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Gareth Bale best goals ever

The Welshman has undoubtedly scored numerous beautiful goals throughout his careers. So let’s take a trip down memory lane to revisit some of Gareth Bale best goals ever.

It might be easy to forget nowadays, that the Welsh superstar,

Gareth Bale

, once used to be the most expensive player in the world. Surpassing Cristiano Ronaldo’s previous transfer record, Bale moved to Real Madrid from Tottenham for a reported fee of €101 million with quite a lot of promise. He was planned to be a key figure in the team’s final third, playing as a part of the formidable and lethal BBC trio alongside Ronaldo and Karim Benzema.

The first couple of seasons at

Real Madrid

did go on as planned, as the young talent proved to be a vital part of the squad, scoring beautiful goals and helping his team whenever needed. The BBC trio quickly turned into something to be feared by the opposition defense, as they tore apart most of the teams they went up against. Unfortunately, while the Welshman showed consistency in front of goal and performed reasonably well most of the times, his relationship with Madridistas did not seem to get any better.

As a matter of fact, it did get worse every day, until the point that he completely stopped trying. Bale is currently back at his former

Premier League

side, Tottenham and is seen smiling once again, something that didn’t happen so often at Real. Now although he has gone through some turbulent times throughout his career, we have been blessed with witnessing some of

Gareth Bale best goals of all time

, many of which have come at crucial and historic moments. Let us have a look at some Gareth Bale greatest goals ever at both Tottenham and Real Madrid.

Gareth Bale best goals in his career

The 31-year-old winger has scored a plethora of beautiful, memorable and crucial goals during his tenure at all three of the clubs he has played for. But his time at Tottenham and specially at Real Madrid was more significant than his first seasons at Southampton. That is why we have chosen some of

Gareth Bale best goals ever

from his time at both Tottenham and Madrid.

Tottenham v Norwich City

  • Premier League

When it comes to choosing the best goals a striker has scored, the job gets tougher when the player is someone as prolific as Gareth Bale, who has scored over 160 goals, despite beginning his career as a left-back and later gradually moving to a more offensive position in the midfielder and finally on the wings. It might sound silly, but strikers tend to have their own favorite teams to score against, which results in those players scoring some of their best goals against particular teams.

One such club for the Welshman during his previous tenure at Tottenham was

Norwich City

, against whom he managed to score mesmerizing goals, showcasing his unbelievable skills and out of this world pace. One of

Gareth Bale greatest goals ever

came during a Premier League match away against Norwich City in the 2011/12 season.

Now this goal was a clear example of the lightning-fast pace that Bale was known for at the time. He grabbed the pass from his teammate in the middle of pitch and marched onwards on his own, bursting through the opposition defense into the penalty area to ultimately Chip the ball over John Ruddy, who was running towards him, with a stunning low-chip over the keeper’s head to score his second goal of the game.

Tottenham v Manchester City

  • Premier Leagues

Some of

Gareth Bale best goals in his career

at Tottenham have come thanks to assists from Aaron Lennon, with whom he seemed to link up on a whole other level thanks to the chemistry the two had created. This particularly beautiful and astonishing goal against

Manchester City

in the EPL came from a Lennon assist as well. Although the assist had nothing much to do with goal itself, as Bale alone managed to score this one.

In this away match against Man City, Lennon came down from the left-hand side looking for open space in the box to pass the ball to one his teammates. But the opposition defense had all the ones inside the box covered, which is why Lennon opted to pass the ball Gareth Bale who was waiting outside the penalty box as he asked for the ball to his feet quite eagerly.

With a sweet low pass from Lennon, Tottenham’s number three did the unexpected by taking a first-touch shot from outside the box, which wowed everyone at the stadium by going through the top bin into goal past 

Joe Hart

, as City players stood like statues trying to comprehend what they had just witnessed. It was undoubtedly one of Gareth Bale amazing goals ever.

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Tottenham v Norwich City

  • Premier League

As mentioned before,

Norwich City

have suffered from some of

Gareth Bale best goals ever

over the years that he played in the Premier League before joining the Spanish giants. For this goal, once again the ball was given to Bale in the simplest of manners.

Now this is when the Welshman tends show his brilliance, when he is a long way away from goal and has got a couple of defenders in front of him. In one of Gareth Bale best goals of all time, the winger took the ball on his own team’s half and as always started to sprint up the pitch with his god-like pace.

It is surprising to see how much space the opposition defense actually gave the winger as he moved to ball closer to goal with every step, but that was probably due to the fact that the defenders were worried about getting dribbled past by easily when taking Bale on. The Wales international took the ball to Norwich City’s penalty box and took a masterfully struck powerful shot with his left foot in middle of three opposition defenders, which saw the ball quickly hit the back of the net in the 80th minute to make it 1-1.

Tottenham v West Ham

  • Premier League

Another one of the best Bale career goals came in yet another Premier League match, which was against

West Ham United

at Boleyn Ground. Let us pain you a word picture if you did not get to watch this game. Imagine being at the enemy territory with the scores locked at 2-2 in dying minutes of the second half, and somehow you get to score a banger of a goal from outside the box to go one goal up in a breathtaking style.

That is exactly what happened to give us one of

Gareth Bale amazing goals ever

in such a crucial game against a tough opponent. It was literally the 90th minute and Bale had the ball to himself when Joey O'Brien used his strength to challenge the Welshman and take back possession. But the young speedster cheekily chipped a low ball to his teammate as he went down to a challenge from the opposition defense.

Now we have all witnessed such occasions where the attacked falls to the ground and stays on the ground in hopes of being awarded a free-kick at such moments, only to bottle the said free-kick and end the hopes of a comeback. But it wasn’t the “Bale way” as the Wales international got up on his feet, received a pass from Tom Carroll, got the ball onto his left side and struck the ball from 30 yards out to score an absolutely beautiful goal from long range, which the West Ham goalkeeper did not even try to stop.

Wales v Scotland

  • 2014 World Cup Qualifiers

We might have talked about some of

Gareth Bale best goals

ever during his youth days at Tottenham. But we should also have a look at one bonus goal from those days during his international duty. Although everyone would love to score for their national teams, few have been able to be as successful and loved as Gareth Bale playing for Wales.

Bale has always been there when his country has needed him, his love and affection for his national team even gave us the controversial Wales flag which had the sentence “Wales. Golf. Madrid. In that order” written on it that caused quite an outrage amongst Real Madrid fans, even amongst those who still loved their speedster. The 4-time Champions League winner has scored pretty awesome goals in his career, but few could have felt as good as scoring goals for his country, specially this one.

Once again in the final minutes of a crucial World Cup qualification match against


, the scores were all equal at 1-1 and the heavy rain had already tired the players. Little did the supporters know that they were about witness one of the most amazing

Bale career goals

at the very last minute of the normal time.

In this match, the opposition defense thought they were doing something clever by holding Wales at the bay by committing a foul in the middle of pitch in order to gain more time to fall back and run down the clock a bit easier. Now Bale did not usually go down easily as he always tried his hardest to get back up and score a beautiful goal just like the one he scored against

West Ham


But this time the foul was given, which resulted in the team starting from the middle of the pitch by giving the ball back to Bale, who rushed up from the left side past a defender to shoot an absolute rocket of a ball past everyone and into the top right bin that made everyone lose their minds as the fans at the stadium celebrated the world-class finish by the Welshman.

Real Madrid v Galatasaray

  • UEFA Champions League

Even though we got to witness some of Gareth Bale best goals ever during his time at Tottenham, it was at

Real Madrid

that the 31-year-old winger got to realize his full potential and score unbelievable and crucial goals at the club’s time of need. Joining a new club is always a challenge, specially the very first season when the player struggles with finding his feet within the new squad in front of the eyes of his new supporters.

Bale, however, had already proved his doubters wrong by scoring a debut goal against


, one of Los Blancos’ fiercest rivals in La Liga. But it was in a UCL match against Galatasaray, that he showcased what he had to offer to his new team and its supporters. With Real Madrid captain, Sergio Ramos, already sent off, the squad had it a bit more difficult to link up due to the absence of key players such as Cristiano Ronaldo, who was watching the game from the sidelines due to an injury.

Such moments are when legendary players come to shine the most, which is exactly what Bale did with a 35-yard free kick that stunned everyone at the stadium and caught the opposition goalkeeper off-guard, going into the top corner, which inspired a 4-1 victory against the Turkish club at home. It almost seems like Bale has got quite an interest in the top bins and scoring impossible goals, as many Gareth Bale best goals ever that we have seen were top-bin goals.

Real Madrid v Dortmund

  • UEFA Champions League

Next on our list of Gareth Bale best goals ever once again came in a

Champions League

match, but this time against a much fiercer opponent. Real Madrid have proven time and time again that they are the unquestionable kings of Europe when it comes to the UCL title, which they have won a record 13 times. However, their recent success in the competition might not have been possible if it weren’t for some of Gareth Bale best goals ever, which helped the team through toughest of the games.

This goal is one such example, as it came against a formidable

Borussia Dortmund

thanks to a brilliant cross from Real Madrid’s current right-back, Dani Carvajal, who had in fact assisted Bale’s debut goal for his new club as well. Thankfully, we got to witness one of Gareth Bale best goals ever when the Welshman saw the early cross coming and re-adjusted his body to one-touch volley the ball past the goalkeeper, Roman Burki, once again into the right corner of the goal.

Real Madrid v Barcelona

  • Copa del Rey

When talking about some of Gareth Bale best goals ever, who could possibly forget about one of the craziest goals in the world which he scored against Barcelona in the

Copa del Rey

final. El Clasicos are always one of most tense and difficult games of every season thanks to the history behind the rivalry. Some of the players might even crumble under the intense pressure that they receive from both the supporters and the opposition players.

Of course this is something that separates boys from men, and fringe stars from superstars, since not only did Gareth Bale not give in to the pressure, but he also scored one of the most memorable goals of the competition, the history of El Clasico and the history of football.

Once again, one of Gareth Bale best goals ever came in the final five minutes of the game, as he solely launched a counter-attack from the left hand side, where he went up against

Marc Bartra

and sent the ball past the defender. Everything is quite fine up to this point. But what made everyone lose their mind was the fact that Marc Bartra pushed Bale out of the pitch, but the winger did not give up hope as he once again showed everyone his lightning-fast pace and impressive strength by getting back on to pitch to get past Bartra.

Not only did Bale leave the Spaniard to take a taxi, but he also went further up the pitch to cheekily roll the ball past Pinto’s legs with a sweet nutmeg to make it 2-1 in the dying minutes of the game.  One of Gareth Bale best goals ever had actually won them the Copa del Rey against the club who are undoubtedly their fiercest archrivals.

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Real Madrid v Liverpool

  • UEFA Champions League

Many might debate over which one of Gareth Bale best goals ever is to be crowned the very best of all? That is why we leave it for you to decide as the last two are neck and neck based on everything. Both goals are unbelievably remarkable, both were scored in important finals and both were against two of the best clubs in Europe. We know that one of the goals was against


in the Spanish Cup final, but another one of Gareth Bale best goals ever came during the 2018 Champions League final against



Back in 2018, when Cristiano Ronaldo was still wreaking havoc as a Real Madrid player, Gareth Bale’s demise at the club was slowly beginning, as Zidane did not even put the Welshman on the starting lineup. Fortunately for Zidane, the French manager did not come to regret subbing Gareth Bale in the second half as the scores were equal.

Perhaps one of the most brilliant moments in the Champions League history came when


, as always, infiltrated Liverpool’s defensive line from the left, only to send an early cross into the penalty box towards Bale with his right foot. It is not every day that you see a player connect with the ball in the air, but that is what happened when Gareth Bale’s left foot connected with the ball in a mesmerizing and dazzling bicycle kick, which sent the ball to the back of the net in the right corner, as Loris Karius looked definitely beaten.

We always hear about how great Cristiano Ronaldo’s bicycle kick against


was, but we rarely see the media talk about the unbelievable goal that Gareth Bale managed to score to help his team win the UCL final. Nobody could deny the sheer class of the move, as even Zidane admitted that it might have been better than the absolute banger he himself scored in the UCL final against

Bayer Leverkusen

. These were only some of the best goals throughout Gareth Bale’s career. Which one did you like the most?

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