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Tottenham most expensive signings ever

Thu 12 November 2020 | 8:30

Surely many are curious about who some of the most expensive signings in Tottenham history are. That is why we have decided to introduce you to these players as we further analyze their performances at the club.

Tottenham hotspur are one those underestimated clubs that have quite a rich history, but have been underappreciated due to their lack of success in winning titles in recent years. Although they might not be the most decorated club in Europe or even England, Tottenham are still one of the most famous and beloved clubs in the Premier League, exceptional enough to be managed by the “Special One”. Now, being one of the best clubs in London and the English

Premier League

certainly does bring added pressure both to the manager and the players.

This sort of pressure, which comes from the fans and the media outlets, who expect a certain amount of effort and success, could double or even triple when a player gets a title to be one of

Tottenham’s all-time most expensive signings

. This kind of added pressure works well on some players as they thrive under such expectations, showing their true potential by putting into their game all that they have got. Others are not so strong in the face of pressure, however, as they might even be called into question for not being able to live up to the expectations.

It seems that ‘The Lilywhites’ spare no expenses when it comes to bringing in new players, especially those who are good enough to be on the list of the most expensive Tottenham transfers of all time. Their recent stadium renovations, which saw the famous White Hart Lane be completely demolished and replaced by the new

Tottenham Hotspur

Stadium, shows that the board have got bigger plans for the future of the club and we might see new players arrive to be most the expensive Tottenham signings ever. Let us get to know some of the players who are currently on this list.

Most expensive Tottenham signings ever

Before we get to analyze each player separately, we have prepared you a list of Tottenham’s all-time most expensive signings so that you could have a quick look at whom we will be talking about.

  • Lucas Moura - €29M

  • Heung-min Son - €30M

  • Erik Lamela - €30M

  • Sergio Reguilon - €30M

  • Roberto soldado - €30M

  • Steven Bergwijn - €30M

  • Giovani Lo Celso - €32M

  • Moussa Sissoko - €35M

  • Davinson Sanchez - €42M

  • Tanguy Ndombele - €60M

All of the players above have joined the English club in the 2010s, with many of them arriving in the last couple of years. Who do you believe is good enough to be on the list of

Tottenham most expensive transfers ever

? Let us now take a further look into how each player has performed since joining the Premier League club.

Lucas Moura

  • Price: €29M

Lucas Moura

has broken two individual transfer records for himself. Not only is he one of the most expensive Tottenham signings ever, but he has also cost another club, namely the French side

Paris Saint-Germain

about €40 million, which has put his name on the Parisians’ most expensive signings list as well. Not every player is able to be on such a list, let alone be on the list of two of the top teams in Europe, which shows how valuable Lucas Moura has been for both clubs.

The Brazilian is versatile enough to play at any position on the frontlines, as managers have used him as a winger, a center-forward and even as a second striker, but he seems to be most comfortable as a right-winger. Since joining his current club in 2017 and getting his name on the list of Tottenham most expensive transfers ever, Moura has made more than 120 appearances for Spurs, scoring 27 goals and providing 13 goals, figures which some might have expected to be a bit more as wingers are essential parts of many squads nowadays.

Moura, at the age of 28, might not have been able to win any major trophies during his time at Tottenham, but he has certainly added a lot of trophies and titles to his trophy cabinet during his spell with PSG, as he has won five Ligue 1 titles, 5 Coupe de la Ligue trophies and 5 Trophée des Champions titles. At least he has the honor of being one of the

most expensive signings in Tottenham history


Son Heung-min

  • Price: €30M

You might have been hearing Heung-min Son’s name on the news quite a lot lately, teaming up with his buddy Harry Kane to humiliate the opposition defenders, scoring more than a hundred goals by combining their strengths in the front. He is loved by everyone in North London, who is a fan of the Spurs, both for his efforts and goal scoring heroics, and his personality. Son completed one of the

most expensive Tottenham transfers of all time

in 2015 when he moved from

Bayer Leverkusen

for €30 million, almost double his market value in that year.

The South-Korean’s first season with Spurs was not as fruitful as he hoped it would be, but his goal-scoring exploits began from the second season, as he managed to score an outstanding 21 goals and provide 9 assists in 47 games, which drew the attention of the media and of course other teams as well. Since then, Son has slowly proven why he became one of Tottenham’s all-time most expensive signings, as his goal-scoring feats have not stopped amazing the fans.

The player has immense versatility as he is comfortable on both wings and has taken to the pitch as a center forward many times as well. You might say that although Son cost the Spurs €30 million put his name on the list of Tottenham most expensive transfers ever, he has certainly lived up to the expectations, scoring a total of 95 goals and providing 52 assists in 242 appearances that he has made.

Bayer Leverkusen would definitely be questioning their decision to sell such a prolific striker for such a low price, as his current market value is believed to be around €75 to €80 million, which as you could see, has almost quintupled since 2015. Of course it is possible that Son could not have realized his immense potential had he stayed at the German club. In any case, his transfer fee is still one of

Tottenham highest transfer fee paid ever


Erik Lamela

  • Price: €30M

Next on our list of most expensive signings in Tottenham history is Erik Lamela, who started his senior career with Argentina’s River Plate in 2008. The Argentinian winger became an up and coming player when he joined the Serie A side

AS Roma

, where he gained prominence with his impressive performances, scoring 15 goals in 33 games in his second season with the Italian giants. That is why in the 2013/14 season Spurs opted to sign Lamela for reportedly €30 million and make him one of the

most expensive Tottenham signings ever


Spurs seem to have an interest in signing players with immense versatility, who are able to play in a multitude of positions and can in fact replace each other in cases of emergency. Erik Lamela is also versatile enough to play on the wings and as a midfielder, an attribute welcomed by any manager in football. The 28-year-old Argentinian has managed to make 232 appearances across all competitions since joining the club in 2013.

Some might ask why one of

Tottenham most expensive signings ever

has only made a little more than 200 appearances over the course of seven years? Well, Lamela has experienced quite a lot of long-term injuries throughout the years he has spent in the

Premier League

, which have forced him to watch many games from the sidelines. He has recently recovered from yet another injury and is doubtful about his future if these injuries tend to continue further on.

Sergio Reguilon

  • Price: €30M

Sergio Reguilon was slowly making a name for himself at

Real Madrid

in 2018, when he was believed to be Marcelo’s successor as the Spanish had finally found another decent young left-back. But just like any other left-back who has ever joined the club since Marcelo, he was left out of the squad the very next season, as the Spaniard was sent out on loan to


to better put himself to test.

The 23-year-old actually managed to impress during his loan spell at another one of the biggest clubs in Spain and the whole of Europe, which many believed was his golden ticket to Real Madrid’s starting XI. But little did they know that Ferland Mendy was about to arrive at the Spanish capital and become an integral part of Los Blancos. Mendy’s arrival forced Madrid to sell their young talent, an opportunity which Jose Mourinho saw fit to take and bring Reguilon to London for €30 million, which put him on the list of most expensive Tottenham transfers of all time.

It is too soon to give a verdict on Sergio Reguilon’s performance at his new club, as he has only made 8 appearances since joining Spurs. However, with already 3 assists in those 8 games, things seem to be promising and his future might turn out to be a bright one if he puts in enough effort to settle in at the club and stabilize his position in the starting lineup. He will certainly improve with the help of his former and current teammate

Gareth Bale

, with whom he played for Real Madrid.

Roberto Soldado

  • Price: €30M

It seems that


have a habit spending a maximum of €30 million on a player, as most of items on the list of Tottenham highest transfer fee paid ever seem to be €30 million. Of course that would mean that with the prices going up every day with the inflation that has cursed the world of football into spending hundreds of millions for even young players, Tottenham’s later signings could easily break these records and become one of Tottenham most expensive signings ever.

Roberto Soldado is one of the players whose position on the list of Tottenham most expensive signings ever could be threatened by new arrivals, since he also joined the club for a reported fee of €30 million. Of course he has not been a Spurs player since 2015, only playing at the London-based club for two seasons. But his name is still on this list, even after seven years since the Spaniard first arrived at White Hart Lane. Soldado’s extraordinary performance at


was the reason Tottenham paid such a hefty price for his transfer.

He managed to score an amazing 82 goals and provide 15 assists in a total of 141 appearances across all competitions for Valencia, which put him on the radar for some of the best teams in Europe. In the end, it was Tottenham who managed to persuade the former


international to join their team, as they made him one of Tottenham most expensive signings ever by paying €30 million to acquire his services.

Unfortunately for the player, the board, the manager and of course the fans, however, Soldado seemed to have lost his magic completely in England, as he was not the same player he was before. Of course he still managed to 16 goals and provide 11 assists in 76 games, but these stats were not the expected results the supporters and the board wanted to see from one of

Tottenham most expensive signings ever

. That is why in 2015, they decided to sell him to


for €16 million, almost half the price they had paid for him.

Steven Bergwijn

  • Price: €30M

As a

PSV Eindhoven

academy graduate, Steven Bergwijn quickly became an integral part of the Dutch club during his years playing in the


. Despite his young age, Bergwijn managed to show signs of his true potential and talent as he racked up quite a number of games under his belt, making a total of 149 appearances across all competitions, while scoring 31 goals and providing 41 assists in the process. His impressive stats at the Dutch club attracted a lot of attention from other teams in Europe, as Tottenham were finally able to sign him for €30 million.

The Dutchman might have enjoyed his time at PSV with outstanding performances, but at Tottenham, he has not been able to get the chances he had with his previous team, which has raised serious questions and doubts about his future. Bergwijn might be on the list of Tottenham highest transfer fee paid ever, but he has not been able to live up to the expectations due to limited game time and poor performances.

In fact, his form has deteriorated so much, that he was sent back to


due to his lack of fitness after being called up for international duty, which was an absolute embarrassment. Being axed from the national team will definitely deal a hard blow to the young man’s attitude and morale, and it is only up to him to turn the tides and move in the right direction once again.

Giovani Lo Celso

  • Price: €32M

Finally, we have surpassed the €30 million barrier as we count down Tottenham most expensive signings ever. Next on our list is one of the team’s more recent arrivals. Giovani Lo Celso moved from

Real Betis

to the English club in 2019 on loan, and finally made his loan permanent this season for reportedly €32 million, which saw him become one of Tottenham most expensive signings ever.

It is interesting to know that the Argentinian midfielder was in fact a PSG player in the beginning of his European career, as he then left for Real Betis after two seasons with the Parisians. Now that he is at Tottenham, aside from the days missed due to injury, he has been an integral part of Jose Mourinho’s squad in the middle of the field and has the ability to further settle in at his current club and realize his true potential. After all,

Lo Celso

is only 24 years old and has got quite a long journey ahead of himself.

He might not have won any major trophies during his time at Real Betis or Tottenham, but it seems that once again, Paris Saint-Germain have come to the rescue as the Argentinian prospect has been able to add a plethora of trophies to his trophy cabinet during his time playing in Ligue 1.

Moussa Sissoko

  • Price: €35M

It has been said that Jose Mourinho cannot afford dropping Moussa Sissoko from his lineup, which shows how integral and vital of a part he has been playing in Tottenham’s squad even before Mourinho took over in 2019. Sissoko became one of Tottenham most expensive signings ever after he completed a move from

Newcastle United

to his current club for reportedly €35 million in the 2016/17 season.

The talented midfielder, who has represented France on international level 63 times so far, did in fact begin his senior career with the French club FC Toulouse in 2007, when he was just a youngster looking hoping to play for some of the best teams in Europe. Although he was not able to join some of the powerhouses of Europe such as Real Madrid, Juventus or


, he was able to be a solid enough player to become one of Tottenham most expensive signings ever after spending six seasons in Ligue 1 and a couple of seasons with Newcastle.

The now 31-year-old Sissoko has been able to prove his worth to his current club time and time again, making more than 170 appearances, while even improving his game after undergoing knee surgery. His current market value stands at €18 million and he is under contract with Tottenham until 2023. We will have to see how things pan out for the French midfielder as he awaits whatever the future holds for him.

Davinson Sanchez

  • Price: €42M

Ajax are known for producing some of the brightest talents in the world of football, whether through their own academy, or by bringing in young players with high potential from other less known clubs to nurture and then sell them to much bigger clubs. Of course it all depends on the efforts each player puts into his game, as not everyone can attract the attention of Europe’s elite quite so easily.

Davinson Sanchez, however, was an exception at the Dutch club, as his impressive form and potential only let him stay in eredivisie for one season with


as clubs were looking to sign him that same year. In the end, he signed a deal with the Premier League side in 2017 as they had to pay a reported fee of €42 million to acquire his services from his former club. That is how he got his name on the list of Tottenham most expensive signings ever, as currently his transfer fee is the second-highest transfer fee in the club’s history.



international has made over 120 appearances for his current club since joining them a little longer than three years ago. The €45 million-rated center back is currently 24 years old and has quite a long road ahead of himself. But if he, as one of Tottenham most expensive signings ever, could keep on improving his game and performance, he will undoubtedly become one of the best defenders of his generation.

Tanguy Ndombele

  • Price: €60M

The 22-year-old

Tanguy Ndombele

was brought in to the club for €60 million and put on top of the list of Tottenham most expensive signings ever, perhaps as a long-term replacement for Moussa Sissoko, or as an attempt to further strengthen the team’s midfield. The French midfielder’s transfer fee is by far the highest amount of money Tottenham have had to pay in order to buy a player from another club, which makes the already high expectations go even higher with this particular player.

Ndombele started his senior career with Amiens SC in 2016 and quickly joined

Olympique Lyon

in 2018 for reportedly €8 million Euros. Perhaps nobody could have predicted that an €8-million signing could be sold for an eye-watering €60 million the very next season. But that is exactly what happened with Tanguy Ndombele as became one of Tottenham most expensive signings ever when he was only 22 years old. Now, a year later, the France international seems to have found his feet at his current club, as he is slowly becoming an integral part of Mourinho’s squad.

These were ten of the most expensive signings in Tottenham history. Some of them have become vital parts of their team, as others have already left for other clubs after flopping their move to the

Premier League

side. Of course surely we are going to see new faces on this long list of expensive and talented players, as new talents are introduced to the world of football every day and the prices go up with it.




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