Phil Foden plays for Man City as his 100th performance in this club

Tuesday26 January 2021 | 22:15
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Although Foden has become one of the vital players of his current club, Guardiola believes he can not play as De Bruyne.

Being constantly said that

Phil Foden

will soon become one of the vital players of

Manchester City

, the 20-year-old made his 100th appearance for his club against

West Brom


Although he is a young player, he has managed to become one of the vital players in Manchester City. He became Manchester City's top scorer this season. 

Shaun Goater

, the club's former striker, said:

"I really like what I see from Foden.

"He brings energy, he brings a really wise head when you see him on the field. He's making decisions and you think 'he's been around for someone so young.' It's beautiful to watch and I'm just really looking forward to seeing him play more and more."

Manchester City's focus on Foden has even got more than before since Kevin De Bruyne is out due to a hamstring injury.

Pep Guardiola, however, said:

“Phil has to be Phil and not be Kevin De Bruyne because there is only one Kevin De Bruyne. He needs to keep doing what he has been doing in terms of when we are in a bad moment or when we are losing in terms of what he gave to the game.”



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