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A look at the top facts about Eric Dier, Tottenham Hotspur's defender, including his childhood, family, career, and most interesting quotes.

Eric Jeremy Edgar Dier was born on 15 January 1994, an English soccer player who plays for Premier League club 

Tottenham Hotspur

 and the England national team. A flexible defensive player, Dier has been deployed as a defensive midfielder, a center-back, and a right-back.

Eric Dier

raised in Portugal, where he came among the junior level at Sporting CP, making his reserve and the first game in 2012 in a loan to Everton. In 2014, he transferred to Tottenham Hotspur on a 5-year deal for payment of £4 million. He has played more than 200 games for Tottenham, as well as in the 2015 Football League Cup Final and the 2019 UEFA Champions League Final.

Despite interests from Portugal, Dier chose to play for England in international soccer. He had his first game for the team in November 2015 and was selected for UEFA Euro 2016 and the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Among the clubs he has played for are Tottenham Hotspur, Sporting Lisbon, the England Under-21 national team, and the England national football team. The 27-year-old Dier can wear the Tottenham shirt for more seasons. Tottenham Hotspur defender Eric Dier has extended his contract with the Spurs until 2024.

On July 21, 2020, according to the official Twitter account of Tottenham, the contract with the London club was extended until 2024, and the English defender can spend the next seasons with the Spurs jersey.

Dier's previous contract with Tottenham was valid until the summer of 2021, and many news sources reported the possibility of transferring him to another team, but the extension of his contract also put an end to rumors about his future. Dier has made 275 appearances for Tottenham and has scored 11 goals for the London club.

It is worth mentioning that he has 45 national games for the England national team in his record.


top fact about Eric Dier

is that he was suspended on March 4, 2020, due to a clash with spectators. Tottenham lost to Norwich in the FA Cup and lost on penalties. After the game, Dier entered the spectator platform and got into a fight with someone.

Eric Dier faced four sessions of suspension and a 40,000 pound fine. After Tottenham lost to

Norwich City

on penalties, Dier found out that his brother had been harassed by a fan on the spectator stand. He went to help his brother, but there was no physical conflict. The police also investigated the matter and no case was filed against Dier.

If you want to know about Eric Dier's important Information, stay with us.

Top facts about Eric Dier you might want to know

Let's have a look at the 

top facts about Eric Dier

, Tottenham Hotspur's defender.

Eric Dier Information

In the following article, we will take a look at the 

top facts about Eric Dier

. we want to talk about Eric Dier's religion and Personal Info.


  • Full Name

    : Eric Jeremy Edgar Dier

  • Profession

    : English professional Football Player

  • Nickname

    : Poor Man's Becks

  • Current Team

    : Tottenham Hotspur

Bodily Stats

  • Height

    : 6 ft 2 in (1.88 m)

  • Weight

    : 90kg

  • Hair Color

    : Brown

  • Skin Colour

    : White

  • Eye color

    : Blue

  • Facial Hair

    : Stubble

  • Hairstyle

    : short

Soccer Information

  • Position

    : Defensive midfielder / Defender

  • Shirt Number

    : 15

Personal Info

  • Girlfriend name

    : Maria Hansen

  • father name

    : Jeremy

  • Granddad name

    : Ted Croker

  • Dog name

    : Rio

Date of Birth and individual Info

  • Date of Birth

    : 15 January 1994

  • Birth Place

    : Cheltenham, England

  • Age

    : 27

  • Religion

    : Unknown

  • Nationality

    : British, English, Portuguese

Eric Dier Early and Personal Life

In this part, we will look at the top facts about Eric Dier, From his childhood to present.

Eric Dier was born in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire to Jeremy and Louise Dier. His father is a prior expert tennis player. Dier is the grandchild of Ted Croker, a past clerk of The soccer union (FA) and president of Cheltenham Town, and fantastic-nephew of Peter Croker, who two together played for Charlton Athletic.

Dier transferred to Portugal from England when he was 7 years old when his mother was provided a job working the friendliness programme at UEFA Euro 2004.

With his parents and 5 brothers and sisters, Dier spent a year living in the Algarve region previous transferring to Lisbon. In 2010, his parents came back to


while Dier stayed in Portugal, living at Sporting CP's academy.

Eric Dier Early career

While playing soccer at the International preliminary School in Lisbon, Dier's soccer capability was spotted by his P.E. tutor Miguel Silva, who referred him to Sporting Lisbon for a test at the age of 8.

Dier contracted with Sporting in April 2010. The Portuguese club had Arsenal, 

Manchester United

, and Tottenham Hotspur to his signature. Sporting besides sold 50% financial entitlement of the player to a third-party owner, Quality Football Ireland Limited. Sporting purchased Dier back in February 2012 by selling 50% entitlement of Filipe Chaby.

In January 2011, Dier approved to join Everton until 30 June. Sporting CP's site reported that the loan transfer was "a chance for the player to raise in an extra competitive and demanding condition".

Dier played for Everton U18s 10 times through his spell and achieve the 2010–11 U18 Premier League with the team. Dier faced problems there, but in the summer of 2011, he extended his loan stay in the Everton academy for a further 12 months.

Eric Dier Career Statistics

In this part, we will look at the top facts about Eric Dier:

On 26 August 2012, Dier had his first game with Sporting B in a 2012–13 Segunda Liga 3–1 away victory over Atlético, substituting Diego Rubio in the 77th minute. On 4 November 2012, Dier netted his initial senior goal with a direct free kick over Benfica B in a 3–1 away victory in the Segunda Liga.

On 2 August 2014, Dier signed a 5-year deal with Tottenham Hotspur in a £4 million move. Dier made a new contract on 9 September 2015, enduring until 2020. On 13 September 2016, Dier signed a new 5-year deal to final until 2021. On 21 July 2020, Dier signed a longer deal until June 2024.


Let's continue the 

top facts about Eric Dier.

 Dier had been close to the Portuguese Football Federation to play for Portugal in the forthcoming, but could just do so one time.

He had been involved in a senior-profile England national team outfit advancement for workout clothes producers Umbro. After his contract with


, an FA spokesman told, "Our purpose will be to choose him for the line-up in the following weeks," referring to the 2011 version of the U-17 international Algarve competition.

On 5 November 2015, Dier was chosen for the England by coach Roy Hodgson for friendlies over Spain and France. He made his first game 8 days after at Alicante's Estadio José Rico Pérez as a 63rd-minute replacement for his Tottenham team-mate

Dele Alli

in a 2–0 defeat.

On 10 November 2017, Dier captained the England team for the initial time in a friendly game over Germany at Wembley that finished in a 0-0 draw.

Eric Dier Relationships

Daniela Casal Originally from Portugal and Eric Dier was born in England late but grew up in Portugal, where he found his longtime girlfriend, who supported him in many of his games.


Of course, it should be added that the name of another girl who has a relationship with him can also be heard.

This girl's name is Maria Hansen, which is interesting, Eric also has a photo next to her. Because he is a professional player, he did not publish any of these two photos on his virtual page so that he can comment with certainty, but in any case, as it is clear, he prefers to focus more on his football and not publish a photo about his personal life and didn’t talk about that.

Eric Dier Market Value and Transfer market Stats

Eric Dier market value

 is at € 25.00m in the 20/21 season. He is ranked number 10 among all Spurs players. Eric Dier's ranked number 107 among all players of the Premier League in the 20/21 season.

It is interesting you know through top fact about Eric Dier, his ranked number 26 among all players born 1990.

Eric Dier stats

Another top Fact about Eric Dier is about his profile this season in 20/21. we want to consider his games and performance this season. He has made 24 appearances for Spurs in Premier League 20/21, receiving four yellow cards and not a red card. He didn’t score a goal.

He has played in 78% of games from the beginning and shows that he does have a very stable position in the team and has played more as a regular. He was also present in 78% of possible minutes and as we said before he didn’t score.

He played 6 games in

Europa League

20/21 for Spurs and 4 appearances in EFL Cup 20/21 for Spurs. He has played one game in Europa League Qualifying 20/21 and no game in FA Cup 20/21.

In total, at the moment of writing, he has played 35 games for Spurs, didn’t score a goal, and no assist. He has been able to play in 3109 minutes this season, which shows that he is having a great season, at least in minutes.

Some short top facts about Eric Dier

Eric Dier is active on social media. 

Eric Dier Instagram



 has over 865k followers and 442 posts, his first post on April 15, 2013, he shared the photo of his best friends. This shows that he is very active on Instagram and communicates with his audience and fans this way.

The most interesting top fact about 

Eric Dier tattoos

 is that there are not many photos of Eric Dier without a shirt, but that is clear is that he is not interested in tattoos, unlike many footballers, and this can be seen from his hands. His personality and personal reasons did not allow him to do it.

Eric Dier Body Measurement 

Eric Dier height

 is 1.88 m. 

Eric Dier weighs

 about 90 kg. According to the characteristics that have been talked about him, he has suitable body strength for defense and assists the team in attacking corner kicks.

Also, due to his height, he often wins in air battles. Physical strength and jumping power are two abilities that Eric Dier has both and that is why he is distinguished from mid-level players.

Eric Dier Entertainment 

He is interested in playing chess and spends some of his free time on it. Chess is a sport that engages the mind a lot and he probably goes to chess when he is relaxed. Like many football players and ordinary people, he has a dog and devotes part of his daily time to it and takes it out with him.

Eric also seems to be very interested in the sound of water. Now whether it is a pool or the sea. Eric once had experience on a ship and went there for fun. The pool, which is usually a place where players are present, also has a pool and they spend some time swimming.

He is also interested in playing rugby and is a fan of @15kaaya.

Finally, it should be noted that because they are professional players, they have less opportunity for fun, especially when we write this article, games are very compact due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

Eric Dier Cars

Football players usually have several cars because of their income. Eric Dier may be no exception. In any case, he has been seen in the Landrover robust car and his photos have been published.

Follow us to the end of the article to find out some interesting facts about Eric Dier.

Eric Dier Outside of Football

Eric Dier is a staunch opponent of racism. So much so that his Instagram profile photo shows this. Eric Dier even posted about racism on June 12, 2020. Of course, he has done this several times at different intervals.

Eric Dier said:" We, the Players, stand together with the singular objective of eradicating racial prejudice wherever it exists, to bring about a global society of inclusion, respect, and equal opportunities for All, regardless of their color or creed. This symbol is a sign of unity from all Players, all Staff, all Clubs, all Match Officials, and the Premier League."

Eric Dier Quotes

Success with Mourinho 

: Earlier this season in 20/21, Tottenham Hotspur's Argentine coach Mauricio Pochettino was sacked after poor results. They put Mourinho on their bench.

The Portuguese coach initially had relatively good results with Tottenham, but gradually the team returned to the previous volatile trend. However, the Tottenham Hotspur defender has defended Mourinho: "I believe he knows how to ignite the fire and always be motivated. I want him to always win and do my best to succeed."

Dier said: "His energy is great both in training and on the pitch, and I enjoy working with him. Mourinho's way of talking to the players and the way he behaves before and during the game makes everyone react. They have to show themselves right and on time. So I think he can get the best out of every person and player."

More respect for Britain

: Eric gave an interview about 2 years ago and after the World Cup 2018, which we will discuss below.

The English football team shone a lot in the 2018 World Cup and reached fourth place. The midfielder, Eric Dier believes that other teams have more respect for the team after the World Cup. Dier believes that after the success of this team, the teams would like to defeat England.

Eric Dier Controversies

Let's go through Top facts about Eric Dier:


socks, Eric Dier and Dele Alli caused trouble for the British Federation.

FIFA has fined the Football Association of England more than 50 thousand pounds because Eric Dier, Raheem Sterling, and Dele Alli continued to use illegal socks during the 2018 World Cup without heeding the warnings.

According to the Independent newspaper, the three players used Trusox socks instead of Nike official socks and did not heed FIFA's warning in this regard, which eventually led to the fining of their country's football association.

About four and a half hours before the start of the English semi-final match against


, FIFA published the following statement on its official website:

"A fine has been imposed on the Football Association for violating FIFA-approved marketing, media and equipment rules. FIFA had previously asked the Football Association to stop such activities so as not to face fines. Several English national team players played during the quarter-finals and previous games with unapproved sports equipment."

Eric Dier Advertisements

In addition to earning money from football, players also earn money through advertising. One of the brands that Dier has advertised for is Nike. Also, as other players have a contract with Nike, he advertises them, and the last time he advertises is on August 28, 2020.

Leading players in the world of football usually have contracts with Nike and Adidas. On August 28, 2020, Eric Dier shared a photo related to Nike advertising and shared the shirt of Kobe Bryant, the former basketball star who died in a plane crash, while Eric was playing chess.

Eric Dier In Fifa 21

Eric Dier was born on Jan. 15, 1994. He is presently 27 years old and performs as a CB for Tottenham Hotspur in England. His overall rating in FIFA 21 is 80 with a potential of 82.

Dier has received a 2-star ability moves rating. His preferred foot is the right foot. His co-workers are Medium / High. Dier's height is 188cm and his weight is approximately 90 kg, Following our information. presently, Eric Dier is playing with numbers 15. His great statistics are: Strength: 91, Aggression: 88, Shot Power: 84, Stand Tackle: 83, Heading: 82.

Eric Dier Agent

No information available from Agent of Eric Dier. He is probably just Eric Dier's agent, who is not very well known. Because agents for multiple players are usually more reputable. It is interesting to know that agents of Dele Alli and

Son Heung-min

are both and their agent name is CAA Base Ltd.

Of course, he is also Tottenham's defender, Danny Rose's agent, and Tottenham's three players have the same agent. It is interesting to know that

Raphael Varane

's Agent is the same person. 

Eric Dier Injury

Eric Dier has missed a total of 38 games due to injury throughout his career. Most of the injuries are related to his time in Spurs, where he missed a total of 239 days due to a Hip injury, Strain, Virus Infection, and …

The interesting thing about this statistic is that Eric has experienced various injuries and it can be said that he has not had two similar injuries. He has suffered 12 different injuries since the 2012-2013 season and has not been injured twice in one area.

Eric Dier Achievements

In this part, we finish the top facts about Eric Dier. In the following, we want to mention 

Eric Dier achievements

 that he has had during his career, both in the national team and in club teams. Various players and coaches have come and gone in the Tottenham team, but what is left is almost regret. Missing the English League that


was able to win after so many years.

The regret of winning the Champions League, which they only lacked in the 2018-2019 season, and lost to Liverpool in the final. Tottenham may be dreaming with Mourinho and counting down the days to more success, but what is clear is that if they fail to win the title, their important players, including

Harry Kane

, may leave the team.

Let's consider top facts about Eric Dier honors:

Tottenham Hotspur

  • Football League Cup runner-up

    : 2014–15

  • UEFA Champions League runner-up

    : 2018–19


  • UEFA Nations League third place

    : 2018–19

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