The Longest Soccer Winning Streaks Of All Time

What is the longest series of wins in football ever?
The Longest Soccer Winning Streaks Of All Time

By win streak in sports, we mean a series of wins in a succession of dominated matches or competitions. It very well may be applied to groups in group sports, and people in singular games as an individual. In sports where groups represent nations or regions, those gatherings can likewise be said to have a series of wins and record a winning streak if their teams dominate back to back matches or rivalries, regardless of whether the contenders are extraordinary. Streaks can likewise be applied to explicit tournaments, for instance, a contender who wins an event in three back to back Olympic Games has an Olympic series of wins that we name winning streak, regardless of whether they have lost different matches during that time. The question is that Has any team at any point dominated each game in a football season? What is the longest series of wins in football ever?

 There are some remarkable series of wins throughout the entire existence of different games, the Cincinnati Independence High school in North Carolina had a triumphant American Football of 109 matches for more than seven years, just finished a year ago. In baseball, the record is held by the New York Giants with 26 successive successes in 1916, the UCLA Bruins dominated 88 basketball matches straight, back to the 1970s. In soccer, there have been teams who have gone an entire season without a single loss. Among the most celebrated of those were Arsenal in the 2003-04 English Premier League campaign and during 1992-93 AC Milan in Serie A. Liverpool also are drawing near to accomplishing a similar achievement this season in PL. But, has any team ever won every match in a campaign?




The Longest Soccer Winning Streaks Of All Time

But let's see is there any team ever won every game in a season? The answer to that question is yes. But not many, and not for a long time. In fact, you have to go back 65 years to the 1942-43 season in Germany when Dresdner SC won all 23 of their games. The year before that, National in Uruguay won all 20 of their games. The only other perfect seasons on record belong to Hamburg winning all 11 games in 1927-28 and Ferencsvaros in Hungary winning all 22 in 1931-32.
In international football, the record for consecutive wins is held by France whose run of 14 wins was ended in April 2004. The only team to ever win all World cup qualifying matches and finals tournament matches are the great Brazil side in 1970 who won all 13 games in the competition.

The Longest Soccer Winning Streaks Of All Time

In England 4 teams share the record of 14 winnings streak and two teams are above them holding the record of 17 and 18 winning streaks, Manchester City and Liverpool:

The 1904–05 season was Manchester United's thirteenth campaign in the Football League. The Reds completed third in the Second Division. Man United also featured in the FA Cup but losing to Fulham, failed to get past the second round stage.

Manchester United 1904-05 – Second division - 14 matches
Bristol City 1905-06 – Second division -  14 matches
Preston North End 1950-51 – Second division -  14 matches
Arsenal 2001-02/2002-03 – Premier League - 14 matches
Manchester City – 15 wins (February-August 2019) - 15 matches
Liverpool – 17 wins (March 2019-October 2019) -  17 matches
Manchester City – 18 wins (August-December 2017) - 18 matches

It was the best Premier League season at any point recorded for a club, Pep Guardiola's side set records turning into the main side ever to record 100 points, having the most ever wins in a campaign with 32, netting the most goals with 106 and enlisting the division's greatest ever goal rate +72. 
Amidst their amazing year, City likewise set another record for the most back to back successes. Their run included annihilation of Liverpool and Crystal Palace with 5-0, Watford 6-0 and Stoke City 7-2. Their run finished with a goalless match against Crystal Palace.

The Longest Soccer Winning Streaks Of All Time

Over the remainder of Europe, the longest record of back to back successes on record has a place with Benfica in Portugal between 1971-72 and 1972-73 recorded 29 victories in succession having the legend, Eusebio.

Other striking runs have been accomplished by:

28 games – Dinamo Zagreb – 2007-08
25 games – Celtic – 2003-04
22 games – PSV Eindhoven – 1987-88
17 games – Inter – 2006-07
15 games – Real Madrid – 1960-61
15 games – Bayern Munich – 2005-06

The Longest Soccer Winning Streaks Of All Time

The genuine world record for dominating matches straight would appear to have a place with Sparta Prague who allegedly succeeded at least 51 back to back games somewhere in the range of 1920 and 1923. The records for the game in Czechoslovakia around then are not indisputable, in any case. 
As of late in South America, the best series of wins record has a place with San Lorenzo in Argentina who dominated 13 matches in 2001. Around the remainder of the world, measurements are not constantly solid. In 1997, DC United began the North American campaigns with 14 back to back successes.

The Longest Soccer Winning Streaks Of All Time

Non-league records are rare, but the top ten best recorded winning streaks in semi-professional or professional soccer are as per the following:

1. 29 Benfica
2. 28 Dinamo Zagreb
3. 25 Celtic
4. 22 PSV Eindhoven
5. 17 Inter
6. 15 Real Madrid
6. 15 Bayern Munich
7. 14 Arsenal
7. 14 Bristol City
7. 14 Preston North End
7. 14 Manchester United
7. 14 DC United
8. 13 San Lorenzo
8. 13 Reading
9. 12 Barcelona
10. 11 Roma

What about the longest unbeaten runs? In 2017, Celtic made the record of 69 games unbeaten run in the Scottish Premier League, an achievement that put Brendan Rodgers' team up on unbeatables standing of all time. A long enough unbeaten record to put them on's local unbeatables leaderboard of all time. Now let's take a gander at the longest league streaks without a defeat accomplished in European highest divisions.

104: Steaua Bucuresti (1986–89)

During the mid-1980s brilliant age under Emeric Jenei and later Anghel Iordanescu, the Romanian team set this European amazing record. Titleholders of the 1985/86 European Champion Clubs' Cup including Victor Piturca, Miodrag Belodedici, Gavril Balint, Laszlo Boloni, and Marius Lacatus were unparalleled at home. They lifted five back to back trophies until a resurgent Dinamo Bucuresti eliminated them in 1989/90. They additionally won every one of the 15 Romanian Cup matches they played at that time, saw them having an all-out local unbeaten run with the record of 119 successive matches.

The Longest Soccer Winning Streaks Of All Time

88: Lincoln (2009–14)
on 2 July 2014, At the point when the Red Imps turned into the principal Gibraltarian team to play in Europe, drawing 1-1 with HB Torshavn before a 5-2 defeat in the Faroe Islands, losing was not something Lincoln were easy with. They didn't lose in the Gibraltar Premier Division between 9 May 2009 and 19 September 2014, at about two thousand days the longest consecutive unbeaten league streak happened. However, they suffered two Rock Cup losses in that time just as the game at HB. That came amidst a run of 14 back to back titles from 2003 to 2016 that equals Skonto's European record.

63: Sheriff (2006–08)
Between 2001 and 2010 the Tiraspol-based side totally ruled Moldovan football in winning ten consecutive championships. in any case, in 2006/07, under Belarusian coach Leonid Kuchuk they hit some kind of critical record, becoming the initial team to win the national trophy without losing a single match. In March 2008, Arch-rivals Zimbru finally finished this well-known streak, before Sheriff walked onto another title.

The Longest Soccer Winning Streaks Of All Time

62: Celtic (1915–17)
Between November 1915 and April 1917 with their first director Willie Maley, Celtic set up a United Kingdom record for an unbeaten arrangement of 62 matches, involving 2 matches against Raith Rovers and Motherwell for a day. Jimmy Napoleon McMenemy and Patsy Gallagher were the superstars of a side which likewise featured Alec The Icicle McNair, having 604 games played, despite everything hold the Scottish club's matches record.

61: Levadia Tallinn (2008–09)
They were supported by a neighborhood metals firm and the remainder of Estonia unquestionably felt Levadia's steel under manager Igor Prins, however in November 2009 in spite of the fact that Trans Narva, at last, finished their unprecedented streak, on the last days of the campaign. however Prins at that point stated: "The fans will recollect our great unbeaten streak, despite the fact that I won't deny that we went so long undefeated due to a nonappearance of solid rivals,".

60: Union Saint-Gilloise (1933–35)
For their undefeated run they are still known as Union 60, which finished up with a February 1935 annihilation by Daring Club de Bruxelles, the club from the Brussels rural cities gathered three back to back trophies during their series of wins. To check their accomplishments, the Pappaert Cup is passed out each season to the side that appreciates the longest unbeaten arrangement. At that point in 1934, the title is named after Union's skipper Jules Pappaert, a key figure in the team nearby striker Vital Van Landeghem, Belgium's scoring machine with 29 goals in that year.

The Longest Soccer Winning Streaks Of All Time

59: Shirak (1993–95)
59: Pyunik (2002–04)
"Shirak were an excellent team back then," reviewed Andranik Adamyan, who mentored them in their 1990s prime. "We had our pioneers, however all the footballers were prepared to blast enthusiastically and show their quality. We had a decent working rate in the club and furthermore that triumphant spirit. That is the reason we were incredible." against Shirak, Pyunik were driven by three unique mentors during their unbeaten run who were Oscar Lopez, Mihai Stoichita and afterward Vardan Minasyan. Two teams share Armenia's national record.

58: AC Milan (1991–93)
Under Arrigo Sacchi, the Italian side that handled the European Cup in 1989 and 1990 were named the Immortals. the team that got three progressive Italian titles under Fabio Capello somewhere in the range of 1992 and 1994, just as the 1993/94 UEFA Champions League, were the undefeated team. To be sure, AC Milan won the 1991/92 Scudetto without losing a single match at the core of this brilliant run.  Previous Milan midfielder Roberto Donadoni stated that "Fabio Capello did very well in proceeding with the activity began by Sacchi and adding just some pieces to finish it ideally".

58: Olympiacos (1972–74)
In the wake of speculation from transportation head honcho and club president Nikos Goulandris, in October 1972, losses at PAOK and April 1974 finished an extraordinary record under mentor Lakis Petropoulos. The Piraeus giants guaranteed three Greek titles in succession from 1972 to 1975, establishing an exceptional situation with netting 104 goals in the 1973/74 season. Yves Triantafyllos was their striker who scored 58 goals in 80 games in his three-year contract, while Romain Argyroudis, Michalis Kritikopoulos, and Giorgos Delikaris assumed an excellent responsibility in the team.

The Longest Soccer Winning Streaks Of All Time

58: Skonto (1993–96)
Toward the beginning of a managing profession which would top when he drove Latvia to UEFA EURO 2004, Aleksandrs Starkovs accumulated an all-vanquishing squad at Skonto, with Jurijs Ševļakovs, Mihails Zemļinskis, Vitalijs Astafjevs, and Vladimirs Babicevs the foundation of their club and national squads. "Each point we dropped was an agonizing blow for us since we were certain we would dominate each game," long-time Skonto commander Zemļinskis stated: "During 1994 and 1995, that triumphant soul permitted us to win 14 titles in succession and the record along these lines equalled by Lincoln. We didn't lose any single game."

56: Benfica (1976–78)
Porto came extremely close to coordinating Benfica's national record In 2012, led by Englishman John Mortimore. The previous Chelsea footballer flaunted extraordinary footballers like Toni, Fernando Chalana, Joao Alves, Humberto Coelho, Nene, Manuel Bento, Sheu, and Minervino Pietra who is presently assistant to Benfica manager Rui Vitoria. Mortimore's players went undefeated from October 1976 until a 1-0 defeat in late August 1978 at Porto.

=55: Porto (2010–12)
In March 2010, Director Jesualdo Ferreira commenced this perfect run and Andre 
Villas-Boas propped it up, through a season when Porto likewise won the 2010/11 UEFA Europa League. Be that as it may, under Vitor Pereira at Gil Vicente Porto at long last dropped the flag with a 3-1 loss. "We indicated a lack of concern that doesn't befit a club that needs to be titleholder," said the mentor, whose charges, at any rate, in comparison to the team under Sir Bobby Robson somewhere in the range of 1994 and 1996, outperformed their club record of 53 matches undefeated.

The Longest Soccer Winning Streaks Of All Time

=55: Shakhtar Donetsk (2000–02)
The Pitmen's perfect record started with a 2-1 triumph against Nyva Ternopil in June 2000 and proceeded in spite of the separation of mentor Viktor Prokopenko. Italian manager Nevio Scala dominated and did a miraculous job with footballers like Andriy Vorobey, Anatoliy Tymoshchuk, Julius Aghahowa, Mariusz Lewandowski, Brandao, and Isaac Okoronkwo. In 2001/02 he guided Shakhtar to their first-historical Ukrainian trophy, however, the run finished six matches into the following season, with Scala leaving the club 3 matches after.

There are likewise teams that have dominated the continent's domestic leagues and cups.

Juventus have earned eighth Serie A title in a row which is the longest streak in any of Europe's major leagues and the joint longest across the continent, yet it is as yet insufficient to put them on the ultimate leaderboard for progressive titles. 

Most titles in European championships in succession:
14 Lincoln (Gibraltar) 2002/03–2015/16
14 Skonto (Latvia) 1991–2004
13 BATE Borisov (Belarus) 2006–2018
13 Rosenborg (Norway) 1992–2004
11 Dinamo Zagreb (Croatia) 2005/06–2015/16
10 Dinamo Tbilisi (Georgia) 1990–1999
10 Dynamo Berlin (East Germany) 1978/79–1987/88
10 MTK Budapest (Hungary) 1914, 1917–1925
10 Pyunik (Armenia) 2001–2010
10 Sheriff (Moldova) 2001–2010

The Longest Soccer Winning Streaks Of All Time

Longest current championships :

8 Juventus (Italy) 2011/12–
8 The New Saints (Wales) 2011/12–
8 Celtic (Scotland) 2011/12– (Scottish record is 9 held by both Celtic and Rangers)
8 Ludogorets Razgrad (Bulgaria) 2011/12–
7 APOEL (Cyprus) 2012/13–
7 Bayern Munchen (Germany) 2012/13–
6 Salzburg (Austria) 2013/14–
6 Qarabağ (Azerbaijan) 2013/14–
6 Santa Coloma (Andorra) 2013/14–
6 Astana (Kazakhstan) 2014–

The Longest Soccer Winning Streaks Of All Time