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Top facts about Amber Davies, Ruben Loftus-Cheek’s girlfriend

Amber Davies is a talented actor and dancer who is said to be dating Ruben Loftus-Cheek, the English professional midfielder. Read the following article to learn more facts about Amber Davies, Ruben Loftus-Cheek’s girlfriend.

Amber Davies is from the United Kingdom and has a beautiful British accent. She is stunningly beautiful and flirty. Two years ago, Amber Davies slid into

Ruben Loftus-Cheek

’s DM on a live radio show. The rumor has it that the two of them have been together ever since. Ruben is extremely handsome, and Amber is captivating. The two of them seriously make a gorgeous couple.

Despite the rumors and gossips on the internet and YouTube, we can safely say that the two of them are not dating. Amber Davies has posted pictures of her boyfriend on Instagram. They have spent the lockdown and Christmas together. His name is Nick Kyriacou, and he is a businessman. They haven’t been together for so long, but so far, they are doing great.

Read on to learn more facts about Amber Davies:

Although Amber Davies and Ruben Loftus-Cheek never officially dated, we are interested to know every single detail about their previous relationship or flirting. Therefore, we have checked all the sources to bring out all the information we can find on the two of them. If you are as curious as us, keep on reading to learn more

facts about Amber Davies, Ruben Loftus-Cheek’s ex-girlfriend


Amber Davies biography

Amber Davies was born on 4 October 1996 in North Wales. She is a Libra, and like people born this month, she is beautiful, charming, and well-balanced. She is very generous with her family and friends. Amber is optimistic about her world view and very romantic in her love life. This personality trait of hers is obviously an exciting fact about Amber Davies.

Amber Davies childhood

was a happy one, which she spent with her siblings. She has an older sister, Jade Davies, and one younger brother, Luke Jones. Amber can remember so many great memories growing up with them. She is very close with her sister, Jade who she shares her secrets and dating life with. It is interesting to know that Jade assists her sister in managing her Instagram account.

She came from a happy home.

Amber Davies parents

have always been very protective of their children and caring toward them. Her mother is Susan Davies, a psychiatric nurse, and her father is Hefin Davies, a plumber. Amber and Jade have always been interested in fashion and reality shows, and they have spent so many hours watching such shows on TV.

Amber Davies parents stated that Amber went through a rebellious phase when she was a teenager and wanted to party all the time. She got a belly button piercing when she was only 13. Although Amber was one of the popular girls at school, she faced many challenges with her school friends. Of course, she learned how to stand up for herself pretty soon.


Amber Davies Age

was only ten, she appeared on her first talent show and won the 2006 Erdd Eisteddfod. When she was 16, she was trained for musical theatres. She managed to earn a scholarship in music and drama. To pursue this education, she moved to London. Amber has always worked out to keep her body in perfect shape.

About her appearance, she is charming and beautiful with green eyes and dark blonde hair.

Amber Davies body measurement

has been sated 35-24-34 inches. She is 5 feet 2 inches tall, and 55 kg is her height. Her bra size is 32B. Her complexion and appearance fit perfectly for being a model and Instagram influencer. This is an incredible fact about Amber Davies.

Amber Davies Professional life

Amber Davies has always aspired to become a part of the show business. She has many talents like acting, singing, and dancing, which can put her in a rightful place in the industry. Her beautiful complexion and lovely body figure certainly can provide her with great opportunities. Many people have referred to her as cute and adorable.

She didn’t mind starting her path from the very low. Amber always believes in hard works and hopes that the hardship pays off one day. Her attitude is inspiring and a fantastic fact about Amber Davies, Ruben Loftus-Cheek's ex-girlfriend. Before rising to fame, she sang and danced at a nightclub named Cirque Le Soir, which was apparently an unsuccessful attempt. But eventually, her time at the nightclub paved the way for bigger roles for her.

She obtained fame by appearing in the dating reality series Love Island in 2017. Apparently, the first time the produces offered her apart in the series, she refused. Eventually, Amber appeared in the third season and managed to win in the finals alongside Kem Centinay. They won £50000 that they split between themselves. The program helped her gain recognition and connection. Also, she was named the “dating queen” after the show.

Amber tried to keep her fan base by connecting them via social media platforms. Although the couple won the show together, their romance didn’t last long after the end of the season. After this show, she became very busy. Amber earned around £5000 for each time appearing in events and clubs, which is an amazing

fact about Amber Davies


She has appeared in talent shows several times over the years, hoping to get selected for her singing talent. for instance, it is known that she auditioned for X-factor. The auditions were probably why AGT suggested her to the team who were in charge of remaking a musical show named 9 to 5 based on the book by Patricia Resnick. Dolly Parton made the music and lyrics of this West End theatrical show.

Meeting Dolly and working with her has been a highlight in Amber Davies personal life. It is a popular opinion that Dolly knows everything. She is an exceptional character who showed women that self-love is the primary key to have a great life. Dolly also advised Amber Davies that she is only in competition with herself. Hearing that from Dolly, Amber was inspired and strived to follow her advice.

For Amber, besides working alongside Dolly, finally finding her way to the show business on a significant production like 9 to 5 was absolutely heartwarming. This is an interesting fact about Amber Davies. Many fans were excited about the production and wanted to support their dating queen.

During the rehearsal for 9 to 5 show, Amber Davies had cosmetic surgery and had her ears pinned back. Later, Amber mentioned the form of her ears had always been one of her insecurities, and now that she pinned them back, she is happier and satisfied with the way she looks. This is an exciting fact about Amber Davies’ personal life.

Amber Davies net worth and salary

Ever since she has done modeling jobs for lingerie lines and clothes. Amber has also partnered with the online boutique motel rocks and earned £500k on her contract. She has been a Motel Rocks brand fan long before she signed the partnership with the company.

She is currently active as an influencer on Instagram with an impressive fan base. Considering her followers, Amber can earn around £10k per sponsored post, which is excellent as

Amber Davies salary

. If she does a few of these sponsored posts every month, she can earn almost £240k per year.

As of 11 July 2020,

Amber Davies net worth

is £1.6 million, which is an impressive fact about Amber Davies, Ruben Loftus-Cheek ex-girlfriend. Another remarkable fact about her is that she is currently the manager of Marco/Richards, which is a brand management agency. The company is based in Manchester and helps various brands to expand their business by getting more recognition.

Amber Davies social media

To live as an influencer, one should be aware of social media platforms' importance and their role worldwide. Amber Davies is now active as an aspiring young influencer who keeps blogging about lifestyle, fashion, and beauty.

Amber Davies social media

is very popular and has an impressive fan base. The key to her success is being up to date and producing relevant content.

She loves to share posts about her daily life and style on Instagram. She has over 1.5m followers, and this number is only rising. We can say for sure that she is doing excellently as an influencer because she always has sponsored posts. If you are interested to see her various posts about beauty, fashion, traveling, and lifestyle, you should follow her on Instagram with



Amber Davies Twitter is also popular and has been on trends several times. She usually tweets about the things relevant to her primary interests of theatre, acting, and singing. She has over 388k followers, and you can find her and read her tweets with


. The way she connects with her fans is an amazing fact bout Amber Davies, Ruben Loftus-Cheek ex-girlfriend.

Amber Davies’ ex-boyfriend, Ruben Loftus-Cheek

Ruben Loftus-cheek is an aspiring young midfielder who plays for


and is currently on a contract with


. This handsome young man was born on 23 January 1996 in Greater London. His Zodiac sign is Aquarius. Ruben is extremely talented, but he owes his talent and exceptional skills to his hard work. He is very humble and never acts arrogantly toward his teammates and fans.

Up until he became 15, he was unaware of his brothers. After his mother shared the secret, he was happy to find out that he has three older brothers who are all into football. The passion for football was undoubtedly something that runs in the family. Speaking about Ruben’s family, his father is from Guyanese, and his mother is British.

His parents have always been very supportive of his endeavors and very proud of him. His father, Trevor, has a major role in his life, inspiring him to build up his dream and always go forward. Ruben also has a sister, and they are very close. They share a lot of happy memories and still have each other’s back.

His oldest brother is Carl Cort, who is a former professional football player. He last played for Tempa Bay Rowdies in the North American Soccer League. He is 43 years old now. Carl played for many clubs and teams such as

Lincoln City


Newcastle United




Wolverhampton Wanderers

, UD Marbella,

Leicester City

, and

Norwich City


Leon Cort is also a former footballer who played as a defender. He had jersey number 28 in Charlton Athletic FC. He also represented Guyana at the international level. Ruben’s other brother is Wayne Cort, who is a semi-professional football player. Wayne plays as a forward, mostly for the Guyana team. He is not currently a member of any clubs.

Ruben had joined Chelsea when he was only eight years old. His talent grew as he grew older, and he managed to show himself and what he stands for gradually. His performance has always been impressive. His agility in the field and the ability to control the ball are among his remarkable skills. Surely, a club like Chelsea never wanted to lose such a valuable player. That is why he is still on a contract with the team.

Ruben Loftus-Cheek is now playing for the Premier League club Fulham, on loan for Chelsea. His stats in 2021 contains appearance in 15 matches and scoring one goal. So far, he didn’t assist in any goals. Ruben’s net worth is currently $8 million, which is exciting. Considering how handsome he is and how much he earns, we can safely say that this eligible bachelor is certainly a great catch!

Amber Davies love life

Our dating queen has dated many people over the years, and the internet and media also love her. If you look her name up, you can see many associations of her name with so many handsome fellows, which is an incredible

fact about Amber Davies

. Facts or fictions? We can’t really know because she doesn’t like to admit to every fling and dates that she has ever had. Despite this truth, here we are going through some of her dating records.

As mentioned earlier, in 2017, she won the third season of the reality show Love Island alongside Kem Centinay. They seemed to be an exemplary couple on the show talking about their future weddings and how many kids they want. Unfortunately, the couple couldn’t stick together a while after the show. At first, it was a little hard for Amber to handle the breakup. Gradually, she did it, and she was able to move on.

There were some rumors that she was dating Liam Payne, the singer, at the beginning of 2018. The rumor, however, was never confirmed. We are not sure about the nature of Amber and Liam’s relationship, but the two of them could have been a cute couple. In late 2018, she began dating Perri Kiely, a British street dancer.

However, their relationship didn’t work out either. Based on our resources, Amber was introduced to James Hawkins by Bradly Duck, who was in a relationship with Amber’s Friend Olivia Attwood. Sadly, their relationship was also short-lived and didn’t become serious on any level. This is an exciting fact about Amber Davies.

In 2018, on a radio program, Amber talked about Ruben Loftus-Cheek. First, the host asked her what did she think about the football player. Amber stated that she thought Ruben was very handsome and looked like an angel. Afterward, the host asked Amber to slide into his DM and message Ruben. She accepted, but something cute happened.

She opened her DM to text Ruben on the live show when she realized that the two of them have already messaged each other! Because of this crazy moment that went viral, everybody thought that the two of them were dating. Although many websites and channels wrote articles about the two of them being together, the gossip was just fiction.

They have definitely flirted with each other over in the DM, but there has never been anything serious between the two of them. Currently, Ruben Loftus-cheek is single, and Amber Davies is dating a businessman named Nick Kyriacou. Amber and Kim's relationship looks serious because she always shares posts of the two of them together on Instagram.

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