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The most addictive games of all time, 2021 Edition

I play, You play, we all play! However, there are games that we can't stop playing. This time we are going to check The most addictive games of all timemost 2021 edition.

We all play games! Some of us play games from time to time just for entertainment. The other some, play games as their jobs but one thing is common between all players. we want to enjoy playing the game. However, some games take us beyond the joy itself. Yes! We are talking about addictive games that shut our whole world down and keep us behind the screen. Today, in this article, we are going to read about some of these games so if you are curious about them, follow Sportmob through 

The most addictive games of all time

, 2021 edition.

Here we go! The most addictive games of all time, 2021 Edition

Before we start our article on

the most addictive games of all time

, let's see which games we are going to read about. The list below is what we got reading players' comments about the most addictive games of their life.

Now that we know what we are going through, we can get into the article. So, without further ado, Let's start

The most addictive games of all time

- 2021 edition.


Fortnite is one of

Most addictive games online

! "How could I possibly surpass all of them?" This is the first question you would ask while playing


with 99 other players in the arena. But that's exactly the point; you're competing on a fair playing field. You are jumping off the bus in search of the finest treasure, shield, and resources to defeat your opponent.

Every time you attempt to make do with whatever firearms you discover and earn by eliminating colleagues, it's an adrenaline rush. Every game is a fresh start. Your favorite gun maybe the blue AR, but you may need to utilize a grey SMG from time to time. As the storm forces you closer to the center, you strive to gain an advantage over your adversary.

When the moment comes, and it's a one-on-one match, Your heart begins to race. When you eventually achieve Victory Royale, you sit on your chair, slightly trembling. You're addicted to the sense of accomplishment. You want more kills and victories. You keep playing.

Within a year, this game went from unknown to international popularity, firmly establishing it at the top of our list. Children are so addicted to Fortnite that it's generating concern among a generation of parents who don't know how to deal with it.

With over 250 million players worldwide, a monthly income of $200 million, and a thriving eSports scene, it's safe to assume this game isn't going away anytime soon. That's why if we were writing separate articles about the Most addictive games for PC and the Most addictive games for Android; we would have Fortnite in both of them!

Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is one of the

Most addictive games for Android

! Between 2009 and 2012, the freemium mobile gaming paradigm burst into the global awareness, and Clash of Clans was a significant component of that success. People enjoy getting anything for free, especially when it comes to gaming.

The concept of having an interactive journey without having to pay a dime to get started is quite enticing. It's free to play no matter how many times you play, so you'll want to come back again and again.

The mobile gaming industry is aimed at providing experiences that you would be pleased to enjoy regardless of where you are. Even those who consider themselves casual gamers may find themselves engaging in a Clan War or two in their spare time.

This is further aided by the game's basic gameplay, which includes simple touch controls and an interface that leads the user through their choices. Players will never want to set Clash of Clans down since it has a simple design to play and the possibility of rapid and huge rewards.

Many games may be predicted. Clash of Clans is not among them. A Clan War battle is never the same. Depending on who you're up against and the soldiers and spells you bring to the battle, the experience may be highly unpredictable. We enjoy a game that can surprise us at every step, and CoC delivers on that front. Let's continue our article on Most addictive games online.

Free Fire

Free Fire is another game in our

most addictive games of all time

. GARENA FREE FIRE is a free-to-play action shooter in the "battle royale" style, in which players are dumped into an arena and fight to the death until only one player remains. In this game, 50 players are airdropped from an aircraft and parachute down to an island, initially with nothing but the clothing on their backs.

 Players explore the environment and the structures spread around it after landing, seeking for guns, armor, ammo, and health packs. As time passes, a defined "safe" area diminishes, bringing participants closer and closer together. Combat continues until either the timer expires or one player outlives all others.

Free Fire like every other battle royal game is addictive and you won't believe me but people committed suicide over it! Playing Free Fire is almost like playing Fortnite however it's lighter for mobile phones and so many people can play it on their phones. That's the very reason why it's one of the most addictive games for Android.


Even though


does not introduce a completely new gameplay style, it does introduce something fresh. However, every coin has two sides. Because of its ease of use and low cost, PUBG is now available to young children, who are readily impacted by the game.

The most intriguing feature is that you may play PUBG with your pals and voice chat in real time! This is similar to the strategy taken by the famous PC game Counter-Strike, and because of the personal connection with other players, it has the potential to become highly addictive. When playing, both children and adults lose sight of time, disregarding schoolwork, work, or other tasks.

Everyone becomes enthusiastic and hooked on these games when they strategize to strike targets with their friends. Most games, including violent ones, put your abilities and reflexes to the test. It goes over and above here, ticking that very basic human feature of taking tremendous delight in ruining the fun of other players. Surviving a round in PUBG implies that 99 other people did not, which is a big rush of adrenaline.

The ranking system in PUBG is another reason why players feel compelled to keep playing. To feel better, you should be on the platinum tier, and once there, you should move on to the diamond and higher levels. Also, when you play poorly in a game, you are ranked badly and your points fall, and thus the never-ending cycle continues.


Minecraft is one of the most addictive games for pc and android. This game might be the one and only cause of a new generation of engineers and architects! On an unparalleled scale, this game allowed tens of millions of individuals to unleash their creativity and explore the furthest limits of their imagination.

However, just because


is wonderful doesn't mean it won't be labeled as addictive by many gamers throughout the world. It's a breeding ground for addiction because of the mix of social connection, immersion, and its capacity to readily catch the attention 

of young people.

Minecraft allows you to create whatever you want. Do you have something on your mind? Build it in Minecraft and see what you can come up with. The game gives you with all of the resources necessary to construct anything you can imagine. All you have to do now is be imaginative and think up a method to finish your construction. 

You will be really delighted with your creation once it is completed, regardless of what it is. It's a fantastic feeling to sit down in front of your computer and start making things. By the time you're finished with your construction, you'll be astonished at how much time you've spent with this game. So, being CREATIVE is a lot of fun!

To the addiction reasons, add those mods and maps that you can download and have a lot of fun with. If that isn't enough, texture packs and shader packs may be your answer to make the game appear precisely as you want it to. Let's get into Clash Royale, one of the Most addictive games online.

Clash Royale

Clash royal is one of the most addictive games of all time. The game is set in the same world as Supercell's hugely successful Clash of Clans, but it's not a base-building game, and you don't have to be familiar with the series to play it. Instead, Clash Royale is a real-time multiplayer strategy game in which you put your characters and assaults against those of an online opponent. Your objective is to destroy the enemy towers before time runs out—or before your own is destroyed.

In actuality, it resembles a single-player MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) game such as League of Legends or, for iOS users, Vainglory. However, the incorporation of collectable card game components makes that tower-toppling idea much more appealing, since all of your units come in the form of digital cards that may be placed into your deck.

During combat, cards will be added to your hand at random, and you'll have to determine when and where to put them, as well as if the elixir you'll pay is worth it.

The game's layout is tiny, simple, tidy, and appropriate for the game. When everything is properly color coded and recognizable, it is reassuring to the player. What makes it so addictive is the prizes it provides, not only the UI.

 Chests and prizes appear at precisely the correct times, ensuring that the player is not bored with the game's difficulty. So, players keep coming back for more because of this.

League of Legends

If you've ever sat down to play League of Legends while thinking to yourself, "This isn't fun right now," yet still find yourself playing the game, you'll understand why we say League of Legends is addictive. It's the sensation you get after making a huge dish of banana pudding, eating half of it, realizing you're full, but still eating the other half.

Yes! You can decide to stop playing. It's all fine. However, if you hear that your favorite champion is receiving a revamp, a buff, or a new skin, you'll return for a quick game to see what's new. Heyy! they've got you.

It feels nice to be fed. The game gives you the impression that you haven't squandered your time with this game. Only half of your games will be won. Ideally, out of every four games you play, two will be defeats in which you performed poorly, and one of the remaining two will be a game in which you were fed.

Nonetheless, you'll gladly play two horrible games and one middling game in exchange for the opportunity to play a game that feeds you and makes you feel good about yourself. The method was created with the intention of keeping you wanting more.

Another reason for the addiction is your friends! You possibly made so many friends in the game that you are scared to lose them. Don't worry that's human nature however the game is using it against you.

World of Warcraft

When World of Warcraft first came out in 2004, it offered a whole different experience. It enabled degrees of immersion, social interaction, and ongoing growth never before attempted. It was a game that truly defined the MMO genre.

WoW has succeeded where others have failed and where most would fail. For almost a decade, they've kept their game fresh. Many long-time fans argue that the game is no longer the same, yet the game's regular upgrades and design changes are what has kept it alive and well for so long.

You might encounter major changes in gameplay and systems as you progress from expansion to expansion, which keeps me coming back to test out the new features. As each new edition is released, it's fun to see how the game evolves, and it keeps the game feeling fresh for new players.

To be honest, it's the game's entire polish from beginning to end. It does an excellent job of easing new players into everything so that they don't feel overwhelmed, and you rapidly get comfortable with everything while still having a high skill cap at the conclusion of the game. 

The only thing it lacks is SWOTR's huge overarching plot via levels, which isn't necessarily a negative thing given the structure of the game and expansions, plus they've been integrating more story components into missions recently.

The elder scrolls V: Skyrim

People were particularly addicted to games like Skyrim. People want to escape the difficulties they endure in real life, and Skyrim is the ideal location to do it.

The game is a tightly packed sandbox full of secret nooks and crannies for exploring. Instead of grinding to finally unlock one major mystery, you're continually uncovering small mysteries every time you play, which keeps your brain's "finding stuff" reward region active

Playing Skyrim is like being a chimp at the zoo, scouring the enclosure for food hidden behind rocks and logs by the zookeepers.

The game is intentionally imprecise so that you may fill in the blanks. Skyrim avoids having a single overarching and most important/decisive tale in order to keep you from being engrossed in it.

Instead of a clear story, you'll get a variety of smaller tale ideas and jumping-off points so you may keep building your own story. There's never a clear ending, major plot, or definite side to choose from so you can decide what's significant and what's not. This is, of course, paired with a very comprehensive and rich past to serve as the color palette for your tale.

Pokemon Go

The importance of nostalgia in Pokemon Go's popularity cannot be overstated. The game is a throwback to a simpler time. Fans who were enamored with Pokémon as a youngster in the 1990s are rekindling their previous enthusiasm.

Nostalgia is a powerful force that might entice individuals to try something new yet familiar. Adults who formerly enjoyed watching cartoons or playing video games on a Game Boy now have the option to relive those happy memories.

 People are thrilled when they hear "must catch'em all" because it reminds them of their carefree youth when they had no responsibilities and had a lot of fun.

Another reason is that Pokemon Go provides you complete control over the engagement; it allows you to play alone or with others. It's difficult to communicate and connect with other people in the offline world because of the anonymity and de-individuation that characterize contemporary culture.

The game allows players to connect with people through a shared interest, resulting in a more spontaneous and low-risk engagement.

Slot machines are so addicting because they offer varying prizes on a regular basis. For the same reason, social media sites are addicting. A similar incentive system is used in Pokemon Go.

One of the most effective ways to 'hook' people is to employ variable incentives. Dopamine, our feel-good hormone, is found to spike when the brain expects a reward, according to research.

The impact is amplified when variety is introduced, resulting in a hunting state that stimulates the areas of the brain linked with want and want.

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