Zlatan Ibrahimovic best goals ever

Wed 09 December 2020 | 6:30

Who wouldn’t want to reminisce about Zlatan Ibrahimovic best goals of all time? Follow us below as we share our picks for the best goals the Lion has ever scored.

When it comes to the greatest strikers of all time, few players would actually make it to the top-10 list, although there are many iconic and prolific forwards in the history of football. While most of the time it is but a matter of taste, there are those players whose class we cannot possibly deny. One such iconic and legendary player is

AC Milan

forward, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who clearly does not need any introduction.

While literally any football enthusiast would know who Zlatan is, we thought it would better to take a look at his accomplishments so far, to get a better understanding of where he stands amongst the greatest players of all time before we count down on our picks for

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

best goals ever.

Zlatan (aka The Lion) ages like fine wine, or as he put it recently, he is like Benjamin Button, a fictional character who ages backwards. "I've always been young, never old. I still have the strength to score so I hope to continue like this. They tell me that I'm old and tired but I'm barely warming up”, said the striker in an interview with Milan TV after a 4-1 win against



Many young footballers dreaming of one day becoming superstars in the world of football, might want to ask about Zlatan’s routine, as he has clearly fulfilled that dream long ago. What is more impressive is that the Swede striker has scored more than 550 goals during his career and only Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are the only active players to have reached and surpassed such a figure, which shows where The Lion stands amongst the best in the world.

With literally hundreds of goals scored, it would be quite difficult to choose and create a shortlist of Zlatan best goals in football history. But there are a few instances which are so memorable for both the fans and Zlatan himself, that they have turned into his career’s benchmarks. Most of these goals are iconic bangers that many in the world would remember forever, as they have created some of the most memorable moments for the fans to experience. Let us take a look at some of Zlatan greatest goals in his career.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic best goals of all time

Here are our picks for Zlatan Ibrahimovic best goals ever. Which one do you remember? Which one is your favorite?

Ajax v NAC Breda

  • 2004/05

The Swedish beast is known for his bicycle kicks, karate kicks, flying kicks, Kung Fu kicks and any exotic sort of scoring a goal, as we have seen him finish in unbelievable manners over the years. But there have been times that we have seen a rather different side of Zlatan. While he usually shoots the ball with immense power which is too hard to control for many goalkeepers, he showed us his “Maradona-esque” skills which would definitely do the late Argentinian legend proud.

This particular wondergoal came about in the Netherlands in a match between


and NAC Breda. During the match, the young and ambitious Ibra amazingly took the ball from 30 yards away, dribbling past more than five defenders, taking them on one by one with cheeky moves as if here were playing FIFA on amateur level to finally reach the goalkeeper and drag-back the ball one more time and slot the ball home.

It was definitely one of

Zlatan greatest goals in his career

as it not only wowed everyone watching from their TVs, it also silenced the booing and whistling fans who were too upset to enjoy their formally departing striker’s last moments of brilliance. It was public knowledge that Ibra had reached an agreement to move to Juventus next season, which we are you would understand why fans were not too happy about their best promising striker leaving.

LA Galaxy v Toronto FC

  • 2018/2019

Few players have managed to score a whopping five hundred goals during their career. But while reaching the 500 goal tally might seem possible for some footballers, reaching such a benchmark with a stylish and quite unbelievable backflip overhead karate kick is truly impossible, except for Zlatan that is of course.

While such goals are quite unexpected and worthy of talking about for years and maybe decades, it is not surprising that scoring these goals is actually expected of The Lion, since the 39-year-old has been able to score quite so many of these wonders. That is why selecting

Zlatan Ibrahimovic best goals ever

seems to be a difficult task. But surely we should have to talk about such a benchmark in the


international’s career.

One of Zlatan best goals ever came about during his time at LA Galaxy when they played against the reigning champions,

Toronto FC

. His team were already 3-0 down in the 43rd minute of the first half, and the game looked to be over before the second half had even started. But that is exactly when players such as Ibra tend to shine the most.

Right at that moment, Giovani Dos Santos sent the ball over everyone’s heads towards Zlatan as it seemed to be straying off the Swedish striker. But in a moment of brilliance, he turned, did a 360, lifted up his foot and karate kicked the ball into the back of the net as jaws dropped in awe of his mesmerizing goal.

As one of Zlatan best goals in football history marked his 500-goal tally, the team got motivated enough to pull a comeback and make it 3-3. But it did not prove enough as they conceded two more goals and lost to the previous season’s champions.

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Barcelona v Real Zaragoza

  • 2009/10

Now we all know that Ibrahimovic can take some of the strongest shots that many professional and even world-class keepers would struggle in keeping out or deflecting in some way. But still one would think that a free-kick would be given to Leo Messi or Xavi or Iniesta, before Zlatan is even considered as a free-kick taker. But that is exactly what happened when a long range free-kick was given to Barcelona against

Real Zaragoza

and the ball was given to Ibra this time.

If you know about Zlatan’s career, you would know that he did not get to enjoy much of a happy spell during his time in Catalonia with


. But not enjoying his time does not mean that we did not get to witness some of

Ibrahimovic best goals of all time

during his one season with La Blaugrana.

The ball was on the ground a little bit to the left side of the box from thirty yards out, while four defenders had created a wall in front of the Swedish icon. While most people taking a free-kick would try to lift the ball up the wall and back down into the goal with a knuckleball shot or a curved finesse strike, Zlatan opted to go the other way and use power instead of placement which took the goalkeeper by surprise.

Zaragoza goalkeeper had initially expected that the Barcelona would try the first way, which is why he moved before the shot was even taken and made it much harder for himself to react when he saw the ball going to his left rather than to his right. While he did get his hands on the ball, he was not able to deflect the ball away as it was too strong to handle and went under the bar into the goal as beautifully as it could. It was truly one of Zlatan Ibrahimovic best goals ever.

Sweden v England

  • 2012/2013

It was only fitting that we would select one The Lion’s international goals as the next on our list of

Zlatan Ibrahimovic best goals ever

. But you see, the reason behind this selection was not for the sake of including an international goal on the list as well, since for some people it might be The Best goal that Ibra has ever scored in his life, which says a lot considering how many goals he has actually scored throughout his career.

This one was indeed special, as it came against England back in 2012. While it might be hard to believe that we witnessed this goal almost eight years ago, seeing it for the first time was even more difficult to believe as viewers witnessed one of Zlatan greatest goals in his career.

The goal came when a rather aimless and purposeless ball was sent towards England’s penalty box as Zlatan darted forward to get to the ball as fast as he could. But it was Joe Hart who reached the ball first, coming out of the goal to head the ball away from the Sweden international, while other


defenders were closing in on him as well. Of course we might not have witnessed such a brilliant goal if it were not for Joe Hart’s mistake of coming out of his line to defend the ball.

As the English goalkeeper headed the ball away, defenders ran towards the penalty box to stop the opposition intruders from getting inside. But Zlatan had another idea that would shock the whole stadium.

He tracked back towards the ball which was still in the air, but he did not wait for it to come down, as he jumped high in the air to masterfully bicycle kick the ball from such a long way away, and somehow put it in the back of the net, as England defenders were not able to keep it out of the line. The goal was so beautiful that even the commentator admitted that was not only one of

Zlatan best goals ever

, but it was also The Best goal that he had ever seen in his life.

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Inter v Bologna

  • 2008/09

We have seen so many of Zlatan greatest goals in his career, that we are never surprised to see him score unbelievable goals anymore. Of course back in the day, when Ibra was at

Inter Milan

in 2008 before his move to Barcelona the very next season, his goal against


wowed everyone at the stadium and anyone who was watching the game live on TV.

Now taking the ball to either the left or the right side of the penalty box for a cross is not a genius tactic, as everyone does this move quite often, which leaves the space open for genius moments from the players themselves to score unexpected goals from quite expected situations. This is why you need a player like Zlatan (which of course we know there is only one Zlatan), to bring about that genius moment in a match.

The ball was crossed inside towards the young Swede and the defender seemed to have the upper hand as he was closer to the ball. Now this is the part which makes this particular goal one of

Zlatan best goals in football history


While most of the players would go in to try and head the ball into the goal, which would be instantly shut down by the defender, Ibra once again went the other way and used his stretched and tall stature to his advantage, as he turned away from the goal and back-heeled the ball mid-air right in front the defender’s eyes, who had thrown himself forwards in hopes of heading the ball away before anyone else, as the keeper was nailed to his spot without any reactions. It was truly one of Zlatan Ibrahimovic best goals ever.

Inter v Reggina

  • 2008/09

While people are praising Zlatan for his impressive and quite outstanding performance in Serie A with

AC Milan

this season, the 2008 Zlatan playing for Inter was definitely something else, as we have included two of his goals during his time with Inter on the list of Zlatan Ibrahimovic best goals ever.

This goal too had mix of Maradona ft. Ronaldinho feel in it, as the Swede striker took the ball just above the halfway line and slowly advanced towards the opposition defenders, taking big steps towards the goal. All


defenders were sprinting back to defend their lines as two center-backs stepped forward to challenge Zlatan. But he cheekily changed course and moved to the left as the slide tackling defender and his mate were left on the spot.

Now there were other defenders who might have stopped Ibra had he gone too deep inside. That is when we witnessed yet another one of Zlatan best goals ever, as he saw the opportunity to lob the ball past the goalkeeper who had come out of his line, not expecting that good of a chip shot. Zlatan beautifully chipped the ball with his left foot which was even more unexpected, as the Swede usually uses his right foot to score.

PSG v Anderlecht

  • 2013/14

Given how he scored the stunning bicycle kick goal against England, which was dubbed to be one of Zlatan Ibrahimovic best goals ever, we know that The Lion is known for turning dead balls into gorgeous goals that become a core memory in the lives of many watching his games. Another moment of brilliance came in the 2013/14 season, when Zlatan was still at

Paris Saint-Germain

as they were up against


in the Champions League group stages.

As one of the best strikers in the history of football, Zlatan actually managed to score four goals against the Belgian side. But only one has made it to the list of Zlatan Ibrahimovic best goals ever. Once again, it should be noted that this chance was not the result of a brilliant and genius tactical move, as the ball was up in the air, considered to be a dead ball waiting to be recovered by either side.

In fact, PSG players had intended to cross the ball into the box for Edinson Cavani. But the opposition defense reached the ball early and headed it away from danger. Little did they know that they had actually sent it towards the danger himself, as Zlatan saw the opportunity and sprinted towards to ball to seize the moment and send an absolute rocket of a shot into the top bin from such a long way out.

Of course what makes this goal one of Zlatan Ibrahimovic best goals ever, is not the fact that he scored a banger of a goal from almost thirty yards out, as it is actually expected of the former PSG star to score such amazing goals, but it is the fact that he had the skill and the confidence to try his chances from so far away and actually do it on first touch.

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Juventus v Roma

  • 2005/06

We cannot talk about Zlatan Ibrahimovic best goals ever and not mention a goal from his time at Juventus, one of the best teams in Italy and the whole world. Ibra had already proved to be a prolific and quite lethal striker during his time at Ajax, but the 14-time Sweden Footballer of the Year scored some of his best goals for


. Even though both of the league titles he had helped his club achieve were revoked after the Calciopoli scandal, at least we got to see some of Zlatan Ibrahimovic best goals ever.

The ball was sent to Zlatan with a beautiful outside of the foot pass, but the Swede was the only man on the halfway line as everyone else, including most of

AS Roma

’s players were on Juventus’ half. Of course that did not stop Zlatan from Audaciously send the ball to the air with a single touch as he dashed forwards to reach the ball before it hit the ground.

His marker did try his best to stop him, but it was to no avail as he broke free and darted even further with the ball to finish with an outside shot which easily went past the Roma goalkeeper and into the back of the net.

LA Galaxy v Los Angeles

  • 2017/18

It is a rare talent to have for a player to turn dead balls into stunning world-class goals. But it seems that The Lion has quite enough of this talent as he is used to scoring brilliant goals. That is why we have selected this one as yet another one of Zlatan Ibrahimovic best goals ever.

The ball was again in the air as a result of a collision between two players from each side. If anyone has paid attention over the years, a ball in the air is the most dangerous thing at the stadium if Zlatan is around. He actually proved this claim one more time in the 2017/18 season playing for LA Galaxy against Los Angeles FC.

He did not even let the ball hit the ground as he struck the ball first time to score an absolute stunner of a goal from over thirty yards out, which was made possible thanks to the goalkeeper who had left his line to have a better look at the game.

These were only a handful of the best goals that The Lion has scored throughout his career and there are surely many more goals to come as he does not seem to age at all, getting better and better every year. We will have to wait and see when the 39-year-old sensation finally hangs up his boots and pursues his other passions.




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