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Cristiano Ronaldo best goals ever

How well do you remember the greatest goals of Cristiano Ronaldo's career? Which are your favorite ones? Here are some of our picks for Ronaldo best goals of all time.

When we talk goals in the world of football, there are not many players who shine on the pinnacle of greatness. Only a handful of footballers have proven themselves to be the most prolific goal-scorers of all time.  Although the era of

Cristiano Ronaldo


Lionel Messi

’s domination of football seems to be reaching an end, they are nonetheless two of the greatest footballers that the world has ever seen. Ronaldo, being one side of the decade-old rivalry, has been nothing but brilliant through the years of his career.

The Portuguese superstar has reached the heights that only a few other have in the whole history of football, scoring an unbelievable 750 goals over the years. Not only has he reached the 750-goal mark, he has also surpassed this figure as he aims to push himself much further and reach the 800-goal mark and outshine the legendary Pele, who is known to have scored the most goals in history.

Now obviously, there is no need for the 35-year-old to add another fifty goals to his tally for us to be able to select some of

Cristiano Ronaldo best goals ever

, as he has had more than his fair share of sensational goals that wowed both his fans and the opposition’s supporters. Left foot, right foot, header, back-heel, bicycle kick, free kick, long range, short range, penalty, you name it, Cristiano has scored a plethora of such goals.

We know you too are excited to reminisce about some of most beautiful goals that you have seen, as some of these goals even acted as benchmarks in the Portugal international’s life and career. So without further ado, let us have a look at some of Cristiano Ronaldo best goals in his career.

Cristiano Ronaldo greatest goals ever

As a quick disclaimer, the Portuguese striker’s goal tally is incredible and we could not include of his goals, as he has scored literally hundreds of absolute beauties. Here are only some of

Ronaldo best goal ever in football history


Real Madrid v Manchester United

Seeing your former star score against your team after leaving the club is always a difficult moment to experience. But that is the way of life and many have had to live with it, while many suffered the heartbreak of seeing their best players joining their archrivals. While Ronaldo did not break the hearts of his fans as Luis Figo when he moved to Real Madrid, it was still difficult for Manchester United’s supporters to see him leave.

As if losing your talented winger was not bad enough, the Red Devils got to witness one of Cristiano Ronaldo best goals ever when Man United and

Real Madrid

clashed in the Champions League. It was one of those moments that everyone watched in awe as the Portuguese goal machine showed his class to the world in a moment that everything seemed to have stopped except for Ronaldo himself and the ball.

It was all thanks to a long cross from Angel Di Maria, the current

Paris Saint-Germain

winger, that we got to witness this beautiful moment. The cross went high above everyone else to reach Cristiano on David de Gea’s left-hand side as Ferdinand watched Patrice Evra fail at keeping their former player from reaching the ball.

As Evra struggled to find his balance after taking a few steps back, Ronaldo leapt, or better to say flew to the air to masterfully head the ball into the back of the net, with Madridistas roaring as they cheered for one of

Cristiano Ronaldo greatest goals ever


Real Madrid v Atletico Madrid

Scoring in any game is a joy to experience, but goals scored in derbies are the ones that people, especially the goal-scorer remember for the rest of their lives. All derbies are exciting, as two archrivals go against each other in either the league, the domestic cup or a continental competition. But the Madrid derby is one of those games which are talked about for weeks before the match, with millions of viewers waiting anxiously to watch two of the best teams in Europe lock horns.


Atletico Madrid

are known for their solid defense, they have not been safe from some of

Ronaldo best goals of all time

either, as this magnificent goal came against Rojiblancos, Real Madrid’s city rivals. Cristiano has always been known for his fantastic long-range free-kicks, and that is exactly what we got to see in this famous old

La Liga

derby. When it comes to free-kicks and the ball is given to Ronaldo, nobody expects the Portuguese superstar to pass the ball to another teammate, yet this one still managed to bamboozle the then Atletico goalkeeper, Thibaut Courtois.

The Belgian goalkeeper was awaiting Ronaldo’s shot, while four defenders were standing as the defensive wall in front of one of the greatest strikers of all time. It clearly shows how much class you have got when four defenders stand in front of you when you want to take a free-kick from more than thirty yards away. But not only did this wall not stop the striker from putting the ball in the back of the net, but it also helped create one of the

greatest goals of Cristiano Ronaldo's career


While the Atletico goalkeeper expected Ronaldo to shoot the ball to his right-hand side, the striker took a beautiful knuckleball shot to the keeper’s left-hand side which truly deceived him, as he was pinned to spot after opting to go the wrong way. Not only was this free-kick one of Cristiano Ronaldo best goals ever, it was also his fiftieth goal of that season, which was another amazing record all by itself.

Real Madrid v Valencia

Next on our list of Cristiano Ronaldo best goals in his career, is one those goals that you usually see

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

pull off. While scoring such bizarre goals is a specialty of Zlatan, Cristiano too has score a number of such goals by pulling off a stunning trick that completely dumbfounded the defenders and the goalkeeper. This particular goal came against Valencia, one of Real Madrid’s fiercest rivals in Spain, as they locked horns in an intense match at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium.

Once again, the assist came from the left-footed Angel Di Maria, who had gotten used to send the ball into the box from the sides for the Portuguese icon to finish with a beautiful touch. This goal, however, had a bit more mystique to it, as it was not a rather conventional way of scoring.



were ahead on the score-line, all Ronaldo needed was a cross from his teammate to put the ball into the back of the net with a back kick that you do not see someone try often, to make things even on the scoresheet. This iconic goal truly deserved to be on the list of

Cristiano Ronaldo best goals ever


Manchester United v Portsmouth

There might be tens of long-range goals that could be a contender for

Cristiano Ronaldo best goals ever

, but while all of his goals from outside the box are brilliant, only a few are as spectacular as this one. This goal came during a match against


, when the young and ambitious Portuguese talent was gaining more prominence every week.

The ball was in the middle of the enemy territory and somehow none of the opposition defenders were there to hold back Ronaldo, as he picked up the ball and started going left. As defenders were busy marking the other lethal players on Manchester United’s roster, the young Cristiano found the space and time to position himself for perfect long-range shot which no one expected to see.

Ronaldo has always been a right-footed player, but we have seen him score phenomenal goals with his left foot as well. During these days, however, his left foot was not as tested as now, and not many people knew about the power and accuracy of his left foot. Of course after this shot everyone realized how powerful his left foot is, as he struck the ball from almost thirty yards away and from between two defenders who thought they had him pinned.

While the shot did not have much of a curve or anything, it was insanely powerful as it went into the back of the net like a rocket, just above the goalkeeper’s hands. Those who witnessed this goal know that they did in fact witness one of Ronaldo best goal ever in football history.

Manchester United v Arsenal

Now we know what we have said about Ronaldo. We know that he scores from long-range and is a skillful master of free-kicks with his gunslinger pose. But it would seriously take an inhuman genius of a footballer to try his luck from the distance that this goal was scored. As the next item on our list of

Cristiano Ronaldo best goals ever

, it proved to everyone that the young Portuguese winger was going to dominate the world with his wonderful goals.

It is actually surprising that Ronaldo does not try his chances from free-kicks from so far out, as we have seen quite an interesting number of such goals from his days back at Man United or even his early days at Real Madrid. The current Juventus player was almost feared by anyone in the

Premier League

when it came to him taking a free-kick, which is why the goalkeeper had ordered some of his defenders to create a wall in front of Ronaldo, even though he was almost thirty yards away from the goal.

The young gunslinger glanced at the goal from long range, then turned his head to the ball, ran towards at and took an immensely powerful shot from so far away, to Manuel Almunia’s left-hand side. It flew towards the goal like a rocket and the keeper did not see it coming, while not even fully stretching his body could save them from the inevitable as the ball hit the net going in from the right-hand side of the goal. It truly was one of Cristiano Ronaldo best goals ever.

Real Madrid v Wolfsburg

While some might argue that this goal might not be as beautiful as the other items on the list of Cristiano Ronaldo best goals ever, we felt the need to include it on this list as well, as it not only completed Ronaldo’s hat-trick in the Champions League match against


, it also completed the comeback that Los Blancos were hoping for.

While they lost the away match to the


side, Ronaldo managed to single-handedly complete the comeback with a beautiful hat-trick at the Santiago Bernabeu. They eventually went on to win the competition that year, which was the first of the consecutive three UCL titles they won with Zidane.

As one of Cristiano Ronaldo best goals ever, it was once again a free-kick that saved Real Madrid from losing to a team which was relatively weaker on paper. The Portuguese superstar stepped up to take the free-kick as six men were standing before him and the goal. But it did not prove to be enough as his shot actually went from inside the wall itself as the defenders blocked the goalkeeper’s view, which only meant that the keeper could not reach the ball in time as it went into the goal so that we could witness yet another one of Cristiano Ronaldo best goals ever.

Portugal v Spain

We cannot simply talk about that completed comebacks and not mention

Cristiano Ronaldo world cup goals

. Almost three years ago, we got to witness yet another one of Cristiano Ronaldo best goals ever at the 2018 World Cup in Russia, as the Portugal international, once again single-handedly, went on to save his national team from losing against Spain on the first match-day of the group stage.

While many believed that Ronaldo was not the young and ambitious free-kick taker that he used to be during his time at Manchester United, he once again proved his worth by beautifully placing the ball in the top bin as

David de Gea

stood right where he has, as he knew that there was no way of reaching that ball in time. The ball was so masterfully struck that even the jumping wall could not stop the curved shot from going in. It was truly one of the most memorable Cristiano Ronaldo world cup goals.

Manchester United v Porto

When we say “absolute rocket of a shot”, this is what we mean, a shot so powerful that might even tear through the net if it is struck from a closer range. But the young Cristiano did not do close range. He was always looking to create memorable moments by trying his luck from ridiculous distances. That is why we have so many choices when it comes to selecting a contender for Cristiano Ronaldo best goals ever.

Imagine having the ball in the middle of the opposition’s half and a defender is getting close to tackle you. What would you do? While many players might try and dribble the defender, or just easily pass the ball to another available teammate, that is not what Cristiano is all about. He saw the goal, then kept his head down and launched his “absolute rocket of a shot” from long distance as he watched it go in the opposite direction and hit the back of the net.

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Juventus v Sampdoria

We just had to include this one amongst Ronaldo’s best goals ever, as it almost seemed inhuman to do. While we have seen the 35-year-old fly into the air to head the ball countless times, this time it felt like he was actually flying as he jumped almost as high as the defender’s height to reach the ball.

While this goals against


might not be as memorable as his hat-trick against Spain, or his hat-trick against Wolfsburg, it is certainly worth mentioning on this list just due to the sheer technicality and physicality that Ronaldo actually showed at this age as he could have easily sat over the bar if he wanted to. But instead of sitting over the bar, he headed the ball into the back of the net as everyone lost their mind over how high the 35-year-old had jumped.

Real Madrid v Juventus

We all know about this one, as it almost broke the internet and the media as it happened. One of the most beautiful goals of the Champions League, which even Ronaldo himself believes to be his best goal ever. Not everyone gets a standing ovation from the opposition supporters. But that is exactly what Cristiano got from


fans after scoring an absolutely unbelievable bicycle kick.

It was once again against Juventus in the Champions League that the Portugal international showed his class. A simple cross from Lucas Vazquez was all that Ronaldo needed to float high in the air and masterfully put the ball past Gianluigi Buffon, who was pinned to his spot in awe of the sheer class of Cristiano’s goal. Maybe it was in fact at that moment, when Juventus fans applauded him, that he decided to make Turin his next destination, as he moved to Juventus the very next season after winning the third consecutive

Champions League


That ends our list of Cristiano’s best goals of all time, but we all know that these are only some of the beautiful and mesmerizing goals he has scored. With already surpassing the 750-goal mark, the Portuguese striker is looking forward to breaking the all-time most international goals record, currently held by Ali Daie. It is only a matter of time before we see him break this truly amazing record and surpass the 800-goal mark, breaking yet another record by surpassing Pele’s goal-scoring heights.

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