Messi total hat-tricks in his career

Tue 10 November 2020 | 10:30

Lionel Messi, known as The Goat, is undoubtedly the best football player in the world. In our article today, we take a closer look at Messi's hat-tricks during his professional career so far.

Today we specifically look at Messi Total hat-tricks in his career. As many of Messi’s fans know, he totally scored 54 hat-tricks in all competitions. After Cristiano Ronaldo with 56 hat-tricks, Messi has the best record of scoring hat-tricks in the world. 

Messi career hat-tricks

You as a football fan or big fan of Messi may be curious about all the competitions he scored his 54 hat-tricks in. If you do not know the answer, and you want to google it, stop right there. By readingour today’s article you will get the answer to all your questions on 

Messi all hat-tricks

. So without any hesitation, let’s start with

Messi hat-tricks in Laliga


Messi hat-tricks in Laliga

The first item on our list of

Messi total hat-tricks in his career

is about Messi all hat-tricks in Laliga competitions.

Lionel Messi joined FC Barcelona in 2004. So far, he has scored 36 hat tricks in all Laliga competitions. An impressive number that shows he is really hungry for scoring goals.

Messi first hat-trick in Laliga was against Real Madrid, Barcelona's biggest rival. we talk about that later in a separate item.

The Flea scored his second hat-trick against


, in the 2009/10 season. At that game, Barcelona managed to smash their rival with 5 goals, and Messi scored 3 goals in the 36th, 45th, and 75th minutes. that was his second hat-trick in Laliga.

The next match that Messi scored a brilliant hat-trick in, was against


in the same season.

On matchday 26, Young Messi that enjoyed his fifth year playing in Laliga set another record of scoring hat-tricks.

The next match between Barcelona and Real Zaragosa was certainly a memorable day for Messi to score a breathtaking hat-trick. 6 goals in two matches in a row! Wow! He was showing his skills to the whole world. 

Next Season, Messi, The Goat, scored 10 goals in the first 11 matches. That was an impressive record that was supposed to get better and better.

On matchday 12, Messi scored his first hat-trick in the 2010/11 season. The match between Almeria and Barcelona was one of the biggest victories of the Bluegrana.

They beat Almeria at their home with 8 goals and Messi scored three goals in 16th, 36th, and 67th minutes.After 10 matches, Messi did another Magic and scored three goals in Camp Nou.

Their fierce Rival was

Athletico Madrid

who were beaten with 3 goals thanks to



Well, let’s not talk about every little detail, in order not to bore you. so at first let’s begin with the name and number of all clubs in Laliga that Messi scored hat-tricks against. 

By the way, there is an important point you should know: when a player scores a Poker (four goals in a match) or Glut (5 goals in a match), you should also consider a hat-trick in his or her records.

Also, we have another term for the hat-trick, known as the perfect hat-trick. It occurs When a player scores one goal with the left foot, one with the right foot, and one with the header.

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Good to know that Messi did not score any perfect hat-tricks in all of the competitions.

But that’s ok. Consider the fact that he is a short player and he barely scores a goal with the header. so we do not place the blame on him

From the first day of Messi’s presence in Laliga till the end of the 2019/20 season, he scored 36 hat-tricks against 19 different clubs throughout 10 seasons.

4 clubs conceded the most hat-tricks (3 hat-tricks each) from the Argentinian player including Valencia, Osasuna,


, and

Deportivo La Coruna


Messi scored 33 hat-tricks in Camp Nou and the other 13 hat-tricks in other stadiums.

His best record in terms of scoring hat-tricks was established in the 2011/12 season when he impressed everyone with 8 hat-tricks. What about his worst season?

Well, there were 5 seasons in which Messi did not succeed to score even one hat-trick. (2004/05. 2005/06, 2007/08, 2008/09, and 2016/17). four of them were in the first years of his presence in Laliga and to be fair, we should not blame him.

Messi's last hat-trick in Laliga was in a match against Mallorca in the 2019/20 season, where Barcelona beat their guest with a 5-2 result.

Messi managed to score the second, the third, and the fifth goals for Blaugrana.

The Next item on our list of Messi total hat-tricks in his career is about all the Copa del Rey competitions he scored hat-tricks in.

Messi scored 3 hat-tricks during Copa-del Rey competitions. Do You remember all those three games? If not, do not worry. We'll tell you the names and other statistics.

During Copa del Rey 2008/09, in the round of 16, Barcelona beat Athletico Madrid with a satisfying result. Messi scored three goals and They ended the game with a 3-1 result.

Barcelona managed to beat Real Betis during the 2010/11 season, and Valencia during the 2015/16 season with stunning results with the help of Messi’s hat-tricks.

He also scored one hat-trick during Spanish Super Cup against


in 2010. 

Well Messi fans, let’s move to the next item on our list of Messi total hat-tricks in his career. 

Messi hat-tricks against Real Madrid

The next item on our list of Messi total hat-tricks in his career can be really interesting for Barca fans or Messi fans. Because we want to look at Messi hat-tricks against Real Madrid. Ronaldo fans do not worry; you can read another article about Ronaldo total hat-trick in his career. As you know,

Messi first hat-trick

in Laliga occurred against Real Madrid.

Throughout 16 years in Barcelona, Messi scored many goals against

Real Madrid

. But there were two times that he succeeded to score a hat-trick against his biggest Rival.

Let’s take a look at the first match that ended in a draw and Barcelona managed to score three goals thanks to the GOAT.

Well, let us paint you a little picture: The Camp Nou is full of spectators. Players shake hands with each other. Who do we see among the players?

Raul, Ramos with long hair and a headband, Iker Casillas, Ruud van Nistelrooy, etc... wearing white shirts. On the other side, we see Ronaldinho, Eto’o, Deco, Iniesta, and young Messi that had longer hair back then.

Real scored the first goal in the 5th minute, with Nistelroy’s help. Turam made a terrible mistake and gave the Dutch player enough space to score the first goal of the match.

But, just six minutes later, Messi who was running toward the penalty area, received the ball by his left foot and beat Casillas with a brilliant shot.

If you remember this exciting match you can picture what happened in the 12th minute. Guti received the ball and then Oleguer beat him in the box. The referee who had a perfect vision of the action showed Oleguer a red card. This was a perfect opportunity for Real Players to lead once again. Van Nistelroy scored the second goal himself. In the 27th minute, Ronaldinho intended to equalize in the first half.

He was running with the ball and beautifully dribbled and penetrated the box. Ron lashed a shot toward the goal but Casillas blocked the ball. Young Messi saw the rebounded ball in the box and then with an incredible shot scored the second goal. What a game! Van Nistelroy scores a goal, on one side, Messi equalizes on the other side of the pitch. In the 45th minute, Oleguer committed another foul against Fernando Gago and received his second yellow card.

That meant a RED CARD!! Barcelona had to play with 10 players for the next 45 minutes.

Everything got disappointing when Ramos scored the third goal with a weird header! Guti sent the ball into the box with a free-kick and Ramos scored the third goal for Las Blancos in the 73rd minute. Barcelona were one goal behind while they had to play with only 10 players. But no worries when you have Messi in the team. Like a knight in shining armor, Messi received the ball from Ronaldinho and scored the third goal for Barcelona. 

That’s how Messi the GOAT, scored his first hat-trick as a 19 years old boy. That is an incredible story he can tell his children and grandchildren as a bedtime story.

Well, time to take a break. Pour a cup of coffee or tea for yourself. Because we want to travel in time and go to the Santiago Bernabeu stadium and look at another El Clasico where Messi did another magic.

In the Laliga 2013/14 Matchday 29, Real Madrid and Barcelona met each other. Do you remember all the 7 goals they scored?

This time Ronaldo, Messi’s main rival, was supposed to play against Barcelona. He joined the club in 2009. Iniesta in the 7th Minute scored the first goal.

Messi passed the ball and Iniesta finished with an exceptional shot. Real 0, Barcelona 1. In the 20th minute, Di Maria crossed the ball into the box and


who was waiting for a perfect assist equalized with a header.

While Barcelona players were in shock by the first goal, they received the second goal in the 24th minute.

Once again Di Maria sent the ball from the left for Benzema. Benzema scored the second goal and led the Las Blancos to take the lead. Ancelotti was the happiest man in the stadium. He was shouting and hugging others. but that happy face turned sad in the 42nd minute. 

Lionel Messi was truly a savior for his club. His movement with the ball has always been stunning. The scoreboard showed 2-2. But there was still much time for both teams.

Ronaldo with his incredible pace was running toward the box. But on the line, Alves hit his foot which led him to fall on the ground. The result was a Penalty shootout.


scored the third goal in the 55th minute which made everyone excited in the stadium.

In the 63rd minute, Ramos who has always been considered as an aggressive player committed a foul on Neymar.

He received a Red card and gave Messi another chance to equalize. Messi scored the third goal for his club. Wow, six goals in 65 minutes! That was the spirit of El Classico. Well, that was not the end. Messi needed another goal to score a hat-trick.

This time it was Alonso that paved the way for Messi by hitting Iniesta in the penalty area. Messi scored his third goal from the penalty spot. Well let’s make it more exciting and take a look at the next item on our list of

Messi total hat-tricks in his career

Messi hat-tricks in the champions league

Messi scored 7 hat-tricks in all champions league competitions. The first time was in the 2009/10 season against Arsenal. In the quarter-final stage, Barcelona scored 4 goals in Camp Nou. In fact, Messi scored all four goals himself. A perfect Poker.

Messi scored his next hat-tricks against Viktoria Plzen (2011/12 season),

Bayer Leverkusen



(2013/14), APOEL (2014/15),


(2016/17), Manchester City (2016/17), and PSV (2018/19). He also scored 5 goals against Bayer Leverkusen. This was his best record in all competitions. What could be the next item on our list of Messi total hat-tricks in his career?

Messi international hat-tricks

The next item on our list of Messi total hat-tricks in his career, is about

Messi international hat-tricks

with Argentina national side.

Lionel Messi joined the Argentina National side in 2005. He scored 71 goals for the team. Now Let’s see how many hat-tricks did the Argentine score during his career? Messi scored 6 hat-tricks against 6 different national sides.

He scored his first hat-trick during a friendly match against Switzerland in 2012. Albiceleste managed to beat their rival with 3 goals. The flea scored all three.

Just 4 months later, on June 9, 2012, he scored another hat-trick against Argentina's fierce rival, Brazil. At that match known as “The Battle of the America” Messi Scored three of Argentina's four goals.

He scored his third hat-trick against Guatemala national team during another friendly match in 2013. They beat Guatemala with 4 goals.

You certainly remember the next time he did a magic trick in a memorable match against Panama. On June 10, 2016, Albiceleste crashed Panama with 5 goals during Copa America Centenario competitions. Lionel Messi scored the second, the third, and the fourth goals.

During the 2018 FIFA world cup qualification, Argentina beat Ecuador in the first leg with Lionel Messi's single goal. In the second leg, Ecuador's hope of beating their rival was dashed when Messi scored another hat-trick and gave his team a sweet victory.

Messi scored his sixth hat-trick with Argentina kit against Haiti during a friendly match in 2018. Haiti conceded 4 goals and Messi Scored three of them. We are sure that this not the end of Messi career hat-tricks and he as a superstar, will establish more records in his career. We look forward to watching more records Messi will probably establish.

Did you enjoy reading our article on 

Messi total hat-tricks in his career

? What else do you know about 

Messi career hat-tricks?

 Let us know in the comment section. 

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