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Mon 19 April 2021 | 15:00

Imagine being immortalized in a classic of a videogame with a portrait that clearly earns a place amongst the funniest FIFA players pictures. Follow us below as we take a look at some of the funniest FIFA faces throughout the videogame’s history.

Let’s admit it. We have all been there when a bad photo sticks with us for the rest of our lives. We have all had to take photos at school or for our passport, visa, driver’s license and literally everything that requires a portrait of our faces. So we know what it is like to have a bad picture on a card and have it carried around in our pockets or purses every day of the week.

However, while these cursed images of ours that we condemn to the boiler room of hell itself do get on our nerves from time to time, at least they are somehow private and we only have to show them to others, especially authorities, whenever necessary and we do not get to see them on billboards or on other people’s computers and other smart devices all day every day.

Now thanks to football simulator videogames such as FIFA and PES, we get to have those sweet old cards of ours on a digital screen which show the stats of our favorite players alongside an attractive portrait of the player him/herself.

But just like the photos taken at school and basically just like everything in life, not every one of the footballers get to have that perfect picture put on their respective cards in these games, which is either due to their own unavailability to show up and take a good picture or due to the fact that the game developers simply don’t care about putting a good picture of a lesser known footballer. This simple matter has given birth to numerous

funny faces in FIFA

series, from which we have collected a few to share with you all.

Of course these funny FIFA faces are the ones that are put on each player’s respective stats card and is not necessarily the one that we get to see in-game throughout the gameplay, as those in-game faces can sometimes be a monstrosity, an absolute wreck of a graphical mistake. So follow us below as we go through our list of funniest FIFA faces which we have had the pleasure of seeing over the last few years.

Funniest FIFA players pictures

The shortlist below consists of the names of those players who were unlucky enough have some of the

funniest FIFA faces

throughout the game’s history, whether it is FIFA 10 or FIFA 21.

  • Erik Huseklepp – FIFA 12

  • Britt Assombalonga – FIFA 14

  • David Braz – FIFA 14

  • Christian Gauseth – FIFA 21

  • Jeroen Verhoeven – FIFA 13

  • Alfonso Gonzalez – FIFA 14

You might have noticed that a significant portion of the cards are from FIFA 14, which is an absolute fan favorite and is adored by millions to this day. However, it does not help the fact that this version contains some of the

funniest looking of FIFA players

you will ever see. Now let us get down to business and see who these players are, where they were and where they are now.

Erik Huseklepp

One of the

funny FIFA faces

belongs to none other than Erik Huseklepp, who is no stranger to having strange portraits on his FIFA cards year in year out. Husklepp is a 36-year-old former Norway international, whose prime days dates back to his stint at English clubs such as Birmingham and Portsmouth. The winger signed for Portsmouth back in 2011 from the Italian side


for reportedly €2.5 million and got to spend the rest of his career moving to several Norwegian clubs either on loan or on free transfer.

The veteran started his professional career with the Norwegian side Brann all the way back in 2005 and later secured a €1.7 million move to Bari six years later in 2011. He gained more recognition amongst lower tier football clubs in Europe, which is why English clubs sought after the winger to acquire his services only a couple of months after his initial interleague move.

But while the forward is not known for his talents on the pitch or for his fame off it, one aspect of his career will forever be remembered by videogame fans, with the aspect being the fact that he has one of the funniest FIFA faces throughout the whole series, especially the one put in FIFA 12. To be honest, his more recent photos do not look half bad and might even be quite decent. But his former picture are definitely make him one of the funniest looking of FIFA players so far.

Britt Assombalonga

Funny FIFA faces get better and better as this one gave us a pretty good laugh for a moment or two. Zaire-born Congolese center forward Britt Assombalonga’s FIFA 14 card is an absolute gem of a card as it is quite clear that the picture was taken during one of his matches and player did not get to pose in front of a camera for a decent picture.

Of course we thank God for the chance to see this hilarious image as the player has raised his eyebrows all the way up as his eyes are wide open, which clearly suggest that he is focusing all his attention on the ball. 28-year-old Assombalonga has spent his entire career in England, moving from one club to another since he first joined


’s senior squad from the club’s U18 side back in 2011.

Having spent a couple of seasons on loan at clubs such as Braintree and Southend United, he finally realized that he had to move on in order to develop his game further, which is why he joined


from Watford for €1.9 million in 2013, two years after his promotion into the senior squad. From then on, even though the Congolese center-forward had one of the

funniest FIFA faces

, he did manage to improve himself and his performance as he gained more and more prominence every week, earning himself a move to

Nottingham Forest

for almost €7 million in 2014.

His market value seemed to be unstoppable as it soared through the sky, reaching more than €12 million a couple of seasons later. Now at this time, he did not have one of the funny faces in FIFA anymore and had recently joined Middlesbrough for a whopping €17 million back in 2017. Unfortunately for the player, however, it has all been downhill from then on, as his market value has dropped to a mere €3 million. It’s also worth mentioning that he too will be remembered for being one of the funniest looking of FIFA players in the last decade.

David Braz

This David Braz card not only shows the Brazilian footballer as one of the

funniest FIFA players pictures

, but it also demonstrates how a player can have one of the funniest FIFA haircuts throughout two console generations. The 33-year-old center-back has played for quite a number of clubs throughout his career, which he started at Palmeiras back in 2007, but never actually got to fully settle down at a club, until moving to Gremio from

Santos FC

in 2019 of course.

The Brazilian defender’s current market value only a little less than a million Euros and stands at €900k. His best ever market value dates back to 2016 when it had risen to an all-time high of €3 million. Of course nowadays Braz is no longer on the list of funny FIFA faces for the recent FIFA versions, but his FIFA 14 card is truly something to remember as a reminder of how special the 2013-14 version of Electronic Arts’ football simulator actually was.

Christian Gauseth

Now while the other instances of

funny FIFA faces

are dated and belong to older versions of the videogame series, Christian Gauseth has taken the matter into his own hands with a hilarious photo for his FIFA card. The depressingly 61-rated Norwegian footballer has in fact turned into a cult leader of memes on the famous social media website Reddit for his hilariously ironic FIFA cards.

Of course despite appearing on EA Sports’ latest edition of FIFA, the 36-year-old defensive midfielder is currently without a club, which is a true shame as we might not be able to see another gem of a card from the Norwegian footballer for the next season. The footballer is clearly mocking the whole process of taking pictures for a FIFA card as he is seen making quite a silly face for his own card.

Gauseth is not only one of the weakest players in the game he also has the honor of having one of the best funny faces in FIFA as it is quite clearly intentional and not out of sheer bad luck.

Despite having somewhat of a cult following on Reddit, the midfielder has not had much of an impressive career considering he spent his all career in Norway, playing for clubs such as

Molde FK

, Bryne FK and Alta IF before finally moving to Mjondalen in 2013, where he spent more than seven years before the expiration of his latest contract on January 1, 2021.

Jeroen Verhoeven

While body shaming is still one of the biggest problems of today’s society and might even be getting worse year in year out, one might rarely think of professional football players being shamed and bullied for their figure. Of course we do see some instances here and there where world-class footballers such as Eden Hazard and Gonzalo Higuain are mocked for coming to pre-season training overweight, but we have rarely seen a professional football player go on with their lives being almost too overweight to be considered professional.

But that is exactly what Jeroen Verhoeven was during his career has a goalkeeper. The Ajax youth product started his senior career at another Dutch club called RKC Waalwijk and did not get to make any appearances for


’s first team at the time. Of course he did return to his parent club after nine years, having spent seven of those years at FC Volendam. Of course his return was not the legendary return some might suppose, since the Dutch goalkeeper only got to make six appearances and conceded 8 goals in those appearances.

While Verhoeven did not have one of the

funniest FIFA haircuts

and his card was not particularly one of the funny FIFA faces, his bloated face on a small card had many football fans shame him for his overweight stature, which was considered unfit for a goalkeeper or for a football player in any other position for that matter. Of course football fans were right as rarely do we see anyone in the big leagues having such a delicate issue.

Verhoeven was even verbally abused and teased by

ADO Den Haag

fans who chanted “Pizza!” whenever the now 40-year-old goalkeeper got his hands or feet on the ball.

Alfonso Gonzalez

While Arturo Alfonso Gonzalez Gonzalez, shortly known as Alfonso Gonzalez, might not be one of the most famous footballers around the world and he might only be known in Mexico, the 26-year-old is quite well-known for having one of the funniest FIFA faces thanks to his FIFA 14 card, where his hilarious smile has certainly made thousands laugh in joy. The Mexican attacking midfielder has spent all of his career in his home country, playing for a total of only two clubs since being promoted to Atlas’ senior squad in 2012.

He spent four years with Atlas before moving to


for €3.5 million back in the summer of 2016. Alas Gonzalez does not have one of the funniest FIFA haircuts, or he might have struck the bullseye with his truly iconic stats card. Of course while his card has been the talk of the town for years amongst FIFA fans, his actual stats are worthy of more praise and accolades as well, as the impressively versatile midfielder has made well over 200 appearances throughout his career, managing to score 31 goals and providing 11 assists in the process.

That concludes our list of funny FIFA faces. But surely these are not the only instances that we have been lucky enough to witness throughout the years with EA Sports’ masterpiece of a game and we are certain that these will not be the only ones remaining in this category as new hilarious faces are added to the videogame every year, with almost every professional footballer having that one bad photo day in his life just like every one of us football fans.




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