Nagelsmann insists Leipzig won’t underestimate Liverpool

Mon 15 February 2021 | 9:55

Ahead of their Champions League tie on Tuesday, Julian Nagelsmann praised his German counterpart while saying despite the Reds’ domestic struggles, he expects a strong Liverpool showing.



 head coach told Kicker: 

"Jurgen is one of the most successful club coaches and has always made a difference in his stints in Mainz, Dortmund and Liverpool

"He took over Dortmund in a very bad time and made it a top club. He took over Liverpool in a not very successful time and became one very successful team made with the Champions League victory and the championship. He has the gift of developing clubs and moving people."



 "Due to many injuries, Liverpool have made some changes. Midfielders now play in defence in a position that they are not used to. In addition, they have played a lot of games and Jurgen Klopp is also very demanding and emotional that the opponents against Liverpool are always 110 per cent. You don't just put it all away. 

"If the many chances you create are not used in the same number as last year, you can quickly lose a few points. They are not in a mega-crisis and will certainly be stable against us."

source: SportMob