Werner doesn't need to worry too much - Tuchel

Fri 05 March 2021 | 12:42

The German coach advised his striker that he should think calmly about continuing the season to have the best performance.

After Timo Werner failed to score against Liverpool,


boss Thomas Tuchel claimed that his striker did not need to worry too much about it.

Werner performed well against Liverpool and often annoyed the opposing team with his high speed. He had good chances and managed to score a goal, but his goal was disallowed by the referee, a goal that could have greatly improved his morale. Tukhl, however, advised the German striker not to worry about this.

Tuchel told reporters:

“I demand 100 per cent in every training session, I don’t allow self-pity.

“Timo is full of talent and plays for one of the best clubs in the world, in one of the best leagues in the world. So there is no need for him to worry too much if he puts in the effort, puts himself in a state of mind to play on the highest level.

“We are not counting the minutes [to goals] and for me and my approach it is not an issue.”



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source: SportMob