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Wayne Rooney Biography

One of the best strikers of English football, the all-time top goal scorer in the history of England national team and Manchester United, Wayne Rooney is true legendary English footballer. Stay tuned to read his biography.

Born on 24 October 1985, Wayne Rooney is a professional English football player at Derby County, which currently they play in EFL Championship. Currently, Wayne Rooney is also the interim head coach of the club. In his career, he has been tried out at several positions like central midfielder, but most of the times he has played as a striker. As the top goal scorer of all time for England national team and the Manchester United football club, Wayne Rooney, is generally regarded one of the greatest players of his age.

Wayne Rooney began training with Everton youth squad only at the age of 9, playing his first professional match for the club while he was 16 years old. He played for Everton for two seasons, where he was admired as the best English footballer of his generation, and then moved to Manchester United for a fee of £25.6 million in the summer of 2004. In his new club Manchester United, Wayne Rooney has managed to win sixteen trophies possible, including the UEFA Champions League, FA Cup, Premier League, League Cup, UEFA Europa League, and FIFA Club World Cup in 13 years career at the Red Devils.

During his spell at Old Trafford, Wayne Rooney has managed to score 253 goals in all of the competitions and becoming the all-time top goalscorer of the club. His 183 goals scored for

Man United

at the English Premier League is also a record for most goals scored by a footballer for any club. He is also the second top goal scorer in the history of EPL with 208 goals.

Wayne Rooney nationality

is English and in February 2003, he played his first international match for England national team at the age of 17 and is the youngest ever goalscorer in the history of Three Lions. He played and scored 4 goals at UEFA Euro 2004 for England, which made him the youngest player to ever score a goal in the European Championship. Since then, Rooney has played in 2006, 2010, and 2014 World Cups and has been widely recognized as the best player in his country.

In 2008, 2009, 2014, and 2015, Wayne Rooney has managed to win the England Player of the Year award. Rooney is all-time England top goalscorer with 53 goals scored in a total of 120 matches for them and the second most capped footballer for England just behind Peter Shilton. Stay tuned as we take a look at Wayne Rooney biography. 

All You Need to Know About Wayne Rooney Biography

Did you know that Wayne Rooney was once the most expensive teenager in the history of football? Rooney was not very pleased with the teaching techniques of club boss David Moyes after two years playing as a pro for Everton and requested to be transferred in August of 2002. He was only 18, but he'd already shown that he was able to deal with the physicality and discipline of the

English Premier League

. Everton proposed a weekly rise in wages from £8,000 to £50,000, but he refused the offer as he wanted to leave the club at all costs.

To sign Rooney, Newcastle United proposed a transfer fee of 20 million pounds, but Everton refused it. As Manchester United's Sir Alex Ferguson offered a fee of £ 25.6 million, though, Everton accepted it and Rooney was transferred to Old Trafford. Those days, that was the biggest amount ever paid to a sign a teenager footballer. Since then, that record has been broken by Anthony Martial who signed for the club in 2015 for £51 million. In this article, we take a look at Wayne Rooney bio as one of the greatest footballers of all time.

Wayne Rooney Information

In this section of Wayne Rooney biography, you can find some general information about Wayne Rooney listed down here.

Wayne Rooney Bio

  • Full Name: Wayne Mark Rooney

  • Nickname: Wazza

  • Profession: Professional Football Player

Wayne Rooney Physical Stats

  • Weight: 82 Kilograms

  • Height: 1.76 Meters

  • Eye Color: Blue

  • Hair Color: Light Brown

Wayne Rooney Football Information

  • Position: Striker, Midfielder

  • Jersey Number: 10

  • Professional Debut: 2002

Wayne Rooney Date of Birth and Personal Info

  • Date of Birth: 24 October 1985

  • Birth Place: Croxteth, Liverpool, England

  • Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

  • Nationality: English

Wayne Rooney Early Life

Wayne Rooney was born in a suburb of Liverpool named Croxteth to father Thomas Wayne Rooney, and mother Jeanette Marie Morrey. His father's parents are of Irish origin. Rooney came from a Roman Catholic family and studied at a public Catholic school. He was raised up with two younger siblings, Graham and John. He was a fan of Everton when he was a kid. In

Wayne Rooney childhood

he also was a true supporter and always praised the Brazilian player Ronaldo. Stay tuned to read more about

Wayne Rooney life story


Wayne Rooney Profile

In this section of Wayne Rooney biography, we will take a look at his professional career from his early days until now that he is a player an also interim manager of Derby County. As we said before, Wayne Rooney started his youth career at his hometown club of Everton when he was only 9 years old. He was a goalscoring machine during his youth days, breaking records after records as he was coming up the Everton youth ranks.

After 6 years at the youth teams of Everton, he made his first-team debut when he was just a 16 years old teenager. It was a match against Tottenham Hotspur and he assisted the first goal of the match for his team. After playing 67 league matches for the club, scoring 15 goals in two seasons, he left Everton to join Manchester United in 2004.

He transferred to Man United, becoming the most expensive teenager in the history of Premier League. At his first match for the club against Turkish side


, Rooney scored a hat trick and also assisted one of the other 3 goals. The match ended 6-2 for Man United and the world has seen the birth of one of the greatest English footballers of all time.

Wayne Rooney played 13 seasons for the club between 2004 and 2017, playing in 393 league matches and scoring 183 league goals. In Manchester United, he transformed from a young footballer with great ambitions to a football legend that achieved everything he ever hoped for.

He returned to his boyhood club


on a free transfer in the summer transfer of 2017, the club gave him the number 10 shirt and in one season playing for the club, he scored 10 goals in 31 league matches. He then played for two seasons at D.C. United in MLS, scoring 23 goals in 48 matches. In January 2020 he joined Derby County on a player-coach contract. He has so far scored 6 goals for the club in 30 matches and is the current interim manager of the team.

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Wayne Rooney Biography

and get to know him better.

Style of Play

Wayne Rooney is a talented, aggressive forward who mixes technical skills with power and physical abilities, while still achieving success in the air while having a below-average height (1.76 m). Rooney is a versatile attacking player good enough to play anywhere across the front line. He's best when playing as a striker, but is also a talented midfielder when needed. Rooney has already been in many games as a supporting striker or even a winger.

As his speed and movement diminished as he reached his thirties, he has been used in deeper, more innovative positions, like an attacking midfielder, or a deep-lying playmaker, or even as a central or box-to-box midfielder, in particular under former Man United boss Louis van Gaal, thanks to Rooney's vision, passing range, forward runs from midfield, and team-work, he played great matches at all of these positions. A consistent goalscorer in his peak days at Manchester United, Rooney is a strong striker and an effective scorer, who is able to score goals both within and outside the penalty box, and also from volleys.

He is greatly appreciated by, the team, the coaches, and the media; and he is well known for his persistence and effort to get back on the field and press after losing the possession, as well as his ability to fight opponents to get the ball back, and start attacks.  Even though he wasn't known to be quite as prolific with free kicks, he had an excellent record from set-pieces throughout his career, even though he was rather inconsistent.


Wayne Rooney is widely regarded as one the best players and strikers in the history of English football, and being the all-time top goalscorer of both Manchester United and England national team just proves that. Wayne Rooney may be better remembered for how good he performs on the field, regardless of the position he is playing at. He has demonstrated his commitment, supporting spirit and also decision-making skills since the start of his pro career, making him a real leader.

Not just that, he has his individual potential to finish the ball inside the 30-yard area from everywhere. In spite of distance shooting, very few will beat him. And his awareness and passing abilities have significantly developed as he has grown up, rendering him a versatile midfielder. Wayne Rooney, in terms of his hunting ability for the ball & defensive abilities, is a rare talent that world football has ever seen, distinct from other great footballers like





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Wayne Rooney Biography

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Goal Celebration

During his career at Manchester United, Wayne Rooney had many goal celebrations, however there’s two of them that United fans can never forget. One of the famous Wayne Rooney goal celebrations is when he raises his hands to the sky, a gesture which Rooney later explained it is in memory of his wife’s sister, who passed away because of cancer when she was just 14 years old.

The other famous goal celebration of Wayne Rooney is the boxing celebration which first he did it after scoring a goal in a 3-0 win against

Tottenham Hotspurs

. Rooney later said that this celebration just came to his mind after he scored the goal and he didn’t really plan it.

Wayne Rooney Outside Football

As a 35 years old man with family and children, Rooney is getting closer and closer to a step in his life where he needs to stay away from football and spend more time with his family. Although he still plays football and also now is the interim manager of the club, we think there are still a few years to that day.

One other thing about his life outside football that we can take a look is his businesses. Beyond investing in personal real estate and spendings on stuff like vehicles and racehorses, he appears to have kept his investment options fairly quiet.

In 2013, alongside cricket player Kevin Pietersen and entrepreneur Theo Paphitis, he was confirmed to be part of a collaboration that invested in small companies. As far as its total value is concerned, the amounts were relatively low, with each side placing in about £200,000.

Every now and then, other aspirations come up here and there. One which has emerged recently was the support of a hotel in Newcastle, backed by a number of Newcastle United footballers, both new and old, and also a number of other recognized Premier League players.

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Wayne Rooney Personal Life

Rooney is also a supporter of Celtic, as he is a fan of Everton. He is still a Leeds Rhinos rugby league team fan. Rooney, formerly a boxer, also recreationally continues to pursue the sport for tension reduction. As a buddy of boxer Ricky Hatton's, in 2007, in his world light-welterweight championship fight versus José Luis Castillo in Las Vegas, he took one of Hatton's belts into the arena. We should also note that

Wayne Rooney religion

is Christianity.

Amongst many

Manchester City

fans that make up Hatton's fan base, the choice of Hatton to allow a Manchester United player hold the belt sparked calls of a protest. Nobody hates Manchester United more so than I do, Hatton replied. Only because I do not really support his team doesn't imply that I can't respect what he's achieved.

Family, Children and Relationships

Wayne met Coleen Rooney, his wife, when they were still in high school. Following six years of friendship, they decided to get married on 12 June 2008. He has a tattoo with the phrases "Just Enough Education to Perform" the title of an album by his favorite band, the Stereophonics. This band played the song at Wayne and Coleen's wedding. There was some dispute with the Catholic Church about the wedding. The pair held a church wedding at Cervara Abbey, a converted cathedral near Genoa, after being advised against the proposal by the local priest's office.

The office of the priest informed the Rooneys that La Cervara was deconsecrated and not acceptable for a wedding. A new church was proposed, five miles north. The pair, though, dismissed the recommendation and the wedding was presided over by Father Edward Quinn, their local Catholic bishop from Croxteth. Coleen's favorite pop group, Westlife, was asked to perform for the couple at the reception.

Kai Wayne (born 2 November 2009), Klay Anthony (born 21 May 2013), Kit Joseph (born 24 January 2016), and Cass Mac (born 15 February 2018) are four sons of Wayne and Coleen Rooney. In 2020, Kai Rooney signed with the English Premier League club, Manchester United when he was 11 years old at the time.

In 2004, when dating his then-girlfriend, Rooney confessed to seeking prostitution in


. When asked about this, he said that at the time, he was naive and immature and it was well before he decided to marry Coleen. Wayne Rooney's younger sibling, John Rooney, is also a footballer and plays for Stockport County on professional terms. Rooney's cousin, Tommy, is a footballer as well.


As one of the best and most famous English footballers of his era, Wayne Rooney is also one of the English players involved with charity activities. In the north of England, Rooney works with a variety of charity organisations, who are close to him and his wife, Coleen. The charities generated huge income from the Manchester United testimonial match which was played in 2016.

A total of £1.2m of income of that match against Everton were given to four charities -NSPCC, for whom Wayne is a representative, Claire House Children's Care home, Alder Hey Children's Charity and the Manchester United Foundation.

The Manchester United Foundation utilized the money to build a Wayne Rooney grant to support kids from poor areas go for higher study, as per the Manchester Evening News. Rooney has managed to collect £ 5 million for numerous charities in 2017 via his own Wayne Rooney Foundation.

Rooney revealed on November 4, 2018, that he will return to the


squad for another appearance to collect funds for the Wayne Rooney Foundation since his departure from the national team in 2017. 11 days later and for the charitable friendly game against the United States, he put on the Three Lions jersey one more time.

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Wayne Rooney Biography

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Legal Issues

Rooney was arrested in Wilmslow for driving above the legal alcohol level on September 1 of 2017. In September, Rooney arrived at Stockport Magistrates' Court and pled guilty to driving whilst under alcohol influence. The court charged Rooney £170 and disqualified him from driving for 2 years. Everton fined Rooney up to £300,000. Besides that, Rooney was ordered to perform 100 hours of unpaid community service as part of a 12-month community order.

Wayne Rooney was detained for disorderly behavior and public drinking at Dulles International Airport in Virginia on 16 December of 2018. He was charged $25 and was ordered to pay $91 before being placed on a personal recognizance release without bail.

Wayne Rooney Career Statistics

These days the 35-years old Wayne Rooney is playing his last days as a footballer and as time goes by, we are getting closer to the day that he eventually hangs up his boots. During his 18 years long career to this day, he has played for England national team and a few club teams including Manchester United.


Wayne Rooney has started his professional football career at Everton in 2002, when he was just 16 years old. After 15 years he once again returned to play for Everton. During these two spells, he has played 117 matches, scoring 28 goals for Everton at all competitions.

In 2004, Wayne Rooney signed for Red Devils, only to become one of the legends of the club and all-time goalscorer. During the 3 seasons, he was with Man United, Rooney has scored a total of 253 goals for the club in 559 matches in all competitions.

After Man Unites decided not to renew Rooney’s contract, he decided to join the MLS side

D.C. United

on a free transfer on 2018. He played 2 seasons for the club, appearing in 48 matches and scoring 23 goals.

Rooney currently plays for

Derby County


EFL Championship

and is also their interim manager. After joining the club in January of 2020, so far he has played 30 league matches for them, scoring 6 goals.


Wayne Rooney was first called up to represent his nation at the international level in 2003 when he was just 17 years old. He waited for 6 matches to score his first goal for England when he managed to do that in a match against Macedonia in September of 2003. Rooney has played 120 matches for his country, scoring 53 goals. He is currently the all-time top goalscorer for England. His last goal for England was scored on 27 June 2016, in a match versus Iceland in UEFA Euro 2016.

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Wayne Rooney Honors

Rooney has won many team and individual honors during his career. One thing to note here is that all of his club honors were won with Manchester United, where he has managed to win EPL five times, the FA Cup once, the EFL Cup three times, UEFA Champions League once and some other titles.

Wayne Rooney has also won many individual awards, with 2009-10 PFA Players' Player of the Year, 2009-10 FWA Footballer of the Year, 2004 Golden Boy Award and Premier League 20 Seasons Awards Best Goal being the most important amongst them.

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