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Have you ever wondered who the most expensive signings in Liverpool history are? Follow us below as we unravel and analyze the list of Liverpool’s all-time most expensive signings.

‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’. Many people think of only one club when they hear this sentence, as it has turned into a traditional chant and motto for the said club. Yes, you already know which club we are talking about.


are one of the most renowned and loved English clubs in the world, who have been competing in the Premier League and alongside Europe’s most elite in the Champions League for quite a long time. They are in fact the record winners of the famous

Champions League

trophy in England with six trophies in total.

They actually managed to add their sixth European title not too long ago in the 2018/19 season, after beating a less motivated Tottenham in the finals as they were looking for redemption for their loss against Real Madrid in the 2017/18 Champions League finals. Anyhow, Liverpool’s recent success in Europe and in the Premier League would not have been possible if it were not for some of the

most expensive Liverpool signings ever


The world of football is edging closer to being an industry every day, which means that staggering amounts of money have started to flow into the game as clubs spend millions or even hundreds of millions on 19-year-old youngsters to bring the future talents to their side. That is why the norms are changing, and usually the clubs with the most financial strength tend to dominate the game even more than before.

The Reds have also come to this conclusion, which is why we have seen all of Liverpool’s all-time most expensive signings arrive at the club in the 2010s. Let us take a look at some of the most expensive signings in Liverpool history and see how they have performed at one of the most decorated clubs in the world.

Most expensive Liverpool signings ever

Here is the list of the most expensive Liverpool transfers of all time.

  • Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain - €38m

  • Fernando Torres - €38m

  • Andy Carroll - €41m

  • Roberto Firmino - €41m

  • Sadio Mane - €41.5m

  • Mohamed Salah - €42m

  • Diogo Jota - €44.5m

  • Fabinho - €45m

  • Christian Benteke - €46.5m

  • Naby Keita - €60m

  • Alisson - €62.5m

  • Virgil van Dijk - €84.5m

Which of these players do you think have been able to make the most impact at the club? Let us analyze their overall performances and their total stats to reach a more concrete conclusion.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

  • Price: €38m

The English midfielder began his senior career at Southampton in League One back in 2009 and managed to impress everyone with his solid work as he was almost untouchable in the team’s starting XI. His fine work landed him a move to Arsenal in 2011, where he slowly began to gain prominence in the

Premier League

. Chamberlain went on to make more than 190 appearances for the Gunners, even scoring 20 goals and providing more than 30 assists at the club.

His stats and performances were outstanding, especially for such a young defensive midfielder, which is why Liverpool came knocking on the door to acquire his services. The 24-year-old Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain completed one of the

most expensive Liverpool transfers of all time

by signing a contract which cost the Reds about €38 million, one of the Liverpool highest transfer fee paid ever.

The Englishman’s career at Liverpool has been a rollercoaster ride. He has been an integral part of Jurgen Klopp’s squad, performing quite well under his management, but the 27-year-old has been dealing with several season-ending long term injuries since becoming one of the most expensive Liverpool signings ever. His difficulties in dealing with the injuries even sparked some rumors about his departure from the club, but was firmly dismissed by the German manager, claiming that he was an important asset for the team.

Fernando Torres

  • Price: €38m

Fernando Torres has played for many clubs during his successful career, but he is usually most fondly remembered by Liverpool fans as he showed some of his best work and performances in the Premier League, playing for the Reds. Originally an

Atletico Madrid

academy graduate, Fernando Torres made a name for himself at the Spanish club after spending six of his career’s first seasons in Spain playing in La Liga.

Torres became one of Liverpool’s all-time most expensive signings after he completed a €38 million move from the Spanish capital to the English club back in 2007, when he was beginning to reach his potential and his peak. Although he did not actually manage to win any major trophies while at the club, he did go on to score an impressive 81 goals and provide 20 assists in about 140 games.

The three trophy-less seasons at Liverpool might have had a hand to play in his move to another Premier League club. Three years after completing one of Liverpool most expensive transfers ever, Torres made another big money move to his former club’s Premier League rivals


in 2011 for a staggering €58 million, which was still considered a lot back then, even for an accomplished and experienced star.

The Spanish icon did in fact return to his parent club Atletico Madrid once again after a couple of seasons abroad with Chelsea and

AC Milan

, but his time in Spain was shorter the second time as he finally moved to Japanese side Sagan Tosu in 2018 and hung up his boots the very next year in August of 2019.

Andy Carroll

  • Price: €41m

Next on our list of

Liverpool most expensive signings ever

is Andy Carroll. The Englishman was brought to the club in hopes of rejuvenating the squad and once again challenging big clubs in the top-flight of English football. But Carroll’s 11 goals and 6 assists in 58 games were not enough to help him stay at the club, as the Reds opted to loan him out to West Ham the very next season, finally selling him to the said club for only €17 million.

Andy Carroll was probably one of the worst business decisions of Liverpool, as they lost almost 23 million Euros in his transfer. In any ways, he is still considered to be one of the most expensive Liverpool transfers of all time, but the club supporters were quick to forget his time with the Reds.

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Now, the 31-year-old center-forward is still good enough to play in the Premier League with

Newcastle United

after he joined the club in 2019 on a free transfer. He has only managed to provide 5 assists since joining The Magpies for a second spell at the club. While he was not a successful striker at Anfield, he is still on the list of Liverpool most expensive signings ever.

Roberto Firmino

  • Price: €41m

For every €41 million flop like Andy Carroll, there is a €41 million successful star like Roberto Firmino. The Brazilian is part of the famous Salah, Mane, Firmino trio, Jurgen Klopp’s three talismans who helped Liverpool win their sixth Champions League trophy, as well as lifting the club’s Premier League curse by winning the league in extraordinary fashion after about thirty years.

Their phenomenal performances have turned Liverpool into a formidable powerhouse both in English football and the Champions League, as the manager’s tactics and buying strategies seem to have finally paid off.

Bobby Firmino gained prominence as an up and coming striker at


, where he competed in Bundesliga against some of the best clubs in the world, including Bayern Munich and

Borussia Dortmund

. His went on to make more than 150 appearances for the German club as he managed to score 49 goals and provide 36 assists in the process. The Brazilian striker’s play style and outstanding performance caught the eye of Klopp as he decided to bring him to the Premier League in 2015.

Firmino became one of the

most expensive signings in Liverpool history

after he joined the club from Hoffenheim for €41 million, a price which has sparked a lot of argument between fans as some believe a 41 million-rated striker should score more than his current stats. He has managed to score 79 goals and provide 62 goals in a total of 255 appearances for Liverpool, with which Klopp is truly happy and satisfied as Firmino is said to play the role of a false-9 rather than a traditional center-forward.

Sadio Mane

  • Price: €41.5m

‘Oh Mane Mane’, the song that echoed through the ears of Liverpool fans, and still does sometimes, would not have been born if Sadio Mane had not joined Klopp’s side in 2016. It was obvious that the German manager had a purpose on his mind and was working towards making his visions come true by bringing in new players with high potential every year. In 2016, it was Sadio Mane’s turn to become one of

Liverpool most expensive signings ever

by joining the Reds from


for €41.5 million.

Of course just like any other signing at any other club, Mane had his own doubters, believing that his performance at Southampton was not good enough to be worthy of paying such a hefty fee for his services. But shortly after completing one of


most expensive transfers ever, the Senegalese winger proved his doubters wrong by becoming an integral part of his squad, playing a vital role in his team’s victories each time.

Mane has since made 180 appearances for the Reds, scoring an impressive 86 goals and providing 37 assists across all competitions. His stats will surely soar through the sky at this pace, with many clubs including

Real Madrid

rumored to be linked with the 28-year-old talented winger.

Since completing one of

Liverpool most expensive transfers ever

and joining his teammates, he has helped his team win their sixth Champions League trophy, while also winning the long awaited Premier League title, ending Liverpool’s league title drought after thirty years. We will have to wait and see what other trophies the 2018/19 Premier League top scorer is going to bring to his current club.

Mohamed Salah

  • Price: €42m

No one, not even


fans and the club’s board could ever imagine one of their least used and unsuccessful players become such a prolific winger, enough to be on the list of

Liverpool most expensive signings ever

. It is hard to believe that Mohamed Salah was once considered to be a Chelsea Flop, where he did not get the chance to shine as he wanted, which is why moving to Roma was probably the best decision of his life as it changed his entire career route.

Before becoming one of Liverpool most expensive signings ever, Salah was the shining star of the Italian side, as he went on to play for


on more than 80 occasions, scoring 34 goals while providing 22 assists in all competitions. It is of course surprising to know that he spent his first outstanding season in Italy on loan, which makes one wonder why didn’t Chelsea’s board notice him after his impressive performances.

He officially joined AS Roma in 2016 for €15 million, where he enjoyed yet another successful season, although he could not help his team win any major trophies in those two seasons. His extraordinary pace and stats persuaded the English club to pay one of

Liverpool highest transfer fee paid ever

for the Egyptian winger, as Klopp believed he was the key to all their problems.

Mohamed Salah

finally joined his current club in 2017 for €42 million, which put him on the list of Liverpool most expensive signings ever. Mostly known as ‘The Pharaoh” and dubbed as the ‘Egyptian Messi’ by the media during his time at Roma, Salah has undeniably become a vital part of Liverpool’s starting XI with his dribbling and amazing pace and of course his consistency in front of the goal.

His astonishing stats show that he has managed to score an impressive 103 goals and provide 42 assists in 164 games, making him one of the most prolific wingers in the world. We are surely to see a lot more from the Pharaoh as the 28-year-old has only begun reaching the peak of his form and his career.

Diogo Jota

  • Price: €44m

It seems that Liverpool have already found a suitable replacement for one of their main strikers at the fronline. Diogo Jota is his team’s most recent signing, who arrived at the club in the summer of 2020 for €44 million from another Premier League club,

Wolverhampton Wanderers

, which makes him one of Liverpool most expensive signings ever. If you take a look at his stats at his former club, you might not see a prolific or lethal striker, which might in turn put doubt in the hearts of some of the less enthusiastic fans.

It has been, however, proven time and time again that Jurgen Klopp tends to bring out the best in his players, with his formidable trio of Salah, Mane and Firmino being the most recent example. Since becoming one of Liverpool most expensive signings ever, the Portuguese winger has experienced changes in his form as well. He has already scored 7 goals in 9 games, with a brilliant hat-trick coming against


, whom they humiliated in the Champions League group stages.

The 23-year-old has clearly shown a lot of promise, as the club’s manager and also the fans are eagerly waiting for the Portugal international to realize his potential and help his team win a lot more prestigious trophies and awards. Of course such an objective requires a lot of hard work and determination, which Jota seems to be capable of handling.


  • Price: €45m

Fábio Henrique Tavares, shortly known as Fabinho is a Brazilian defensive midfielder with a rather strange versatility that allows him to play as a right-back as well, a position in which he has almost played 100 games. Originally a Fluminense and Rio Ave product, Fabinho decided to move to Monaco after a couple of loan moves to Real Madrid Castilla and the French side. He joined


for €6 million in 2015, and slowly gained prominence with his solid performances.

Finally, after playing an impressive 233 games for ‘The Monégasques’ in three seasons, Jurgen Klopp came knocking on Monaco’s door in order to acquire Fabinho’s services. He joined The Reds in 2018 for reportedly €45 million, which made him one of Liverpool most expensive signings ever. Since then, he has turned into an absolute beast of a midfielder with consistent impressive performances as he shows his reliability to the gaffer week in week out.


was sidelined with a ligament injury in 2019, which put him on the sidelines for quite a while. But he has since been back even stronger than before and aims to help his team even further by filling in VVD’s place during his injury.

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Christian Benteke

  • Price: €46.5m

Christian Benteke was supposed to be in 2015 what Diogo Jota aims to be in 2020. The striker became one of Liverpool most expensive signings ever after the club paying a staggering €46.5 million to acquire his services. But it seems that they quickly regretted their decision to bring him to the club, as they opted to sell him to

Crystal Palace

for €31 million the very next season.

Benteke’s stats at Liverpool might be easy to forget for fans and the media, as he only managed to score 10 goals and provide 6 assists in more than 42 games, spending a large portion of his time at Liverpool on the sidelines due to injury. His transfer fee, however, might not be that easy to forget as it is still on the list of


highest transfer fee paid ever.

The Belgian center-forward who once cost Liverpool more than €45 million, has definitely seen a drop in his form and his market value, as his current transfer market value stands at only €9 million, showing the world not all most expensive signings turn out to be wise and successful investments.

Naby Keita

  • Price: €60m

RB Salzburg and

RB Leipzig

have been raising young talents to present to the world, and

Naby Keita

is an example of their production lines. The two clubs raised a €1 million rated player to become a central midfielder worth €60 million, a price which Liverpool paid to bring him in to the club in 2018. Although Keita became one of Liverpool most expensive signings ever after impressing at RB Leipzig, he has not been able to stay in his previous form.

Of course Keita is still considered to be a young talent with high potential whose market value, while dropped, still stands at €40 million and is quite impressive. But he has been seeing less and less minutes since joining The Reds, with even Jurgen Klopp admitting that he has actually made the Guinean worse with his proposed training regimes. We will have to wait and see if the Guinea international would ever manage to make a comeback and recover his best form.


  • Price: €62.5m

Alisson is arguably one of the best goalkeepers in the world and many think that he deserves being one of Liverpool most expensive signings ever. While he began his senior career with the Brazilian side Internacional, his fame started to grow in Europe after he moved to AS Roma in 2016 for only €8 million, turning himself into one a reliable and solid goalkeeper in

Serie A


The only way for Alisson seems to be upwards as he signed for Liverpool in 2018 for an eye-watering €62.5 million, which not only made him one of Liverpool most expensive signings ever, but it also made him the most expensive goalkeeper in the world. Of course his record did not stand for too long, as Kepa Arrizabalaga broke his record a month later by joining Premier League rivals


for €80 million Euros, a figure over which many lost their minds.

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Kepa might be the most expensive goalkeeper in the world, but his horrible performances have dealt a huge blow to his market value as it has dropped to less than €20 million. Alisson, on the other hand, has managed to improve his abilities and performance, which has seen his market value soar to more than €80 million. Liverpool fans cannot wait until he gets back from his injury, as their goal is more and more threatened by rather weaker sides in the Premier League and the Champions League.

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Virgil van Dijk

  • Price: €84.5m

Perhaps almost all the media laughed at Jurgen Klopp when he persuaded his club to pay more than €80 million for a mediocre center-back from


. Although Virgil van Dijk was performing well at his previous club, many believed that he was just not good enough to be worth such a hefty fee.

Of course the Dutch wall of a center-back proved his doubters wrong by quickly becoming one of the best defenders in the world by far, breaking records as he went on to help his team achieve what seemed to be unachievable for many years, which is the long awaited Premier League title.

It was thanks to Van Dijk’s heorics and his solid performances that Liverpool went their way usually unbothered by the opposition’s attacking front. Of course not all big money risks pay off though, as

Manchester United

’s gamble with Harry Maguire has not turned into an iconic move like the Dutchman’s. Although nothing is written in stone, especially in football, Van Dijk seems to be destined for greatness at Liverpool, and the trophies he has won with the team are clear examples of this prediction.




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