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Raphael Varane biography

Certainly many would like to know about one of the most talented defenders of the current generation of footballers. If you too are curious to have a more in-depth look at the French football player’s life, then follow us below as we present to you Raphael Varane biography.

While strikers and sometimes midfielders tend to hog all the attention away from defenders and goalkeepers, there are those defenders who have managed to rise up and shine bright amongst their teammates. One such person is the French center-back Raphael Varane, who sometimes goes by his nickname “Mr Clean”. There are few defensive talents who have been able to reach the same heights as the former Lens man, who moved to Real Madrid in 2011.

Reading about

Raphael Varane bio

could definitely inspire the more introverted people who might need a little push towards success and achieving their goals. That is why we have provided further information on Raphael Varane biography, so that we could have a deeper look into the 2018 World Cup winner’s life both on and off the pitch.

Of course there is little doubt that everyone in the world of football knows who the Frenchman is, but for those who might need reminding, Raphael Varane is a professional football player born in France, who plays for Real Madrid alongside club captain

Sergio Ramos

as a center-back. He is also a France international and managed to help his team win the 2018 World Cup against



Raphael Varane date of birth

is 25 April 1993, which means that he was 27 years old in 2020 and will turn 28 years old in April 2021. Interestingly, Varane shares his birthday with the late Johan Cruyff, the legend who most notably played for Barcelona and Ajax and made the transition towards the 4-3-3 system happen during his managerial years. The world-famous actor, Al Pacino was also born on 25 April, but he was born 53 years earlier than the Frenchman in 1940.

Considering the fact that Varane was born in 1993, he has got several years to go as he aims to become Real Madrid’s veteran in the near future, just like the way Real Madrid legend Iker Casillas managed to create his own legacy with Los Blancos. Of course there is a difference between the two, and that difference lies behind

Raphael Varane nationality

, as Mr. Clean French, but Iker Casillas was born in Spain as he served the Spanish national team for so many years.

France is a culturally diverse country, especially when it comes to religion, that is why

Raphael Varane religion

could be any of the religions known, as it is currently unknown what religion the French center-back believes in, or if he even is a religious person at all.

Now that we have a set of overall information at hand, it is time we got to take a deeper look into Raphael Varane biography facts and see where the footballer has come from and how he has become the man he is today. Follow us below as we introduce you to Raphael Varane life story.

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Everything you need to know about Raphael Varane bio

Below is the information and

Raphael Varane

biography facts that you might be interested to know about, as we start with simpler details about the life that the Frenchman has led over the years, and then take a look at his professional career at both club and international levels.

Raphael Varane information

Before going into detail with Raphael Varane biography facts, we have provided you with some of the more basic information about the France international that might give you an overview about who Varane actually is.


  • Full name:

    Raphael Xavier Varane

  • Nickname:

    Mr. Clean

Physical Stats

  • Height:

    1.91 m (6 ft 3 in)

  • Eye color:


  • Hair color:


Football Information

  • Position:


  • Professional debut:

    7 November 2010

Jersey number:


Personal Information

  • Date of birth:

    25 April 1993

  • Place of birth:

    Lille, France

  • Marital status:


  • Zodiac sign:


Now that we have some of the basic information about the 2018 World Champion, let us have a look at his personal life and professional journey since the very beginning of his career.

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Raphael Varane early life

Raphael Varane was born to Gaston and Annie Varane, with his father being originally from Le Morne-Rouge and his mother being from Saint-Armand-les-Eaux. With his origin being similar to other footballing greats such as Thierry Henry and Eric Abidal, it might show us a pattern of great footballers originating from the same island, as if the whole island could possess the footballing genes. Raphael’s father, Gaston, used to play football in local fields and would take his son with himself to watch the beautiful game that they played on an amateur level.

Raphael grew up with his two brothers Anthony and Jonathan, both of whom have the same taste as Raphael when it comes to football, and his sister Annabelle, who is currently an Instagram model with more than 16K followers. Jonathan is also a footballer, but has got quite a long way to go to reach the same heights as his older brother. Their older brother Anthony was also a footballer, but had to retire early due to an injury.

Even though Raphael started his journey with rugby, there was no spark between the sport and the young boy. But everything changed when he was introduced to football, as he could not get his mind off of the new sport that he had just found out about. He always credits Gaston for introducing him to his newfound love, as it later took a serious step towards the right direction when Raphael Varane signed for AS Hellemmes youth team at the age of seven.

Raphael Varane childhood

was entangled with football, as he was destined to step into the world of football and hone his skills as a baller. His father always helped and guided Varane to protect and control the ball in order to improve his technique. This was particularly easy to do since the then young boy loved to train and put all of his effort into the game he loved.

Spending two years with AS Hellemmes, he joined

RC Lens

at the age of 9 in 2002 and quickly rose up the ranks at the club’s youth side, despite interest from other clubs such as


and Derby du Nord. The teenager’s performances were inspiring enough to earn him a place in the club’s under-19 squad, even though he was a couple of years younger than everyone else at the club, having spent his time in the under-16 squad with Thorgan Hazard and Geoffrey Kondogbia.

Raphael Varane life story

took him to the Ligue 1 side, where he started to gain prominence and finally get called up to the senior squad. But it did not take him very long to be discovered by the best in the business, as he moved to Real Madrid literally one season after his professional debut, which shows the true class that the Frenchman actually has.

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Raphael Varane profile

Raphael Varane impressed everyone during training sessions and on match-days with his solid defending and tactical awareness which sometimes even led to goals. That is why he was called up by Jean-Guy Wallemme to join the senior squad and prepare for the match against the tough opponents Montpellier. One cannot make it in any field without a bit of luck, or some help from the invisible hand.  That is how Varane got to make his debut so soon, as regular starter Alaeddine Yahia was sidelined due to an injury.

Varane made history with his appearance against


on 7 November, as he managed to grab his first and the club’s third clean sheet of the season, which resulted in praises raining down on the youngster, with the likes of Adil Hermach, Eric Chelle and David Pollet all having their say about the newfound talent at the club. The prodigy managed to produce excellent performances over the course of his first season with the senior squad, which attracted significant attention from bigger clubs in Europe and earned him a contract extension at Lens.

Varane managed to score his very first professional goal on 8 May 2011 and equalized the score line against


. He also managed to score the equalizing goal against


in the next match. The youngster’s goal-scoring exploits, however, were not enough to help his team stay in Ligue 1, as they were relegated to Ligue 2 after two seasons. Of course it was not all bad for the player, as he was given the captain’s armband on 21 May in the match against Arles-Avignon, which ended in a 1-0 defeat.

With Lens being relegated to Ligue 2, they were not able to keep hold of the young talent, as they were forced to sell Raphael Varane to a much bigger club in Europe. It was announced on 22 June 2011 by the club’s president, Gervais Martel, that the French talent was set to join Real Madrid in the coming days, playing under the managerial expertise of “The Special One”, Jose Mourinho.

Of course it was not the first time that Raphael Varane was about to visit the Spanish club, as he had previously taken a tour of the club’s facilities, meeting with the then club advisor and current manager Zinedine Zidane. He passed his medical a week later and officially joined the ranks at Real Madrid, in deal that saw him move to the Spanish club for reportedly €10 million.

Getting the number 19 shirt in his first season, Varane managed to impress from very early on, as he quickly replaced the veteran Pepe in many matches, as he showed both his defensive and goal-scoring prowess over the course of the season.

Even though Dani Carvajal is the one who dons the number 2 shirt in the 2020/21 season, it was Varane who chose the same number in his second season at Real Madrid, as he went on to impress the crowd, his teammates and his manager even more through his excellent performances against world-class clubs such as

Manchester City

and Barcelona. In fact, he got to score the equalizer against Barcelona in his very first El Clasico in the 2012/13 Copa del Rey showdown.

Years went by and the Frenchman only got better in time, as he helped his club win three consecutive Champions League trophies, and was a crucial part of the squad that won the long-awaited La Decima under the management of former Napoli and Bayern Munich manager, Carlo Ancelotti, who manages the Premier League side,


, in the 2020/21 season.

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Style of play

There are different sorts of defenders when it comes to stature and style of play. The type that most managers prefer to have, is the type that includes tall stature, strong body build and a tactical awareness alongside aerial strength, which we could observe in the likes of Varane’s teammate and club legend, Sergio Ramos, and


star Virgil van Dijk. Varane too has a similar build, as his tall stature and 1.91 m tall height has enabled him to easily win the aerial battles on both sides of the pitch, whether on the offensive or the defensive.

Not only does the Frenchman have the strength and stature of a strong center-back, he also has the tactical awareness and the vision of a central-defensive midfielder, just like his teammate


, which has definitely affected his style of play over the years.


Ever since Raphael Varane set foot onto the pitch as a 7-year-old kid, he has been showered under the rain of praises and accolades coming his way. Many have praised the youngster over the years, with Real Madrid fans establishing a strong connection with him, as they believe him to be the successor to Sergio Ramos’ throne in defense. Many in the world of football have also labelled Varane as one of the best center-backs in history, with the likes of Fernando Hierro, Frank Leboeuf, Jose Mourinho and Zinedine Zidane all having their say on how talented he is.

Goal celebration

While some footballers such as Juventus’ Cristiano Ronaldo, or Barcelona’s Lionel Messi tend to have their trademark celebrations and a couple of derivative types of goal celebrations, defenders who score considerably fewer goals do not choose a single form of celebration as their trademark. That is why Raphael Varane does not have any well-known way of celebrating his goals.

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Raphael Varane outside football

While it is not quite outside of the world of football, it still is off the pitch, the fact that Raphael Varane is sponsored by the sportswear giant, Nike, and games ware company HyperX. Unlike many footballers who earn exorbitant amounts of money and spend it on their luxurious lifestyle and parties, the French center-back tends to stay home with his family and enjoy his time with his wife and children.

He has also founded the “Varane Camp”, which is a football academy for Under 8-11 and Under 12-15 children. The reason for founding such a camp is that he wants to transfer the values to children through football. The center-back has personally designed the training routines for the camp.

Raphael Varane personal life

Raphael Varane biography

is full of professional details about the career that the French center-back has led. But the more personal information is kept safe in the mind of Varane himself, as he tends to be a secretive person, keeping his memories and personal moments what they should be. Personal. Of course that does not mean that Varane does not share anything about his life at all, as he usually spends his time with his family, or gaming using his sponsored gaming ware, just like other footballers such as Paris Saint-Germain’s


and Manchester City’s

Sergio Aguero


Of course there is also additional information on Raphael Varane’s family and the charity work that he has done through the years. Let us take a look at some of the personal details of his life below.

Family, children and relationships

While we know who Raphael Varane’s parents are, where he comes from originally and how many siblings he grew up with, it is also interesting to know that the French center-back is both a husband and a father at the age of 27. He married his long-time girlfriend Camille Tytgat in 2015. But there is little to no information available about the stunning wife of Raphael Varane, as she too tends to keep off the cameras and live her normal life away from all the flahslights.

The two welcomed their first child, Ruben back in 2018, and gave birth to their second child, Anais, on 25 October 2020.


Raphael Varane is quite a charitable person it seems, as he has taken part in several philanthropic movements and actions over the years. He was the sponsor of the “Make-A-Wish France” foundation for several years as he later also sponsored the Mecenat Chirurgie Cardiaque association. Not only has he helped spread joy and happiness among children, he has also taken part in the “Stop Hunger Crime” campaign to denounce the use of hunger as a war weapon.

Legal disputes

There are no legal disputes reported concerning the French footballer.

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Raphael Varane career statistics

Now that we have gone through the more personal details of Raphael Varane bio, it is time we got to have an in-depth look at the professional stats of the center-back. follow us below as we provide you with Varane’s career stats both on club and international levels.


Even though Varane has not switched clubs that often and has only played for two clubs throughout his career, he has compensated for the lack of quantity with unimaginable quality, as he has played for one of the most decorated clubs in football history. Overall, the Frenchman has managed to make 365 appearances so far, holding off the opposition defense, while even scoring a total of 17 goals and even providing 7 assists throughout his illustrious career.


Not everyone is privileged enough to be a part of their national teams. But Raphael Varane has certainly proved time and time again that he is worthy of not only being called up for international games, but also being a part of the starting XI. He has managed to make over 70 appearances since 22 March 2013, when he made his international debut with


, at the age of 19 years, 10 months and 25 days old. The center-back has also managed to score 5 goals in the process of those 70 games.

Raphael Varane honors

Having played for one of the most decorated clubs in the world for almost his entire professional career, Raphael Varane has won numerous collective and individual trophies and honors through the years. He has won an impressive 4 Champions League trophies, 3 La Liga titles, 1 Copa del Rey tophy, 3 Spanish Super Cups, 4 FIFA Club World Cups and 3 UEFA Super Cups with Real Madrid.

But perhaps the most important trophy of his life and the dream of many other legendary footballers, is the World Cup, which he won with France in 2018 against a formidable Croatia side, led by his

Real Madrid

teammate, Luka Modric. Varane has also been named in the FIFA World Cup Dream Team, FIFA World Cup Fantasy Team, 2018 UEFA Team of the Year and 2018 FIFA FIFPro WorldXI.

While these are truly amazing for a 27-year-old, the French center-back has certainly got more than enough time to double his trophies and stats at one of the best clubs in the world. Or he could even choose to move to another club, such as

Manchester United

and set out for new challenges in a new league, just like how his former teammate, Cristiano Ronaldo did by moving to



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