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Facts You need to know about Pilar Rubio, Sergio Ramos' Wife

Who wouldn’t wish to be a successful famous celebrity and also date or even marry another famous celebrity? Pilar Rubio and his husband seem to have gotten it all. Let’s see who Sergio Ramos’ wife is.

Celebrities often tend to date other celebrities, whether for publicity and promoting a brand, or just as a casual way of spending their time and never-ending money. Sometimes however, these dates could actually turn into a real thing, and these couples could end even marrying each other. Happy marriages amongst celebrities and superstars is a rare sight, but it seems that some actually find a way for it to work. 

Real Madrid


Sergio Ramos

and his actress wife Pilar Rubio seem to be one such example of a couple.

The two met back in 2012 and were confirmed to have been dating since they appeared at the 2012 Ballon d’Or ceremony together. One of the most beloved couples in Spain and even maybe around the world have been together for eight years which have been wonderful for the two as they now have four children, finally tying the knot in 2019. Many football fans already know about one of the best defenders in the world. But not everyone outside of Spain knows who Pilar Rubio is exactly, which is why the following are seven simple and general facts you need to know about her.

7 facts about Pilar Rubio

Here are seven

facts about Pilar Rubio

that you need to know.

Pilar Rubio age

The Real Madrid captain is currently 34 years old, but many have wondered about

Pilar Rubio’s


as she her skin looks quite flawless, making her look like a woman in her 20s or 30s. But Pilar Rubio Rubio age might surprise you as she is now 42 years old. Even as a woman in her 40s who has had four children, she looks stunning and has a figure truly worthy of being considered a model. There you know it. This might be one of the unexpected

facts about Pilar Rubio

that she is in fact older than her husband Sergio Ramos.

Pilar Rubio height

Models have traditionally been tall and slim women who have got a certain attractive figure, and Pilar Rubio does in fact fit in this category.

Pilar Rubio’s height

stands at 164cm which is above average and when combined with the slim figure she has, she seems even taller than she actually is, which is of course to her advantage. Pilar Rubio height is certainly of the facts about Pilar Rubio

that many have wondered about but have never had the chance to know about.

Pilar Rubio nationality

Some might believe that people from the same country who speak the same language and have grown up eating the same foods usually get along much better. Rubio and Ramos’ relationship could be a proof of that in a way. One of the facts about Pilar Rubio that many have Googled to know is

Pilar Rubio’s nationality

. She is of course a proud Spaniard as mentioned, who has lived all her life in one of the most beautiful and historical countries in the world.

Pilar Rubio career

Based on the previous facts about Pilar Rubio and based on the fact that many articles have been written about her, we now know that she is indeed famous and is considered to be a celebrity. But what is she famous for? What does she do for a living? What has

Pilar Rubio career

been like? Today is the day we finally learn about one of the most famous women in Spain.

Rubio (AKA Pili) is a reporter and a TV presenter and has been active in this field for quite a long time. Her level of fame began to rise when she started covering events for the show ‘Sé lo que hicisteis...’, or ‘I Know What You Did…’, a Spanish daily comedy show which used to air on the television channel ‘La Sexta’.

Pilar Rubio’s career has been quite busy as she has starred on numerous TV shows, short films and even movies such as ‘Isi & Disi, alto voltaje’. Although it does not end here, as she has also modeled for several men’s magazines, after which she was selected as the sexiest woman in the world in 2008 and 2009 by the Spanish edition of the FHM magazine.

As part of the facts about Pilar Rubio, here are some of the TV shows and movies she has appeared in:


  • Lo que necesitas es amor, Antena 3. (1998-1999)

  • The Right Price, TVE. (1999-2001)

  • Esto es vida, TVE.

  • La azotea de Wyoming, TVE. (2005)

  • Six pack, Cuatro. (2005)

  • Sé lo que hicisteis... (reporter), La Sexta. (2006-2009)

  • La ventana indiscreta (presenter), La Sexta. (summer of 2007, 2008 and 2009)

  • Adivina quién es quién (presenter), Canal Sur 2. (2009)

  • ¡Más que baile! (presenter), Telecinco. (2010)

  • Operación Triunfo (presenter), Telecinco. (2011)

  • Palomitas (actress) Telecinco (2011)

  • Todo el mundo es bueno (presenter), Telecinco. (2012)

  • El Hormiguero (Collaborator) (2014-) Antena 3


  • Merry Christmas (Short subject).

  • Cuestión de química (Short subject).

  • Isi & Disi, alto voltaje (feature film).

  • Carlitos y el campo de los sueños (feature film).

  • Video clip of Hamlet - Limítate

  • Video clip de Hombres G - No te escaparás.

  • Video clip of David Bustamante - Por Ella.

¡Mira quién baila!: ¡Mira quién baila! (English: Look Who's Dancing!), also known as ¡Más que baile! (English: More Than Dancing!), was a Spanish reality television show, and part of the Dancing with the Stars franchise, in which a group of celebrities competed in a dancing contest of several styles over several weeks, partnered with dance professionals. The prize that the winner obtained was given to charitable organisations of their choice.

El Hormiguero: This one is a television show with a live audience which focuses on subjects such as comedy and science, and has been running since 2006. It has gained so much success over the years that it has expanded from a 120-minute weekly show to a 40-minute daily show. It is of course one of the more famous shows that Pilar Rubio has starred in, which is why we’re introducing it.

Pilar Rubio net worth

In the modern world, a person’s net worth is how people tend to rank, compare and judge a celebrity’s success and fame each year. That is why we would like to know about Pilar Rubio’s net worth as much you. It is interesting to know that

Pilar Rubio net worth

has seen a rise compared to last year, going from less than $1M to an approximate figure of $1.5-$5 million.

Although some of the details about these

facts about Pilar Rubio

might be unknown, the basic and main information is available which can of course satisfy our curiosity. As one of the more interesting facts about Pilar Rubio, her net worth is quite impressive considering that she is more of a national celebrity than an international one.

Pilar Rubio Instagram

Social media has turned into a vital part of everyone’s everyday life and has even taken a huge portion of many people’s lives, especially during and after the COVID-19 quarantine period, which has certainly pushed many more people towards the digital world of the internet. One of the well-known and widely used apps on today’s smartphones is Facebook’s Instagram.

Celebrities and even non-celebrities can use apps such as Instagram to keep in touch with their loved ones, their fans, their hobbies, news etc. They’re also used many as effective tools for promoting their brands, which is why almost all celebrities are currently earning exorbitant amounts of money through endorsements by signing paid partnerships with various brands and people. For example, Portuguese striker

Cristiano Ronaldo

earns nearly $1 million per paid post on Instagram.

This particular information might be one of the best facts about Pilar Rubio that fans might want to know about. Many people might also wonder about

Pilar Rubio’s Instagram

account and whether she has one or if she is more of a traditional celebrity. If you were also wondering about Pilar Rubio Instagram account, then we have good news for you, because she does in fact have an account.

So without further ado, we present to you

Pilar Rubio

’s Instagram account. She currently has more than 5 million followers which is an absolutely mind-blowing figure for Instagram ‘normies’. She usually posts about her lovely children which is heart meltingly adorable.

Pilar Rubio wedding

We all have special days in our lives which turn into core memories in our minds, shaping our destiny and our choices as we grow up. One such special day is the day that almost all little girls dream of after reaching a certain age, a day that they plan out with meticulous detail, from the guest list, to even the color of everyone’s dresses and suits.

This special day is their wedding day. We do not know for certain, but Rubio could have been one of those little girls dreaming about their Prince Charming that they would one day marry. She and Sergio Ramos got married in 2019 after having three children together out of wedlock. Their fourth child came a couple of weeks ago, their first after getting married.

Pilar Rubio’s wedding

was something special, and it was certainly something that was awaited and expected by many friends and family and fans. At Pilar Rubio wedding, the beautiful bride wore a stunning Lebanese designer dress which dropped the jaws of everyone that gazed at it.

Describing the couple’s wedding ceremony as “star-studded” might actually be considered as an understatement as it was filled with Real Madrid legends such as David Beckham and Roberto Carlos, with their respectful wives of course, and current players such as 

Lucas Vázquez

, Sergio Ramos’ teammates from the Spanish National team including 

Santi Cazorla

 and Sergio Busquets and numerous other celebrities.

What is noteworthy about one of the more interesting facts about Pilar Rubio is that the couple moved the party their private real estate and the guests had to have a temporary unicorn tattoo to be able to get inside. Two names were missing from this magnificent list though, as two of Ramos’ ex-teammates Cristiano Ronaldo and Iker Casillas couldn’t make it to the wedding, or maybe weren’t invited at all.

The famous chef Dani Garcia prepared the banquet for the wedding. Another interesting part of facts about Pilar Rubio is the fact that Ramos actually booked the world-famous Australian band AC/DC to perform as a wedding gift for his wife as she is apparently a huge fan of the band. That ends our list of seven facts about Pilar Rubio you needed to know. She could certainly be a role model for many young fans as they can learn from her experiences and her lifestyle as she rocks it as a mother of four in her 40s.

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