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Who are the best pundits in soccer right now? Which of the former footballers have the talent to entertain the viewers on screen, while also talking about tactics used in football and analyzing a player’s style of play? Follow us below as we name ten of the greatest football pundits in the world.

Football has been around for quite a long time as the world of football has attracted a significant number of viewers, fans and aspiring footballers every year since 1869. While footballers entertain and wow us for at least 90 minutes during every match, playing out their managers’ tactics as we follow their dramas and ups and downs, it is the pundits’ job to keep us interested during the pre-match, half-time and post-match shows, as they discuss the tactics used by the managers and how good the players were able to implement those strategies and maneuvers during the game.

That is why it requires a certain level of knowledge about the game of football, and certain level of familiarity with appearing on television, and of course a positive attitude towards discussing such matters in detail with other former footballers while having the ability to attract the viewers’ attention in any of the said parts of the show.

There are many TV channels and websites that host their own football shows and invite former footballers as pundits to analyze the game and attract more viewers using their name. These pundits do get to entertain and inform the viewers, but there are only a handful of pundits who are known by almost everyone in the world of football and their shows get to be seen by everyone interested in both pundits themselves and the games they analyze.

That is why we at


decided to take a look and see who some of the

best football pundits around the world

are. These co-hosts are not only some of the best soccer pundits in the world, but are also considered as some of the best footballers of their own generation, as they used to play for the best and most elite clubs in football.

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Greatest football pundits in the world

Before we move on and have a look at the best football pundits around the world, we have provided you a list of all of these former footballers, about whom we are going to talk about. We will be giving rather detailed information about their career both as a footballer and a pundit.

  • Paul Scholes

  • Rio Ferdinand

  • Ian Wright

  • Thierry Henry

  • Martin Keown

  • Patrice Evra

  • Gary Lineker

  • Alan Shearer

  • Jamie Carragher

  • Gary Neville

Now that you know who the

best pundits in soccer around the world

on this list are, let us have a look at their career and see how they got to analyze football matches on TV.

Paul Scholes

Certainly Paul Scholes needs no introduction as the former midfielder is considered to be one of the greatest footballers of all time, not only in

Manchester United

history, where he used to strike fear and terror in the hearts of the opposition with his bangers of a shot, but also in the history of the whole footballing world. The 47-year-old spent all of his career at Manchester United, where he got to make more than 700 appearances across all competition (710 to be exact), as he managed to score an impressive 152 goals and provide 73 assists in the process.

Not every player could have a trophy cabinet as full as that of Paul Scholes’. The former England international has quite a remarkable trophy cabinet, filled with domestic and international trophies and honors. He has won 11

Premier League

titles, 2 Champions League trophies, 4 FA Cup trophies, 3 EFL Cups, 1 FIFA Club World Cup, 1 Intercontinental Cup and 5 Community (Charity) shields.

The number of goals he has scored as mostly a central midfielder is enough to make him a great footballer in the football hall of fame, but what makes him one of the

best soccer pundits in the world


Despite sometimes seeming as if he is bored with the game and the whole job of punditry, as a former footballer who played in the midfield, he is capable of breaking down the tactics and strategies of the managers, giving intelligent and sometimes brilliant views on certain matters. If you are looking for a pundit with accurate and serious analyses, then Paul Scholes is the one for you, as he is one of the best football pundits around the world.

Rio Ferdinand

It seems that Manchester United have a habit of signing some of the best footballers in each generation, only to later see them become the

greatest football pundits in the world

. Rio Ferdinand is undoubtedly one of the greatest defenders of his generation, who got to make his mark at one of the most famous clubs in the world.  The English center-back started his senior career at

West Ham

and joined Leeds United after five years with The Hammers. He then spent two years at

Leeds United

before joining the Red Devils for a whopping €46 million in 2002.

Ferdinand went on to spend almost all of the rest of his career at Old Trafford, making a total of 455 appearances in more than 11 seasons, creating a rather solid wall at the back, giving headaches to opposition strikers who tried to get past Manchester United’s rock-solid defense. Not only did he stop the strikers from scoring goals, Rio Ferdinand also got to score 8 goals and provide 9 assists during his tenure at Manchester United.

Once the most expensive defender in the world, Rio Ferdinand has also managed to become a member of the best football pundits around the world as he has brought with himself a unique sense of flair and a whole lot of energy, which certainly attracts many young viewers who are looking for a pundit as more of an entertainer than a tactical analyzer. Of course the 42-year-old is both an entertainer and a serious analyzer and assessor of footballing tactics, which has turned him into one of the best pundits in soccer around the world.

Ian Wright

Next on our list of

best football pundits around the world

is the former Arsenal and

Crystal Palace

striker, Ian Wright, who used to dominate the game of football on the pitch in the mid-80s and almost all of the 90s. Now, after more than 20 years since his retirement from football, Ian Wright is still dominating the game, this time off the pitch, working as a commentator and pundit for BBC Sport and ITV Sport.

Wright spent 13 years in London, playing for the two London clubs, with both spells being regarded as successful. He got to make a total of 253 appearances for Arsenal from 1991 until 1998, scoring an impressive 151 goals and providing a rather disappointing 4 assists in the process. Of course this shows how far modern center-forwards have come regarding their ability to provide assists as well as put the ball into the back of the net.

While he is considered to be an icon of both clubs, the English center-forward did not win any major trophies with Crystal Palace, but more than made up for it at Arsenal, with whom he won the Premier League, the EFL Cup, two FA Cups and a UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup. Ian Wright is currently one of the best pundits in soccer around the world, who bring is certainly uniquely optimistic feel towards football and positively reviews the efforts of each team in his analysis of each match.

Thierry Henry

Few in the French football history could claim that they are as successful as Thierry Henry was during his days of playing professional football. The 43-year-old forward is regarded by many as one of the best center-forwards of all time. Thierry Henry has played for some of the best clubs in the world, including


, Juventus and Barcelona, but he is almost always remembered for his time at Arsenal, where he became a club legend thanks to his impressive feats and the number of goals that he managed to score.

He moved to Arsenal from Juventus for reportedly €16 million way back in 1999 and went on to spend eight years with the Gunners, making more than 370 appearances and scoring a phenomenal 228 goals and providing an even more outstanding 104 assists in the process of those appearances. Henry’s remarkable feats at Arsenal earned him and his club 2 Premier League titles, 3 FA Cups and 2 Community Shields. He was also part of the iconic


team that managed to make the impossible possible by winning the historic sextuple in the 2008/09 season.

These achievements and accomplishments, however, are not why the French center-forward is regarded as one of the

best football pundits around the world

. The reason behind his selection on this list is his understanding of the game, which thanks to his tactical awareness helps him analyze the tactics implemented by the managers in a more precise manner, while also having the ability to entertain with his rather contagious unique smile.

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Martin Keown

Next on our list of best soccer pundits in the world is former


legend Martin Keown. It seems that Arsenal are also home to such talented pundits just like Manchester United, who have already given us Rio Ferdinand and Paul Scholes. Keown did get to play for other clubs such as Brighton & Hove Albion, Aston Villa,

Leicester City

and Everton, but he is most fondly remembered for his time at Arsenal, where he won all of his career’s major trophies.

The English center-back made a total of 397 appearances for the Gunners, as he helped create one of the club’s golden ages in the late 90s and early 2000s, when they dominated English football alongside Manchester United. While Keown used to dominate the Premier League and the whole English football back in the day as one of the best defenders of his generation, he is currently gaining prominence as one of the

best pundits in soccer right now

as he appears as a pundit for BBC and on their exclusive show, Match of the Day.

While some might believe that his commentary does not set much of an example in terms of excitement and accuracy, he is considered to be quite a direct analyzer, who sets everything on its right path by avoiding sitting on the fence. Of course others on the list of best football pundits around the world might have an advantage when it comes to tactical awareness in the midfield, but Wright certainly makes up for it by being well informed rather than going in without doing his research.

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Patrice Evra

Patrice Evra is the latest of the Manchester United players to become a pundit. As a player, Evra is considered to be one of the greatest defenders of his generation, who had quite a successful spell at Manchester United. He joined the Red Devils from Monaco for €8 million way back in 2006 and went on to stay at the club for eight years before joining


for less than €2 million.

The Senegal-born French international was a part of Manchester United’s golden era under Sir Alex Ferguson’s management, as he helped the club win several trophies and honors, including 5 Premier League titles, a

Champions League

trophy, 3 EFL Cups, 1 FIFA Club World Cup and 4 Community Shields during his spell at United. Now, since retiring from football in 2019, Patrice Evra has turned himself into one of the best football pundits around the world, constantly appearing on top TV shows about football.

He usually has his own controversial ideas and comments about certain players and managers, which is perfect for stirring the pot and creating drama for the viewers. He is also deeply in love with his former club, Manchester United, and has been seen struggling to hide his frustration and anger on several occasions during live shows.

He never shies away from criticizing United and having serious discussions about football, but he also brings in a fun flavor with a tinge humor whenever necessary, which makes him one of the best football pundits around the world.

Gary Lineker

Gary Lineker is considered by many to be a national treasure in England, as the Englishman is one of the most prolific and lethal strikers of his generation. He managed to score a total of 129 goals in 263 appearances across all competitions, adding another 48 goals in 80 international caps since his debut in 1984.

Although Lineker is more of a presenter and does not involve himself in the work of punditry as much, he is still considered to be one of the best football pundits around the world thanks to his experience as the anchorman of the Match of the Day program.  He has been actively taking part in TV shows and programs either as a host or a pundit since 1994, when he hung up his boots and entered the world of punditry.

Alan Shearer



and Blackburn Rovers center-forward, Alan Shearer might not have won as many trophies as the likes of Paul Scholes or Thierry Henry, but he certainly did get to make his mark and create history during his time as a professional football, as all

Blackburn Rovers

supporters certainly hold him in a special place in their hearts. This is because he helped the Rovers win the Premier League and become the champions of England after more than 85 years.

Shearer’s impact was not a small one either, as he got to make a total of 148 appearances and managed to score an outstanding 114 goals and provide 21 assists in the process. The center-forward is one of the most prolific and lethal goal-scorers of his generation as he has scored a total of 323 goals in 571 appearances across all competitions.

The former England international is not only considered to be one of the greatest strikers in Premier League history, but he is considered to be one of the best pundits in soccer right now, as he usually makes appearances on football shows and has been a regular pundit for more than 15 years. After all, he was brilliant enough to replace Mark Lawrenson, which is an entirely different and impressive accomplishment for itself.

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Jamie Carragher

Jamie Carragher is one side of the iconic Sky Sports duo of Gary Neville & Jamie Carragher, who has set new standards for football punditry alongside his iconic colleague, Gary Neville. As a footballer, Carragher spent all of his career at


went on to become a club legend after spending more than fifteen years with the Reds of Liverpool.

The center-back managed to make a total of 739 appearances for his one and only club, being a part of their golden age of winning trophies, while also managing to score 4 goals and provide 16 assists in those appearances. While the Englishman did not get to win the Premier League with Liverpool, he did help his club win several trophies, including 2 FA Cups, 1 UEFA Cup, 3 EFL Cups, 2 UEFA Supercup, 2

Community Shields

and to top it all off, a Champions League trophy.

As one of the best football pundits around the world, the 42-year-old former footballer has also created his own legacy, which will certainly be remembered by the viewers for years to come. He has created a dynamic duo with Gary Neville, sometimes making oddly biased comments about Liverpool while sometimes offering incredible insights into the tactics implemented in each match that no other could think of.

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Gary Neville

You could have already guessed that we were going to mention former Manchester United defender, Gary Neville, as one of the best football pundits around the world since we did mention his colleague Jamie Carragher above. Neville is considered by many to be one of the greatest right-backs of his generation. As yet another one of Manchester United players-turned-pundit, Neville spent his entire career with the Red Devils from 1994 to 2011 when he hung up his boots after 17 years with the club.

Being at Manchester United during Sir Alex Ferguson’s prime managerial years, the now 45-year-old Englishman filled his trophy cabinet with quite a significant number of trophies throughout the years. He got to win 12 Premier League titles, 2 Champions League trophies, 4 FA Cups, 3 EFL cups, a FIFA Club World Cup, an Intercontinental Cup and 7 Community Shields with United.

Once again, it should be mentioned that scoring goals, providing assists and even winning trophies do not make a person a great pundit, but rather it is their innate ability to entertain and also give detailed and professional analyses about each match that makes a person a great pundit. Gary Neville has been able to create an iconic duo alongside former Liverpool defender, Jamie Carragher, as fans absolute adore the two as they have come to love their presentation and chemistry throughout the years.

He and his compatriot are able to make the viewers laugh and learn as they are able to simultaneously put a smile on their faces and teach them something new about football by analyzing each match with precision and an immense tactical awareness, which is exactly what has made him such a memorable and enjoyable to watch pundit.

These were only some of the greatest pundits in the world who are currently active and try to entertain us no matter how the actual football match goes. Surely we are going to see more and more footballers join this professional groups, as many are eager to see if their favorite footballer would one day become a pundit as well. It would definitely be interesting and fun to watch if someone like

Cristiano Ronaldo


Zlatan Ibrahimovic

becomes a pundit in the near future. We will have to wait and see who the next best pundit around is going to be.




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