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Theo Hernandez Biography

A detailed look at Theo Hernandez biography including his general information, life story, style of play and career statistics.

Theo Hernandez is a professional player who is currently playing as a left-back for AC Milan Football club and France National team. Over the past few seasons Hernandez has established himself as one of the hottest prospects in Europe.

A graduate of

Atletico Madrid

's academy, Hernandez made a name for himself during his time at Los Che's academy. His Joined another La Liga giant, Real Madrid in 2017 after a one-season loan spell at Alavez.

Despite showing promising signs, Hernandez could not find a place in Real Madrid's starting eleven. So to gain more playing time, He went on loan to Real Sociedad and then decided to Join AC Milan in 2019. A move that proved the best decision of his career as he has been amazing for the Red and Black side of Milan.

Theo Hernandez has been one of the AC Milan's best players in each one of his two seasons at the club. In his first season, he was selected as Milan's best player of the year. With 4 goals and 5 assist registered to his name, Hernandez has also been one of Milan key players so far into the 2020-21 season.

At 23 years of age, Theo Hernandez is considered among the best left-backs in Europe after his impressive performances for AC Milan. In total, Hernandez has scored 16 goals and has provided 20 assists in 159 matches during his career. He has also won five major trophies, all of them were achieved during his time at

Real Madrid

. Stay tuned to read more about

Theo Hernandez biography

and professional life.

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All You Need to Know about Theo Hernandez Biography

In the following article, we will have a look at Theo Hernandez biography which includes his career and personal life. We will go deep into every aspect of his personal and professional life to see why he is considered as one of the best forwards in the football world.

Theo Hernandez Information

We will start our article on Theo Hernandez biography with some of his general information including his Theo Hernandez bio, physical stats, personal info and footballing information. Stay tuned to read more about

Theo Hernandez bio


Theo Hernandez Bio

  • Full Name:

    Theo Bernard François Hernandez

  • Nickname:

    The Plane

  • Profession:

    Professional Footballer

Theo Hernandez Physical Stats

  • Weight:

    80 Kg

  • Height:

    1.84 m (6 ft.0 in)

  • Eye Color:

     Dark Brown

  • Hair Color:


Theo Hernandez Football Information

  • Position:


  • Jersey Number:

     19 at AC Milan

  • Professional Debut:


Theo Hernandez Date of Birth and Personal Info

  • Date of Birth:

    6 October 1997

  • Birth Place: 

    Marseille, France

  • Zodiac Sign: 


  • Nationality:


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Theo Hernandez Early Life

In this section of our article about

Theo Hernandez biography

we will present you with the most interesting facts about Theo Hernandez childhood and family background as well as his where he took his first steps as an amateur footballer.

Theo Hernandez Birth date is at October 4, 1997. It is interesting that Theo Hernandez shares his birthday with former English goalkeeper, Bruce Grobbelaar who is also born on the 7th of October.

Theo Hernandez nationality is French although he has strong Spanish roots from his paternal side. Theo Hernandez was born in Marseille, France.

Theo Hernandez was born into a family of footballers. His father, Jean-François Hernandez was a successful professional footballer at many clubs including Atletico Madrid and


. Theo was born at Marseille during the time his father was a player at the club. He also has a brother, Lucas who is also a famous professional footballer, currently playing at Real Madrid.

Despite having fine memories of playing football, the two brothers had a very dark childhood regarding their parent's relationship. Their father had constant arguments with their mother and eventually left his family when the Theo and Lucas were still kids. The family faced serious financial problems and their mother had to work long shifts to raise her two sons.

Theo and Lucas tried to escape from the bad memories of their early years by playing football. During this time of his life, Theo's footballing idol was AC Milan legend, Paolo Maldini, with whom he has worked since arriving at Milan in 2019. He also was fond of the playing style of Real Madrid's Brazilian left-back


, who were at the top of his game back then.

When they reached their teenage years, they managed to enter Atletico Madrid's academy with the help of their grandparents. They moved through the academy ranks together but had to part ways in 2016, as Lucas was promoted to Atletico's senior side and Theo went on loan to Deportivo Alavez.

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Theo Hernandez Profile

Professional debut at Alavez

Theo Hernandez graduated from Atletico Madrid's academy in 2016. He was invited to play for Atletico's La Liga game against Eibar after many of the first team members were out injured. He was an unused substitute in that game and had to wait seven months before making his professional debut.

Theo Hernandez signed a new contract with Atletico Madrid, but was loaned immediately to Deportivo Alavez, where he made his professional debut in August 2016 against Sporting Gijon. He scored his first professional goal in May 2017 in Alavez's 1-0 win over Athletic Bilbao.

Hernandez was a key player for Alavez on the way to their first ever Copa del Rey final in 2017. He scored his team's only goal with a beautiful free kick in the final against


, which Alavez lost 3-1. In total, Hernandez scored 2 goals and provided 4 assists in 38 games as an Alavez player.

 Adventure at Real Madrid

Hernandez joined Real Madrid in a six year contract in 2017. He made his debut in the Spanish Super Cup against Barcelona, which Madrid won by two goals to nil. Despite his promising start, Hernandez was rarely used at Real Madrid, but played three times in his team's title winning Champion League campaign. He was loaned to

Real Sociedad

at the end of the season after making a total of 21 games for Los Blancos.

Hernandez stayed one season on load at Real Sociedad and scored one goal in 27 games. He returned to Real Madrid in 2019 but was loaned again, this time to AC Milan.

Reaching the top of his game at AC Milan

The talented left-back reached his best form at AC Milan. He made his debut in the derby of Milan, which Inter won 2-0. He scored his first goal in a 2-1 win over Genova.

Theo Hernandez's best performance of the season so far was in Milan's Serie A game against


In which he scored both of his team's goals in a 2-2 draw.  

Theo Hernandez has played 21 games across all competitons so far into the 2020-21 season. He has scored 4 goals and has provided 5 assists.

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Style of Play

Theo Hernandez

is known for his speed, dribbling skills and work rate. Hernandez is good on one-on-one situations and can pass the opposition players easily with his speed and dribbling skills. He is also a tireless player when it comes to making runs up and down the pitch. He is also quick in making decisions in key moments of the game. His Physicality is another characteristic he is famous for.

Theo Hernandez main position on the field is the left winger. He has played almost all of his professional career games at the left-back position. (153 games as a left-back and 5 games as a left-midfielder)


Theo Hernandez is considered to be among the most promising left-backs of the football world at the moment. He has been praised by his coaches for his physicality, work rate and defensive qualities. His contribution to the team's offensive play has also been great as he move tirelessly up and down the pitch and can sent pinpoint crosses on the run.

Even the best players in the history of football have faced criticism from their coaches and fans at some parts of their career. In the case of Theo Hernandez, he was criticized the most because of his hot tempered attitude and unpredictable behavior on the pitch.

Here are some of the most interesting quotes from footballing figures on Theo Hernandez:

"Real Madrid made the same mistake that Inter made with the Brazilian at the time; that is, they thought that Theo Hernández did not know how to mark. They didn’t take into account the speed and quickness of the player as well as his ability to improve. Theo is a very strong player.”

(Fabio Capello


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Goal Celebration

Goal celebration is one of the most important aspects of every player's career. Some footballers tend to change their goal celebration every now and then, while some others are known to have a signature goal celebration.

The general rule is that Footballers use the chance of celebrating goals to send messages that are important to them. For some, it is only a chance to show some fun gestures. Others celebrate their goals with messages to their loved ones, and then there are those who celebrate their goals by sending societal and political messages to the society.

Theo Hernandez goal most famous goal celebration was when he dramatically scored Milan's winning goal at the 92 minute in a 3-2 win against


in January 2021. The Rossoneri went absolutely crazy when the Frenchman headed in the winner, and Pioli was even on the pitch celebrating. The Milan players all piled on top of Hernandez in joyful celebration and Hernandez made a gesture of a phone call with his hands to celebrate his dramatic goal.

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Theo Hernandez outside football

Now is the time to know more about Theo Hernandez life outside of football. What are his hobbies outside football? How does he like to spend his free time and what are his favorites in the field of art?

Theo Hernandez favorite activities outside football are playing video games (Especially FIFA), spending time with his girlfriend and pet. His overall rating at FIFA 21 is 85.

Theo Hernandez is also regularly active in social media. His Instagram account id is


. He has around 2.1 million followers on Instagram. His twitter account is @TheoHernandez.

Theo Hernandez favorite sport besides football is Tennis, which he plays a lot with his brother, Lucas. He is a fan of Spanish legendary player, Rafael Nadal, who himself is a big fan of Real Madrid.

Hernandez is also passionate about foods. His favorite foods are Pasta, pizza and risotto.

Hernandez speaks French and Spanish fluently. According to his interviews, he speaks Spanish even better than his native French.

The energetic defender is also a fan of fashion industry and has a habit of changing his hair style from time to time. He has promised that he would change his hair color to Milan's red and black if they manage to reach the Champions League again.

“Every now and then I like to change my look, especially in summer. The weather is good, the sun is shining, and having blonde hair is beautiful. if we were to reach the Champions League I would dye them red and black, with the Milan crest on the side.”

Hernandez is also obsessed with having new tattoos on his body. His girlfriend is a renowned tattoo artist and He has a total of 9 tattoos on his body including a giant "Pagoda" tattoo which covers the entire of his back.

Stay tuned to read our section on

Theo Hernandez life story

and career statistics.

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Theo Hernandez Personal Life

Theo Hernandez was born at 6 of October 1997 in the French city of Marseille. His father, Jean-Francois Hernandez had Spanish origins. He was a professional footballer and played as a central defender for various clubs, including Atletico Madrid and Marseille.

Theo is the second child of their parents. He also has an older brother, Lucas who also became a professional footballer. Lucas is currently playing as a defender for

Bayern Munich


The Hernandez brothers did not have a happy childhood. When Theo was only four years old, his father left his family without any explanation and never contacted them again.

Theo and Lucas was brought up thank to the heroics of their mother, Laurence who supported them financially by working at many different places.

In an interview with AC Milan website Theo opened up about his feelings about his father's decision to leave the family.

"My parents separated when I was little and I haven’t had any relationship with my father for a long time. But I’m fine like this."

Theo's brother,


was older at the time and had a difficult time accepting his father's absence.

“We never understood why he left. So we just grew up with our mother. She lived, worked and gave everything to us. We did not miss anything."

"It finally became clear to me that he left because he did not love us. And if he did not love us, then it was better that he left."

To battle the hardship of their childhood situation, the two brothers soon started to play football together.

"My mother, brother and I soon became a sworn trio after the split. Theo and I always had a football with us - morning, noon and night. We played together all the time. My brother is my best friend, we are very close."

Theo also benefitted from his close relationship with his grandparents from his mother's side as it was their emotional and financial support that paved the way for the Hernandez brothers to become successful athletes.

Theo Hernandez has had two notable relationships in his life. His first girlfriend was Adriana Pozueco, a Spanish Sport Journalist with whom Theo started dating in 2017.

Adriana Pozueco was that she was die-hard fan of Atletico Madrid. The two had a very close relationship for a few years before splitting up due to personal disagreements.

Theo Hernandez second intimate relationship was with the famous Italian Tattoo artist, Zoe Cristofoli. Theo and Zoe met shortly after Theo joined AC Milan in 2019. Nicknamed the 'tiger of Verona', Cristofoli is the ex-girlfriend of the famous TV personality, Fabrizio Corona and also had a short relationship with Manchester City's forward,

Sergio Aguer

o. The couple are not married and are yet to have a child together.

Any new information about Theo love life and family will be published here at SportMob. You can also check out our article on

top facts about Zoe Cristofoli

if you want to know more about Theo Hernandez's girlfriend.

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It is really interesting to know if Theo Hernandez has had any background in humanitarian work and philanthropy. Theo Hernandez religion is Christianity. There are no information on whether he considers himself a religious person or not and if he was ever involved in a charity project.

Legal Issues

While some footballers have certainly gotten into legal disputes with various people and organizations, Theo Hernandez almost has had almost no legal disputes throughout his life. He once was accused of sexually assaulting his first girlfriend, Adriana Pozueco shortly before the couple broke up.

Our section on Theo Hernandez personal life has ended here. Any new information about his personal life will be published here at



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Theo Hernandez Career Statistics

In this section, we want to take a look at Theo Hernandez career statistics both on the club and international level.


A look at Theo Hernandez Career Statistics shows why he is considered among the best left backs in the football world.

Overall, Theo Hernandez has played 159 Games for five clubs ((Atletico Madrid,


, Real Madrid, Real Sociedad and AC Milan) during his career. He has registered 16 goals and 20 assists to his name.

Theo Hernandez best season individually was the 2017-18 Season in which he scored 18 goals across all competitions and assisted 6 times in 46 Games.

On the other hand, Theo Hernandez had the weakest season of his career in terms of goal scoring stats in his debut Season when he played only 16 games and could only manage 2 goals.

Hernandez has scored 4 goals and has assisted 5 times in 23 matches across all competitions for AC Milan so far in the 2020-21 season.


On the international, Theo Hernandez career stats shows that he is yet to earn a call up to  France national team. Theo Hernandez was a member of France U18, U19 and U20 youth teams and in total scored 1 goal in 16 games.

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Theo Hernandez Honors

We rap up our article on Theo Hernandez biography with a look at his honors and achievements.

Theo Hernandez celebrated his first trophy 2017 when he won the Spanish Super Cup with Real Madrid. His first individual honor was winning the award for AC Milan Player of the season at the end of his debut season with the club. (2019-20)

During his career, Theo Hernandez has won a total of 5 collective and individual awards, the most important of them are Spanish Super Cup in 2017, UEFA Champions League in 2017–18, UEFA Super Cup in 2017 and the FIFA Club World Cup in 2017 (all were achieved with Real Madrid)

His most successful season collectively was the 2017-18 season in which he won four major titles with Real Madrid, although he rarely played as a starter.

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