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Top facts about Rebecca Cooke, Phil Foden’s girlfriend

It’s hard not to recognize the young Phil Foden who plays as a midfielder for Manchester City. This aspiring young man is currently dating Rebecca Cooke. They have a son together. read the following article to learn more facts about Rebecca Cooke.

The young player must be well known to you all. Young football star

Phil Foden

plays for League Premier club Manchester City. On May 28, 2000, Phil was born. He was quickly accepted by major clubs thanks to his talent and quickness, and ever since he began his professional career, he has received praise. He might not have enough experience for key matches, but he undoubtedly has talent.

Becoming a father at the age of 18, Phil Foden is now dating a very charming lady named Rebecca Cooke. She is so gorgeous and captivating that is hard not to recognize her when she walks into a room. Phil and Rebecca have been together for several years. However, there is not much facts about Rebecca Cooke, Phil Foden’s girlfriend. She has tried her best to keep her identity a secret.

Facts about Rebecca Cooke with great detail

Being a famous football player is never easy because of the media attention. Many WAGs including Rebecca make the decision to stay away from the spotlight as much as possible. That is why there is not a lot known about this amazing girlfriend of Phil’s. We have tried our best to gather as much information as we can on her. So keep on reading to learn more

facts about Rebecca Cooke, Phil Foden’s girlfriend


Rebecca Cooke biography

Rebecca Cooke has a similar name to a competitive British swimmer. However, they are not related to one another. Rebecca is usually known by the name of Becca by her friends and family. She is a sweet girl who is loved and cared for by so many people. Rebecca was born in England in 2000 and she is the same age as Phil Foden.

Rebecca is very energetic and kind. She has a kind heart and believes in second chances. Everybody enjoys her companionship and as mentioned before her beauty is captivating. Becca has always been friendly and outgoing. She enjoys traveling and watching movies on Saturday nights mostly with someone she feels comfortable with and can share secret jokes about the movies. This is a cute

fact about Rebecca Cooke


There is something so special about her. when you first meet her, it is hard to put your finger on it. Knowing her the best, her friends all agree that she is a strong-headed and creative person who never bails when things start to get challenging. She is always there for those she loves and respects.

Rebecca Cooke age

, which is 22, doesn’t let her act all mature and experienced. Surely, she is still trying to figure out being a parent and living independently.

As for

Rebecca Cooke Childhood

, we can let you know about a very happy one. Growing up, everybody praised how cute she was. She enjoyed reading books and playing with her toys. Her favorite toy on a playground was a swing where she could imagine flying without limits like a fierceness bird. Becca had a great imagination. She could see herself as the characters of the books she loved to read, which is an interesting fact about Rebecca Cooke. She was never lonely when she could live any life she imagines.

Rebecca Cooke Relatives and Family

Rebecca Cooke parents

have always loved their daughter from the bottom of their hearts and believed that she would have an amazing life if she was just strong enough to face the hardships that life would throw at her. this is a heart-warming fact about Rebecca Cooke. Also, it is interesting to know how close she is to her dad. Unfortunately, we don’t have any specifics regarding her parents.

She has a younger sister named Skylah. Rebecca and Skylah are very close and shared great memories. Their age difference is not that much, but sadly we don’t know how much older Becca is. We also don’t know whether they have any other siblings. Becca did a great job keeping a low profile since she is dating a famous football player like

Phil Foden


Rebecca Cooke secret and personal life

Rebecca loves traveling and enjoys nature very much. She believes that being in nature can make everything feels better. Her favorite spot for vacations is the beach where she can lie down the beach, get a tan, and enjoy the sunshine and the gentle ocean breeze. This is an exciting fact about Rebecca Cooke, Phil Foden’s girlfriend. She is not much of a drinker, but who doesn’t enjoy a nice drink once in a while?

One inserting fact about

Rebecca Cooke personal life

is that she enjoys reading fiction a lot. She has a beautiful bookshelf where she keeps her books. Her favorite genres are romance and thrillers. She loves to keep herself updated so she occasionally reads articles on various subjects. She was very creative and intuitive in school, but we are not sure if she continued her studies in a college or university.

Rebecca Cooke Body measurement and lifestyle

Rebecca Cooke is very stylish and she has always been spotted in stunning clothes. Her favorite brands are Gucci and Chanel. Rebecca is blond and has beautiful ocean eyes, which is an incredible fact about Rebecca Cooke. Her charming complexion and her amazing aura have always kept people fascinated.

Rebecca Cooke body measurement

is 34-25-36. She is slim and has an astonishing figure.

To have such a smoking body, she always works out and has a stable healthy diet. Rebecca makes sure that vegetables and healthy food are always around her. especially after she became a mother, she strives to stay healthy for her gorgeous son, Ronnie. As mentioned before, we don’t have any specific information on her educational background or her work interest.

We are positive that Rebecca Cooke doesn’t have any tattoos. Maybe in the future, she acquires one or maybe several. Her hair is beautifully smooth and straight. Based on some sources, she may not be a natural blond. But we are guessing that she may just be interested in darker roots, which is fashionable these days.

Rebecca Cooke loves partying and enjoys her time with her friends. Rebecca and Phil have been caught together in parties and nightclubs several times. However, since have become parents, they couldn’t spend so much time partying and spending late nights out. Sometimes, Rebecca’s mother agrees to babysit and that’s when they could enjoy some romantic times together. this is an interesting fact about Rebecca Cooke.

Rebecca Cooke Net worth and salary

Unfortunately, we don’t know anything about Rebecca’s occupation or what she is interested to pursue. Therefore,

Rebecca Cooke salary

is not clear. In some sources, she is referred to as an internet personality, but she is not active on any social media platforms as an influencer or a public figure. That is why we strongly think that it is false information.

As a result of not knowing her occupation and salary, we also have no clue about

Rebecca Cooke net worth

. Her boyfriend, Phil Foden, currently has a net worth of €3.5 million and it is no surprise to see the couple live a luxurious life. Most football players drive fancy cars and many have car collections. The couple has been spotted in a Mercedes several times.

Rebecca Cooke social media

Rebecca Cooke social media

is not very active. As was said beforehand, she tries her best to keep a low profile. Therefore, it is impossible to find her on Facebook. Her Instagram is in private mode and her followers are mostly the people she knows very well. You can find her page with


, but don’t be too disappointed to find a private page.


There are many accounts on Twitter with her name, but we don’t think that any of them is her. Phil Foden Instagram is filled with professional aspects of his life. He also occasionally shares pictures of his son and girlfriend. He is very popular on Instagram and has over 6.2 million followers. If you are interested to follow his work on Instagram, you can find his page with



Rebecca Cooke boyfriend, Phil Foden

Philip Walter Foden was born on 28 May 2000 in the Metropolitan Borough of Stockport, United Kingdom. His zodiac sign is a Gemini and like many people who have the same zodiac sign, Phil is outgoing and intelligent. He is adaptive and has always interesting to say. People with the Gemini zodiac sign are surrounded by friends.

On a negative point, Phil could be indecisive and impulsive, which could be understandable due to his young age. His father is Phil Foden and his mother is Claire Foden. They have always been so supportive of his son and believed that he will become a shining star one day. They had a modest family but still did their very best to provide everything their children needed.

Phil Foden club career


Phil has been a

Manchester City

fan since he was a little kid. Little did he know that he was going to be a part of this team when he became older. As a kid, football was all that he was interested in and he was always playing football with his friends on the local pitch near his home. What is interesting about Phil Foden is that he signed for the Manchester City club when he was four years old.

As a kid, he passed all his trials successfully and joined Manchester City at the age of eight. Joining the club meant the whole world to the little Phil. His performance was so astonishing so much so that it was impossible to hide his skill. During his teenage years in the academy, he got even better and was praised by so many people.

Later on, his parents spoke their desire that they wanted their son to have an education. Because of them, Manchester City paid for his tuition fees so he could be educated privately at St Bede’s College. That is why in 2016, he once again became a student. Phil was an exceptional talent. His skills have gotten better over time. Pep Guardiola once said that although Phil lacked experience, he certainly possessed great potentials.

He got his first highlight when he helped his teammates to win Neon Cup, which was later on followed by many other titles over the following years. For instance, in 2017, Phil obtained the BBC Young Sports Personality of the Year award. Phil Foden is left-footed and can play as a wing-back or a winger on the right. Phil Foden is currently playing as an aspiring young midfielder for the Premier League club Manchester City and also for the England national team.

Rebecca Cooke and Phil Foden’s relationship

Rebecca and Phil know have known each other for a very long time. They were high school sweethearts and met each other at a mutual friend’s party. Rebecca’s beauty caught Phil’s eyes and he was hooked on her instantly. They started dating a few days later, and they have been together ever since. Rebecca is very supportive of Phil’s career and believes he is going to have a bright future. This is an incredible fact about Rebecca Cooke, Phil Foden’s girlfriend.

In September 2020 Phil Foden did something that could have jeopardized the couple’s relationship. Due to Covid-19, the club and the team were supposed to obey special rules, but Phil and another player Mason Greenwood smuggled two women into their hotel rooms right after they made their debut. They were obviously found out because one of the women took a photo of Phil while he wasn’t properly dressed. But that wasn’t the only thing. There was also a video of the girls meeting the boys.

The picture and video went viral and made the managers very angry. They were asked to go back from England to Manchester. The managers held Phil and Mason responsible for their inappropriate behavior and breaching the Covid-19 Protocols. Of course, they were very sorry and apologized many times for their shameful behavior. Fortunately, the managers decided to put the whole thing behind them if they promise not to do it ever again.

As for Rebecca, she was very mad at the beginning and didn’t know what to do. Gradually, she decided to forgive Phil and gave him another chance for the sake of their son. This is an incredible

fact about Rebecca Cooke, Phil Foden’s girlfriend

. Surely, complications happen in every relationship, what is important is to find a way to move past the problem and move on.

As for

Rebecca Cooke children

, Phil and Rebecca are the proud parents of a son named Ronnie. They had Ronnie when they were only parents’ becoming a parent at a young age can be extremely challenging, but they are very happy about their boy, which is an interesting fact about Rebecca Foden. Although they have been together for many years, we don’t think they would get married any time soon mainly because both of them are very young. We are sure that both of them would do wonderfully in the journey ahead of them.




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