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A look back at the greatest Phil Foden quotes including his comments on football and the biggest stars of the game.

Phil Foden is a professional footballer who is currently playing as a striker for Manchester City Football club and England National team. Widely considered as one of the most promising English talents,

Phil Foden

is one of the few graduates from Manchester City's academy who has become a key member for the first team.

During his successful career so far, Foden has won many top awards. He won the U17 World Cup with England and was awarded the Golden Ball at the tournament. He then got promoted to City's first team and went on to break many records including the youngest ever Premier League winner and the youngest City goal scorer in the Champions League as well as the youngest English footballer to play and score in the knock-out stages of the tournament.

Foden has been a player for England at the youth and senior level. He featured in the 2021 European Championships with the Three Lions. the following article we present you with a complete collection of

Phil Foden quotes


Best Collection of Phil Foden quotes

We present football fans with the Best collection of Phil Foden quotes which includes his comments about his personality and career as well as his comments on other football stars.

Phil Foden quotes about his character, childhood and personal life

Phil Foden was born into a family of football fans. Foden was a Manchester City fan since he was four years old. One of his best childhood memories was when

Sergio Aguero

scored the famous last minute goal against Crystal Palace, which gave City the Premier League title with virtually the last kick of the season. Foden was 12 years old at the time and was present at the stadium where the magic happened. It is also interesting that Foden's father and brother are passionate Manchester United fans and he supports Manchester City alongside his mother.

Phil Foden became a father when he was only 18 years old. Foden married his current wife, Rebecca Cooke when he was only 17 years old and became a parent one year later it is certainly interesting to know more about Phil Foden quotes on his own childhood, personality and private life.

On his childhood:

I’m from a big family – I played football with my older brother a lot, but not many of them enjoyed the game as much as me. They liked to watch it, but I was fully committed, always playing out on the streets with my mates. I think that brought me on as a player, because I always played against people who were bigger and more physical than me. My family could tell from when I was very young that I really wanted to become a footballer.

“He was happy that I’d gone to a club, and especially one as good as City. He’s the main reason I got into football. He had football on the TV when I was growing up, then he took me to training every day. Without his desire for wanting me to play the game, I probably wouldn’t be where I am now. I see some kids who probably could have been really good, but their mums and dads didn’t take them to training – so they couldn’t get as far as they would have done.

I was at primary school and I heard there was a City coach coming in to train the year six kids, I was several years below them, but they didn’t see any potential in that age group so they asked, ‘Have you got any other players that might interest us?’ Our PE teacher told them about me, and the coach brought me to train on my own outside. He said he liked me, gave me his card to give to my parents and asked them to give him a call. Ever since that day, I’ve been at City. (From Foden Interview with FourFourTwo)

I was directly behind the net when Sergio Aguero scored, then we celebrated on the pitch – I was on there at the end, with however many other people that afternoon. That was my main highlight as a City fan – it’s mad to think I play with those players now.

When derby days came around, it was me and my mum supporting City, then my dad and my brother supporting


– arguing and debating about who was going to win, But since I’ve been in City’s first team and it’s been me against United, I think I’m turning him slowly into a City fan – he’s not as interested in United as he used to be!

On how his life has changed because of football:

“I was just out one time and someone shouted in the street, ‘Can you sign this?’ It was strange, because I was like them growing up. I still think it’s insane now that people ask for photographs and get me to sign things – but I’ve always got time to do that. I feel like people are scared to ask some players, because they’re worried that they’ll say no. But knowing who I am, people always feel welcome to ask me.”

On his marriage life:

I was there for the birth. I walked out of the room, gave it a little tear and then went back in like nothing happened. I'm not one for crying in front of people. I like to be on my own, but I was there in the room, watched it happen and it was a special moment.

I go home and see him smiling, so there's more important things than worrying about one bad session. You look at things in a different way when you've got a kid. I was there when he started crawling, but I think I was in London when he started to walk. It's unfortunate to miss things like that but it's a sacrifice that he'll appreciate when he's older.

On his hobbies and preferences:

I was probably about six or seven and my dad had a fishing rod of his dad's and said we should go and try it out, I fell in love with it and we ended up going every weekend. I still remember my first catch. It wasn't very big, I was just learning, but it's the excitement of when you get one for the first time.

I generally love all types of sport, but I don’t do any others apart from fishing. I do like darts, but I don’t really play.

We have a dartboard when I’m with England and a few of the lads say I’m a natural. We don’t really compete, but sometimes I hit a 180 and they’ll be gobsmacked.

It doesn’t matter about money; having it, not having it. Or having clothes, or not having them. You’re still left alone with yourself in the end.

This is why I didn’t go out to parties and many other things. I am successful because I made sacrifices for success.

Money can only do so much for you. As human beings we are driven by emotion. And the wildest emotion comes from the possibility of our dreams becoming real. Money is just a by-product

If I wasn’t paid to be a professional footballer, I would willingly play for nothing.

Phil Foden quotes about football and his playing style

Phil Foden is famous for his ability to score all sorts of goals. He is a versatile left-footed midfielder with good speed, as well as shooting and dribbling skills. He has been a key member of the England national team and

Manchester City

in recent years and has shown his strong personality in many key moments of his amazing career. The followings are the

top quotes by Phil Foden

about football and his own playing style.

Sometimes in football you try your best and it doesn’t work out but I’ll keep trying, I’ll keep doing my best and if the team keeps winning I am very happy.

No matter what, skill will always prevail.

There is no rule that says a footballer needs to be ‘this high’ and ‘this wide.

I don’t consider myself as a star.

If you win without sacrifice you enjoy it, but it’s more satisfying when you have struggled.

When the year starts, the objective is to win with all the team, personal records are secondary.

Football brings you lots of lovely things, but then you have to realise that it’s actually a job

I’m playing well but you can easily have a bad performance so for me I just want to keep improving and keep on top of my game as the best players in the world are so consistent every game and want to be like this

I want to be the one to win the most medals in my career, that’s my aim. I always want to be the best player in the world, that’s for everyone, but I want to try and win as many trophies as possible and be the most decorated player. I am going to give it my best shot and I know I am going to try my hardest.

Football is about the spectators; they expect to see attacks, to see goals.

Football is entertainment; and success will surely come with entertainment.

I’m happy to play anywhere, I will play wherever I’m told to play.

Best Phil Foden quotes about his club and international career 

In this part of our article we have a look at the

best Phil Foden quotes

about his club and international career.

On his career with England National team:

It's hard to get a place [in this team], There are so many great talents in the attacking third, so I do feel sorry for him [Southgate] a bit having to pick 11. It's very difficult and all I can do is keep fighting for my place. That's all I can do really.

When you are in a good run of form, your confidence is always higher than normal so, yes, I feel full of confidence at the moment and I am really enjoying my games. So is this the most confident I have felt in my career? Probably… yes. It's hard to say unstoppable but I feel like I am full of confidence.

It's really important to be consistent with your club. I want to just take that form into


. Some players in the past have struggled with performing for their clubs and with England as well, so I want to take the form and hopefully just play the same way. I want to do what I do best.

I will just keep working hard and try and improve. I am still only 20 and got a lot to improve. I've had to work really hard to be here now and I continue to keep working hard and [I'm] hopeful to go to a big tournament and do well. That's my aim.

On His career at Manchester City:

I will never forget how I have been treated here by the fans, the club and the owners, and nothing would give me greater pleasure than to finish my career as a Manchester City player.

There weren't many young kids at my age playing in a team like this, a lot of people were complaining about the minutes and things but, with the team that we have here and how many quality players we had at the time, it was very difficult to get in.

We shall wobble and fumble to the final and win the cup

I just kept believing in myself and trusting the manager. This year has been really good for me, playing more minutes. I would definitely say it has paid off.

It always helps when you play for a club you support. When I was younger, it was a dream to play for the club, so never did I think I would make it to 100 appearances so early. I gave the shirt from that [

West Brom

] game to my family and they got it framed.

I wouldn’t say I’m doing anything different this season, just playing more of an attacking role. In previous years, I’ve played in the middle. Now I’m out wide and you always get confidence when you score in back-to-back games. Sometimes you get lucky when chances fall to you. I just enjoy scoring goals and that’s what I wanted to add to my game.

Top quotes by Phil Foden about famous football players and teams

In this part of our article on we will have a look at the top quotes by Phil Foden about other football great stars and teams, including his comments on Pep Guardiola and

David Silva


On the influence of Pep Guardiola on his success:

Pep is really good with that, trying to not think too far ahead, He is always saying to everyone, ‘Just focus on the next game’. But, for sure, the lads are going to think about it of course.

Sometimes it’s hard to explain, but it’s the small details, It’s literally just one yard difference, in possession and where he wants you to move into space – the little things that some managers and some people miss. Those tiny details make a big difference. If we’re struggling in a match, he’ll change something straight away. He’ll get a message on, and the game will immediately change. But he never really seems to get his tactics wrong, and if he does he holds his hands up. Everyone makes mistakes, but it’s very rare that Pep does.

Everyone knows he's one of the best coaches to ever be out there, so, just to play under him is very special. He just loves playing out from the back and playing beautiful football.

On David Silva:

“I always liked David Silva – I thought he was a great player every time I watched him play. I admired Jack Wilshere as well when I was growing up. I remember that Arsenal goal he scored [against Norwich] when he did loads of one-twos – everyone in my area used to go mad about his goal and how good it was. I just liked those kinds of players who kept on the ball in really tight areas, not the biggest players. I like to think I was the same as them as a kid.

On Barcelona:

When I used to watch


as a kid, it was unbelievable - the way he set them up and how they played one-touch and two-touch football was unbelievable.

I just remember growing up and they dominated football for years, winning everything. I just remember always watching it with my dad and thinking: 'Wow! What a team this is and what a coach they have!

On Liverpool:

They are such a great team and have great players. We know they can go on a run themselves. You see how strong Liverpool have been in recent years and I still see them as a danger.

Best quotes on Phil Foden from famous football figures

We wrap up our article with the best quotes on Phil Foden from other football great figures such as Pep Guardiola, Gareth Southgate and

Lionel Messi


He has everything to become one of the best players. I have said many times in press conferences, but maybe not said it in front of him, Phil is the most, most, most talented player I have ever seen in my career as a manager. – Pep Guardiola

I’m really pleased for him and his family. To have the experience he had in September was really tough for a youngster. We all make mistakes. It was a difficult situation to be in. You’re walking back through the door and looking at everyone’s faces and you know the last time you saw them it was complicated.

It took him a few days I think to settle into the camp and start to smile a bit more and relax a bit more. We know what he’s capable of doing. He’s one of a few that are going to be very exciting over the next few years for England. – Gareth Southgate

He never looks at the ball. The best players always know where the ball is. He plays with his chest out and knows the picture before it has happened. Every day training at that club with those players, must be like a masterclass. He is great for the game this young man. – Jamie Redknapp

I’ve known him about five years, since he was a little boy and he’s showed his quality, no doubt about that, He’s matured and is taking the actions better, again he scored today and he’s been awesome. I’m so pleased and happy for him because he’s a nice boy and deserves the best. –


He will do amazing things in the game. He has huge talent. – Lionel Messi

So here was our article on the Phil Foden quotes. Which part did you like the most? Any quotes you want to add to the list? Let us know in the comments section.

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