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Top Facts You Need to Know About Wayne Rooney

Here is a look at the top facts you need to know about Wayne Rooney.

An exceptionally appraised English striker joined

Man United

In 2004 and after 16 years, no other name brings out a more prominent reaction than Wayne Rooney's. He has seen extraordinary good and awful times throughout the years at Old Trafford and has been engaged with a portion of their greatest triumphs.

Notwithstanding the way that his job at the club has melted away throughout the years, there is definitely nobody who holds the sort of impact he did at the club. 34-year-old's adoration for the Red Devils is unrivaled, something which was obvious from the player's celebration in the wake of Zlatan Ibrahimovic scored against Southampton in the final of the EFL Cup in 2017.  


is one of the most praised soccer players of the 21st century, in any case, there are still a significant number of realities that have not become visible about the Englishman.

Following 13 years of playing for the Red Devils, the 34-year-old striker/midfielder returned home again to


. Wayne Rooney just re-joined Everton and with a two-year contract in the wake of being permitted to leave Old Trafford on a free transfer. He initially joined Everton when he was only 9 years of age and remained with the club to the point when he was 18. 

The Englishman played his initial two campaigns with Everton and was then offered to Man United for more than 25 million pounds. He proceeded to turn into the popular club's unsurpassed leading scorer and furthermore achieved a similar accomplishment with the

England national side

, that he captained. 

Not only was he skipper and a key figure of the national team and Manchester United, the most famous

Premier League

side but he is additionally exemplary English soccer player. Rooney has a, what some would state, stocky form to go with a machine-like strength, which invigorates him to mess up rivals in each place of the field and on the two sides. He is additionally a clever and gifted player who will use his cleverness to assist his side with joining in any capacity he can. 

Throughout the years he has done this from numerous points of view and to incredible achievement, and this is apparent through the various positions he has been approached to play for the club and national side. He has spent an enormous part of his renowned football career driving the line as a forward, yet throughout the years he has additionally played as a second striker behind the center forward, and we are currently used to considering him to be a box to box midfielder. Rooney has prospered in most of the positions, either by perfectly setting up teammates with his unbelievable passing skills and remarkable vision to peruse the game or by pouring in the goals himself. Wayne Rooney is one of the best finishers who has demonstrated throughout the years that he can score in any number of various ways and from any range. 

In the previous decade, we have additionally seen the development and advancement of a 34-year-old striker as an individual just as a soccer player. Rooney has been under pressure from a youthful age when he played for


, ahead of transferring to Manchester United in the late spring of 2004. The Englishman has definitely had his high points and low points during this time, however, no one can deny his enthusiasm and abilities which have resulted in becoming one of the best players of his age. 

The following are multiple exciting facts that lots of soccer fans may not know about Wayne Rooney:

Peculiar sleeping habit

Possibly Rooney's sleeping habits are the explanation why he looks so exhausted in the field.

Individuals frequently experience difficulty in falling asleep and take a wide range of professionally prescribed medications to take care of that issue. Be that as it may, Wayne Rooney has an alternate arrangement through and through. He sleeps to the sound of his vacuum cleaner turned on. The Englishman obviously experiences OCD which saw him do this irregular undertaking.

This was uncovered in his life account where he included that in circumstances where he can't get a vacuum cleaner, he goes to his wife’s blow dryers. 

"I have demolished such a large number of hairdryers by letting them burn out. Coleen despises it. She won't let me turn on a vacuum cleaner or a fan when we are together." 

Rooney is a gigantic foodie

Rooney's adoration for food is most likely just second to his affection for soccer. He appreciates eating plates of mixed greens, hotdogs, heated beans, eggs, and chips and wants to drink a container of Diet Coke from time to time. 

Wayne Rooney likewise has a fixed pre-game meal which includes Spaghetti alongside a bit of chicken. His preferred cooking is Chinese and Wazza ensured that he got a lot when the club went to China from time to time. Rooney's preferred food that is uncovered by his wife is lettuce.

"They all believe Wayne is a fat individual and eats burgers consistently, that is not the case, and I don't have the foggiest idea where they get it from. It does my head in light of the fact that some truly accept that. His preferred food is lettuce. He cherishes serving of mixed greens." 

Winner of Premier League Goal of 20 Seasons

In order to mark the finishing of 20 campaigns of the Premier League, the authorities decided to celebrate every single extraordinary event with the Premier League 20 Seasons Awards. Goals, being one of the most significant parts of football, will undoubtedly have an exclusive classification by and large. 

The chosen people included icons like Le Tissier, Di Canio, Henry, Shearer, Bergkamp, Cantona, Beckham, and Rooney. Be that as it may, the honor was at last achieved by Rooney for his shocking overhead bicycle kick against

Man City

in 2011. 

"I've seen nothing like it, that is without a doubt. Completely dazzling. Fantastic. The thing about that bicycle kick is that Nani's goal will be totally overlooked and it was an incredible one. The first touch takes it around the center backs and he rolled it into the net. It was a mind-boggling goal yet nobody in their right sense will even discuss it," said Sir Alex Ferguson. 

Sued by David Moyes 

David Moyes

and Wayne Rooney were together at Everton and also Man United. 

Wayne Rooney, who had prior been an Everton footballer, depicted his previous director as a controlling person in his life account titled 'My Story So Far.' The book portrayed Moyes as domineering, controlling and eventually accountable for his transfer in 2004 to Man United where he remained till 2017. 

Rooney uncovered that Moyes had publicized some personal details about his visits to brothels to the Liverpool Echo paper which saw him part ways with Everton. 

David Moyes didn't mess with these claims and sued the forward for defamation. The Scot said that the book was an attack and furthermore documented a legal dispute against the writer, Hunter Davis, and the distributer, Harper Collins. 

At last, Wayne Rooney pulled back the section and officially apologized for the allegation. The case at long last reached a conclusion after Rooney consented to pay Moyes £500,000 as of the provisions of the settlement. 

Devout catholic

Like every sincere Catholic, Rooney trusts in the power of the Pope. 

A little famous personal fact about Wayne Rooney is that he is a passionate Roman Catholic and intense about his faith. He has regularly been seen wearing a rosary and was even gotten some information about it in 2010. 

In a meeting, the striker uncovered that he had gone to a Catholic school where the nuns were very surprised by the information he had about religion all in all. Wayne Rooney had additionally said that he had the propensity for petitioning God for his family before each game. 

"I implore God, obviously. I believe in God. I don't ask God to assist me in scoring more goals. I pray for the wellbeing of me and everybody in the field. It is something I have consistently done. I do it around evening time. I appeal to God for my loved ones and for the health of everybody I love." 

He has a number of tattoos 

Just similar to lots of other soccer players, Rooney likewise has a lot of tattoos, nonetheless, the special story behind them is intriguing. The Englishman has a tattoo that says "simply sufficient training to perform" which is an undeniable reference to his absence of full instruction. Rooney didn't take his GCSEs. It is a scholastic qualification that an individual gets in the wake of taking certain tests in secondary school. 

Rooney's nationalism is likewise in plain view in these tattoos as he has another which states, "English and Proud" alongside the banner of St. George. There is additionally a Celtic cross on his arm which is concerning his Roman Catholic faith and Irish roots. 

Strangely, his preferred tattoo parlor was attacked by looters in 2016. 

Met wife in school 

In 2008, Wayne Rooney and his wife got married in Italy. The marriage was a spectacular ceremony and the couple spent over £1 million. Not at all like famous people who frequently wed different big names, Rooney and Coleen go way back. 

When Coleen was 12 they initially met in the Liverpool suburb of Croxteth. Nonetheless, they formally turned into a couple just 4 years after the fact, after they left high school. Wayne's mother involved a job in Coleen's high school and knew her as a young girl. 

They have 4 children, Kai, Klay, Kit, and Cass Mac Rooney, all of whom are boys. 

The tendency for challenging positions

Wayne Rooney had a lot of conflicts with the Everton administration. In the same way, like other of us, he additionally had a considerable amount of upheavals and disciplines in high school. The Englishman was once suspended from school for 2 days since he vandalized school property by ruining the wall of the science lab. This happened on the grounds that an employee confiscated his soccer to leave a youthful Rooney fuming out of frustration. 

This demeanor conveyed onto his soccer days and the footballer has been not able to avoid debate. Two decades ago when he was a youngster, Rooney once had a squabble with Everton's co-head coach Alan Irvine. 

Alan Irvine said to Rooney, "Address me like that again and you'll be back in the second side." His reaction was, "No I won't."

Could have decided to play for the

Republic of Ireland

Despite the fact that the player was born in England, he had the chance to play for the Republic of Ireland. On account of FIFA's to some degree careless principles with respect to international eligibility, he was qualified to play for Ireland as his fatherly grandparents hail from the nation. In any case, Wayne told the media that he was born in England and believes himself to be English totally. Rooney included that he never engaged lacing up his boots for another country. The Football Association of Ireland Irish unquestionably investigated the chance however and made requests about Rooney's loyalty when he was 16 years of age. Luckily for England fans, he turned Ireland down and proceeded to play for England. 

Harry Potter ultra fan 

Wayne is an ultra fan of JK Rowling's Harry Potter stories. In a festival to promote reading in youngsters, he uncovered that his preferred book was The Philosopher's Stone and J.K. Rowling's worldwide successful seller Harry Potter. The player was one of twenty

Premier League

celebrities who had pursued the festival where they should offer their preferred books to the National Literacy Trust in order to promote reading. 


said that the Harry Potter series was his most loved one on the grounds that it got his creative mind moving. Rowling's books, which have likewise been made into films, are among the most perused books on the planet. 

"Harry Potter is pretty much every kid's preferred book and the equivalent goes for many grown-ups as well. JK Rowling is a phenomenal writer and I would urge any kid to peruse the Harry Potter books. He added: "They are brimming with energy and adventure and they truly get your creative mind moving." 

Made his first professional appearance at 16 years of age

Wayne Rooney's football career seemed to be encouraging when he was only nine years old when the youngster joined Everton's academy. After 7 years in August of 2002, he made his first appearance with Everton as a 16-year-old footballer. The wonderkid once netted 72 goals in a single campaign for Liverpool Schoolboys and scored 99 for a local junior league at the point when he was 9 years old. It was this achievement that grabbed the attention of Bob Pendleton, who was exploring for Everton. The footballer was the club's mascot in the wake of two years in 1995/96 when Everton took on Liverpool in the well known Merseyside derby. He appeared to score easily while playing in Everton's childhood academy and was playing in the under-19 team when he was only 15. Rooney was Everton's second-most youthful main team footballer ever and at the time turned into the club's most youthful goalscorer ever and the most youthful scorer in the

Premier League


His Brother,

John Rooney

, is a talented soccer player too

Wayne's sibling John Rooney has additionally demonstrated his skills to be a footballer. In spite of the fact that he has not arrived at the grand statures that his more seasoned sibling has, he has still delighted in some achievement playing at sides including





Bury Chester





, and


. The 23-year-old player has likewise played in the MLS with the

New York Red Bulls

, playing close by Thierry Henry, and looking to contend with David Beckham.

Was the world’s most expensive wonderkid

Following two years as an expert footballer with Everton, Wayne wasn't excessively intrigued by the training techniques for the club's director David Moyes and in August from 2002 requested to be moved. Rooney was only 18-years of age, however, he had just demonstrated he could deal with the physicality and rigors of the English PL. Everton recommended increasing his salary from £8,000 per week to £50,000, however, he was resolute on leaving Goodison Park. 

Newcastle United

joined the race with a £20 million offer for the youth, yet Everton refused. Notwithstanding, when Sir Alex Ferguson of Old Trafford put in an offer of £25.6 million, Everton accepted and he was on his way 30 miles east to Manchester United. At that point, the charge paid for Rooney was the most noteworthy ever for a teenaged footballer. It's since been broken by his previous Man United teammate

Anthony Martial

who was purchased for £51 million in 2015. 

England's youngest goalscorer

Wayne Rooney had just registered precedents at the ideal opportunity for being the most youthful goalscorer ever for Everton and the Premier League and would before long do likewise for England's senior national side. At the point when he was 17 years and 317 days old, Rooney scored in a 2-1 Euro 2004 competition win in Macedonia. The player made the history books with the goal in September of 2003. Only seven months sooner, Rooney had likewise become the most youthful footballer to play for England at the senior level at 17 years and 111 days, however, that record would later be broken by

Theo Walcott



. When Rooney reached the Euro 2004 competition he had an effect by netting 4 goals and at the time turned into the most youthful player to score in European Championship history. That record endured only 4 days however as Johan Vonlanthen of


before long broke it. 

Numerous honors and awards

It's surely debatable, yet Wayne Rooney could in all likelihood be the greatest footballer ever for England. The Englishman has played at 3

World Cups

but announced his early retirement from international football ahead of the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia. He's the country's record-breaking goal scorer and second most-capped player at 120, behind Peter Shilton with 125. Among his numerous achievements and honors, he has been named England Player of the Year 4 times as he was regarded as of late as 2015 just as 2008, 2009, and 2014. He's been criticized for tough style of play as he holds the national side record for red cards alongside David Beckham, however, that record is only two reds in 120 matches. Wazza has likewise won the PFA Players' Player of the Year prize, named the Premier League Player of the Month a second-best 5 times, and the journalists' FWA Footballer of the Year prize. Rooney sits 5th deciding in favor of the FIFA Ballon d'Or in 2011 and was named to the FIFPro World 11 team that year.

He Loves boxing

One of Rooney's preferred games is boxing and he takes an interest just as watches it with a personal stake. It's begging to be proven wrong exactly how great of a pugilist he is however as a few recordings of Rooney boxing have aired on the internet. On one of them, he has all the earmarks of being taken out by the previous teammate

Phil Bardsley

after both of them laced up the gloves in Rooney's kitchen in 2015. Rooney frequently goes to master boxing cards and is companions with a few fighters including previous best on the planet Ricky Hatton of Manchester, as well as going with him in his corner. Wayne Rooney, who used to watch all the main events with his father and two siblings as a youth, credits boxing workout at his uncle's exercise center similar to an assistant in his football profession as it provided him with more strength. 

Rooney has uncovered in the past that one of his preferred games to watch is boxing and it is something that the player frequently practices. Truth be told, he uncovered that many footballers at Old Trafford are boxing fans and they would most of the time gather around their PCs to watch the main event. 

Rooney's adoration for boxing is something that originates from his regular working-class foundation as the footballer saw a lot of boxing when he was experiencing childhood in the city of Liverpool. Rooney's uncle ran an exercise center and there were times that he and his cousins would proceed to have a friendly fight there. His most loved fighter some time ago was Mike Tyson. 

"My uncle ran an exercise center and there were times I and my cousins would go in and open it up and simply train, it was incredibly fun and I adored it."

Signed a publishing deal with Harper Collins

Rooney signed a publishing contract with Harper Collins which was allegedly the most extravagant ever at the ideal opportunity for a games book back in March of 2006. Wayne was paid £5 million ahead of time for a progression of 5 books and he would likewise be paid royalties for the job. The superstar consented to provide the books over a range of 12 years and has just done a couple of them. The initial distribution was a self-representation that came out after the World Cup in 2006 and is called "My Story So Far". The subsequent book is titled The Official Wayne Rooney Annual and the third is called My Decade in the Premier League and released in 2012. In any case, his first book cost him a considerable amount of cash as he was sued by his previous director at Everton David Moyes over specific sections in it. The footballer depicted Moyes in a dubious light and was sued for libel alongside co-essayist Hunter Davis and the distributers Harper Collins. The player accepted to remove the section from future pressings apologized to Moyes and furthermore paid him £500,000. 

A title has eluded him

Wayne Rooney figured out how to lift 16 titles with Man United. These involve 5 Premier League trophies, 3 League Cups, an

FA Cup

, 4 FA

Community Shields

, a European Champions League, the

Europa League

, and a FIFA Club World Cup. Be that as it may, there's one title which has escaped from Rooney all through his football and this is the European Super Cup, the trophy is challenged yearly by the winners of the UEFA Europa League and the UEFA Champions League. He could have the chance to affect the loss against Real Madrid in 2017 subsequent to losing in their last appearance in 2008. Wazza and previous Man United teammate Michael Carrick are the only English footballer to win the entirety of the titles recorded above.

Has a bit of gambling issue

As per Rooney's spouse Coleen, the 34-year-old striker has somewhat of a betting issue. Luckily, he has the cash to help his propensity however just as pay for his hair transplants. Wayne apparently lost £500,000 on blackjack and roulette in two hours during a visit to a nearby gambling club and confessed to losing £50,000 before in his records. It's still longer than 42 days of wages for him however as Rooney's paid around £50,000 a week at Derby County. Indeed, it's accepted that Rooney's wife didn't need him to move to a club in China because of his affection for betting. Since she would remain in the UK, she voiced her interests that Rooney could be enticed to visit the club in the event that he was all alone. Obviously, Rooney isn't permitted to wager on football games, so he has fallen in love with casino games.

Gives a share of his salary to charities

Truly, Rooney makes huge amounts of cash every week, however, he still gives a portion of his profit to good causes and those out of luck. One of his recent donations was making a stunning £750,000 charity donation, he has handed over three cheques worth £250,000 each to charities in a remarkable Christmas gesture. He had also donated £100,000 to the victims and families of the Manchester Arena bombing. The field was the site of the horrendous terrorist attack after an Ariana Grande show in 2017. He additionally established the Wayne Rooney Foundation which was set up to support defenseless and disadvantaged youngsters. Wayne Rooney said the terrorist attack influenced him immediately as he's spent numerous evenings in the field with loved ones and was shocked by the catastrophe. Likewise, Rooney gave more than £1 million to different youngsters' foundations after his tribute game against Everton at Old Trafford in 2016.

He's likewise helped the Willow Foundation, FIFA's SOS Children's Villages, Claire House, and Alder Hey Children's Hospital.

Leading goalscorer of both Red Devils and England

At the point when Wayne Rooney does at long last hang up his boots, he'll stand out forever as being one of football's legends ever. He's the best scorer of both Man United and England. Obviously, he won't have the option to add on to his Old Trafford record, however, he ought to get the chance to continue scoring for other clubs. He had an immediate effect at Manchester United by netting a hat trick on his first appearance in a

UEFA Champions League

match against


. Rooney turned into the most youthful player to net 3 goals in a Champions League match that day as he was 18 years and 335 days old. He left the Red Devils with 253 goals for the club subsequent to breaking the 44-year-old record of 249 set by Bobby Charlton in 758 matches. His goals match in 559 games for Man United at a rate of .45 goal for every match and his 183 goals for the club are the most for one club in Premier League ever. Rooney's 53 goals for England in 120 matches are likewise a record as Charlton held the old record with 49 goals in 106 appearances.

Name in home country: Wayne Mark Rooney

Date of birth/Age: Oct 24, 1985 (34)

Place of birth: Liverpool

Citizenship: England

Height: 1,76 m

Agent: Triple S Sports

Former International: England

Caps/Goals: 120/53

Position: Midfielder / Attacking Midfielder

Foot: right

Current club: Derby County

Joined: Jan 1, 2020

Contract expires: 30.06.2021

Contract option: club option 1 year

Outfitter: Nike

Net worth: £100m

Source of wealth: Football contracts, endorsement deals, investments

- Wayne Rooney is a gifted English soccer player who has accomplished numerous honors and records through the years. 

- Wayne Mark Rooney was born in Croxteth, Liverpool, England on 24th October 1985.

- Rooney's parents are Thomas Wayne and Jeanette Marie Rooney. Wayne has two more youthful siblings called Graham and John. 

- Wazza went to Our Lady and St Swithin's elementary school and the De La Salle Humanities College. 

- He met his better half at high school, subsequent to dating for a long time they got married on 12th June 2008. 

- Rooney's wife brought forth a child named Kai Wayne Rooney on 2nd November 2009. 

- Wayne Rooney grew up as a fan of his club, Everton. 

- Rooney was 16 years old when he played for Everton for the first time. 

- Along with Everton, Rooney additionally likes Celtic. 

- Wayne Rooney turned into the most youthful player to play for England in 2003. 

- He is England's most youthful goalscorer of all time. 

- Before he transferred to Man United for £25.6 million in 2004, he played two campaigns at Everton. 

- In an away match that they won against Blackburn Rovers on 4 October 2008, Rooney turned into the most youthful player ever to play 200 times. 

- He has won the England Player of the Year award 4 times, in 2008, 2009, 2014, and 2015.

- Rooney visited the Harley Street Hair Clinic to have a hair transplant in June 2011. Wayne Rooney has undergone a second hair transplant.

- He netted his 180th goal in April 2012, a goal that made him United's 4th most goal scorer ever.

- Up until October 2012, he had played 78 international caps and netted 32 goals. as of 2018, he increased the numbers to 53 goals in 120 international games.

- All through Rooney's first campaign, he had the number 18 on his jersey. 

- He has won the Premier League Player of the Month award a total of 5 times, which is a record only bettered by Steven Gerrard and Harry Kane.

- Rooney once was the third highest-paid soccer player on the planet in 2012, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo were the other two. 

- He incidentally broke 9-year-old fan Jamie Thomas' wrist with a shot. Rooney didn't know about the accident at that point, however, he had apologized to the student on eighteenth March 2012. 

- Once upon a time, he used to run around 11.82km during a game and his feet touch the ball at least 90 times in a single match. 

- Wayne Rooney didn't accomplish a single GCSE. 

- Rooney loved Everton, started his career over there, and returned to the club once. 

- Rooney started playing for Schoolboys and netted 72 goals in a single campaign, a record that remained until May 2010. 

- At 9 years old, he was discovered by Everton scout Bob Pendleton and joined

Everton FC

- He netted 114 goals in 29 games for Everton's under-10s and 11s, and by the age of 15, he was playing for the under-19s. Rooney netted 8 goals in 8 matches during Everton's rushed to the FA Youth Cup last in 2002. This involved a goal for the last loss against Aston Villa and, after finding the back of the net, he uncovered a T-shirt that read, "When a Blue, always a Blue." 

- In 2002, during 7 years of joining Everton youth side, he made his first introduction game in a match against


. In that game, he was booed by the Tottenham Hotspur fans who yelled "Who are ya?" at whatever point he got the ball. 

- At the point when Rooney scored two goals against Wrexham, He turned into Everton's most youthful goalscorer around then on 2nd October 2002. 

- A week before his seventeenth birthday celebration, Rooney netted a very late winning goal against Arsenal on 19 October and furthermore made him the most youthful goal scorer in Premier League ever, a record that has since been outperformed twice, by James Milner and James Vaughan. 

- He had announced the "BBC Young Sports Personality of the Year" in the year 2002

- Rooney made his first football contract, which made him one of world football's most generously compensated youngsters. 

- At 17 years of age, Rooney played his first senior international game for the England national side in January 2003. 

- During UEFA Euro 2004 tournament he netted 4 goals and subsequently turned into the most youthful goal scorer throughout the entire existence of the European Championship. 

- Wayne Rooney is England's record-breaker goal scorer and furthermore second most capped footballer for his national team.

- He was purchased by the well known Man United club because of his extraordinary displays. The Red Devils offered him a contract worth £25.6 million. It was the most noteworthy expense at any point paid for a footballer under 20 years of age. Sir Alex Ferguson, at that point director of the club, stated that "There were a lot of eyebrows raised" when he convinced the club's authorities to consider Rooney for this fee. 

- Rooney was given the 8 number jersey and in his first display for the club, he scored a hat trick making his side going for a simple triumph against the rivals in UEFA Champion League. This hattrick additionally made him the most youthful footballer ever to score thrice in a match in the UEFA Champion League game. Rooney was only 18 years and 335 days old around then. 

- Rooney is initially a fighter and to manage and reduce his stress he regularly goes for boxing. 

- He has received the highest number of red cards for England having been sent off on two different occasions. Rooney levels this record with another extraordinary England footballer David Beckham. 

- Rooney lifted the PFA Players' Player of the Year and the FWA Footballer of the Year in 2009–10. He has won the Premier League Player of the Month prize 5 times as well. 

- He has been nicknamed "Wazza", that was a reference to previous English superstar Paul Gascoigne, who was likewise a skilled footballer who struggled with off-pitch problems. Rooney was given this nickname due to his clever and keen displays as a youngster. He kept on showing his exceptional strategies and plans astonishing his rival sides. 

- He, at last, married a TV presenter, Coleen McLoughlin his classmate following 6 years of dating on June 12, 2008. 

- Rooney gave £100,000 to good causes, the sum he got out of slander damages from the newspapers "The Sun" and "Updates on the World." 


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