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Ramos has not lost his concentration

Mon 16 November 2020 | 20:14

Ramos is still important for Luis Enrique and his team despite the contract talks.

Luis Enrique

is sure that the situation


has with Real Madrid can’t affect the 34 years old captain of

Spain national team


After the problems between Ramos and

Real Madrid

over his contract renewal and the newspapers talking about his future some people expected some changes in his performance in national squad but the coach is confident about his team’s captain.

"Everything that is generated around Ramos is neither new, nor old, nor is it anything," the Spain boss told the media.  

"It is what it is and what it means to have a player of this level. It is normal that there is pressure around and you have to live with that. 

"If there is someone with enough experience to handle this personal situation it is Sergio Ramos.  

"He is well prepared, and I see him the same as the first day we arrived at the national team, his enthusiasm, his leadership. His face does not change at all and this is part of the things that a footballer should know how to carry."

"I don't know if Sergio Ramos is the best penalty taker in the world," he replied when asked about Ramos' spot-kick role.  

"What I did defending Sergio after the game is what any coach would do of course. You have to know how to accept both versions of the story and nothing happens."

source: SportMob