Top facts about Tiziri Digne, Lucas Digne's wife

Fri 29 January 2021 | 14:30

Lucas Digne married Tiziri Digne in 2014. They met each other while they were in high school, and they have been together strongly ever since. Read the following article to learn more facts about Tiziri Digne.

Lucas Digne

is a professional French football player. He is known to be the left-back for the

Premier League



. His performance has always put him among the best players, and that is why he is a member of the French national team. It is fantastic to have such an amazing career path and have a happy married life on the side.

Tiziri Digne, an adorable 28-year-old blogger, has supported her hubby through thick and thin. They absolutely look lovely together. She aspires to become a journalist and work in fashion simultaneously. Tiziri is very popular on social media, which is an exciting fact about Tiziri Digne.

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Tiziri Digne, Lucas Digne's stunning wife, is obsessed with fashion. When she was in college, she used to plan her outfits and future purchases. She needs to look fashionable and trendy all the time. Tiziri looks at fashion the way an artist looks at a piece of art that has to be handled from an aesthetic perspective. This is truly a remarkable

fact about Tiziri Digne, Lucas Digne's wife


Tiziri Digne Biography

Tiziri Digne was born on 1 July 1993 in Lille, France. Her zodiac sign is cancer. People who were born this month have a charming personality. They are loyal, intuitive, caring. On the other hand, they can also be very sensitive, vindictive, and moody. It is never too late for them to try because they belong to the dreamers, and they usually try their best to make their goals possible.

Tiziri is also very kind and caring. She cares deeply about her family and her peace of mind, which is an astonishing fact about Tiziri Digne, Lucas Digne's wife. Also, Tiziri is exceptionally sympathetic about other people's pain and quite passionate about what she loves and her interests.

Tiziri Digne parents

were very kind and caring, and they were always so supportive of her and her passion.

She has a younger sister. The two of them shared a very happy childhood, and they can remember great memories. She has been obsessed with fashion magazines and shows since she was very young. Tiziri and her sister used to put up a fashion show trying on different clothes in their tea parties. This is a heart-warming

fact about Tiziri Digne


Unfortunately, there isn't any evidence of

Tiziri Digne childhood

. Based on people's stories of her, she is very energetic and optimistic. Her positivity is contagious, and it is impossible to be with her and doesn't feel good about yourself. Her company is always a joy for her friends and family. 

She was an excellent student in high school and chose law as her major to study in college. She was very good at it, but her passion has always been fashion. Tiziri wanted to work and write about fashion, and she could barely think about anything else when she was in college. She craved a life that she could live fashion, breathe fashion, and dream fashion.

Tiziri Digne has a lovely complexion and natural curly brown hair. Fitness has always been a priority for her. Working out has always been a big part of her life. Consequently, she shares recommendations and tips in this area. Sadly,

Tiziri Digne body measurement

is not available. However, you don't need numbers to tell how attractive she is.

Finally, she established her fashion blog in 2018. It is an incredible fact about Tiziri Digne, Lucas Digne's wife, that she made something exciting out of her passion.

Tirizi Digne age

, which is 28, and her knowledge of fashion enables her to work productively on her website. She writes about beauty, lifestyle, and fashion.

Tiziri Digne Net worth and salary

As a fashion enthusiast, she strives to keep her blog updated and practical. That is why she sometimes collaborates with brands on certain products. There is a specified section for the shop on her website where anyone can access and purchase her recommendations. There is no specific evidence on

Tiziri Digne Salary

and how much she earns.

Regrettably, there is no exact number for

Tiziri Digne net worth

, but Tiziri and her husband, Lucas Digne, have a shared net worth of €42.7 million. They have a beautiful house and take luxurious vacations together in which they share pictures of them on Instagram. Tiziri can easily pull off being an influencer with her popularity and fashion sense.

Tiziri Digne social media

Tiziri Digne social media

is very active. She is both on Instagram and Twitter. She joined Twitter in January 2014. In her bio, she wrote that she is a happy mum and wife, fashion blogger and fitness lover. She has over two thousand followers on Twitter. You can connect to her account with



She usually tweets about fashion, lifestyle, and of course, football. Twitter was the first platform in which she approached to share her ideas and perspectives on fashion, which I an exciting

fact about Tiziri Digne

, Lucas Digne's wife. Although she seems to be interacting well with her followers, it doesn't seem that Twitter is her primary platform.  

She joined Instagram in 2015 and shared her first post on 27 June, and it was her mesmerizing wedding photo. She is very popular there, with over 53.2 k followers. This is a remarkable fact about Tiziri Digne. Tiziri shares photos of her daily life, fashion and lifestyle, fitness, and her family. She also writes about her experiences as a mum. You can find her Instagram account with


and see her awesome posts for yourself.

She is currently pregnant with her second child, so it is natural for her to share the amazing pregnancy moments with her followers. Tiziri has preserved amazing shape over the years and cares deeply about fitness. One of the best things about her is that she strives to post the most up-dated and practical content possible to keep up with numerous fashion and fitness blogs.

Tiziri Digne blog

Tiziri Digne blog specializes in fashion and fitness. She regularly writes about beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and fitness. She established her website in 2018, and she has been active ever since. She uploads the season's trends and everything that is popular during that period. She comes up with suggestions helpful to look fashionable and post her own stunning pictures to prove how amazing the outfits go together.

The beauty section comes with suggestions on beauty routines and her favourite products. In case the products gain popularity among her followers, she makes them available in her shop. If you are interested in travelling, don't miss her tips on how to pack your suitcase. Tiziri's brilliant tricks will help you travel light and convenient. This is a remarkable

fact about Tiziri Digne, Lucas Digne's wife


As mentioned before, fitness is a big part of her life, so there is no surprise that a large portion of her blog is related to it. There are many great suggestions for pregnancy routines and how you can return to a fantastic shape after the pregnancy. Other tips include routines and advice on playing sports in various seasons and periods.

Tiziri Digne's husband, Lucas Digne

Lucas Digne was born on 20 July 1993 in France. His nickname among his teammates and in the green mat is "Luca." He is a valuable defender for any team that he is playing for. His performance is so remarkable that there are always tendencies from astounding leagues to attract him and sign him up. This is an awe-inspiring fact about Digne.

He grew up in France with his loving family and his awesome brother, Mathieu. Lucas and his brother always play football together and watch various games in the living room where they could get as excited as they wanted over their ideals' moves. From a young age, Lucas knew that he would become a great player one day. 

Lucas Digne's father, Philippe, worked in a printing house at Lizy-sur-Ourq. He also participated in Mureuil-sur-Ourq. Looking back, Lucas always thinks that his father is the primary inspiration behind his passion and love for football. Lucas Digne's mother, Karine, is a football fan, just like the rest of the family. She worked as a secretary for Lucas' boyhood club of Mareuil-sur-Ourq.

Interestingly, his family always supported him and cheered him on to make his dream come true. After all, no dream is too big, and no dreamers too small. He joined the local club of Mareuil-sur-Ourcq, and in that place, he found the opportunity to practice and learn the tricks of the trade gradually.

When he was nine years old, he joined another club. Its name was Crepy-en-Valois. He got better and better each day and was eager to perfect himself even more. Lucas was obsessed with football and enjoyed playing it so much that he barely wanted to leave the field. His performance was so remarkable that after a while, it was impossible not to notice him.

His brilliance attracted so many scouts, and finally, in 2010, he signed up with Lille. He signed a three-year-contract there. Lucas's favourite team as a child was Paris Saint-Germain, and his remarkable performance in Lille paved the way to play for his favourite team finally. He transferred to PSG in 2013. However, he was only used as a substitute for a very long time and on the bench.

Lucas has always been handsome, and his warm and friendly behaviour attracts anyone to him. He is easy to talk to and hardworking enough to keep any team's authority he has played for satisfied. His dating history does not include many names, but only one. Although he is a great catch, he has reserved his heart for his one and only girl.

While he was sixteen years old and still in high school, he met his then-girlfriend now-wife, Tiziri Digne. They were high school sweethearts and shared so many beautiful memories together. The fact that they were inseparable since then is so inspiring. Tiziri has always been by his side and encouraged him to be his best in the matches. The lovebirds got married in 2014.

In August 2015, he was loaned to Roma. He was able to show his abilities in


so much more than the time he used to be in


. His growth didn't stop there. In July 2016, he signed up with Spanish La Liga in


team with an initial fee of €16.5 million. In his first season, he was able to appear in 26 total games. It was an excellent experience for him because he was able to play alongside Lionel Messi.

In August 2018, Lucas joined Everton on a five-year contract. His initial fee was €20.37 million, and he made his first depute on 11 August. He soon becomes the team's first choice for the left-back position. Besides being a shining star in his current team, he is a family man and an exemplary husband.

He devotes most of his free time to take care of his wife and children. This is a touching fact about

Tiziri Digne personal life

. It is always amazing to see that happily ever after exists. Tiziri and Lucas Digne's stories is certainly a romantic one.

Tiziri and Lucas Digne's relationship

Last but not least, we come to the romantic story between Mr. and Mrs. Digne. As mentioned before, they met when they were both in high school. It was love at first sight, so they started dating soon after that. They have always been a great couple, and they look so amazing together, which is an interesting

fact about Tiziri Digne

. After so many years of dating, they finally tied the knot in 2014.

Tiziri and Lucas have been seen together on many occasions and events. They post romantic pictures on Instagram sharing their precious moments with their followers. Such happy and beautiful marriage led to a family of three very soon. They welcomed their first child to the world on 2 April 2019. They were both entirely delighted about the occasion.

Both of them have put their mind to be great parents and create an excellent atmosphere to raise their son. Of course, they wanted a bigger family. Tiziri is now pregnant with another child, which is a very happy fact about Tiziri Digne. She has posted so many pictures of her son and her big belly on Instagram. She refused to announce details on her son and usually do not post photos in which her son's face is clear. It is typically blurry to keep

Tiziri Digne children

away from media and unnecessary attention.

On 27 December 2020, they celebrated their sixth anniversary. Tiziri posted a picture of their wedding day and wrote about the beautiful journey they have been having. This is a remarkable fact about Tiziri Digne, Lucas Digne's wife. They both have stayed away from any type of rumour and had a clean lifestyle. They intend to keep it that way.




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