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Top facts about Cora Gauthier, Karim Benzema's stunning wife

Gauthier and Karim Benzema were first seen together in early 2016 and up until today, these two have been inseparable. Read on to find out more facts about Cora Gauthier, Karim Benzema's stunning wife.

As the first fact about Cora Gauthier, it should be mentioned that she is the wife of French soccer player

Karim Benzema

, who plays as a striker for the Spanish football club Real Madrid and

France National Team


On April 11, 1989, Cora Gauthier was born in France. One intriguing detail about Cora Gauthier is that she works with clothing and shoe firms and is an Instagram influencer and model. She has a child of her own, and she uses Instagram to document her family life.

It is important to note that Cora Gauthier has a son who was born a year after the pair first met. Since 2016, Cora has been Karim Benzema's wife. Together, they have two children: a girl from Karim's previous relationship and a baby boy named Ibrahim. Now, lets talk about Top facts about Cora Gauthier, Karim Benzema's stunning wife.

The followings are some lesser-known facts

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about Cora Gauthier:

Cora Gauthier and Benzema have been living together since March 2016. The couple is living happily with their two children, Ibrahim who was born on May 25, 2017 and Karim’s daughter, Melia, who was born in 2014.

Cora Gauthier biography

Cora Gauthier was born on 1989 inn France meaning that

Cora Gauthier age

is 33.

Cora Gauthier parents

are unknown but we know that she has a sister named Sary Gauthier. Her ancestors were from Martinique but they moved to France several years ago.

Her passion to become a model made her to work with great swimsuit and cloths companies as their model and she took a lot of photoshoots. Now she keeps her job as a model in social Media specially Instagram and she has more than 155k followers.

She is also the wife of the professional footballer Karim Benzema. She met him in Dubai in 2015 and started a relationship with him. Some people believe that they got married a year after that but they never said any comments about that.

Cora Gauthier personal life

has been kept out of the spotlight.

“It’s our private thing. I’ve always been like this. I don’t like to be in the spotlight, in the TV, it’s stupid for me. I have my life, with my family and friends. And it’s also better and easier for them. Just imagine it, you’re 4 years old and you live your life with the camera behind you.

You can lose your mind.” Karim said in an interview when he was asked to talk about his marriage with Cora.

Cora Gauthier romantic life

As another

fact about Cora Gauthier

, it’s worth mentioning that in 2017, their relationship got stronger after the birth of her first child and Karim’s second child. They named the boy Ibrahim which is a name from an Arabic origin and means the father of nations.

Cora and Karim prefer to keep their relationship and personal life a secret and they don’t often show up in public events together and they never discus about their personal life and their relationship in interviews and the only pictures that people could see of these couple are the ones that paparazzi manage to take while they are on a vacation.

Neither Cora not Karim post pictures of themselves together on their social media accounts. That might be because of Karim’s relationships before Cora. He used to date a lot of different girls like Analicia Chavez or Rihanna.

Since 2015 that Karim saw Cora and fell in love with her, he didn’t talk about the love affairs that he had anymore. So, this was a great deal for Karim and Cora.

Cora Gauthier body measurements

Among facts about

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Cora Gauthier is her body measurements. As a model, Cora really cares about her style and her body. She has a great taste in fashion. Her style is mostly sport but she also like to wear casual cloths. She likes tailored dresses and outfits with high heels whenever she is not wearing sneakers.


Cora Gauthier body measurements

, she has a great skin tone on her beautiful and fit body and that’s because she works out every day of the week and goes to the gym whenever she got the time


Cora Gauthier’s faithful husband, Karim Benzema

Karim Mostafa Benzema was born on December 19 1987 in Lyon, France. He is a professional football player and currently plays for Real Madrid and French national team.

He was born in Lyon, France in a Muslim family. His grandfather was from a village of Tigzirt in Algeria and he was the one in the family who migrated to France in 1950s. Karim’s father was also born in Tigzirt but his mother was born and raised in Lyon.

“My family inspires me. The values and morals my parents gave me helped me stay the same person, my faith also helps me to be focused every day. It brings me benefits and it’s my strength for me, my family, as well as for my work – for literally everything.” He said about his family and his faith in an interview.

Karim was born in huge family with 6 siblings older than him and two younger. Football is also a thing in this family because two of Karim’s siblings, Gressy and Sabri, are also professional football players. So the love of football was the history from his childhood.

His childhood football hero was Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima and he was the other reason for Karim to become a professional football player. “It’s because of him that I fell in love with football. He has all the qualities that a player dreams to have, he inspired me to challenge myself.” Karim said.

Although he is one the greatest football player in Real Madrid and France history, he counts himself as an ordinary person and he believes that people should look up to themselves and be their own idle and they have to trust themselves. “I’m famous but in the end, I am a person like you and everyone.

If you stay focused on what is important, there shouldn’t be any reason to let yourself think that you are more special than anyone,” He said. Karim also encourages people to never give up in trying because if they don’t try they will never know what would happen.

“You always have to respect and be grateful for the things life gives you. Never take anything for granted. Without trying, you can never achieve anything. Even when you fail, you will always be stronger than if you hadn’t tried. Living your life on a ‘What if…’ is never going to give you the strength to persevere.

Never give up on anything you know you can achieve because only you know what you are capable of.” He talked about it.

As mentioned before, Benzema has always had problem with women and he got a daughter from Jennifer Bartoli in 2014 and a son from Cora in 2017. The couple got married in 2016 but we all know that he doesn’t like to talk about his marriage and his wife to the public.

There are some social problems in his life. When he was asked about the Algerian football team and the reason that he doesn’t play in that team, his response was counted harsh for some people. “It's my parents' country, it's in my heart.

But good after sporting, it's true that I will play in French team. I will be always present for the French team. Then it's more for the sporting side, because Algeria is my country, here, my parents come from there. After, France ... It's more sporty, that's it,” he responded.

He was arrested by the police in 2015 for some other legal problems. There is also the argument with the FFF president Noël Le Graët which we will talk about it soon.

Benzema’s club career

Karim started his professional career at the local club Bron Terraillon SC, when he was only 8 years old. After a few good games in the team the biggest club in the city found him and after talks with Karim’s father they decided to let him play in


. He scored 66 goals for Lyon during 7 years and 148 games.

On July 2009, Lyon announced the transfer of Karim Benzema to the Spanish club, Real Madrid with a € 35 million. 20 days after the transfer he played his first game for Real Madrid in the match against an Irish club,

Shamrock Rovers

and scored his first and the only goal of the game.

His first match of the league was against Deportivo La Coruña which Real Madrid won with 3-2. His final goal of the 2009– 2010 season was in the game against Athletic Bilbao in a 5-1 win. In the nest two season, the 2011– 2012 season, Karim celebrated his first La Liga championship. He scored two goals in the game against Real Sociedad which made him the top French

La Liga

player of history.

He also scored another two goals champion league quarter-finals against


which caused Real Madrid to win 3-0. This season was a good one for both Real Madrid and Karim Benzema. These problems affected his reputation but he managed to get back on the track and resume his great performances.

The next season, Real Madrid kept its great scores and Karim was a real help to achieve that. He became the French player of the year for the third time he was also the player of the month (October) in La Liga. Thanks to Karim’s great play, Real Madrid won the 2015–16 UEFA Champions League.

The team won its third league title and forth European cup. Real Madrid won the 2016 – 17 La Liga and the 2016–17 UEFA Champions League. The 2017 – 2018 UEFA Champions League was the third

consecutive after winning the final against Liverpool with a 3-1 win which Karim scored the first goal of the game.

The next season Karim scored his 200th goal for Real Madrid and became one of the seven Real Madrid players with that record. The next season was a great season for Karim which was praised by Zinedine Zidane, the manager.

At the beginning of the 2020 he signed a deal with Real Madrid for two more years. He also made his 500th game for the club in El Clasico with a 2-0 win. At the end of the season Real Madrid won another La Liga cup and Karim scored 20 goals for the team in this tournament. Benzema won the UEFA Player of the Year and the Ballon d'Or in 2022

Karim Benzema’s international career

Karim Benzema started his international career with playing for the under 16 national team and the under 18 team. He had many wins against many great countries like

Northern Ireland


Czech Republic




Sierra Leone



, and



After years he was invited to play in the national team under 19 and had wins against Austria, Norway and Belarus. In the national team under 21 he made so many great games. His first game for the national team under 21 was against Belgium and that was the start of the way for him.

He was invited to the national team (senior) a few years after that and made great performances. In the Euro 2008 he made his first game for the team which was against Romania however France lost the game against Italy and got eliminated.

Karim was invited to team for the 2010 FIFA world cup which France eliminated in the group game after defeats against 



South Africa

. In the Euro 2012 France got to the round of 16 as the second team of the group D but got eliminated after a 2-0 loss to



In the 2014 FIFA world cup France won the group after a 5-2 win against


and 3-0 against


in which Karim became the man of the match. The team got to the quarter finals after winning 2-0 win against


but in the quarter finals they lost to the 2014 FIFA world champion and got eliminated.

In the great year for France national in the 2018 FIFA World cup in


, Karim was not invited to the team. The team did good in the tournament and became the champion. In the group games France won two matches against Australia and


and got to the round of 16.

After a 4-3 hard win in the game against


, France got to the quarter finals and faced


. After the 2-0 win in the quarter finals France faced


and won that game too. In the finals France won the last game of the tournament and became the champion.

After the great year and after winning the 2018 world cup Karim announced that he was upset about the French Football Federation’s president Noël Le Graët and he tweeted “Mr Le Graët, with all due respect, you've lost an opportunity to remain silent. I've discovered your true face, and this isn't the one that said he appreciated me and wouldn't discuss the subject of team selections!”

The argument didn’t end here and after Le Graët said to him that his career as a French football player is over, he replied “If you think I'm done, let me play with one of the other countries I am eligible for and we'll see.”

The fact that if he is in the national team now is a little blurry. “Come back to play in France? I am in the best club in the world. It’s hard, I always want to play at the highest level. In France, I only have Olympique Lyonnais in my heart, where I left such a great image. I would love to leave it as such. At this moment, the answer is No.” Karim said.

He was happy though that his team wins the cup and became the world champion. He was also proud of the new French generation that became the world’s champion. “The French National Team has a new group — a new generation. They are world Champions. It is what it is and it must be respected. I saw the final in Lyon at my mom’s house — with my family.

Because I’m close to Varane I was happy! I would have loved to be there, which is normal for any footballer passionate for the game. I’ve had my great moments in Real Madrid, but it’s also good that they won this World Cup. I don’t have a single regret,” He said.

After missing 2022 World Cup due to injury he announced retirement from national team on 19 December 2022

 Cora Gauthier social media


fact about Cora Gauthier

is that she and Karim are a famous couple in social platforms. He has more than 62.7 million followers on his Instagram page and also he started a You Tube channel in 2020 which he makes and shares videos of his daily life and his lifestyle and he also makes interviews with his fans in that channel.

Other social media platforms that Karim uses are tweeter and Facebook. If you like to check his pages, you just need to Google his name.

Cora Gauthier social media

includes her Instagram (


), on which she posts a few photos of her and her son. She has more than 155K followers.

As a professional football player and a famous Instagram face, his body and the health if that is the most important factor. He is 6 ft 1 in and 81 kg which are good body measures in his profession.

The rule of not sharing any personal life picture is really serious in this family. The only family picture that Cora posted on her Instagram page was the one with her son, Ibrahim and wrote “My everything” in the caption to show her love for her son but there is no other picture of the family on her page.

There was this time thought that Karim talked about his family. In an interview with Yann Barthes he got emotional and a picture of his two children, her daughter Melia and her son Ibrahim.

“That’s all. I don’t even have the words because it touches my heart. They are still a little small to talk to them life, about everyday life. I try not to put them in comfort and I would like them to go and find their work themselves. And then to always respect their parents and respect people.” He said while he was in tears.

He also posted a beautiful picture of his two kids while they are holding each other’s hands and they are smiling and looking very happy. He didn’t write anything in the caption but we are sure it was a gesture to show his love to his family and his children.

Cora Gauthier net worth and salary

Talking about

Cora Gauthier net worth and salary

, it should be mentioned that since no information is available in this regard the net worth of Cora Gauthier’s husband is mainly discussed here.

Thanks to the great salary of Karim, this beautiful family lives in a big and nice house in Madrid, Spain because of Karim’s current team. There is a nice picture on Karim’s Instagram page, on which he is standing right in front of his beautiful house in Madrid. They also have another house in England, in which they spend their holidays and vacations.

As the final

fact about Cora Gauthier

, it is worth mentioning that despite the fact that she has had a lot of ups and downs, she lives a quiet and peaceful life and her love story, which is still a mystery, is a pretty big black hole in the minds of her fans.




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