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Lionel Messi best goals ever

There are literally hundreds of goals that Lionel Messi has scored in his career. Here are some of our picks for Lionel Messi top 10 goals ever.

Leo Messi? The iconic number 10? While people might forgive those who do not watch football for not knowing who

Lionel Messi

is, we can certainly claim that everyone in the world of football (the proper one that some might call soccer) knows about the Argentine superstar, who is considered by many to be the GOAT. Messi, alongside his archrival, Cristiano Ronaldo, have been the hot topic of everyday football, with everyone following their careers with quite a lot of interest as they are undoubtedly two of the best players the world has ever seen.

With the unfortunate death of the legendary footballer, Diego Armando Maradona, the whole world and especially Argentina have suffered a great loss, but the world moves on as legends pay tribute to the former Barcelona player. While some might resist the idea, Lionel Messi has been somewhat of a successor to Maradona’s reign in Argentinian football, with kids and adults wearing his shirt while many aspire to one day become a player like him.

Since the Argentina international started his senior career with


roughly fifteen years ago, few could have imagined that one day the young boy, who was celebrating his goal on Ronaldinho’s back while smiling, would one day rule the world, scoring more than a mind-blowing 700 goals through the years.

Leo Messi has won countless trophies and individual awards since he first set foot at Camp Nou as a young talent, starting his domination of the Ballon d’Or award alongside Cristiano Ronaldo since 2008. Overall, he has won 6 Ballons d’Or, 1 The Best FIFA Men’s Player award, 3 UEFA Best Player in Europe award, 4

UEFA Champions League

trophies, 10 La Liga titles, 6 Copas del Rey, 8 Spanish Super Cups, 3 FIFA Club World Cups, 3 UEFA Super Cups and an Olympic medal.

Of course there numerous other honors to his name as well and these are only some of the trophies the Argentine has won through the years. While there are certainly too many beautiful and important goals to discuss here, it does not mean that we cannot reminisce about some of

Messi best goals ever

by taking a walk down memory lane. So without further ado, here are some of Lionel Messi top goals of all time.

Lionel Messi best goals in his career

Before moving on to see some of Messi greatest goals of all time, we have prepared you a list of how many goals the Argentine legend of a player has scored for his club and country.

  • Appearances at Barcelona: 743

  • Goals at Barcelona: 641

  • Assists at Barcelona: 282

  • Appearances for Argentina: 140

  • Goals for Argentina: 71

  • Assists for Argentina: 47

Now that we know how many appearances the 33-year-old has had over the years and how many goals he has bagged in those games, let us have a look at our picks for Lionel Messi top 10 goals ever.

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Barcelona vs Athletic Bilbao

  • May 30, 2015

  • Copa del Rey final

While it did go viral at the time, and is even remembered by many nowadays as if it has just happened, one might forget where on the pitch “La Pulga” actually got the ball. It was on the right side of the pitch, a little bit past the halfway line, where Messi got the ball with little to no space given to the Argentine winger. While spectacular moments are expected of players such as Barcelona’s number 10, few expected to witness one of Lionel

Messi greatest goals of all time


Right after picking up the ball, the 170 cm (5′ 7″ ft.) winger somehow managed to beat three of

Athletic Bilbao

’s men, who were hoping to confront Messi and get the ball back from him as soon as possible. After dribbling through the three opposition players, the Argentine darted forward to beat yet another defender on his way to gain enough momentum and space to get the ball to his left foot and extraordinarily put the ball into the bottom corner from a ridiculously difficult angle.

It almost felt like Messi was playing FIFA on beginner difficulty, as he wowed everyone with his dribbling skills and his beautiful finishing touch that no one, especially not the goalkeeper expected to see.

Barcelona vs Getafe

  • January 16, 2014

  • Copa del Rey round of 16

Next on our list of Messi best goals ever is the mesmerizing goal that he scored a somehow similar manner to his goal against Athletic Bilbao, but with one obvious difference. While Bilbao’s tactics for stopping Messi was to push forward and press the ball on the halfway line,


had planned another, much narrower formation to face the Argentinian. When Messi got the ball while wearing the iconic Catalonian flag jersey, the opposition defense dropped back to put a much more intense pressure near to the penalty box.

This tactic somehow let the number-10 advance almost 40 yards without facing anyone from the opposition defense. While Getafe were expecting to see him fail, trying to get past a narrow and tough defensive line, we were privileged to witness another one of

Messi top goals of all time


All of a sudden he went into “alien mode” to smoothly get past the first challenge while getting past the next two defenders with a single beautiful nutmeg, only to round the goalkeeper and put the ball in the back of the net with a sublime finish. It truly was one of Leo Messi best goals ever.

Barcelona vs Bayern Munich

  • 6 May, 2015

  • Champions League semi-final

While scoring a goal against Getafe in the Copa del Rey Round of 16 might be easily forgotten by many, no matter how amazing the goal actually was, few could forget the humiliation that Leo Messi made Jerome Boateng and the whole 

Bayern Munich

 team suffer through in the 2015 Champions League semi-finals. They say that humility is a virtue, which is something that many professional athletes, including footballers, tend to set aside in order to heat up the competition and hype up the supporters and invite more viewers to their games.

That is why 

Jerome Boateng

, considered to be one of the finest defenders of his generation, challenged Messi and Barcelona to try and win against them in the competition. While the World Cup and Champions League winner boasted about the strengths of his team by challenging the Argentine, he may not have even guessed that this match would be a game to remember forever, a game that might keep him up at night even nowadays, five years later.

Thanks to the German defender’s challenge, we got to see one of the most beautiful and memorable 

Messi Champions League goals

 as he the Argentine went for his second goal of the night in the 80th minute by sprinting into the box, shimmying his way past Boateng by changing direction three times. His impressive dribbling skill dizzied the Bayern Munich defender, which resulted in him falling over backwards as the number 10 went past him to score one of Messi best goals ever.

Barcelona vs Valencia

  • 14 March, 2010

  • La Liga

Back when Xavi was the reigning monarch in the midfield, dominating the pitch alongside his teammate of a lifetime, Andres Iniesta, we got to witness another one of

Lionel Messi best goals in his career

, thanks to a smart pass from the Spaniard on the edge of the box in a game agains


in La Liga. While such areas still remain as some of the most difficult areas to score from, it seems that not even such edges can challenge Messi with enough difficulty.

In order to understand how genius this particular item on the list of Messi best goals ever actually was, you should know that the player had his back to the goal and a defender was marking him tightly.

Many players might try to get foul near the box or perhaps even get awarded a penalty by diving in front of the referee, but Leo Messi is no such player, as he was smart enough to make a rapid spin while making two of the opposition defenders disappear, after which he got past yet another defender to finally cut inside and score a worldie of a goal.

Barcelona vs Getafe

  • 18 April, 2007

  • Copa del Rey semi-final

While the other items on the list of

Messi best goals ever

until now have all come during the Argentine’s prime, this particular goal came during the time when Messi had only just begun his journey towards greatness, as he was proving to the world that he was indeed one of the best anyone has ever seen. It might also seem like Leo truly enjoys scoring brilliant goals in the Spanish Cup competition we all know as

Copa del Rey

, as many of the items on this list have come during a Copa del Rey match.

To score this amazing goal, the young Leo Messi picked up the ball in their own half and went into overdrive to dribble past his marker and dash towards the goal from the halfway line. He managed to humiliate the same opposition player twice while slipping past two other players as well to finally round the keeper and score a beautiful goal with his weaker side from an impossibly tight angle.

While it is certainly one of Messi best goals ever, the sheer quality and beauty of the goal was not the main point that people focused on at the time. You see, many Argentines figuratively and even maybe literally worship their all-time legend Diego Maradona, and when someone from their country manages to score a goal similar to the late Maradona’s mesmerizing goal against


, it is a given that people would draw comparisons between the two players. This comparison in turn showed how much raw potential and talent the young Leo Messi had.

Argentina vs Ecuador

  • 11 October, 2017

  • World Cup qualification

We have already seen examples of Messi Champions League goals alongside

La Liga

and Copa del Rey bangers, but scoring a goal to take your national team through the World Cup qualifications and into the group stages must be one of the more special ones. While Leo has clearly not been as successful and worshipped as Diego Maradona on international level, he has still proved to be the best player in his country with the goals he has scored.

It is actually interesting to know that Argentina did in fact come close to drop out from the competition quite early and not even qualify for the group stages of the 2018 World Cup. While some might argue that this one should not be considered as one of

Lionel Messi world cup goals

since he did not score it during the actual World Cup, it was in fact scored during an official match that literally decided a whole country’s fate.

In the final game of the qualifiers and with little to no hope of snatching a victory to go through, Leo Messi proved to be the hero once again, as he stepped up against Ecuador to first equalize the game and later put his team ahead with his brace.

Now the two goals were definitely crucial, as the third one might not have been selected to represent Lionel Messi world cup goals on this list, but the third goal was the one that hit the final blow as the skipper darted towards goal to beautifully lob the goalkeeper while the stopper had not even come off his line. It was truly one of Messi best goals ever that helped his team seal one of the most important victories in their history, as they qualified for the 2018 World Cup.

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Barcelona vs Real Madrid

  • 23 April, 2017

  • LaLiga

If there is one game that a player needs to shine in order to become a legend, then that game is the El Clasico, which is one of, if not the fiercest of the showdowns in the world of football. Despite the rivalry between

Real Madrid

and Barcelona over the decades giving us plenty of amazing moments, arguably none have been able to reach the level of rivalry and heat Messi and Ronaldo got to over the years they played against each other in Spain.

Talking about some of

Messi best goals ever

, we could not avoid mentioning one of his numerous goals from El Clasicos. We specifically chose this particular goal as it game late in the game to destroy Madrid’s any hopes for a comeback. While Los Blancos seemed to have the possession of the ball trying to score the third goal, it was Barcelona, who got hold of the ball during the stoppage time at the end of the game as

Jordi Alba

played a long ball to Messi outside the box.

Now we are all familiar with how lethal and prolific the Argentine’s left foot actually is. He used his dominant foot to score a banger of a goal from distance, after which he rushed to the stands to take off his shirt and show it to Madridistas with the aim of reminding them who he really is. Not only was it one of Leo Messi best goals ever, but it also was one of the most iconic celebrations that the Barcelona star has ever pulled off.

Barcelona vs Real Madrid

  • 27 April, 2011

  • Champions League semi-final

Once again in another one of the most crucial and stressful El Clasicos ever, the Argentine was set to show his class to the world one more time. Jose Mourinho’s arrival at Real Madrid had surely boosted Madridistas’ confidence as much as it had affected the opposition’s beliefs. Of course Messi managed to prove some of the club’s doubters wrong by putting a masterful display.

While one of his goals came thanks to a cross from Ibrahim Affelay, it is the other goal that is truly worthy of being on the list of Messi best goals ever, as he danced through Real Madrid’s line of defence, dribbling past four formidable defenders before putting the ball in the back of the net by beautifully guiding it past Iker Casillas.

Barcelona vs Manchester United

  • 27 May, 2009

  • Champions League final

With more than 700 goals in his career, we have seen Lionel Messi score from almost every position possible on the pitch with either his left or right foot, usually dribbling through the opposition defenders like a knife through butter to score a masterfully struck chip or bending the ball from distance into the top or bottom corners. What we have rarely seen Leo Messi do, however, is score goals with his head, which has only happened 24 times throughout his whole career.

Had this goal never been scored, we might have added another one of these headers to the list of Leo Messi best goals ever just for the sake of having a headed goal from Messi on the list as well. But thankfully, this goal was scored, and it was scored against a formidable

Manchester United

in probably one of the most important games of Messi’s life.

The Argentinian leapt into the air to an incredible height, considering he is relatively shorter than most in the world of football, and headed the ball with  great control past Edwin van der Sar to win the 2009 Champions League trophy for



Barcelona vs Albacete

  • 1 May, 2005

  • La Liga

It might not have been a goal struck as beautifully or amazingly as Messi’s other goals on the list, neither was the match against Albacete a crucial one, but the Argentinian will surely remember this goal for the rest of his life as it was his very first goal for Barcelona.

While quite a similar attempt was called to be offside earlier in the game, Leo Messi went on to chip the keeper in stoppage time thanks to an assist from the Brazilian legend, Ronaldinho, who held the young Argentinian on his back, celebrating his first goal while the

AC Milan

and Barcelona icon showed his successor to the world.

These were only some of Messi best goals ever, as the Argentine GOAT has scored almost countless other beautiful, important and memorable goals in his career, which are too many to put into short articles. We hope to see much more of Messi at a club where he is truly happy, as the 33-year-old is still going strong, even being linked to many Premier League clubs, with the rumors of his reunion with Pep Guardiola at

Manchester City

growing stronger every day. We will have to wait and see when and where Leo Messi finally hangs up his boots.

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