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Raven: “Tottenham clash could well be my last game”

Sun 10 January 2021 | 20:30

David Raven is concerned that Marine’s FA Cup loss to the Spurs may be his career’s last match.

The defender

David Raven

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in the clash against


on Sunday which turned out to be the biggest mismatch in the FA Cup’s history. Raven’s team did not receive any disgrace regarding the thumping 5-0 defeat over the Spurs.

The Northern Premier Division North West League have been suspended due to the lockdown and the 35-year-old is worried his game days might have met an end.

It looks like the league’s going to finish by all accounts,

” he said. “

That could well be our last game of the season. We don’t know yet.

“It could. If it was another lockdown like last time, another six months out of the game for myself, it might well be my last game.

“I’m going to be 36. Will I be able to play after another big rest? I’m not sure.

“Everything’s up in the air at the moment. If we’re going to finish, we’ve finished on a high and we’ll go again when the league starts up again. But it’s sad times for non-league. Real sad times.”

Should this be true for Raven, who is coaching a private school now, he can look back on the fond memories and experiences gained, even though he might not have enjoyed the last game itself.

The kids don’t know it now – I’ve got a three-year-old and my little girl’s seven on Monday – but it will be something to look back on,

” he added.

To say, ‘Yeah we did that’. It was enjoyable, they don’t appreciate it at the minute but it’s something for us to look back on.

“I think the whole run, the whole build-up, the fans coming down outside – it was more the experience of that.

“I knew the game wasn’t actually going to be enjoyable. I said that to my family.

“It was more the build-up and how you feel after. The game itself wasn’t actually enjoyable, you’re not on the ball, you’re just chasing, just trying to stay in the game against these boys.

“So it’s not actually an enjoyable experience. I mean we got a 5-0 hiding and I don’t like that. It doesn’t sit right with me. So it’s just more the experience for the club that we’ll look back on.”

source: SportMob