet roadside puddles that remain in an atmosphere that is growing too chilly for them to evaporate, there just appears to be. so much detail. Winter is also fantastic. All these details and atmosphere is what makes Horizon 4 one of the

Best racing games for PC


You'll have a good sense of what to anticipate if you've played Forza Horizon 3: Blizzard Mountain.

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered

The gritty fighting and wide-open highways of Hot Pursuit hammered into everything that makes Need for Speed great, and this remaster only adds to the notion that this was the series' pinnacle. With bated breath, we anticipate Criterion's return to the helm.

But this isn't simply a remastered version; it's a new masterpiece. New aesthetic elements such as road signs, dividers, and backdrop decorations including trees and vegetation have been added to several of the courses.

The roads themselves are the same as they were previously, but every region now seems and feels more active. Not to mention the sleek cars themselves, which are devoid of the fuzzily jagged lines seen in previous generations of games.

Hot Pursuit runs at 60 frames per second in 1080p in Performance Mode and 30 frames per second in 4K in Quality Mode on PS4 Pro and Xbox One X. If your system can support it, the PC version can run at 4K and 60FPS, however, the Nintendo Switch, normal PS4 and Xbox One can only run at 30FPS at 1080p.

After testing both settings on a PS4 Pro, I discovered that I like Performance Mode's higher framerate since everything moves so rapidly that you don't have time to appreciate the 4K rendering as much, but the more fluid animations at 60FPS really help smooth out the pace. All these things make this remastered version one of the Best PC racing games of all time

Burnout Paradise Remastered

Before Criterion took over Need for Speed, it created the legendary arcade racing series Burnout, which reframed the elegant boosting and drifting of 90s classics like Ridge Racer and Daytona as a grimy contact sport - all-screen game.

With its open-world terrain and entirely open gameplay architecture, Burnout Paradise from 2008 was even more of a trendsetter. It's unsurprising that such a daringly contemporary game would age so nicely, as this gorgeous remake demonstrates what made it one of the Best racing games for PC.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Mario is on every list! So, it's not weird that this game found its way into our Best racing games of all time list. You can play every Mario Kart game with a group of pals, all the way back to the 1992 Super Nintendo original, and have a terrific time. Every game in the series has polished arcade control, challenging courses, a charming cast of characters, and a nasty streak that can flip any race on its head.

It's no surprise that these are the most popular racing games of all time. With outstanding local and online multiplayer, a gratifying solo game, rich customization, sumptuous graphics, and a booming live-band .soundtrack, Mario Kart 8 - the Deluxe edition of which appears in our list of the top Switch games - may be the finest Mario Kart since the very first. Let's continue to find some of the Best street racing games

Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled

Crash Team Racing is what happens when one of the world's most skilled companies, Naughty Dog, creates a bandwagon-jumping, off-brand cover version of a purportedly inimitable smash Mario Kart!

It doesn't stray much from the source material, but it gets everything just right, and the end product is a lot of fun. All of the same can be said of Beenox's flawless, better than you remembered recreation. Nitro-Fueled is the best local multiplayer game if you don't have a Switch, or if you just like Crash.

Inertial Drift

While Inertial Drift borrows a few ideas from Ridge Racer Type 4, it stands on its own. Thank the unusual twin-stick drift system for that, which requires only the tiniest amount of acclimatization and is unlike anything else once you've gotten your brain and fingers around it.

Art of Rally

There are a lot of vintage races out there that play like cover copies of old favorites, but Art of Rally is a little more subtle and unique and that keeps it on our best racing of all times list. With its toylike, unauthorized car designs, it pays homage to the golden period of rallying, as well as a forgotten era of racing games like Micro Machines, with its odd top-down perspective.

It is, without a doubt, an anesthetic, and a highly fashionable one at that. However, what makes the game so enjoyable is the unexpectedly complex handling model, which makes it a better representation of the sport than you might anticipate. The game was originally released on PC, however, it's accessible on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch right now.


This fantastic banger-racer evokes the legendary Destruction Derby as well as the dearly remembered Flatout, and, like Art of Rally, has numerous iconic and fully illegal automobiles which was hardly unexpected, given that it's from Bugbear, the original Flatout studio.

It's a simple concept, but it's got everything: vintage cars with hefty, wallowing handling that lurch and shatter and lunch each other's bodywork authentically thanks to a fantastic physics engine. Simple joys are the best.

TrackMania Turbo

TrackMania is one of those strange little gaming corners that is nearly on its own genre! a brutally fast and tough stunt-driving time-trial game with massively exaggerated physics that enable for inconceivable feats of what can only be described as flying vehicle ballet.

The PC games have a terrific, loyal community, but their structure and economic methods are befuddlingly finicky, and last year's relaunch, simply dubbed TrackMania, is no exception. It's significantly more approachable while retaining none of the series' infamous compulsive, just-one-more-restart edge.

Wipeout Omega Collection

Even if the PS3 and Vita entries remastered here aren't quite up to the blistering caliber of the original PlayStation games from the mid-90s, this lush package is currently the best way to play the iconic, futuristic PlayStation racing series - the original ultra-fast anti-gravity racer, and still the best.

They're still sleek, quick, and gorgeous, with a clean, cool sci-fi look that's always set the franchise apart from its more brazen competitors.

Dirt Rally 2.0

Despite the fantastic WRC 9, Dirt Rally 2.0 is the greatest off-road driving simulator available. It's very possibly the finest there has ever been. While it may not be the most well-rounded package, its handling model is unrivaled, and the driving experience is as utterly gripping as anything else in its class. It's difficult, and it's best done with a good wheel, but nothing beats it for conveying the raw exhilaration and difficulty of a vehicle and a track.

Gran Turismo Sport

While many don't consider it a "complete" Gran Turismo game, the series' single PS4 entry has grown significantly over time and now includes many of the popular solo campaign events and licensing tests, as well as an amazing car and truck lineup. However, it is Polyphony Digital's most concentrated piece of work, which isn't always a negative thing.

The handling strikes a perfect blend of accessibility and sim-like bite, and the superbly designed online multiplayer brings the clear rulesets and competitive edge of serious PC games like iRacing to a more relaxed and welcome setting. In summary, it's still a GT game that also happens to be the greatest and most balanced online multiplayer experience on a console.


Even if you're new to sims, you'll probably know a little about iRacing: that it's expensive, time-consuming, tough. It is also, if you allow it, an all-encompassing take on some of the very best aspects of motorsport. Work your way through the ranks and earn a slot in a team endurance event and you'll be witness to all the camaraderie, excitement - and, yes, crushing disappointment - of the real thing.

There's no doubt that some aspects of iRacing are getting a little long in the tooth - and there are certainly better-looking sims out there - but with all those years of experience since the service rolled out well over ten years ago comes a competence that you can't find elsewhere.

Assetto Corsa / Assetto Corsa Competizione

Kunos Simulazioni provides two distinct experiences, however, they're both so amazing that we've included them both. The original Assetto Corsa is becoming a little old, but with the correct mods, it may still be the greatest pure driving game on PC, while Competizione now delivers a purebred racing experience that's the measure of iRacing after a few pleasant tweaks. It's very much unrivaled when it comes to GT racing, which is now the healthiest and most diversified kind of motorsport.

rFactor 2

There's still a sense that rFactor 2 hasn't lived up to its full potential, and that it will be some time before it does. However, Motorsport Games' acquisition of developer Studio 397, as well as exciting licenses like the BTCC and WEC, suggest that there will be plenty to look forward to in the future.

For the time being, and despite its flaws, there's no disputing the realism of rFactor 2's handling, which delivers a simulation model unlike any other. If you have any interest in fake race vehicles, you should at least try this one out.

F1 2021

Some old issues resurface, and a few new ones emerge in a sometimes bumpy package, but none of this can prevent this year's F1 game from being the greatest yet. A brand-new narrative mode, based on Netflix's over-the-top drama Drive to Survive, works surprisingly well, and it's complemented with great next-gen versions and a few nice tweaks to the current racing.

The AI puts up a good fight, there's a full season of racing, and it all looks incredibly authentic - and given that we're in the midst of a season for the ages in Formula One right now, it's only fitting that the official game is right up there with Geoff Crammond's 90s efforts as one of the best takes on the sport to date.

F1 2021 is the best-looking and most customizable game in the long-running Codemasters series to date, and the opportunity to tweak the main career experience and play co-op with a friend is a nice addition. With the inclusion of Braking Point, it's also the most daring F1 game ever.

Characterization is a little underdone, and the E for Everyone approach means it's a much more airbrushed take on the F1 world than Netflix's tense and profanity-laden Drive to Survive, but injecting a story mode into the F1 series was a risk well worth taking, and I'm looking forward to seeing more of it.


From 2023, Codemasters will own the license for the world's most prestigious rallying series, which could be fascinating - but don't believe it's because the current KT Racing games are bad. They've got the goods where it counts: a stunning, detailed, hard-edged handling model that doesn't mess about and guarantees that this rigorous sport is played as it should be.

WRC 9 is KT's strongest effort to date, with clever use of the WRC license and some forward-thinking next-gen features as well - the input from a PS5 DualSense pad is fantastic, earning it a position on our best PS5 games list.

TT Isle of Man: Ride on the Edge 2


Other games have attempted to capture the craziness and magnificence of the Isle of Man's 37.73-mile road course but none have done it with the same feeling of purpose as Ride on the Edge.

For this sequel, KT Racing smoothed out some of the bumps while maintaining loyalty to the course's bumps and turns, resulting in a racing experience that stands alone and does homage to the legendary event.

A sprinkling of other, fictitious tracks is also accessible, distributed over the UK and Ireland, much like in the original game. They're passable, but in comparison to the significantly more complex Snaefell course, they're a little bland. There's also a little free roam mode, however, it's basically just the fictitious courses patched together.

The broad roads are filled with classic open-world racing difficulties and are suitable for fast blat, although Ride on the Edge 2's handling model is more suited to full throttle racing than general exploration.

Unfortunately, the pursuit perspective leaves something to be desired, giving the impression that the bike is swinging beneath the rider's head like a pendulum. The major issue is that the low-speed handling is still a little shaky, which makes acute hairpins and incredibly narrow low-speed stretches of track unnecessarily difficult. Let's go for our last game in Best racing games of all time.

MotoGP 21

This one in our list is one of the coolest when it comes to motorcycles. It doesn't attract as much attention or provide the same feeling of drama as Ride on the Edge, but it is a well-sorted motorsport sim all the same.

The Italian inventor has more bike racing expertise than any other, which shows in the finely adjusted handling. The sport itself is still a great source of inspiration for video games, as it offers a sense of peril and danger that current vehicle racing lacks. Thanks for reading

best racing games of all time

with us.

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