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Bastoni thanks Conte for giving him confidence

Fri 26 March 2021 | 17:55

Inter’s Alessandro Bastoni has talked about his improvement with Conte.



Alessandro Bastoni

admits that Conte has a big role in his improvements, giving him enough playing time and confidence.

“We are doing well with the club even compared to last year,”

Bastoni told Rai Sport.

“I have improved a lot, thanks to the help of my teammates and the coach, Conte.

“I have a great relationship with him, he certainly gave me a lot of confidence.

“I started playing immediately last year, he always believed in me, he’s giving me a big hand to grow.

“He tells me to have courage and personality and not to be afraid to do things. I do my best to repay the trust he has in me.”

He has also talked about Inter’s form as they sit in the leading position in Serie A six points above Milan with one game in hand. He says that their current form is the product of a project that they have started since last year.

“It’s a path that we have followed since last year,”

he said.

“We had some flaws but we are trying to fix it by winning the games we struggled to win last year.

“We will try to win them all, we only have the championship left. Beating Juventus in the League gave us a great boost and strength, we hadn’t been able to do it before.

“The young players have matured so much, [Nicolò] Barella and I have managed to make the leap in quality that we were missing, and it shows.”

source: SportMob