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Zlatan Ibrahimovic best moments

The Man, The Myth, The Legend. Here are some of the best and most memorable moments from Zlatan Ibrahimovic, the Swedish “god” of football.

There are only a few players as good as

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

in the world, who are lethal and acrobatic enough to score so many beautiful goals through the years. Of course if you were to believe Zlatan himself, there are no players like him, and in some aspects he is right. Some might consider Ibra as a selfish and arrogant player who only thinks of himself and gets to be rude to anyone he wants, while others believe his behavior to be a part of his charm and communicative skills that could and in fact has attracted millions of fans worldwide.

Before getting to some of

Zlatan Ibrahimovic best moments

, we should get to know how great a player the Swedish striker is, which teams he has played for and what trophies he has won over the course of more than two decades of his career. Zlatan began his career in Sweden with Malmo in 1999 (yes he is that old) and moved to


in 2001 where he quickly gained prominence as one of the brightest strikers of his time.

The now 39-year-old has played for some of the greatest clubs in Europe and the US, as he has played for clubs such as Juventus, Barcelona, Inter, AC Milan, Paris Saint-German, LA Galaxy and

Manchester United

. Not every player could boast about scoring more than 500 goals, but that is exactly what Zlatan has managed to do throughout his career that he has spent with several clubs. Now that some of the non-believers have gotten the privilege to know about the “god” of football, we shall get to know about some of

Zlatan best moments


Ibrahimovic best moments ever

It is high time we took a look at some of Zlatan Ibrahimovic best moments that happen to be so many, with numerous quotes that are absolutely hilarious and other Zlatan funny moments as well. Of course some might not be included under this section as we have had some Zlatan angry moments in years too.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic funny moments

We believe that it would be a lot better to start off our list of

Zlatan Ibrahimovic best moments

with some of the funny things that have happened to the Sweden international in the two decades that he has been as an active professional footballer. Thank God that we have witnessed so many beautiful, coincidental, and even intentionally hysterical moments from undoubtedly one of the best strikers in the world ever. Here are some of Ibrahimovic funny moments that you should know about if you don’t already.

Eleven out of Ten

This is one of the more classic

Zlatan funny moments

that we have witnessed so far. The Swedish icon has never failed at turning his interviews into a hoot of an event with his funny comments and what are considered to be arrogant beliefs. One such instance happened during an interview when the host asked Zlatan to rate himself from 1 to 10. Not surprisingly we got to see one of Zlatan Ibrahimovic best moments ever when he answered eleven out of ten. What is more interesting is the fact that he rated himself 20/10 when asked about how high he rates himself as a person.

Donald Trump? I do not care

The Lion is so good at interviews that every second of every interview could count as one of Ibrahimovic funny moments, since only a couple of seconds after answering the interviewer with such ridiculous ratings, we were lucky enough to witness yet another one of Zlatan Ibrahimovic funny moments when he was asked to say the first thing that came to his mind when he heard a couple of names.

The interviewer mentioned names like Usain Bolt and Mohamed Ali to the


icon, and he had nothing but praise for both of the legendary athletes who are known to almost anyone around the world. One of the best Zlatan funny moments, however, happened when the interviewer mentioned the name of Donald Trump, who almost anyone in the world seems to have a thing or two to say about.

But Zlatan was not one of those people, as he simple commented: “I don’t care” and moved to the next item without even bothering to think about the 45th President of the United States. Avoiding politics is a trait that not everyone can possess.

No World Cup without Zlatan

It is obvious that when a player moves to a new country or city, he/she gets to tour around the city and appear on live shows to boost the already existing hype around his/her arrival. That is what Zlatan did when he decided to bless Jimmy Kimmel’s show with his presence after moving to the MLS, which even resulted in his show gaining many new viewers from Europe and all the other countries, with Zlatan’s fans eager to see their hero live on TV.

Another one of

Zlatan Ibrahimovic funny moments

happened on the

Jimmy Kimmel Live show

, when Jimmy asked if he was going to be present at the next World Cup, Zlatan simply answered that “A World Cup without me wouldn’t be a World Cup”, which sparked laughter and joy in the studio and showed the world once again who Ibra actually is (or at least who he believes he is).

Best Zlatan moments

There seems to be an endless sea of

Ibrahimovic funny moments

that we cannot possible cover all, especially since there are other instances in the footballer’s life that are considered to be

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

best moments and are not related to the funny section. After all, he is a professional football player, and is in fact considered as one of the best center-forwards of all time, scoring more than 550 goals throughout his career, something that not many people have achieved in their lives.

Of course there is one difference between how Zlatan usually tends to score his goals and how other players score some of theirs. Ibrahimovic is more of an acrobatic striker who strikes the ball in sometimes unimaginable ways that catches defenders and the goalkeeper off-guard, which then leads to beautifully struck goals and creates some of the best Zlatan moments we have ever seen. Here are only a number of those goals that have gone down in history as some of the most beautiful goals in the world of football.

The El Clasico winner

  • Barcelona v Real Madrid

There is no doubt that Ibra joining Spanish giants


turned out to be a nightmare of a move for both the player and the club, as his relationship with then Barca manager Pep Guardiola was always in turmoil and he could not settle in at the club alongside one of the players who is considered by many to be the GOAT, the Greatest of All Time.

However, not every single day at Barcelona was considered to one of

Zlatan angry moments

as we were lucky enough to actually witness some of Zlatan Ibrahimovic best moments while he was playing for Real Madrid’s archrivals. That is why we have selected one of his more special goals from his time in Spain to be on the list of Zlatan Ibrahimovic best moments.

This goal came at perhaps one of the most crucial games of the 2009/10 La Liga season, as the Swedish veteran went on to score the game’s only and obviously the winning goal against La Blaugranas’ bitter rivals

Real Madrid

, which in the end proved to be perhaps the most important goal of the season as Barcelona won the league with a three-point margin. But it seems that no matter how important his goal was, only some of Zlatan angry moments will be remembered from his stay at Barcelona.

The 500th Goal

  • LA Galaxy v Toronto FC

Only two other players other than the Sweden international have managed to reach the 500-goal mark, which as you might already know, are

Lionel Messi


Cristiano Ronaldo

, who have dominated the elite world of football for quite a long time now. This record alone shows how special Zlatan is, and why we chose the moment he scored his 500th goal as one of

Zlatan Ibrahimovic best moments


The goal itself, while quite unexpected and amazing enough to watch over and over again, did in fact happen the way it was expected of the Lion. His 500th career goal came during his time at

LA Galaxy

, in a match against Toronto FC. It was the 43rd minute of the game and LA Galaxy were already 3-0 down, but that was when one of the best Zlatan moments happened as Giovani dos Santos lifted the ball over the defenders’ heads and Ibra somehow managed to get his foot up in the air like an overhead backflip and Karate Kicked the ball into the goal.

This was particularly one of Ibrahimovic best moments, since it motivated the team to a comeback in the second half and make the game even with the scores being 3-3. Although in the end it was not enough to motivated the defense as well, as they conceded two more goals and eventually lost to the reigning champions.

The Swedish Maradona

  • Ajax v NAC Breda

When you think of Zlatan Ibrahimovic best moments and how he scores his goals, you would usually remember his bicycle kicks, headers, chips and long range shots and would rarely, if ever, think about Zlatan dribbling almost every one of opposition players in order to score a beautiful goal.

That is why we have selected one such rare goal from the beloved striker as one of the

best Zlatan moments

ever. This one came long ago when the young and ambitious Ibra was playing for the Eredivisie side


against NAC Breda back in 2004. In a moment of brilliance, Zlatan turned into more of a Swedish Maradona or Zidane as he took the ball from 30 yards away and dribbled his way past 6 or 7 defenders in a cheeky style, only to drag-back the ball one final time before poking the ball home.

The goal itself is surely one of the most brilliant ones you could see in the history of football. But what makes it more interesting and worthy of being on the list of 

Ibrahimovic best moments

, is the fact that it happened during the striker’s most turbulent times at Ajax. It was public knowledge that he was bound to move to Juventus the next season, and was even accused of deliberately injuring Rafael van der Vaart during training.

These matters led to Ajax fans booing and whistling at Zlatan when he went on to the pitch in the match against 


. But little did they know that the Swedish legend would go on to silence the haters with his amazing solo display and goal, which led to many fans switching back to his side by cheering his beautiful goal.

The King of bicycle kicks

  • Sweden vs England

We have talked about some of Zlatan Ibrahimovic best moments that we have witnessed throughout his club football career and during interviews as well. The two goals mentioned before are truly some of Zlatan best moments ever. But there is one special goal that could be put above all the other goals the


international has ever scored, and that is the ludicrously amazing overhead kick The Lion managed to score back in 2012.

The logic-defying goal came when Joe Hart went forwards to send the ball away from the Swedish striker, although other defenders were present as well. That was when the


goalkeeper made a mess of it and could not send it further down the pitch, but it still was ridiculously difficult for any player to try their chances from that far away with a bicycle kick.

It seems that nothing is impossible for Zlatan, however, as he went for an overhead kick from a 45-degree angle and lifted the ball beautifully over Hart and the England defense into the goal from 30-yards out, which not only created one of Zlatan Ibrahimovic best moments, but it also created one of the best moments in football that anyone has ever seen.

The final say

These were only some of the items on the long list of Zlatan Ibrahimovic best moments, and there are many more that will be remembered by at least four different generations of viewers and football players. There are no words to fully, accurately and fairly describe one of the best football players in the world, the one who seems to have no middle ground as people seem to either hate him, or love and adore him for who he is.

No matter how fans see Zlatan, he will always be one of the greatest strikers of all time, scoring more than 550 goals throughout his illustrious career. It is baffling to a player continue his form and even get better at his game at the age of 39. But Zlatan seems to be no ordinary player, as he himself believes that he will only get better as time passes.

"I think I'm like wine. The older I get, the better I get." - Zlatan Ibrahimovic

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