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Zaha hoping for another shot at a top team

Fri 21 May 2021 | 13:53

The 28-year-old star hopes to get another chance at a top team.

Crystal Palace star Wilfred Zaha has expressed hope that he will find another chance in a top team to prove himself.

The Ivory Coast star, who previously played for

Manchester United

, was on the verge of a move to Arsenal in the summer of 2019, which was canceled, but Zaha's dream team is still attarcted to him . Other destinations have been mentioned for the 28-year-old star, including Tottenham and Everton. Now Zaha expressed hope that he could have another chance in the big team.

He told

The Face:

"I feel like I can have another shot at the top teams, because my dream is to win things.

"I’m good enough to go out there and compete with the best. 

"If the opportunity came, I wouldn’t turn it down, because I feel like I deserve it. It’s so I can show my kids: ​'This is what daddy won'."

In the past, clubs such as Bayern Munich and Dortmund have also examined Zaha's conditions. Although his time at Manchester United did not go well, Zaha is hopeful for the future.

He added:

"I’m 28, but my career’s still hot. 

"People thought I was done: going to Man United and that not working out, me going to Cardiff. But I’ve gone back to Palace, restarted my career, and I’ve stayed relevant and hot throughout this time. 

"My name is still in people’s mouths. You can say what you want but I’m still here and I’m still hot."



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source: SportMob