Top facts about Ana Pinho, Bruno Fernandes' wife

Wed 23 December 2020 | 8:30

Ana Pinho started her journey with Manchester United’s midfielder, Bruno Fernandes, since they were both teenagers. Read on to find out more facts about Ana Pinho.

The talented Portuguese midfielder, Bruno Fernandes, has been married to Ana Pinho for five years, but their story started way back in time.

They started dating as both of them were in the same class in their high school in Boavista. By the time Ana caught Bruno Fernandes' eye, they were only16 years old.

The new Queen of all

Manchester United

fans, Ana Pinho got married to

Bruno Fernandes

on December 2015 and they have a cute little child Matilde who was born on January 2017.

The followings are some facts about Ana Pinho, Bruno Fernandes' wife:

The first fact about Ana Pinho is that she and Bruno Fernandes attended the same high school in Portugal and had their first kiss in the school premises.

Ana Pinho biography

Ana Pinho was born in April 18 1994 in Portugal meaning that

Ana Pinho’s age

is 26.

Ana Pinho’s childhood

was always quiet and joyful as she said in an interview.

She was in love with a boy in her class and started a relationship with him. The boy was Bruno Fernandes who became one of the best football players in the world.

They’ve been sweethearts since they were kids and have been in a romantic relationship since they were 16. They met each other at the school and since they were in the same class, they become friends and then sweethearts.

“We were 16 years old. We met at school and at the time I was in Boavista and went to a nearby school. We fell into the same class,” Ana Pinho said.

Ana and Bruno got married after being together for three years, in 2015 and their relationship got stronger when Matilde was born in January 2017.


Ana Pinho children

, it should be mentioned that in 2020, she announced that she was going to have another child. A baby boy that was born this year. There is not enough information about the child but it has been reported that his name is Goncalo Fernandes.

Among important facts about Ana Pinho is that she is a perfect wife and mom, in other words, she is the ideal housewife. On her Instagram page, she posts beautiful pictures of the family on vacations or in the house just wondering around.

Ana Pinho’s love story

The noticeable fact about Ana Pinho is that she met Bruno at school and have been in love ever since. Bruno was her first love and Ana was his. In an interview with a sport magazine, he said that Ana is the only girl that he has ever dated.

After a few months, Bruno had to leave Portugal to Italy so they had to leave each other but after Bruno didn’t feel like staying in Italy, he invited her to help him to achieve his goals. That’s when she left school and chose to stay with her future husband.

The relationship got stronger and stronger and they finally got married in 2015. Two years later, there was a big change in the family. In 2017, Bruno signed a contract with the Portuguese club and after five years, they finally came back home.

But that wasn’t it. They also were blessed with a beautiful daughter at the beginning of the year. So, 2017 was a great year for Ana Pinho and her lovely family.

The important fact about Ana Pinho is that her husband is a family man and his wife and children mean a lot to him. When he was asked in an interview that who dose he share his successes with, he responded, “It is family and friends, because of course every time I have a game I have my little baby and my wife in the stadium.

Sometimes and now more than ever I will have my brother, because my brother lives in London, so he will be at Old Trafford to look at the games. My wife, my baby, my family and also my sister.”

Bruno’s team, Manchester United, is also in love with this family. The club sent a beautiful pink unicorn cake to Matilde for her 3rd birthday and celebrated with the family. Ana posted a picture of the cake on her Instagram page and said “Thank you so much


, Matilde is in love with her cake.”

This adorable family steals the heart of everybody.

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After dating for three years, they both decided to become husband and wife in December 2015.

As another

fact about Ana Pinho

, it should be mentioned that despite spending so many years together, she waited for two years after marriage before she had her first child. Matilde arrived in their lives in January 2017. In 2020, they announced that they were expecting their second child as Ana was heavily pregnant. They called the baby boy

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Goncalo Fernandes.

Ana Pinho’s husband, Bruno Fernandes

Bruno Fernandes was born on September 8 1994 in Portugal and he is a professional football player who currently plays for Manchester United F.C. and Portugal national team.

He started his professional career in 2013 when he was playing for the Italian club


. Following his great performance, he joined another Italian football club in

Series A

of the Italian league,


, and for three years in that club.

After that she joined the Sampdoria, another Italian team in series A. after two years playing for


and five years of being in Italy, he joined Sporting CP, a Portuguese team in which he was the captain. The team became the champion of the Portuguese league cup or Taças da Liga for two years in a row, 2018 and 2019.

In his time in the Portuguese team, he scored 33 goals and was named as the best player of the league. In the beginning of 2020 he signed with Manchester United for

 55 million which made him the second highest salary for a Portuguese player of that year.

He made some great performances for Manchester United. In the game against


, he provided an assist for a goal which caused the Manchester United to win with the 2-0 result.

He scored his first goal for the team in the game against


which ended with the great 3-0 for Manchester United he also provided assist for a goal in that same game.

Bruno Fernandes first goal at the UEFA Europa league was in the game against

Club Brugge

which was a penalty. Manchester United also won that game with 5-0 result.

After only three months playing for the Manchester United, he

became the

Premier League

Player of the Month which is an award that is given to the best player of the month by online public voting, for February.

Bruno scored a brace (brace is when a player scores two goals in one game) at the game against Brighton & Hove Albion which Manchester won 3-0. Next month he won the Premier League Player of the Month and the goal of the month and became the first player who won this awards at the same time.

He also won the Sir Matt Busby Player of the Year which is an award that represent the fans’ Manchester United’s player of the season.

In the next season, 2020-2021 season, he scored the latest goal in the Premier league history in 100


minute of the game against

Brighton & Hove Albion

and also it was his first goal of the season. He scored another brace in this season against


and he was again named as the Premier League Player of the Month.

He played for the Portugal national team under 19, under 20, under 21 and under 23. He helped the national team to go to the quarter-finals of the 2016 Olympics. The national team won their group as the first team and at the quarter-finals,


national team lost to


with 4-0 result.

He also was invited to the national team for the 2018 FIFA World cup in Russia. In the group games Portugal won a game against Morocco with Ronaldo’s goal and got to the round 16 as the second team of its group but they lost at the round of 16 to Uruguay with 2-1.

In 2018, the transfermarket value of him was $2 million and now in 2020, his net worth is more than $20 million, $21.27 million to be exact. In 2017 the Sporting CP signed a fee for 8.5 million Euro and he also a deal with Nike as a sponsorship.

Growing up in his hometown, Maia, with his brother, Ricardo, was a big influence in him to play football. “I watched my brother every time. When you have a brother who is five years older than you, you look at him.

You grow up and you try to do everything that he does.” Bruno said. He always wanted to become a professional football player and for that matter “he didn’t have a plan B in case that his dream won’t come true” as her brother Ricardo said.

Football was a profession in his family. “In my family everyone plays. My father plays, my brother plays, so I think I follow in the steps of the family. I have some cousins also who play football and futsal.

The family, we have Sunday games with my dad, my cousins and friends of my dad. They play every Sunday on the pitch close to my home.

So, I grew up going there, playing before them, and afterwards when I became 13 or 14 years old, I started to play with them and sometimes my dad kicked me a little bit, just to prepare me for the Premier League!” he said.

Her father was also a professional football player but he stopped playing football to meet the needs of his family. The number 8 that Bruno wears is a kind of respect to his father because his number was 8 too. He also has a number 8 tattoo on his arm which might be tribute to his father or maybe it’s his birth date (November 8).

Now he plays with number 18 for Manchester United which is another meaningful number for him. It’s Ana’s birth date (April 18) and also the number of Paul Scholes whom he looked up to when he was growing up.

His mom is actually a football-loving mother and she is a big fan of the

FC Porto

and became a fan of the

Sporting CP

after her son joined the club.

Bruno has a huge family a number of brothers and his only sister. His older brother, Ricardo, was a big reason for Bruno to play football and they grow up playing football every day.

Besides his immediate family, as he said before, his cousin Vitor Borges who is also a professional football player and played for Boavista was a big influence on him to play football professionally.

For achieving his dream, he dropped out of the school and didn’t finish 11


grade! After that he joined his first football club in series B in Italian league but after a few months he was in Series A team for his good results. But being in Italy away from his family wasn’t easy for him.

He got homesick and almost decided to give up his dream to come back home “it made me grow up faster and I had to do it alone.

I lived alone and you have to start to know how to do things like a big man.” He said.

Thanks to Ana he didn’t give up. Ana decided to leave her school in Portugal and go to Italy to be with him so he could keep on to his career. After staying in Italy for five years he joined a Portuguese club and came back home. In that year he became the best player of the Portuguese league.

After two years he joined the Manchester United. Being a Manchester United player has been fun for him. “My love of Manchester United really started when I used to watch Cristiano Ronaldo play and ever since then I have been a big fan of this great club.

For me to now play for Manchester United feels incredible, I have worked hard to get to this moment and I can promise the fans that I will give everything for the badge to help bring us more success and trophies.

I want to thank Sporting for everything they have done for me.  

It is surreal to hear the nice words that have been said about me from players that used to play for this team.

A massive thank you to Ole and everyone at Manchester United for the trust they have shown in me and I can’t wait to start to repay that on the pitch,” He said.

Besides football, his hobbies are including acquiring knowledge on any subject, eating and trying new foods which sushi is a big part of it, watching all kinds of TV shows and competitions and spending time with his family and friends.

A fun fact is that he was dropped out of school. Fernandes speaks three languages: Portuguese as his mother tongue, English and Italian which is a cause of living in Italy for five years.

Another fun fact is that he named his color red in an interview because his that the color for Manchester United and also the Portugal. “Red is like my life now,” he said.

Bruno also care about the people who look up to him to become a football player because once he looked up to others himself. When he was asked about it he said, “what I want to say is 'just follow your dream'. You need to follow your dream.

It doesn't matter who wants to put you down, who wants to say you are not good enough to be a footballer. You just need to follow your dream. If it is really your dream, just focus on working on that, keep going, keep working, keep improving.

Sometimes I tell some friends who I have, it doesn't matter who has your back - if your family supports you or not, the only support you need is yourself.

Just keep following your dream.”

Ana Pinho social media

Ana Pinho social media

has proven that she is a fulltime housewife through her Instagram posts. Ana is always fond of sharing the moments she is having with her daughter or with her husband. Sometimes, she would share family time pictures to prove why she is a fulltime mom.

She has more than 52k followers on her Instagram page and she posts picture mostly every day. There is a picture on her page of Matilde in a pool with a swimsuit in an island in Portugal this summer with a beautiful caption which was a poem about her daughter:

“Slipping through my fingers all the time,

I try to capture every minute,

The feeling in it,

Slipping through my fingers all the time,

Do I really see what is on her mind,

Each time I think I am close to knowing,

She keeps on growing,

Slipping through my fingers all the time,

Sometimes I wish that I could freeze the picture,

And save it from the funny tricks of the time,

Slipping through my fingers,

Slipping through my fingers all the time,” she wrote in the caption.

Another picture that she posted was a beautiful day on a beach in Vilamoura in Portugal with Matilde holding her hand and they both wearing the same bikini. In the picture, there are actually three people because she is pregnant with her second child.

Among interesting

facts about Ana Pinho

is that every single picture that she posts indicates that she is a full time mommy and she really takes care of her family and she is proud of what she is doing.

In one of Bruno’s Instagram post, there is a beautiful picture of Bruno and Matilde sitting on chair with a big happy smile on their vacation time in The Lake Spa Resort in an island in Portugal.

There is another beautiful picture of the father and daughter in Ana’s Instagram page that Matilde is wearing a cute little swimsuit and she is playing with her father on the beach in their vacation time.

In general,

Ana Pinho’s personal life

is shared with her fans through her social media. So, if you are interested in her lifestyle and the way that she is trying to be a perfect mom, you should check his social media pages specially her Instagram page (



Ana Pinho’s net worth


Ana Pinho’s net worth

, it should be mentioned that since Ana Pinho is a full time mom, her husband’s net worth is discussed here.

In November 2019, the midfielder signed a contract with Manchester United that nets him a whopping salary of 3 Million Euro (2.5 Million Pound) per year. We have crunched the numbers, this means he earns €8,219 (£6,849) per day and €342 (£285) per hour!

Fernandes earns around £100,000 a week, and could be offered £200,000 as a reward for his impressive performances. He has scored 22 goals in just 38 appearances which is an exceptional return for a midfielder, even if he is almost always on penalty duties for his side.

The final fact about Ana Pinho is that her husband’s net worth is estimated to be $20 million and for that matter this beautiful family live a lavish personal life style.

They have expensive cars and live in expensive houses. At the time of the year that he is not working or playing football, this family is always in vacations mostly in Portugal.


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