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Sadio Mane biography

Who is Sadio Mane? How did he manage to reach the pinnacle of professional football? Read on as we provide details about Sadio Mane biography that will surely help you get to know the Senegalese winger in a better way.

“Salah! Mane Mane…” this verse has been the chant of Liverpool fans for quite some time, with many singing along to Richy Sheehy aka Kevin Murphy’s hit song that first emerged and went viral in 2018. You cannot be a flop of a signing and have your name on a viral song about your club, which is why Sadio Mane’s efforts and feats earned him a place alongside his Liverpool teammate,

Mohamed Salah

on this chant.

While the Senegalese forward might not need much of an introduction thanks to his global fame both on and off the pitch, many would definitely be interested in reading more about

Sadio Mane bio

, getting to know the winger on both professional and personal levels. So we at


decided to prepare an in-depth article about Sadio Mane biography for those who are eager to know about the life that the former Metz man has led.

Sadio Mane date of birth

is 10 April 1992, which means that he will be turning 29 years old in April 2021. There are many world-class footballers born in April, such as Dele Alli, Carles Puyol, Isco, Kaka, Raphael Varane and Frank Ribery, but the only world-class footballer who was also born on 10 April and shares his birthday with Sadio Mane, is former

Manchester City

defender, Vincent Kompany.


Sadio Mane nationality

is quite well-known, there might be those who are still unaware of this information. Sadio Mane was born in the town of Sédhiou Senegal, which means that the former Southampton man is a born and raised Senegalese. As Brazil and Argentina are South American countries known for raising some of the finest talents in the world of football in each generation, Senegal is one of the African countries known for presenting the world with some of the most talented footballers ever, such as Demba Ba,

Kalidou Koulibaly

and of course Sadio Mane himself.

Being born in a country such as Senegal one would almost certainly be a Muslim, as Islam is the predominant religion in the country and more than 95% of the Senegalese are Muslims. So, we can concur that

Sadio Mane religion

is quite obvious. Mane is a devout Muslim, who claims that he is quite a religious person, as fans occasionally see him making du’a (praying) before the start of a match.

Much of the abovementioned information about

Sadio Mane

biography is quite well-known thanks to the forward’s much deserved fame. Surely you are intrigued to know more about the Senegal international, as it could be a source of inspiration for anyone who faces difficulties in life on a daily basis. So read on as we provide further details about the Mane’s personal and professional life.

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Everything you need to know about Sadio Mane bio

There are numerous

Sadio Mane biography

facts that could certainly pique your interest. Below is the all the information about the forward’s personal life and professional stats.

Sadio Mane information

Before having an in-depth look at

Sadio Mane life story

, we have provided below a set of basic info about the Senegal international, which will give you an overview of who he actually is.


  • Full name:

    Sadio Mane

  • Nickname:

    Mane/Ronaldinho (Childhood)

Physical Stats

  • Height:

    1.75 m (5 ft 9 in)

  • Eye color:

    Dark Brown

  • Hair color:


Football Information

  • Position:


  • Jersey number:


  • Professional debut:

    14 January 2012

Personal Information

  • Date of birth:

    10 April 1992

  • Place of birth:

    Sedhiou, Senegal

  • Marital status:


  • Zodiac sign:


Now that we know more about some of the basic info about Sadio Mane, let us delve into the world of the Senegalese footballer and see how he reached the pinnacle of professional club and international football.

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Sadio Mane early life

Mane was born in 10 April 1992 in Sedhiou, Senegal, to a poor family in the small village of Bambali. While some footballers live a normal life in a middle-class family and are literally from royal families,

Sadio Mane childhood

was riddled with difficulties and obstacles from the very beginning, as he had to live his life in a poor family with a lot of siblings. His parents simply could not afford luxuries such as buying him a football to encourage him along the way.

Having to work at fields and farms from quite a young age, Mane developed a passion for football when he was merely six or seven years old, as he used to kick fruits and basically any round or even non-round object instead of an actual ball, playing with his friends in the fields. While some parents might encourage their children to pursue their dreams however distant and unreachable they may seem, Sadio Mane’s parents were not so much fond of his athletic activities, as they wanted their son to pursue other more grounded dreams.

The Liverpool forward once recalled the tough times of his childhood, adding the following statement: “My parents never had money to send me to school. Every morning and evening, I would always go to play football with my friend in the streets. When I was young, I only thought about the Premier League which I watched on TV. Only

Premier League

. It was a big dream for me.”

Mane went to Dakar to finally realize his potential and show the world what he had to offer. He joined the Generation Foot youth academy and wowed everyone with his astonishing skills and pace. Being from the poorest of the Senegalese families, Mane was spotted by French scouts who were commissioned to find the most talented youngsters in Senegal and send them for try-outs in the French league.

Scoring more than 130 goals in 90 appearances for the youth side, he was given an attractive contract by the French side,


. Moving to France was a big deal for Mane, as he had finally managed to make it into the world of football and become a professional footballer at such a young age. Of course he did not get to make his first professional senior debut until January 2012.

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Sadio Mane profile

The Senegalese winger made his professional debut on 14 January 2012, as he came on as a substitute for Kevin Diaz in the match between Metz and


in Ligue 2, which ended in a 0-1 defeat for Metz. During his first and only season at the French club, Mane managed to make a total of 23 appearances, scoring 2 goals and providing an assist in the process. After his club’s relegation from Ligue 2, he signed for the Austrian club, Red Bull Salzburg for reportedly €4 million on 31 August 2012.

His transfer fee was believed to be the third-highest transfer fee ever received by Metz. He managed to score his first goal of the season for RB Salzburg in the home match against

Sturm Graz

, in which he scored a brace and provided an assist to save his club from a draw and snatch the three points in a 3-2 win. Frequently playing as a left-winger, Sadio Mane managed to score his first hat-trick at Salzburg on 31 October, when they won away at Kalsdorf in the third round of the Austrian Cup.

Overall, he got to make 87 appearances for

RB Salzburg

, which amounted to more than 6,900 minutes of gameplay, as he managed to score a total of 45 goals and provide 32 assists in the process. Determined to leave the club, Mane forced his way out by not taking part in the club’s training sessions and their crucial match in the qualifiers for the Champions League, which resulted in Salzburg having to offload the player by selling him to Southampton for reportedly €23 million in 2014.


announced the signing of Sadio Mane on 1 September 2014, as they welcomed their new talented winger to the Premier League. He signed a four-year contract with the Saints and made his Premier League debut for the club in the 2-1 home win over Queens Park Rangers on 27 September 2014. Of course this was not the first game he played for Southampton, as his actual debut was on 23 September in the League Cup match against Arsenal.

He later managed to set a new record for the fastest Premier League hat-trick by scoring three goals against

Aston Villa

in 2 minutes and 56 seconds, overtaking Robbie Fowler’s 1994 record of 4 minutes and 33 seconds, as they completed a 6-1 rout over Villa. While some might believe that the only way is up for professional footballers, Mane did get to experience a drop in form and 4-month goal drought in the 2015/16 season, but he later turned the tides in his favor and got back to his goalscoring feats.

Sadio Mane went on to make a total of 75 appearances for Southampton, with more than 5,000 minutes of gameplay, as he managed to score 25 goals and provide 14 assists in the process. He was also booked for quite a significant number of times, as he received 11 yellow cards and 1 straight red card in those 75 appearances. With his impressive performance as a winger in the Premier League in the 2015/16 season, Mane caught the eyes of several clubs including Liverpool, who were keen on signing the Senegal international.

He moved to


on 28 June 2016 on a five-year contract, which cost the Reds €41 million, which caused a number of speculations about his form and whether he was worth paying that much money. By moving to Liverpool for such a whopping price, Mane became the then most expensive African footballer of all time, a record which has since been broken on numerous occasions by footballers such as Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Riyad Mahrez, Cedric Bakambu, Nicolas Pepe and Victor Osimhen.

Mane made his Premier League debut for Liverpool on 14 August, as he helped his team snatch a victory over Arsenal by scoring the fourth goal in their 4-3 away victory. He became one of the founding members of Liverpool’s world-class squad, who later managed to end the club’s 30-year league title drought. He also overtook Demba Ba as the highest scoring Senegalese in the Premier League after his goal against AFC Bournemouth in the 2017/18 season.

He also got to extend his contract with the Reds in the 2019/20 season, as his current contract is valid until June 30, 2023. His exploits at Liverpool since joining the Premier League side in 2016 raised his market value to an all-time high of €150 million, which has since dropped to around €120 million, which is still considered a whopping figure, as

Cristiano Ronaldo

’s current market value is believed to be around €60 million.

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Style of play

If you are looking for a winger with lightning-fast pace and an astonishing dribbling ability who has an eye for goal and is prolific enough to cut inside from the flanks and dribble through opposition defenders with ease, then Sadio Mane is the man for you. His creativity on and off the ball, his tactical awareness, agility and touch on the ball have turned Mane into one of the most lethal forwards in the Premier League, as Liverpool usually rely on him to provide goals and assists in every match.

He is dominantly a right-footed player and is versatile enough to play on either side of the pitch, as he can even be deployed as a center forward or as a second striker, a trait which gives any manager a whole array of options when it comes to deploying the right players on the right positions.

Mane usually comes short to receive the ball as he later darts forward on the flanks to later cut inside and put the ball into the back of the net with a beautiful finesse shot, or pass the ball to Salah or Firmino and move even further into the keeper’s territory.


Sadio Mane has been regarded as a world-class winger by many of the footballing greats such as former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher, who compared him to other Liverpool icons such as John Barnes. The media can be cruel at times and criticize any player for any significant or insignificant reason that can be found, as even the likes of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo have not been able to escape their criticisms. Mane, on the other hand, has earned critical acclaim from the media and the pundits for his style of play and positioning.

He also has quite a strong relationship with Liverpool supporters, as there are several wall murals painted in honor of the Senegalese winger, and as the one mentioned in the beginning of the article, there are a number of poems and chants that praise Mane’s efforts and hard work in the club, as fans are quite content with his performance.

Goal celebration

While Mane is usually seen copying his other teammates when it comes to celebrating his goals, the Liverpool winger claimed that some of the famous goal celebrations used by other stars at the club are in fact his original moves, and are only copied by others, which are in turn mistaken as original moves created by the likes of Roberto Firmino.

Mane stated that Roberto Firmino’s Karate kick is in fact a creation of his, which Firmino copies every time he scores. Of course the Senegal international does not have a trademark goal celebration as some of the other superstars might have.

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Sadio Mane outside football

Footballers tend to have rather busy lives outside of football, creating social media accounts, signing sponsorship deals and going to social events to boost their status in the eyes of the crowd. Sadio Mane is sponsored by sportswear brand, New Balance, who presented him with a new personalized Furon 6 boots after he was named the 2019 African Player of the Year. It is also worth mentioning that he prefers to drive his Audi RS7 Sportback as he is frequently seen to arrive at training while in this car.

He is also one of the few footballers to receive a 90+ overall rating in EA Sports’ latest FIFA edition, FIFA 21, in which he received an overall rating of 90, as he is one of the deadliest forwards in the videogame, who can dart forward with his impressive pace and cut through opposition defenders with his 91-rated dribbling ability and 4-star skill moves rating.

Sadio Mane personal life

Mane is quite an introvert when it comes to sharing details about his life, which is why not much information is available about his past or his current affairs outside of football and at home. We, however, have gathered as much information available as we could below. So read on to have a look at the winger’s personal life.

Family, children and relationships

As mentioned before, Sadio Mane was born to a poor family in Senegal, as he struggled to balance his energy between laboring as a child and playing football. He is currently single and does not have any children, as devout Muslims refrain from having children out of wedlock.


Mane is without a doubt a rich man in this world, as he earns more than €240,000 a week at Liverpool. But despite his fame and glory, he has managed to stay true and humble through the years, as he has donated to several charities and helped construct a school the village of Bambaly by donating a whopping €280,000 to fund its construction. Not only did he write the cheque for the school, he also put the time to check on its progress as the construction was underway.

Legal issues

There are no legal issues recorded for Sadio Mane.

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Sadio Mane career statistics

Now that we have gone through Sadio Mane’s personal life and professional bio, it is time we got to have an overview of his professional stats through the years at club and international levels.


Starting his professional career in the 2010/11 season, Sadio Mane has played for five clubs, including Generation Foot, FC Metz, RB Salzburg, Southampton and Liverpool. Throughout the years, he has made a total of 380 appearances, scoring an impressive 162 goals and providing a phenomenal 86 assists in the process, as he has only gotten better in time.


Mane has been able to be as prolific for his national team as he has been for Liverpool. He made his international debut for


at the age of 20 years 1 month and 15 days old on May 25, 2012, and has made over 65 appearances since then, scoring a total of 20 goals and providing 17 assist.

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Sadio Mane honors

The Senegalese forward has quite a full trophy cabinet thanks to his time at RB Salzburg and Liverpool. He has won 2 Austrian league titles, 2 Austrian (UNIQA OFB) Cups, the English Premier League, a

Champions League

trophy, a FIFA Club World Cup and a UEFA Supercup. He has also earned individual honors and accolades, as he was named the 2019 African Footballer of the Year in the same season that he became the Premier League top-scorer with 22 goals.

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