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Facts about Wanda Nara, Mauro Icardi's gorgeous wife

Wanda Nara is Mauro Icardi’s wife and agent, although she is mainly famous for being a social media sensation, often astonishing her fans on social media with her ravishing snaps.

Wanda Nara is an Argentine media icon, football agent, showgirl, television presenter, and model. Wanda married

Mauro Icardi

, her client, and a professional footballer, in 2014.

Nara ditched Icardi's former teammate and friend, Maxi Lopez, to begin a relationship with the 27-year-old footballer in 2014.

Mauro Emanuel Icardi is an Argentine professional footballer who plays as a striker for Ligue 1 club Paris Saint-Germain and the Argentina national team.

Icardi and Nara tied the knot in May 2014 in a small ceremony in Buenos Aires. Like her husband, Nara comes from Argentina.

Nara was previously married to Icardi's former teammate Maxi Lopez, with whom she has three children.

Nara and Lopez's divorce was finalized in November 2013, just months before she married Icardi. The custody of

Wanda Nara’s children

with Lopez was given to Wanda by the court. The couple accused each other of marital infidelity.

Nara is by far the most controversial WAG on the planet with sex tape rumors, naked snaps, and alleged cheating on her ex-husband footballer in order to start a fling with Icardi.

Read on to find out more facts about Wanda Nara, Mauro Icardi's gorgeous wife:

The Argentine, her striker husband's agent, regularly delights her 7.2 million followers on her

social media


Wanda Nara quick biography

  • Birthday:

    December 9, 1986

  • Nationality:


  • Wanda Nara’s Age:

    33 Years old

  • Known as:

    Vanda Nara, Βάντα Νάρα

  • Born in:

    Boulogne Sur Mer

  • Famous As:

    Model and Wife of Mauro Icardi

  • Spouse/Ex-:

    Mauro Icardi (M. 2014), Maxi López (M. 2008–2013)

  • Siblings:

    Zaira Nara

  • Wanda Nara’s Children:

    Benedicto López, Constantino López, Francesca Icardi, Isabella Icardi, Valentino López

Wanda Nara, born 10 December 1986, is an Argentine media personality, football agent, showgirl, television presenter, and model. She married Mauro Icardi, her client and a professional footballer, in 2014.

Not much information is available on

Wanda Nara’s childhood

, but her younger sister Zaira Nara is also associated with the world of glamour and entertainment as an Argentine model and television host.

Wanda made her on stage debut as a second vedette in the revue ‘Humor en Custodia’ during the 2005–2006 summer theatre season and later appeared in the revue ‘King Corona’ of Jorge Corona. She also participated in ‘El Musical de tus Sueños’ and ‘Patinando por un Sueño’.

The first and the foremost

fact about Wanda Nara

is that she garnered the spotlight for her rather controversial and somewhat scandalous marriage with Mauro Icardi, after divorcing Argentine footballer Maxi López, who was a former teammate of Icardi from Sampdoria.

According to reports, this sensual woman split from López, her first husband with whom she has three sons, after her alleged affair with Icardi was exposed. The Icardi-Wanda marriage brought much animosity and hatred against Icardi in Argentina including explicit repulses from López.

Wanda Nara professional career

Nara debuted on stage as a second vedette in the summer theater season of 2005–2006 in the revue Humor en Custodia.

In the summer theater season of 2006–2007, Nara was a vedette in the revue King Corona of Jorge Corona: however, she left the revue after 2 months due to alleged abuse from the comedian and his wife.

In 2007, Nara signed a contract with Showmatch's Patinando por un Sueño, and in 2009, she participated in El Musical de tus Sueños.

In 2011, Nara participated in Patinando 2011, a contest she left to go to Italy with her then-husband Maxi López, and because of her 3rd pregnancy.

In September 2018, Nara replaced Melissa Satta as a showgirl in Tiki Taka - Il calcio è il nostro gioco, the Mediaset sports talk show hosted by Pierluigi Pardoand aired on Italia 1 and Canale 5.

Wanda Nara Love Triangle

Wanda Nara is one of the most influential WAGs in football history.

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It is believed by many that Mauro Icardi had the biggest snake move ever on Maxi Lopez after he met his childhood hero, became teammates and close friends, then he had an affair with Lopez's wife, got Lopez's kids tattooed on his arm, and finally married Lopez's wife.

The Rosario-born player is the 16th Argentinian player in the history of


, and has made 31 appearances for the Rouge et Bleu in the 2019-2020 season, picking up a Ligue 1 winner’s medal, scoring 20 goals and providing 4 assists.

As another fact about Wanda Nara, it should be mentioned that she is also a television presenter, model and football agent, with husband Icardi being one of her clients.

Maximiliano "Maxi" Gastón López, born 3 April 1984, is an Argentine professional footballer who plays as a forward. He currently plays for Italian club Sambenedettese.

López holds both an Argentine and an Italian passport. He is known as El Rubio ("The Blonde"), and La Gallina de Oro ("The Golden Hen").

Lopez was married to Argentine model Wanda Nara from 2008 to 2013. The couple has three sons, Valentino Gastón (born 25 January 2009), Constantino (born 19 December 2010) and Benedicto (born 20 February 2012).

Nara and López split after her affair with Lopez's former Sampdoria teammate Mauro Icardi, now with Paris Saint-Germain, was exposed. López had previously been good friends with Icardi, inviting his countryman on vacations and opening his home to Icardi when he first moved to Italy.

Lopez and


are also close friends, as López was signed by Barcelona while Messi was establishing himself in the first team. Living thousands of miles away from home at a young age, Messi bonded with Maxi as fellow Argentines, with López acting as a big brother to Messi.

Lopez famously refused to shake Icardi's hand before a

Serie A

match between Lopez's Sampdoria and Icardi's Inter in 2014.

However, Icardi rejected the fact that he and Lopez have been close friends ever!

"When I started with her, I played alongside Diego Milito, [Javier] Zanetti, [Esteban] Cambiasso, [Walter] Samuel and they all knew the story because I told them.

"I was a friend of the couple, an acquaintance, and it was all very normal.

"After that, Wanda split up and we kept in contact, and it just happened.

"I fell in love, that's something you should judge solely on its own merits.

"But [Lopez] was not my best friend, nothing like that. We were colleagues in Sampdoria, nothing else."

PSG released a short statement upon the signing of Icardi. The Ligue 1 side said, "The Argentina international (eight caps), who also holds an Italian passport, has signed a four-year deal with the capital club until 30 June 2024,” PSG said in a statement.

Speaking about his relationship with Nara in 2016, Icardi said, "Everyone speaks about the Wanda issue without knowing the truth.

It was widely reported that Nara and Icardi had an affair, something the pair have denied.

Wanda Nara is the wife and agent of Argentine footballer Mauro Icardi. She was formerly married to another football player, Maxi Lopez before leaving him for the PSG striker. Wanda is also a model and TV personality.

And Wanda was back at it again with a sultry lingerie selfie with a simple 'quarantine' as the caption.

The picture quickly racked up nearly 300,000 likes with adoring fans littered the comments section with fire emojis.

The post was just the latest in a string of saucy pictures shared by the model, agent, and TV host.

She recently shared a pool-side bikini picture and for Halloween dressed up in a revealing skin-tight leather catsuit.

The latest picture was taken in Paris, where Icardi this summer signed a permanent deal with PSG, having spent the season beforehand on loan.

But a battle with coronavirus and knee problems have kept the 27-year-old out of the starting squad this season.

Mauro Icardi and his hot girlfriend Wanda Nara’s personal life amidst coronavirus lockdown is so luxurious. The duo was pictured on an island while Nara displaying her sultry boobs in camera.

Football activity is one of the most interesting things that ever happen to the world, the happy moment when our team wins a competition and the pitiful moment when we lost a competition to a rival.

All of these make the sport one of the interesting in human history. Also, there is some drama that erupted both on and outside the pitch that never ceases to wow the audience.

One such drama is footballer appointing his wife or girlfriend as his manager. Such is the style of this 27-year-old Argentine attacker Mauro Icardi. The Argentine sacked his long term manager in 2016 and appointed his wife, Wanda Nara, a model and TV presenter as his manager.

Apparently, the duo does everything together, so when Icardi’s name is mentioned, Wanda Nara is echoed in the same proportion.

Mauro Icardi’s controversial marriage

Mauro Icardi gained negative popularity in 2014 after he tied the knot with model and TV presenter Wanda Nara. The 32-year-old Television presenter was initially married to the Argentine player, Maxi Lopez.

However, the duo had resorted to divorce in 2013 after her secret relationship with Icardi was revealed. It was not long after her divorce with Lopez was finalized that she got married to Mauro Icardi.

Meanwhile, Nara and Icardi had two daughters: Francesca, born on 19 January 2015, and Isabella, born on 27 October 2016.


Inter Milan

player was heavily criticized after his marriage with Wanda Nara broke the news in 2014 and it brought about an iota of hatred for the player even in his home country Argentina.

Quite a number of people heavily criticized Icardi, among those who blasted him was one time Argentina coach and retired football legend, Diego Maradona.

In fact, critics opined one of the reasons why Mauro Icardi was not given the opportunity to play for the Argentina national team was because of the criticism and hatred.

If there is one person who calls the shots on where Mauro Icardi plays next, it is his stunning wife and agent, Wanda Nara.

The Inter Milan star has reportedly had his loan contract with French giants PSG “terminated immediately” after she told club bosses he wanted to return to Italy.

Not afraid to make the big decisions in what is predominantly a male industry, Nara is the most controversial WAG on the planet with sex tape rumors, naked photos and alleged cheating on her ex-husband footballer in order to woo Icardi. Oh, and the two were teammates at the time.

Nara, an Argentinian, is no shrinking violet who sits in the shadow of her man’s career.

She famously caused a huge rift in her home country after seducing Icardi, 25, while she was still married to his teammate, Maxi Lopez, 34.

One former footballer explains to Sun Online: “Argentina is arguably the country most passionate about football, so when Icardi hooked up with his national teammate’s wife, and moved their three kids in with him, fans were disgusted and it’s caused problems ever since.

“Wanda isn’t well-liked in the country, but she doesn’t care. She loves showing off her glamorous life — she posts naked pictures of her surrounded by her designer shoes and bags in her walk-in wardrobe and traveling by private jet.

“If they move over here in January, she’s going to ruffle a lot of feathers with fans and fellow WAGs.”

Wanda Nara nude pictures and a ‘sex tape’ scandal

Among noticeable

facts about Wanda Nara

is that she often posts provocative belfies and topless shots to her 5.9 million Instagram followers.

Many are taken in their mansion, where she surrounds herself with designer clothes and fast cars.

Icardi is partial to posting images of his scantily clad wife to his 6 million Instagram followers, too.

These include some rather explicit swimwear shots taken while the pair enjoyed themselves on a romantic getaway to Seychelles.

Nara was once the subject of rumors when an audio sex tape was sent around on WhatsApp. Italian news outlets reported it was between Nara and Icardi’s teammate Marcelo Brozovic. She denied it.

“I am a mum and I live for my five children, I am always with them. Then I am the wife of Mauro,” Nara said. “I live a normal life, I work and I take care of my children, so think for yourself rather than write nonsense stories about my life.”

Inviting her lover on holiday with her husband

Among unbelievable

<span style="font-family:times new roman,serif">

facts about Wanda Nara is she first met Icardi while she was on holiday along with her ex-husband, Lopez and their three children, Valentino, 9, Constantino, 8, and Benedicto, 6, in 2013.

In his autobiography, “Sempre Avanti,” Icardi reveals, “We texted many times. She wrote to me: ‘Mauro, we are going for a ride to the Aeolian Islands with Gonzalo Bergessio and his wife. Why don’t you come with us?’

“While I was alone on the second floor of the boat, lying on the couch and listening to a bit of reggae, Wanda all of a sudden came and sat beside me, without any embarrassment. At that time her relationship with Lopez was ending.”

However, Nara says Icardi seduced her after her marriage ended.

“After the divorce, I had gone back to live in Argentina and already had the kids registered for the new school year. I had to come back to Milan to finalize some paperwork and he offered to lend me his car, leaving me the keys to his house, too,” Nara said.

“He asked if I wanted to have dinner with him, but the fridge was empty. I knocked up some pasta and the rest just happened spontaneously.”

She also claimed her husband was to blame, saying at the time, “It’s been three months since my husband had sex. Maxi has neglected me. Although I’ve been living in luxury, I am also living with hidden pain.”

The betrayal of friendship

Series A’s Sampdoria match against Inter Milan in April 2014 was dubbed “The Wanda Derby.”

Their relationship had just come to light and Lopez was playing for Sampdoria.

Icardi was booed by fans and Lopez refused to shake his hand.

Nara and Lopez had begun divorce proceedings in December 2013, when reports surfaced it was partly due to her relationship with Icardi.

It was considered the ultimate betrayal of friendship. Icardi is nine years Lopez’s junior and had been taken under his wing when he first moved to play in Italy.

In May 2014, Icardi married Nara in Buenos Aires in front of just 12 guests. None of his teammates attended!

Wanda Nara’s social media

Among quite astonishing

facts about Wanda Nara

is that she and her husband usually write gushing tributes to each other on social media without considering what people think of their controversial relationship.

In June 2014, five months after Nara left Lopez, tensions worsened when Icardi tweeted a picture of a new arm tattoo he had of Nara and Lopez’s three children, captioned, “I love these three little angels.”

Unsurprisingly, Lopez seethed, saying, “I can understand that, being a public figure, he publishes photos. But I’m not comfortable with my kids being in those photos.”

Icardi and Nara have gone on to have two young daughters of their own, Francesca and Isabella.

According to Nara, Icardi refuses to have sex with her when Paris Saint-Germain lose!

"Mauro is very professional and does not do anything before a match. Only after and if the match went well.

"If it does not go well, he does not even want to look at me."

She had also claimed before that Lopez was to blame for their marriage scattering, saying at the time: “It’s been three months since my husband had sex.

"Maxi has neglected me. Although I’ve been living in luxury, I am also living with hidden pain.”

The Icardashians

An interesting fact about

<span style="font-family:times new roman,serif">

Wanda Nara is that the couple is widely known as 'Icardashians'. Mauro Icardi and his wife have been a constant source of discussion.

Even Diego Maradona has been incensed by Icardi and

Wanda Nara’s personal life

. In 2018, with rumors of Icardi being called up to the World Cup, Maradona called Icardi a “piece of s–t” and an “embarrassment.”

“[Icardi] knows how to (have sex with his friend’s wife). He does that very well. He can find his friend’s house easily, he doesn’t need a GPS for that,” Maradona said.

Yet Nara and Icardi remain unapologetic. Icardi even called Lopez “ignorant” and said, “As long as my footballing career goes on, I hope to achieve it by her side because she truly deserves it for the sacrifice she’s made of being so far from her family, so far from Argentina and to be by my side here, raising our children and being happy in Milan.”

Nara won’t be pushed out of the limelight anytime soon. She recently riled fans by claiming Icardi was “on par with Cristiano Ronaldo,” and was also accused of instigating tension before the infamously violent Boca Junior-versus-River Plate clash by wearing River colors.

Wanda Nara’s net worth and salary

Icardi’s net worth is estimated to be around 77 Million Euros (67.6 Million Pound). The Argentinian hitman attained global recognition in Italy with Serie A club Internazionale.

In the summer of 2019, he was loaned out to Ligue 1 outfit Paris Saint-Germain. O Cañito has a net worth in the region of €77 million (£67.6 million). Born with the elusive trait of goalscoring his market value is estimated to be north of €75 million (£65.9 million).

Wanda Nara’s net worth

is quite different from her husband’s. She is a gorgeous woman who works as a TV presenter as well as a model. On top of that, she serves as the footballing agent for her husband, Mauro Icardi. The final fact about Wanda Nara is that her net worth is estimated to be around 2 Million dollars mainly earned in cooperation with El Musical de tus Sueños.

Once, Icardi’s wife stunned her fans by revealing a new tattoo on her pelvis. She opted for a subtle small heart design, in contrast to her Paris Saint-Germain star husband who is known for his extravagant ink.

Nara’s tattoos

include a small heart and a lion head sprawled on her forearm, both of which have been revealed in some posts for her huge number of fans.


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