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Highest paid Premier League players of 2020

When it comes to player’s salaries and weekly wages, no clubs can pay as well as the Premier League clubs. Let’s find out if being the highest paid Premier League players of 2020 guarantee quality on the pitch or are there some other factors at play here?

Because of the Premier League’s pay structure and huge sponsorship deals but more importantly because of the Television broadcast deals, Premier League clubs can pay their players an insane amount of weekly wages. 

The highest paid Premier League Players of 2020 

mostly come from the "Top 6" clubs, as they have always had the most paid players in the EPL in order to have that cutting edge and compete for the title.

As you will later see, 

Premier League top earners 

are some of the best players in the league because being the best usually demands high wages but it's also worth noting that some of these players don't always produce quality on the pitch and because of their high salaries, they cause a lot of controversy amongst fans and critics. But now that we’ve established why the Premier League clubs pay their players so much, let’s see who are the highest paid Premier League players of 2020. 


Highest paid footballers in the Premier League

The Majority of the most paid players in the Premier League come from the two Manchester clubs, as they both try to attract world class players to compete in every competition. So it is no shock when we start our highest paid Premier League Players of 2020 list with a Manchester United Player. Let's Find out who?!

10. Marcus Rashford (Manchester United)

Technically the number 10 spot is occupied with 3 players that earn the same amount of weekly wages but we have taken the add-ons of their contracts into consideration too, which can include scoring goals or winning silverware.

Marcus Rashford

 has been at the Manchester United club since he was 8 years old and he saw all his hard work pay off when the club offered him a new deal that he signed in July of 2019. This new deal that runs until 2023, with an option to extend by a further year, sees him earning £200,000 a week. The 22-year-old, being one of the Highest paid Premier League players of 2020, makes a whopping amount of £10.4m a year!


Apart from being one of 

the highest paid players in EPL

, Rashford had a pretty good season as well, scoring 17 goals and assisting 7 more. His contirbutions on the pitch as well as his attitude of working hard for the team, are all qualities that are expected from a Premier League top earner, which makes his spot on the list quite justifiable.

Rashford is the first of many Manchester United players that appear on this, which only shows that club's massive financial power. This financial power doesn't come from some wealthy owner's pocket but rather from their incredible business plans and the fact that they are one of the biggest clubs in the world, if not the biggest, and can generate more money than any other EPL team which allows them to pay some of the highest salaries in Premier League.

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9. Harry Kane (Tottenham Hotspurs)

Harry Kane’s inclusion on the list of most paid players in EPL is a surprise to nobody. The England and 


’ skipper earned his £200,000 a week salary by scoring regularly, which only increases his £10.4m a year salary by adding bonuses.

Harry Kane

 scored 18 times this season, which by his standards seem like an underachievement and that speaks volumes to his quality on the pitch. No matter his salary, Harry Kane is the most valuable player in Tottenham Hotspurs football club and he should be one of the highest paid Premier League players of 2020.

Kane, more or less, makes the same amount of money as Rashford and it can be argued that he is being paid less than his worth. Especially when someone like his teammate, Ndombele, is also being paid almost as much as him in weekly wages. Nevertheless, it’s a salary that makes him one of 

the most paid players in the Premier League


Something is clearly amiss in Tottenham’s contract negotiations that result in their best ever player getting paid as much as someone who didn’t even make the first team for half of the season. His current contract runs until June 2024 and If Spurs doesn’t offer him a better deal soon, then there are a lot of other clubs that gladly will.

8. Mohamed Salah (Liverpool)

Mohamed Salah is certainly one of the Best 


 players in the Premier League era. He has helped them win the League and Champions League in style, with himself scoring numerous times each year and bagging 2 

Premier League Golden Boots

 on the way. His accomplishments with The Reds are impressive but he also has the love of the fans.

On July 2018, 


 signed a new deal with Liverpool that runs until 2023. This new 5-year deal’s worth was around £52m which means he is being paid £200,000 a week. A base salary that is one of the highest salaries in Premier League and was certainly improved by the amount of his appearances, goals and the two major trophies he won with the club.

Salah scored 19 goals and assisted 10 more in Liverpool’s run of winning the league. His impact on their season was massive, a feat that he has replicated in every season he has played for the Reds.

Liverpool will definitely want to offer him a new deal which will perhaps make him the most paid player in premier league, a deal that he can easily get considering his place of strength in the upcoming talks. But until then he is just one of the highest paid players in EPL.

7. Sergio Agüero (Manchester City)

The 7th spot on the list of 

highest paid Premier League players of 2020

 belongs to 

Manchester city

’s Talisman, Sergio Agüero. He is also the first Manchester City player to appear on this list by making £250,000 a week which in turn makes his yearly wages somewhere around £13m. Taking into account his usual high goal contributions and Manchester City’s habit of winning silverware each year, that salary could even be more.

Since arriving in Manchester back in the 2011, the Argentinian striker has always been consistent in producing goals for his team, a feat that he was specifically brought in for. Some may argue that he deserves to get paid even more but with his age, 32, and the fact that he seems to be content with his salary, it’s doubtful that he will get another pay rise.

His current contract, which was very similar to his last one at City in relation to his wages, runs until the end of the upcoming season. He has stated before that he wants to leave Europe after his contract with Manchester City runs out and go back to his boyhood club Independiente.

Taking all of this into account means that it could very well be 


’s last season at Manchester City and it is truly the end of an era. 

Manchester City

 fans witnessed him win almost everything with their club, become their all-time highest goalscorer and then go on to become a living legend. They will surely miss him when he is gone.

6. Anthony Martial (Manchester United)

Being the second half of 

Manchester United

’s Dynamic Duo, 

Anthony Martial

 is  the sixth the highest paid Premier League players of 2020, by making £250,000 a week. The Frenchman makes around £13m from his weekly wages alone, which is a huge amount considering the players that are below him on this list, who are the likes of Salah and Agüero.

To be paid more than some EPL greats that play in a similar position as Martial and usually score more goals than him too, is a mystery but a mystery for not too long once you consider the club that he plays for is 

Manchester United


Having some of the Premier League top earners is a regular habit of the Red Devils and also one of their drawing powers for attracting world class players, even when their club has been performing as poorly as they have in recent years.

Martial’s last contract renewal was in the January of 2019 and the contract runs until 2025. He more than earned his wages by scoring 17 goals and assisting 7 more this year. Both he and United hope that he repeats this feat each year.

5. Paul Pogba (Manchester United)

Paul Pogba is perhaps the first controversial player on this list, although more amongst the pundits rather than fans. Product of 

Manchester United

’s academy, Pogba moved to Serie-A side Juventus, on a free, to gain more playing time and went on to become one of the best midfielders of the modern game . He ended up attracting the attention of many clubs, including Manchester United.

Finally after a long transfer saga, United paid a then world record of £89.25m to Juventus for a player that they themselves lost for free and Pogba moved back to Manchester United. He is now being paid £290,000 in weekly wages and roughly 15 million pounds annually, making hime one of 

the highest paid Premier League players of 2020



’s performances at Manchester United never reached the level that he produced at Juventus or even the French national team and United fans saw that week in and week out. Perhaps it was worsened by the fact that he was such a joy to watch in some games and completely average in others.

He lost much of the 2019-2020 season due to injuries but he hopes to get back to his best in the upcoming season. Perhaps his partnership with Bruno Fernandes is finally the last piece of the puzzle for him to produce the quality that everyone expects it of him. But its all for naught if he doesn’t sign a new deal, because his contract runs out by the end of the upcoming season and he can leave United for free, again!


4. Raheem Sterling (Manchester City)

The England International is certainly one of the most talked about footballers in the country and he is the second 

Manchester City

 player on the list of

the highest paid Premier League players of 2020

. Which is not a surprise, since Manchester City can pay as well as their neighbors in red.

After moving from Liverpool to

Manchester City

in 2015, Sterling went on to be a big part of City squad and his situation only improved when Guardiola came to be the manager of City. Under Guardiola he has been getting 17+ goals each season which is an incredible number since he used to be a winger.

On November of 2018 he renewed his contract with Manchester City until 2023. Under the new contract he is being paid £300,000 in weekly wages and his annual salary from these wages amounts to £15.6m. Like any Manchester City player this amount is likely to get higher because of their incredible performances each year.

Considering that he is one of the best English players, and the fact that English players are usually expensive in the EPL, both in transfer fees and the weekly wages, it is safe to assume that a player of Sterling’s caliber is to be expected to be one of the Premier League top earners.

3. Mesut Özil (Arsenal)

Maybe the most controversial player on this list, the German Superstar was once 

the highest paid footballer in the Premier League

. By getting paid £350,000 a week that amounts to £18.2m a year, 

Mesut Özil

 is still one of the most paid players in the Premier League.

Özil’s contract renewal saga developed at the same time of 

Alexis Sanchez

 situation. And with 


 fearing to lose both their top players for free, they panicked and offered them new deals that arguably costed much more than either players worth. The Alexis saga of course ended with him going to 

Manchester United

, which became one of the worst transfers in football history, but 


 renewed Özil’s contract and made him t

he most paid player in EPL at the time


Özil’s peak at Arsenal came in 2015-2016 season where he assisted 19 times, which many argue that he would have made a lot more assists if not for Giroud. Only one player in the last decade has made more chances for his teams than Mesut Özil and that player is Dmitri Payet, who never played in the same level as Özil. In fact, he is miles above players who are called the best creators of the game, like 



De Bruyne

, in the number of chances that he makes.

All that being said, The German has always divided opinion in both the fandom and also amongst pundits of the game. And now at 31, with him not being included in Arteta’s plans for the future, Arsenal just can’t afford to have him on the payroll. The problem is that they can’t sell him either, because no other team wants to pay that huge amount of weekly wages to a 31-year old on the decline.

All this leaves Arsenal with a situation similar to Real Madrid’s Gareth Bale and that is a situation no club wants to be in. Yet, since the transfer window is still open, everything may change and he could very well leave Arsenal.

2. Kevin De Bruyne (Manchester City)

Kevin De Bruyne

 is arguably one of the top 3 players that are playing today. His journey to reach this point of success is an inspiring one but it’s also a tale for another time. For now, let’s focus on his current contract situation.

The Belgian Magician

 is perhaps the most important cog in the Guardiola’s goalscoring factory. Rightfully so, He is also one of the highest paid Premier League players of 2020, and some may even argue that he should be the highest paid player in the EPL, but he comes in a close 2nd.

De Bruyne

’s current contract, that started at the end of January 2018, makes him earn £350,000 in weekly wages and £18.2m per annum. Making him earn as much as Mesut Özil, but he obviously beats Özil by a margin because of the add-ons and bonuses that are with no doubt in his contract.

Nonetheless, Kevin De Bruyne earns every penny of that salary each day by showing up and taking the reins in every match of the season, seldom being outplayed by any midfielder in the EPL. He made 20 assists and scored 13 goals this season and won the award for the best player in the EPL, which is just incredible.

His performances for 

Manchester City

 has always been of this caliber and he is a player that Manchester City can’t afford to lose if they want to achieve further success, not unless someone better comes along and it doesn’t seem like that someone is coming anytime soon.

1. David de Gea (Manchester United)

Gone are the days that goalkeepers were considerably cheaper in the transfer market than the outfield players and also demanded less wages than them. In today’s game, good goalkeepers are in high demand and there is so much that is expected of them. Which means that if a goalkeeper can meet those expectations then their value will skyrocket. Afterall, what is harder than replacing a world class goalkeeper?!

It turns out that in regards to transfers, arguably nothing is harder than finding a world class goalkeeper. Generally, if a team has a good goalkeeper, they will do anything to keep him at the club because finding a replacement is notoriously hard and even if a replacement is found then it would take a huge amount of money to bring him to the club.

So with all that being said, the number 1 of 

Manchester United

 and this list is David De Gea. He is 

the highest paid Premier League player of 2020

, he is one of the best goalkeepers around but he is also another Manchester United player that has come under a lot of scrutiny!

Being a Madrid boy and coming from 

Atlético Madrid

, during his career at Manchester United, de Gea was almost always linked with a move to

Real Madrid


Real Madrid

was really looking to bring in the next great goalkeeper to the club and their first choice was always

de Gea

. But if there is one club that can rival Real Madrid in top wages, it is

Manchester United


The power struggle between the two clubs continued and United didn’t budge and finally when Real moved to buy 

Thibaut Courtois



, United then moved to give de Gea a new and improved contract deal, for fear of losing their top goalkeeper and being in the same situation again. Being in a position of great strength in the negotiations, de Gea didn’t hold back and finally the two parties came to an agreement of paying de Gea an eye watering amount of £117m in the span of 6 years, the highest salary in Premier League history!

Highest paid footballer in the Premier League makes £19.5m yearly and £375,000 each week. He will also certainly have appearance and clean sheet related bonuses that will be added to that amount. de Gea’s performances have dipped considerably in the last season which has resulted in a lot of controversy regarding his wages but as we have already seen, the amount of wages has nothing to do with player’s performances. it just means that the player in question was in a position of strength while negotiating his contract and that the club really needed him to stay.

The discussion around whether footballers should really be paid the amount of salaries mentioned in this article is really a discussion for another time but it is worth noting that these players are being paid by the money that is generated by their clubs via ticket sales, shirt sales, sponsers and the tv deals and if the club is being paid by the fans who want to watch these players every week, then why shouldn’t these players get a piece of that money?!


That concludes our list of the top 10 highest Premier League players of 2020. As always, if you enjoyed it, you can also check the articles linked below.


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