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Sergio Ramos biography

Who is Real Madrid’s favorite captain? How did he get to lead his club to so many historic wins and trophies over the years? Surely you know whom we are talking about, but there is still so much to know about Sergio Ramos biography that will give us a whole new perspective on the Spanish defender.

When it comes to professionalism and being a complete leader, as a football captain should be, few reach the levels of Real Madrid center-back Sergio Ramos, who inherited the captain’s armband from Madrid legend Iker Casillas, the man loved by almost everyone on the entire planet. Ramos is certainly one of the best defenders of all time and his name will definitely echo throughout the football halls of fame for eternity.

But while Casillas did not have many haters during his prime days at Real Madrid,

Sergio Ramos

has managed to make enemies with almost any other team other than his own club, and even or especially with those who support clubs other than Real. He has managed to become a club legend over the years, with beautiful and memorable goals scored here and there, which even gave birth to the “Ramos Time” phenomenon as people had gotten used to the idea of the Spaniard scoring late-minute goals to equalize or win the game.

When a football player has so many haters and supporters from all around the world, surely many would want to know more about his life. That is why we have provided a set of information about

Sergio Ramos bio

that will pique your interest and even have his haters get a better opinion of him.

Sergio Ramos date of birth

is 30 March 1986, which means that he turned 34 years old in March 2020. While there are not many recognizable footballers who share a birthday with the Spain international, Ramos was born in the same day as other famous celebrities such as Celine Dion, Piers Morgan and famous artist Vincent van Gogh.

We have all seen whom the center-back owes his allegiance to, as we all know about

Sergio Ramos nationality

. The 34-year-old defender was born in the municipality of Camas in the province of Seville, Andalusia, obviously in the country of Spain. As a result, his nationality is Spanish and he plays for the Spanish national team, with whom he has won a number of major trophies as well.

Just many of his compatriots in Spain,

Sergio Ramos religion

is Christianity, as his whole family follows the same belief. Of course the country of Spain is full of diversity regarding this matter and there are parts of the country that are predominantly Muslim, with Seville itself consisting of more than 700,000 Muslims.

Everything you need to know about Sergio Ramos bio

While the information above might have been known by many who follow European leagues, there are many more details about

Sergio Ramos biography

yet to be discovered. So follow us below as we take a look at his life from the very beginning.

Sergio Ramos information

Before delving into the life of the Spanish center-back and taking a detailed look at Sergio Ramos biography, we have provided below a list of basic info about the Real Madrid captain that will give you an overview of his ID.


  • Full name: Sergio Ramos Garcia

  • Nickname: Cuqui

Physical Stats

  • Height: 1.84 m (6 ft 0 in)

  • Hair color: Brown

  • Eye color: Black

Football Information

  • Position: Center-back

  • Jersey number: 4

  • Professional debut: 1 February, 2004

Personal information

  • Date of birth: 30 March 1986

  • Place of birth: Camas, Spain

  • Marital status: Married

Now that we know more about the basic information and have a better understanding of who the World champion is, let us delve deeper into Sergio Ramos biography and learn about how he rose up the ranks to become the captain of one of the most decorated clubs in the world.

Sergio Ramos early life

Sergio Ramos Garcia was born on 30 March 1986 in the municipality of Camas, Spain, to mother Paqui and father Jose Maria Ramos. Growing up with two other siblings, Rene and Miriam, little Sergio fell in love with bullfighting at quite an early age, which sparked his passion for pursuing a career as a bullfighter later on in life.

Even though during

Sergio Ramos childhood

, the only passion he pursued was bullfighting, he was later introduced to football by his older brother, which set out a new path in front of the young Sergio, who was banned from pursuing his first passion by his mother. Put so in his own words, “when I was young, I once had a dream career. I always wanted to be a bullfighter but my mother was scared of me becoming one.” His love for bullfighting shows where he gets his intensity and harshness on the field against opposition players.

Having found football as a new hobby, Ramos’ parents hired a personal trainer to further develop his talents in the sport. Of course little did they know that their son already had immense potential in football and could one day become a world-class player. With his personal trainer having discovered an exciting prospect, little Sergio joined FC Camas for his first taste of football in a youth team.

After joining FC Camas at the mere age of seven, Ramos quickly began to show his immense potential and talent to those at the club, which only led to him being discovered by Sevilla FC scouts, who later invited the youngster to join Sevilla’s youth side. Having later joined the Spanish side’s youth team, Ramos found himself alongside the likes of

Jesus Navas

and late Antonio Puerta, and went on to impress his new coaches even further.

Ramos spent his years moving up the ranks at his club, which only led to the first big turn in

Sergio Ramos life story

, when he was first called up to the senior squad in 2004. Of course this was only the beginning of the youngster’s prospect achievements as he managed to make his professional debut in the 1-0 defeat to Deportivo La Coruna when on 1 February 2004, when he was 17 years 10 months and 2 days old.

Sergio Ramos profile

Having moved up the ranks at Sevilla’s U19 squad and gotten himself a chance at the club’s reserves side, after which he quickly joined the senior squad in La Liga, Sergio Ramos spent two years at the Spanish club and made a total of 41 appearances and managed to score against clubs such as

Real Sociedad

and Real Madrid throughout those appearances. His phenomenal performance as a young center-back caught the eyes of many clubs in Europe’s top-flights, including his current club Real Madrid, who came in knocking with quite a hefty sum in hand.

It cost the Spanish giants €27 million to sign the young prospect in the summer of 2005, which made Sergio Ramos the most expensive Spanish defender of that time and the only Spanish player who got to sign for Real Madrid during Florentino Perez’s first spell as the President of the club. This alone could prove the potential and the level of ability that Sergio Ramos had, since he managed to join the club who only signed Galacticos at the time.

He was assigned the number 4 upon his arrival at his new club, which was previously worn by club icon Fernando Hierro. Having the responsibility of carrying the honor of wearing the number 4 on his back, Sergio Ramos made his debut for Real Madrid in the 2-3 loss against

Celta Vigo

in La Liga, while making his Champions League career debut at the Madrid club three days later on 13 September 2005, in which they also lost 3-0 against

Olympique Lyon


Sergio Ramos was initially deployed as a right-back during his days at


, but he was relocated after moving to Real Madrid, where he got to be deployed as a center-back and at times as a defensive midfielder. Of course everything changed after the likes of Pepe and Christoph Metzelder joined Los Blancos in the 2007-08 season, as Ramos was once again moved to the right side of the pitch, where he got to play as a right-back for his side.

The Spanish defender is currently one of the highest scoring center-backs in the world, with the prospect of him becoming one such player being obvious from the very beginning of his career at Real Madrid, as he went on to score 20 goals in his first four seasons with the Champions League record holders.

Of course the goal tally was not the only stats he racked up during his first few seasons with Real, as he also managed to receive 9 of his overall 26 red cards during the same period that he scored 20 goals, with 4 of the red cards coming in his debut season for Real Madrid. Everything started for the globally hated (and loved) center-back when he received two yellow cards in the 1-0 defeat against

RCD Espanyol

in 2005, after which he received his first red card and had to leave the pitch.

Having become one of the most respected and loved players in Mardid’s squad, Ramos was named one of the four club captains for the 2009-10 season, and was redeployed as a center-back with Pepe being unavailable due to injury. At the end of the same season, Ramos captained Spain for the first time on 3 June 2010 in a friendly game against South Korea, which they won 1-0. He later returned to Spain with his national team to host the 2010 World Cup, in which he played every minute of the tournament, having been deployed as a right-back.

His heroics helped his national team keep a total of five clean sheets and subsequently win the final against the Netherlands 1-0. Not only did he get to win the 2010 World Cup, he also managed to make the most solo runs in the competition (31), despite the fact that he played as a right-back.

Having won several trophies over his first years, including the World Cup and the Euro 2021 with the Spanish national team, but failing to win the UEFA Champions League at

Real Madrid

, he managed to break the record for the fastest brace in the competition’s history in the 4-0 rout of

Bayern Munich

in the 2013-14 season, where he scored two headers against the German club, which took him less than 4 minutes.

Sergio Ramos’ possibly most important moment in his career came during the same Champions League season, in the final against city rivals

Atletico Madrid

, where he managed to bring about a new era for Los Blancos as he saved his team from yet another disappointing Champions League defeat by scoring a header in the stoppage time to make it 1-1, thanks to a beautiful corner from Luka Modric, who found the Spaniard in the box with laser-guided accuracy.

With Ramos’ goal in the stoppage time, the game went into Extra Time, where the Whites of Madrid managed to add three more goals and win the long-awaited La Decima, their tenth Champions League trophy. Since then, he only went on to add to his trophy cabinet by winning the Champions League for three consecutive years under the management of Zinedine Zidane, who led Real Madrid to be the first team to defend their title as UCL champions for three seasons in succession.

Style of play

There are few in football history who could come close to the level of Sergio Ramos, who is considered by almost everyone to be one of the best defenders in the world. Ramos is the complete defender, who is versatile enough to play on either side of the pitch and has of course played as a right-back for a significant number of times. Not only is the Spaniard versatile, but he is also stronger than most center-backs currently playing football, which helps him get higher above opposition defenders and strikers whenever the need calls.

Sergio Ramos is capable of both creating a solid defense at the back and helping the team keep a clean sheet, and also using his heading ability to score beautiful and at times crucial goals for his club and country. Thanks to his goal-scoring potential, he has become one of the highest scoring defenders in football history, currently being the sixth highest scoring defender with 125 goals, behind Graham Alexander with 130 goals.

Of course he might not be able to catch up to the world’s highest scoring defender and current


manager Ronald Koeman, who scored a massive 253 goals during his career, but he will surely be keeping his record for years to come. On top of his strength and aerial ability, Sergio Ramos also possesses impressive pace and technical ability, which helps him get to the ball quicker than opposition attackers, while also getting above and through the opposition defenders whenever he joins the attack.

To top it all off, the Real Madrid captain is also an expert in taking penalties, which has helped him quite a lot in reaching the record of being one of the highest scoring defenders of all-time. While former teammate Cristiano Ronaldo used to be Los Blancos’ main penalty-taker, the responsibility as fallen on the center-back’s shoulders after Ronaldo’s departure in 2018.


There are two sides to how people view Sergio Ramos’ professional life and personal traits. On the one side, there are those who absolutely adore the Spain international and consider him a complete leader and captain, who has led both his club and national teams to several glories over the years, scoring crucial goals for both sides. This side, on the contrary to what many might believe, does not necessarily consist of only Real Madrid fans, as there are many other who respect the Spanish center-back.

He has managed to earn the trust and plaudits from the likes of Giogio Chiellini and Carlo Ancelotti, who compared him to the former

AC Milan

defender Paoli Maldini, believing he was the “best defender in the world” in 2014.

On the other side, there are those who despise the Real Madrid man for his disciplinary record and accuse him of bullying opposition players in every match. Of course people on this side also have the right to feel this way, as Sergio Ramos’ disciplinary record is not something to be proud of. Throughout his illustrious club career, the four-time Champions League winner has racked up an unbelievable 225 yellow cards, and has received 26 red cards.

Goal celebration

Being one of the world’s highest goalscoring defenders and a world-renowned superstar, Sergio Ramos has develop quite a number of goal celebrations to use whenever he scores goals. But the main goal celebration move used by Ramos is the one that somehow resembles

Cristiano Ronaldo

’s famous celebration, yet is uniquely distinctive. After scoring a goal, Ramos usually runs towards either side of the pitch, jumps and turns in the air and points to the number 4 on his back with his thumbs.

Sergio Ramos outside football

Thanks to his global renown and his status at Real Madrid, Sergio Ramos has been able to land eye-watering sponsorship deals over the years. He currently endorses the likes of Sportswear giant Nike, Hugo Boss, Cola drink company Pepsi and Gatorade. Additionally, even though his stats have seen a drop in recent years, Ramos is still one of the best defenders to have on EA Sports’ latest edition of FIFA, with his FIFA 21 rating being 89.

Other than having world-famous companies sponsoring as sponsors and being a top defender in video games, Ramos also spends his time outside football at a stud farm in Andalusia, where they specifically breed Andalusian horses. The center-back’s own horse “'Yucatán SR4” won the World Championship of PRE-SICAB Horse fair in 2018. The Spaniard also made a docu-series in cooperation with Amazon Prime, which focused on his life on and off the pitch. The series found so much success that Ramos announced a sequel to the series, named “The Legend of Sergio Ramos” (La Leyenda Sergio Ramos) in June 2020.

Sergio Ramos personal life

Having gone through Sergio Ramos’ childhood and his career at both Sevilla and Real Madrid, we will be taking a look at the Spaniard’s personal life, from his family and children to his humanitarian efforts and philanthropic deeds. Read on to find out more about the center-back’s life.

Family, children and relationships

Sergio Ramos had had his fair share of romantic relationships during the early years of his career. Of course this all dates back to before the day he met TV personality and journalist Pilar Rubio in September 2012. The couple announced that they were in fact in a relationship at the FIFA Ballon d’Or ceremony, since which they have continued building on their strong relationship. Ramos and Rubio have four sons, including Sergio Jr. who was born in 2014, Marco who was born in 2015, Alejandro who came three years after Marco, and Maximo Adriano who was born in July 2020.

Despite having three children already, Sergio Ramos proposed to his then girlfriend Pilar Rubio in 2018, as they got married in Seville a year later in 2019. That means that Maximo Adriano is the only child of the two whom Rubio did not give birth to out of wedlock.


Sergio Ramos is quite an active humanitarian, as he has the honor of being a UNICEF ambassador, with whom he has worked since 2007. To put it in his own words on his official website, “I’ve worked with UNICEF since 2007 and since 2014 I’ve been an ambassador for the UNICEF Spanish Committee.”

“From the beginning of my career as a footballer I was conscious of how lucky I was and, at the same time, I felt enormous responsibility and commitment to give something back to help society in general and children in particular. That’s why I’m so proud to be part of the UNICEF family, to help improve the situation for the least fortunate children and to be part of the programmes and campaigns carried out by UNICEF.”

Legal issues

The Real Madrid man confirmed in 2019 that the Spanish tax authority had fined him a total of €1 million due to irregularities related to his image rights in the years from 2012 to 2014. This fine was issued sine Ramos had transferred his revenue from this source to his company Sermos 32 SL, in order to pay less tax.

Sergio Ramos career statistics

Following the details presented above, we have provided detailed information about Sergio Ramos’ career stats, detailing his total number of appearances alongside his goal and assist stats both on club and international levels.


Having played for two of the best clubs in Spain and Europe, Sergio Ramos has made a total of 713 appearances, playing for more than 62,000 minutes throughout his career. During these minutes on the pitch, he has managed to score a total of 103 goals, providing a further 40 assists as well. Of these 713 appearances, 668 have been for Real Madrid and of those 103 goals and 40 assists, 100 goals and all of the assists have been for the 13-time Champions League winners.


The Spain international made his unofficial international debut in a friendly match against China on 26 March back in 2005, when he was 18 years, 11 months and 24 days old. Four days later, Ramos made his official debut in a World Cup qualification match against Serbia-Montenegro on 30 March 2005.

Since then, he has managed to make a total of 178 appearances for the Spanish national team, throughout which he has scored an impressive 23 goals, providing 7 assists as well. The former Sevilla man has also added 24 yellow cards from his matches on international duty to his total tally.

Sergio Ramos honors

Having played for one of the most decorated football clubs in the world, Sergio Ramos has managed to build himself quite a full trophy cabinet over the years. Overall as of 6 March 2021, he has won 5 La Liga titles, 2 Copas del Rey, 4 Supercopa de Espana trophies, 4

Champions League

titles, 4 FIFA Club World Cups and 3 UEFA Supercups with Real Madrid, while adding an Under-19 European Championship, , 2 European Championships and the 2010 World Cup to his trophy cabinet with Spain.




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