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Real Madrid players salary in 2020

Have you ever wondered how much each of the players in Zinedine Zidane’s squad earns on a weekly basis? Who earns the most bucks at Real Madrid? Follow us below as we unveil Real Madrid players weekly wages in 2020.

The beautiful game of football has been around for quite a long time. It has actually entertained humankind for almost two centuries. Now while many football fans might enjoy playing football themselves, there are millions of others who only enjoy watching other, more professional players run around on the pitch to score stunning goals and bring joy to the hearts of the supporters. The popularity of the game has been so widespread that it has been able to attract ludicrous sponsorship deals for the teams with a higher number of supporters.

This multi-billion industry has paved the way for professional players to get paid ridiculous figures to stay on top of their form and wow everyone with their talents and skills. With that in mind, it is to no one’s surprise that Real Madrid, one of the most decorated clubs in the world, get to have quite a hefty weekly wage bill, thanks to the number of superstars they have acquire over the years. This international collection of individuals consists of some of the best in the business, with many of them being the brightest stars of their respective countries.

Now you might be one of the club’s supporters who desire to know absolutely everything there is to know about their team, or you might just be curious about how much

Real Madrid

players salary in 2020 is, to maybe compare how much each of the top teams in Europe tend to pay their players every week. With that said, and without further ado, let us have a look at

Real Madrid players wages in 2020

and see if they have proven worthy of earning such exorbitant figures.

Real Madrid players salary per week in 2020

Here is a list of

Real Madrid players salary in 2020

, with many of whom the club’s supporters, as well as neutrals and even opposition supporters have had quite a lot of memories over the years. This list contains the top-15 highest salaries at the club, and players such as

Marco Asensio

, Dani Carvajal, Rodrygo, Vinicius Jr., Federico Valverde, Eder Militao and Ferland Mendy are not included on this list, as they all earn less than £140K a week.

  • Nacho Fernandez - £142,000

  • Mariano Diaz - £142,000

  • Lucas Vazquez - £148,000

  • Luka Jovic - £165,000

  • Raphael Varane - £172,000

  • Casemiro - £202,000

  • Isco - £210,000

  • Thibaut Courtois - £215,000

  • Karim Benzema - £274,000

  • Toni Kroos - £330,000

  • Marcelo - £330,000

  • Luka Modric - £385,000

  • Sergio Ramos - £465,000

  • Gareth Bale - £530,000

  • Eden Hazard - £530,000

Now before we delve into the analysis part, we should acknowledge the fact that the list contains quite a lot of players. Hence, we will be taking a more detailed look only at the top-10 Real Madrid highest paid players in 2020. Let us see who earns the most money at one of the biggest clubs in the world and whether they deserve earning such amounts.


  • Weekly wage: £202,000

When Casemiro joined Real Madrid in 2013, few expected the Brazilian to become quite a vital part of the Spanish giants’ squad. Since his return from a loan spell at


, the central midfielder has helped his team dominate the Champions League as they have won three UCL titles in succession, a feat that no other club in the history of the modern UEFA Champions League has ever been able to reach.

Casemiro, at the age of 28, is already considered to be one of the best defensive midfielders of his generation and arguably the whole history of football. Since his arrival at the Spanish capital, he has made 250 appearances for Los Blancos, creating a solid wall at the back and cutting the opposition’s passing lines, while also scoring spectacular goals from long and short range. As his wages sit among the top-10 among Real Madrid players salary in 2020, Casemiro has also been able to score 24 goals and provide a further 19 assists.

Casemiro’s salary per week in 2020

is believed to be a figure around £200K, which based on his achievements so far with the

Champions League

title record holders, is quite a fair figure as there are players with far higher salaries who do not put in as much effort as the 28-year-old central midfielder does.


  • Weekly wage: £210,000

There is no doubt about how talented Isco actually is, as he has helped

Real Madrid

win important games throughout seasons when on top form. But that seems to be the problem nowadays, as the Spaniard has been dealing with a dip in form, which has turned him from an irreplaceable part of the squad into more of a second-half substitute, who does not offer much of a difference for the team’s gameplay.

Francisco Roman Alarcon Suarez, shortly known as


to the footballing world, is without a doubt one of the more exciting players to watch on the pitch, which is why in his prime days, the Spaniard’s transfer market value was believed to be around £75 million. Now, however, you can see how much a of dip in form the attacking midfielder has in fact suffered, as his market value currently stands at around £20 million.

For those of you wondering about Isco’s salary in 2020, the Spain international brings home around £210K every week, or roughly £11 million in a year, which leaves quite a hefty wage bill on Florentino Perez’s desk. He too, earns one of the highest wages amongst

Real Madrid players weekly wages in 2020

. As a player with more than 300 appearances for Los Blancos under his belt, Isco might have suffered from a somehow slow run of form, but he definitely has the potential to once again rise up the ranks and show the world his worth.

Thibaut Courtois

  • Weekly wage: £215,000

Thibaut Courtoi is Real Madrid’s #1 goalkeeper and has been so since his move to the Spanish capital from


back in 2018. The almost 2-meter tall Belgian star’s performances were phenomenal both at

Atletico Madrid

and the Premier League side, Chelsea, where he helped his team to a number of prestigious trophies, including two Premier League titles. That is why when he moved to Real Madrid for quite a bargain price, everyone expected him to be the best goalkeeper in the world.

Although coming after the Champions League winner, Keylor Navas, and replacing the Costa Rican did not help him settle in at his new club at all. Maybe it was the added pressure that caused him to have a nightmare of a first season with Real Madrid, as he constantly struggled to find his form and save the quite shaky Madrid defense from conceding more goals. Everything changed from the second season, however, when he started to find his feet as Zidane’s first choice on the goal.

Now for those of you wondering about Real Madrid players wages in 2020, you might want to know that

Thibaut Courtois’ salary per week in 2020

is believed to be around £215K. While he is definitely not the highest earning goalkeeper in the world (That particular honor goes to David De Gea, who earns a staggering £18 million each year at

Manchester United

), he is still considered to be one of the highest earning goalkeepers on earth, as the 28-year-old Belgium international earns around £11 million every year.

Karim Benzema

  • Weekly wage: £274,000

Since his move to Real Madrid more than a decade ago, nobody has been able to take Karim Benzema’s place as the club’s first-choice striker. Benzema joined Los Blancos from

Olympique Lyon

back in 2009 for €35 million. Since then, the French striker has been a tireless soldier at every manager’s disposal. He has both scored phenomenal goals and provided even better assists to many of his teammates, especially his former mate Cristiano Ronaldo, with whom he created a legendary era for Real Madrid with the arrival of Gareth Bale.

In total, the 32-year-old veteran has made more than 520 appearances in Madrid’s colours, scoring an unbelievable 255 goals and providing 138 assists in those appearances. In fact, Benzema is the fifth highest goal-scorer in Real Madrid history, even above legendary icons such Ferenk Puskas, whom he overtook not so long ago.

Now those who are curious about Real Madrid players salary in 2020, could have already guessed that Karim Benzema’s wage would be on the list of top-10

Real Madrid highest paid players in 2020

as he earns £274K a week. To be fair, he has more than proved to be worthy of such a paycheck, especially since Ronaldo’s departure a couple of seasons ago. Since the Portuguese superstar’s move to


, Benzema has been the beacon for Madridistas as he has returned to his goal-scoring days with style.

Toni Kroos

  • Weekly wage: £330,000

Next on our list of

Real Madrid players salary in 2020

is the German master of a midfielder, Toni Kroos, who has proven time and time that he is undoubtedly one of the best midfielders the world of football has ever seen. Perhaps the only people unhappy with Toni Kroos moving to Real Madrid, are

Bayern Munich

supporters and of course its board of directors, who still regret letting go of such a world-class player for such a low price. The German World Cup winner joined Los Blancos in 2014 for a reported fee of €25 million.

Since then, Toni Kroos has shown nothing but sheer class week in week out, as he has helped his team to win numerous trophies, including three Champions League trophies, two

La Liga

titles, three UEFA Super Cups and many other domestic and international trophies as well. Even though the 30-year-old midfielder plays on a more of a defensive position on the pitch, he has still been able to rack up more than 70 assists in 288 games so far, even scoring 18 goals across all competitions, some of which have been absolutely brilliant.

Now when it comes to earnings, it is no surprise that Toni Kroos’ weekly wage is amongst one of the highest Real Madrid players salary in 2020, as the German mastermind takes home a whopping £330,000 every week. Of course everyone might agree that this player in particular, deserves earning such an eye-watering amount, as currently there are not many players on his level of quality who are still active in the world of football.


  • Weekly wage: £330,000

Looking at these figures, one could easily see how much of a hefty bill the club have to pay in order to make sure they have some of the best players in the world to challenge for titles and trophies every year. Thanks to Real Madrid players salary per week in 2020, Los Blancos have to cough up millions every month, but nobody ever thinks about the numbers as long as there are players such Marcelo to entertain and wow the club’s supporters and turn football games into memories to be remembered for years.

The 32-year-old Brazilian might have seen a dip in form since his pal Cristiano Ronaldo left for

Serie A

side, Juventus after winning their third consecutive Champions League trophy, but he is still good enough to be considered as one of the best current left-backs in the world. He too is one of the highest earners when comes to Real Madrid players salary in 2020 as he currently earns £330K thanks to his contract which is valid until 2022.

Luka Modric

  • Weekly wage: £385,000

If you thought Real Madrid players salary in 2020 were ridiculously high up to now, wait until you find out about how much the rest of the top-5 highest earners at the club actually take home every week. After Toni Kroos and Marcelo, comes the Croatian Ballon d’Or winner, Luka Modric, who single handedly ended the

Lionel Messi


Cristiano Ronaldo

domination era by winning the prestigious individual award after his heroics at the World Cup and for his club that season.

Of course Messi did in fact get to win back the award the very next season, but nobody had ever managed to break the cycle before Modric. The Croatia international is still going strong at the age of 35 and earns one of the highest figures amongst Real Madrid players salary in 2020. He is believed to earn about £385,000 every week, which means that his yearly salary is a whopping £20 million.

Sergio Ramos

  • Weekly wage: £465,000

It is no surprise that Sergio Ramos has got one of the highest wages amongst Real Madrid players salary in 2020. It almost seems like Zidane’s side only manage to win when the Spaniard is on the lineup. Ramos is one of the most prolific center-backs in the world and has scored quite impressive and crucial goals for both his club and country over the years, most notably the 90-minute equalizer against city rivals,

Atletico Madrid

, which led to Los Blancos finally winning the long awaited La Decima under Carlo Ancelotti’s management.

The 34-year-old Spain international is considered to be one of Real Madrid’s legendary players as he has made over 650 appearances for Los Blancos, while scoring an outstanding 100 goals and providing 40 assists in those games. His goal-scoring stats might have been expected of a midfielder, but for a center-back to be so deadly in front of goal, you must be a special specimen.

Sergio Ramos

currently, and arguably deservedly, earns a massive £465K every week thanks to his contract which runs until the end of this season.

Fans would definitely want to see Florentino Perez and the board of directors make up for their past mistakes (i.e. their way of treating club legend Iker Casillas) and renew the Spanish captain’s contract until he sees fit to finally hang up his boots. But for now, why would such a player want to retire? He is still without a doubt one of the best center-backs in the world in 2020, and is surprisingly still improving his game and performance.

Gareth Bale

  • Weekly wage: £530,000

Gareth Bale might not be a part of Zidane’s squad anymore, but he is still a Real Madrid player as his move to the Premier League side,


, is only a season-long loan. Although Spurs are going to pay Gareth Bale’s gargantuan salary this season, his weekly wages at the La Liga side is still on the list of Real Madrid players salary in 2020.

No one could have believed it if you told them in 2016, that one day the Welshman would turn into one of the club’s biggest flops thanks to unknown and rumored reasons of unrest. Even though Bale had always seemed to struggle with connecting with the other players on and off the pitch, he would silence the media by scoring beautifully struck and vital goals to single-handedly win some of the most important trophies in the world for his club.

Since last season, however, he seemed to be happy with sitting on the sidelines, trolling the manager and the whole squad, while earning a whopping £530,000 every week. We will have to wait and see how the drama is going to conclude when Gareth Bale’s contract finally comes to an end.

Eden Hazard

  • Weekly wages: £530,000

Surely many in the world of football would be curious to know about

Eden Hazard’s salary in 2020

as he is Real Madrid’s latest big-money signing who is believed to be living during the third Galacticos era which began in the early 2000s with arrivals such as Luis Figo, Ronaldo Nazario and Zinedine Zidane.

The Belgian is believed to have the highest figure on the list of Real Madrid players salary in 2020, as he too earns an unbelievable £530,000 per week, which makes his yearly salary go up to an eye-watering £27.5 million. Unfortunately for the club’s supporters, the manager and of course the player himself, Eden Hazard has not been able to live up to the expectations that came with his big money move away from


, which saw him take the quite sacred number seven jersey that once belonged to club legends such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Raul Gonzalez.

Numerous months-long injuries have kept Hazard on the sidelines for quite a long time, as people and especially the media are starting to consider him a flop. But the 29-year-old


international still has quite a long way to go and might be able to turn the tides to his favor in the coming months. We will have to wait and see how he fares from now on as the club’s supporters monitor his performance and condition closely.

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